Decades from now, you’ll be able to tell your kids where you were when this happened. The only way the main event would have been better was if Flag Man did a run-in.

  • Pefect one to do!

  • Sundevildave

    Worst PPV ever?

    • Ray

      I wouldn’t say that, there were some real great matches on the card(AJ/Matt, Ultimate X, Beer Money/Ink Inc) it did have some real stinkers though

  • Wow. Just wow. Thank you Maffew.

  • Josh

    TNA have been really good to you recently Maffew, another classic!

  • Chico

    When I saw it, I thought Hardy was trying to kick out. I’m not sure Bischoff told Hardy the new finish. Sting was pretty pissed at him. Really pro of him not to shoot on him.

  • And the WON awards for Worst Major Show of the Year, Most Disgusting Promotional Tactic, Worst Worked Match of the Year and Worst Promotion of the Year go to…

    • Psychoblue

      Last year must have been really slow if the Most Disgusting Promotional Tactic went to Stand Up for WWE.

  • JK2011


    Btw Maffew, why such a long gap between the last two episodes? :L

  • Skeptical

    What show was the radio commentary from?

  • Abster


    Wrestling Observer radio

    Also, rope break in a falls count anywhere match?

  • Thank God I have lived for Botchmania 164!

  • Alchron

    Thanks TNA, you never fail to disappoint me on many more levels.

  • Tyler G

    …My god. just… wow.

    fake blood in a first blood match? can’t say ive seen that before. but….only in TNA.

    I find it great that the fan called bullshit and sting agreed. on camera, clear as day. its nice to know that even in the crazy bullshit world of TNA, that shit will not be tolerated.

    and while i cant blame TNA for hardy’s actions.. .why not pull a match out your ass to kill time? I honestly think they know the buy-rate for their ppv was so bad, it was cheaper to give free TNA on demand then it would have been to do anything else…

    • LT

      What did Hardy do?

    • Joe

      I don’t think that people just hang around in the back in their wrestling gear when their match is over. Most likely they’ve taken a shower and are in no condition to go out and wrestle an impromptu match. Apparently nobody knew that Hardy was too whacked out to wrestle until just before match time, so there really wasn’t time to do anything. Though they should take a tip from UFC and tape some matches before the show to show in just such an emergency.

      Still, Ric Flair used to carry a coked out Kerry Von Erich to three star matches, and Sting learned from The Man, so I blame him a bit for not being able to pull a better match out of Hardy’s ass.

      • miko

        i know they should have a couple of dark matches to fill in time just in case.

      • Spartacus_nita

        You cannot wrestle an impromptu match with Jeffy Hardy’s wrestling style in that state, he could have injured himself and his opponent if the match had continued. Jeffy Hardy is reckless at the best of times, an off his head Jeff Hardy trying to land his usual spots in the ring is a freaking nightmare to consider. Because if he’d been given the chance I bet he’d have tried it all the same, I can’t believe you think Sting should get blame. Jeff Hardy is to blame and it is incredibly unprofessional he is a fool and let his company, his opponent not to mention his fans down that night.

        TNA also gets blame because they should never have sent him out like that, I don’t care what you have to do and I understand it was live pay-per-view but make something up would have been better than what the audience got. Claim he got injured and can’t wrestle or something, then have Sting pose an open challenge to the locker room instead. It might look ridiculous the way it was handled here but ending it like that is better than letting him go out and possibly break his own neck. 

  • Sammantha

    Wow you could tell Sting was pissed. You know it is bad when a wrestler agrees that a match is bullshit

  • Mike Jaskiewicz

    Good good Maffew, THANK YOU for this! You just keep getting better, I was afraid to watch the ppv and you as always provide the BEST cliffnotes for a shitfest this was. KEEP IT UP, You fuckin’ RULE!

  • James


  • Thrillville

    Wildhearts ftw

  • 13secondspastmidnight

    I love how Sting is just so disgusted by Hardy and the match that he even agrees with the fans that it’s bullshit. The worst thing is, no matter how fucked up Hardy was, TNA execs should have taken responsibility and pulled him out of the match so that, at the very least, no one got hurt. TNA has a lot of talented wrestlers at their fingertips (a lot of who are almost permanently benched due to stupid booking) and they decide to send out the one guy who can’t even walk to the ring. Yes, Hardy is at fault for getting so wasted that he couldn’t do his job, but TNA is also at fault for being so stupid, irresponsible, idiotic, and incompetent (and did I forget, stupid?) that they let this happen.

    That said, the Diva’s match was almost as bad, so well-done TNA for convincing me that the Knock-Outs could in fact dig through the bottom of the barrel that they had previously hit. I can only imagine the kind of heavy-duty shovels they had to purchase. Perhaps they can get a tax rebate.

    Brilliant Botchamania ep (as per usual). Perfect re-cap.

  • by far the worst TNA PPV eva

  • Rollo

    As always superb work Maffew! And a great choise of music!

  • Lulu

    As soon as I heard about what happened at Victory Road, I thought of Maffew. R.I.P. TNA!

  • BubbaRaids

    Jeff Hardy could have performed, he just needed more meth.

  • Don

    Can someone please explain what “Send for the man” means?

  • Kizo

    Don – The Wiki is your friend:

    Anyone who claims this is TNA’s worst PPV ever clearly hasn’t been watching TNA for very long. Besides, they’ll surely come up with something worse later this year.

  • Andrew

    I’d Like TO Thank you maffew I don’t buy tna ppv’s thank u for watching them and god I read how bad that hardy sting match was but I didn’t think it was that bad.

  • sempa21

    sting should have put hardy in the scorpion death lock out of pure rage

  • Jumpin’ Joey Maggs

    Super Maffew!

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  • Art

    where did you get the commentary that you used on the womens match and the Morgan vs Hernandez match? Who are those guys?

  • LordToastALot

    Sadly, this one seems to have disappeared from the internet entirely. 🙁