Funnier than Val Venis calling Matt Hardy fat, it’s Botchamania 161: Berlyn and The Wall Street Kid.


Ain’t No Love Like Lewanda’s by The OneUps (Toejam and Earl: Panic on Funkotron)

I Quit by Chipocrite

Zombies Ate My Neighbors by This Place Is Haunted

Danimal Across America by Danimal Cannon

The Beginning by Year 200X (Castlevania III)

Bowser’s Castle (Mario Kart: Double Dash!!) by Koji Kondo (Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix)

Thanks to…

Carlitonsp1, The Fizz (again) for the endings

SkyBotch for the VPW stuff.

The Botchamania Forums for suggesting Bam Bam/Knobbs

I tried to include as many of the bands/chiptune artists that played at MAGfest, but that’s an impossible task for a 15 min video. Year 200X get an honorable mention as they complained about not being used in a Botchamania.


LISTEN TO YEAR 200X, THEY’RE REALLY GOOD. They’re like a less furry version of Rare Candy.

411mania and the readers of PWI both voted TNA Hardcore Justice the worst PPV of 2010. As someone who watched all of them (aside from a few of the ROH ones), that’s a crock of fucking shit. To the people who voted for it: WHAT WERE YOU EXPECTING FROM A TRIBUTE SHOW? I honestly don’t understand 90% of people’s opinions about wrestling anymore, as it feels as if everybody wants to be the next AVGN or Wrestlecrap and choose not do simply watch wrestling. HJ is a good example. One of the only feel-good PPVs of the year (Sabu is great again! Smothers dancing! Dudleys return! Big ol’ celebration in the ring!) and all people can seemingly do is complain about the negatives (They changed the names! Raven/Dreamer sucked! They couldn’t say ”ECW”!). And bare in mind this is coming from the guy who points out wrestling mistakes as a hobby. Fuck, I haven’t been this depressed since I last read Powerslam Magazine.

Anyway, enough of this negativity. The next Botchamania will be an All-Shoot edition, but until then stay safe and happy Windjammers!

  • azrael666

    whats wrong with powerslam magazine? lol

  • This shit is like crack, as soon as I seen you posted one on my phone, i had to get to the computer! good shit sir.

  • Josh

    Who all was involved in that IWA MS match @7:22? I’m just curious because one looks like a younger version of a friend of mine whom I know worked there for a while.

  • Alkohal

    MGS ending was amazing.

  • Andrew

    I was hoping I would see the murder of abyss somewhere in botchamania

  • Well I was going to go poop, but I saw new botchamania and now mother nature must wait.

  • John

    What is the name of the song in the Funk piece?

  • Botchamania is a lot like pizza. Even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.

  • TyS

    ITS ME AUSTIN! Holy shit i havent laughed that hard in a long time!


    FUCK the FUCKING ultimate warrior!

  • K-mop

    Superb entertainment as allways!

  • dsriggs

    Just letting you know, in Japan ALL vertical suplexes are “brain busters”

  • Dee

    That looks a lot like UK wrestler Mad Dog Maxx at 10:20 – or am I the fuck-up?

  • Skeptical

    There should seriously be an all ending edition of Botchamania.

  • neverAcquiesce

    Oh my god, the fan in the front row shaking his head at 9:41 is AWESOME. That right there is the “Fuck This Company” of CZW.

  • Kev

    As a TNA PPV HJ was pointless crap, but as a We-Can’t-Legally-Call-It-ECW tribute show it was okay. A bit late to the ECW Tribute party, but it was okay.

  • Andrew

    If you thought Hardcore Justice wasn’t the worst PPV than what do you think was? Another great addition Mattew, keep up the good work. And just wandering, what’s depressing about Powerslam?

  • Jumpin’ Joey Maggs

    Brilliant as always. Maffew, you’re a genius. Best thing on the web.

  • James the Fly

    At this point, can we just assume that CZW is a Maffew/Botchamania sponsored event?

  • CM D(r)unk

    Seriously, who the fuck said Raven/Dreamer sucked? What did they have to perform, a lucha libre match? That bout was sick and Raven gettin away with the victory was the most surprising part of the show IMHO. Anyways good job man, keep it up!

  • Josh

    WON also voted Hardcore justice as the worst PPV of the year.

    And I burst out laughing with that Metal Gear ending.

  • I totally agree with you there Maffew, it seems like it’s not cool to enjoy wrestling anymore even if your sole purpose is to discuss it in a publication. I for one, fucking love it (although I do recognise that there’s a load of shit in it these days, Mark Henry and Khali dancing on raw comes to mind) But take the good with the bad I say, If you don’t enjoy wrestling anymore, then why be so negative about it? just stop watching it, it’s easy enough like, just don’t put the telly on.

  • Alex

    The Simpsons ending is awesome

  • MrTrippy

    Maffew i hope you read this… i just saw a film made by TNA with kurt angle as the lead role… it involves zombies lol if you can call them that played by nash and sid vicious!

    If you havent seen it yet its like an 80’s horror movie lol

  • BladeRunner

    With more screw-ups than Christina Aguilera singing the National Anthem, it’s Botchamania 163: Contra Hard Corre!

  • Kev

    What happened to BM 162? Why’d Maffew take it down?

  • ManUnderMask

    In Japan, the suplex is called the brainbuster.

  • T-light

    I cant go to fullscreen with your videos, besides that this is the funniest

  • DEF

    Botchamania fan since NUMBER 1. The best satire in wrestling period. And i have been collecting “Shoots” both in the ring and on the mic for a while now hoping to surprise you with a “Shootamania”. So I cant wait. Just please include the quote of “SHOOTER!” from jurassic park 🙂