How it all started…

In the beginning (before YouTube), a man named TheOriginalMikey created a ‘Wrestling Mistakes and Bloopers’ video that got passed around various forums, set to The Black Eyed Peas’ Let’s Get Retarded. When YouTube gained popularity around 2006, KiKrusher99 decided to re-edit the video with his own (slightly blacker) music selections:

He then re-edited it and added some more botches as ‘Botchamania 2’ but claimed it was ”more of a Botchamania Redux” a la Apocalypse Now, so clearly he was a worldly man.

Then a newcomer by the name of JoeyNightHeat had the idea of making another sequel with new material but instead chose to throw in his own personal er touches.

I watched Botchamania 3 in mid-2007 and thought ”I could make a better video than this in my sleep” and made Botchamania 4. I had so many clips left over that I made Botchamania 5, and had so many clips left over from that I made Botchamania 6 and so on and so forth until I made Botchamania 163 and waited 2 months before making the next one.

I later made my own version of Botchamanias 1,2 and 3 so I could stress that I didn’t make the first ones. Partly because I credit people’s work where I can and also because I didn’t want anybody to think I made the 3rd one.

So here’s to TheOriginalMikey, KiKrusher99 and JoeyNightheat. None of whom I’ve ever spoken to or had the chance to thank. THANKS GUYS!

  • Idontknow

    And the rest is history…

  • Mark

    Yes, sir, he promised us a great main event…

  • And now you know….the rest of the story.

  • Chris “The FatMan” Hart

    God botch 3 was bad

  • dreamfunk

    Never mind this history shit. HERE COMES MONGO!

  • Timmy2kx

    your editing and song selection skills are leaps and bounds better than all of the first 3 combined. but NEVERMIND THAT SHIT HERE COMES MONGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • THALF Sauce

    Thank God Botchamania got away from the backyard wrestling shit, there’s nothing from those…that aren’t botches.

  • CSick

    orndorff’s crazy small arm still freaks me out. he looks like the sheriff from squidbillies.

  • Glad you’ve moved away from all those horrific injuries and backyard wrestling botches, some of them are just too hard to watch.

  • Andrew

    Ah what A road we have traveled in reverse

  • MP

    Look at all these comments. Everybody talks too much.


    Just watching Botchamania #3 and all I have to say is…. IVE BEEN IN THE DANGER ZONE.

  • Dang


  • Guest

    So you admit that your entire Z-list internet fame came from three other people’s work along with the name? And you’ve never spoken to them ever these past 4 years to ask if this is alright? You’re an absolute douchebag, Maffew.

    • guest

      Quit your whining, BS nuthugger. Yeah he should have asked about the Botchamania name, but it’s not like he swept in there and took over something that was booming in popularity. Anyone watching those first three fuckups could tell it wasn’t Maffew. He made the series his own. Go rip off Seanbaby.

  • thank god you took over ! 

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