This one’s less of a Botchamania and more of a compilation of all of Vader’s notorious moments in (and out) of the ring. There’s been enough, and there’s still enough footage for another vid…

The Joe Thurman incident, for those that don’t know, is the match where Thurman (a jobber) was paralysed as a result of a Vader chokeslam and powerbomb. He recovered and now works for the Police Department, but it’s still incredibly tough to watch so I didn’t include it.

The three songs are:

Big Bear’s Theme (Fatal Fury)


Saber’s Theme (Fire Pro)

3 different homages/characters based on Vader. And if that wasn’t nerdy enough, the clip from the (awful) Fist of The North Star live-action film should satisfy you.

A huge thanks to Audi and for the info, clips and matches. If anything’s wrong, blame them.

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    Cant see shit captain!
    I can hear the sound, but no picture…

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    I third the hear evil, see no evil motion…

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    Sound, but no video unfortunately.

    But I’m sure a Vadermania could survive on YT, or you could put it on Dailymotion 🙂

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    I can see it fine. Can’t skip back and forward though. Good vid, vadermania!!

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    If its not working properly, update to the latest version of flash

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    fuck add it on youtube this player is shit

  • FAK! This video player.

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    It takes forever to load. How do I download?

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    Yeah, I’m also having problems with the video player. Its working, but loading really slow. Might just be my internet connection though. Still though, cool video. Vader for the fucking win!

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    It’s not your connection, i’m having trouble with the dowload speed too.
    Hopefully Maffew can find a video player which is good, but isn’t like Youtube with copyright

  • Khris

    Worked perfectly fine here! Loved it.

    Not sure how you could possibly show Vader’s eye and not the Joe Thurman incident though. Ugh.

  • BlazeReborn2

    I’m uploading the vid on my Youtube account. Hope Maffew is okay with that.

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    whats wrong with using youtube? did you edit the sound right or will i have to turn it up and down between every clip?

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    In case anyone didn’t notice, Youtube is hunting Maffew down. He’s having trouble keeping multiple accounts.

    Let’s help him out. Take his videos and post them on your accounts. I already did with Vadermania, and link is below.

  • Jaims

    Absolutely awesome. One of my favorite clips of all time is the one where Vader kicks the doctor as he’s going to check on his cut. The crowd (a traditionally quiet one) just absolutely erupts at that event. Brilliant.

  • Vader is one of my all time favourites. His in ring style was brutal but outside of the ring he is a hell of a nice guy according to those who know him (like Mick Foley). Glad to see him having his own Botchamania special.
    Up next: Batistamania?

  • AgeOfTheFall


    Also I’ve been downloading some old botchamanias so if they get talken down i got that.

    also can we get a Steinermania soon?

  • Ron

    great, thanks.

  • Hatman

    Didn’t use the stage theme for Grater/Sheep? Always thought that was the better one compared to the character theme.

  • DTJB

    Love the Big Bear reference at the beginning, nice touch.

    Always knew the dude was a beast, but damn.

  • vader is nuts

  • PinkGunpowder

    Man, that was actually brutal to watch all the way through. Great video but also really disturbing. I guess that’s just the way Vader worked in the ring.

  • Nicklo2k

    @ AgeOfTheFall

    We’ve already had 2 Steinermanias!!!

  • Bee

    OH MY GOD. I always thought that the elephant from Mega Man X reminded me of someone but I never made the connection.

    Nice Botchamania. INJURIES EVERYWHERE.

  • Godzilla

    Damn it Maffew! Even though it’s tough to watch you should have included the Joe Thurman accident because what you did do was mention it but not include it and that is INCREDIBLY frustrating. You have tarnished what is the best of your work so far, Vadermania. I forgive you for these heinous actions though and look forward to Vadermania II: Who’s The Man?

  • Chimpy D

    Top vid, Vaders old school and brutal but I still like him, he’s fat and ginger n kicks ass. Would also love part two, didnt mind it was a mini history,very interesting.

  • Chimpy D

    Also have the megadrive game ringside angels (Japanese version) for the bothched graphics section.

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  • who else but vader could guest star in boy meets world?

  • Brett

    I knew new episodes every Thursday was too good to be true…

  • Hmmmmd

    Well so much for every Thursday. Bit pointless making a schedule really wasn’t it?

  • Ohwell!

    Botchamania Thursdays were good whist the lasted

    R.I.P Botchamania Thursdays (August 2010 – September 2010)

  • John Silva

    Thank god that Vader wasn’t in the UFC or Ken Shamrock would’ve been knocked on his ass a long time ago. But, it kind of sucks that he didn’t. Vader would’ve been the UFC Superfight Champion!

  • TableofJapan

    Here is the link for Botchamania 150:

  • Is Vadermania part 2 coming out any time soon?? I need MORE VADER…

  • Nice website, I like it!

  • Julian Manatee

    Please re-upload this. Wanted to watch this once again after hearing of Vader’s passing.