The very first (and a bit rough around the edges) edition of the Botchcast, where myself and Audi discuss the Newcastle SD! House Show, the oh-so-exciting draft, iMPACT!, Raw, King of Trios and some other things. For God’s sake download, listen and tell us how you think we can make it better. Will get it up on Itunes soon.

-Discussing all the wrestling from last week.

-The changes in wrestling since the mid 90’s.

-Horse sodomy.

-Botchamania feedback and plans.

-King of Trios.


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    • Anon

      Obviously, this is Spoony and he is angry that Maffew is still around.

    • HaXX0r Jim Duggan


  • sempa21

    shut up

  • Dark

    Oh hell, someone let a Cena fan in. I can deduce he’s 12, a total moron and has no idea about wrestling in general.

    None of that shocks me in the least

  • Ryan

    Maffew is pretty alright.

  • I thought Maffew did a good job, but that other guy sucked. He had no clue what he was talking about, and the podcast, as a whole, kinda dragged on too long. I should have turned it off in the middle, and I’d highly suggest it being shorter. Maybe a half hour, or an hour tops. Definitely needs work, and I’d suggest some other co-host. I probably won’t listen to another one, but I at least gave some feedback on the show, which I know is important.

    Oh, and you think that WCW in 1999 is worse than wrestling now? You gotta be outta your minds. I don’t care how bad WCW got. Nothing touches the horse shit known as current day “sports entertainment”. Whether it’s WWE or TNA or even ROH lately, it’s all shit. “Creative” across the board is awful. The wrestlers have SO much potential, but nobody’s gonna do shit until they have a change of the guard in “creative” and get some good BOOKERS back into the system. Till then, we’re gonna be forced to eat this dog shit and “like it”. And I say: Fuck that.

    • Ray

      Chikara and PWG are still doing great(though chikara at times does have some questionable booking decisions) so at least there’s that.

      • Trust me, I wish I could watch at LEAST PWG regularly, maybe a weekly TV show or something, cuz from what I’ve heard, they’re a very simple, but worthwhile WRESTLING company. Chikara I find stupid, personally, with all the goofy stuff, which is fine, just not for me. I like comedy matches, but in small doses, not an ENTIRE card of it. But PWG sounds awesome, and I really gotta get some of their shows to see what I’ve been missing. Great suggestion, BTW. Thanks, Ray.

        • Ray

          There’s really only like one comedy match per card and some comedy spots here and there, I mean chikara has Claudio Castagnoli and Eddie Kingston who are really taken seriously(in fact the BDK was one of the best recent angles in wrestling IMO), I think for the most part they have a good balance

    • Bhop

      Wow you obviously don’t remember what went on in the old days. Like Taker ministry of darkness, the whole time the announcers kept admitting that it was fake because they said this was just supposed to be a character but Taker started to believe he was this character. Remember beaver cleavage, Chaz, seven, remember when Goldberg faced Scott Steiner because Goldberg wouldn’t follow the script, Mae young hand birth, etc. I bet you didn’t.

      • Yes, the old days had its crappy stuff, sure, and I DO remember everything, but I’d still GLADLY watch any of those things you mentioned than the garbage known as present day “sports entertainment”. At least back then everyone had a storyline going on. People were moving up the card. The main eventers weren’t winning EVERY single match like Cena/Orton/Taker do CONSTANTLY. I just know that as bad as it was, it was nothing as compared to now. Now, the ONLY people who like current day stuff are children and idiots. Anyone with a brain is insulted by the shit they serve out week after week. And that’s a fact.

    • Rockworm

      LOL you lose credibility with that second paragraph “nothing touches the horse shit known as current day.”
      Maybe thats true on TNA but if you even saw 1999 WCW than you would not be saying this period.
      Watch Hulk Hogan walk into the ring and touch Nash on the shoulder and he goes down like he’s knocked out.
      Or Jeff Jarrett going down on the mat irremediably at the start before Hogan can do anything.
      I’m not a big fan of WWE at this point. (Rock’s return was pointless and leaves a bad taste in my mouth) but there are some redeeming qualities and that is a LOT more we can say for WCW at 1999.

      • Like what? What’s good about present day “sports entertainment”? I’m irritated, annoyed, and offended by almost EVERY single storyline/angle/feud going on right now. All the people I actually like aren’t getting pushed, and likely getting buried. All the people who ARE getting pushed are OVER-pushed, and I practically hate, like Cena/Orton/Taker. Fuckin’ hate those three. The entire WWE philosophy is to pander to children and idiot marks. ONLY children and idiot marks can like present day WWE. At least WCW in 1999 had great undercard matches, and interesting stuff going on OUTSIDE of the main event. Yes, a lot was silly and stupid, but at LEAST they had the wrestling too. Where’s the wrestling now? WrestleMania sucked my fucking ass. Worst Mania I’ve EVER seen. All matches rushed (on a FOUR HOUR SHOW) and shitty finishes up and down the shitty card. So again, for as “crappy” as WCW was in 1999, I’d GLADLY watch that than anything present day. Even the worst days of WCW was better than the shit they pump out now, and they have theoretically the GREATEST company in the world. So why is the product utter shit with THAT much manpower and money and “creativity” behind it? Answer me that. There’s just always been this HUGE bias against WCW, and I fucking hate it. Current day “sports entertainment” sucks shit, and anyone who disagrees with me is an idiot, plain and simple.

        • Well, it’s hard to argue with the “I’m right and you’re stupid for not agreeing with me” approach. God, what an ass.

          First off, you do realize Cena and Taker have probably lost more PPV matches in the last year than they’ve won, right? Just off the top of my head without doing the research, I remember Taker losing like 3 straight matches with Kane last year, and Cena lost HitC vs. Barret, got “fired” (I count that as a loss, even though he was the ref), and lost at Mania.

          Ignoring every stupid, simple, insipid, annoying, and outright bullshit angle in the last years of WCW (Remember this is when David Arquette won the World Title… if you don’t think that alone is the most shameful thing in Wrestling history, you have no respect for this business), let’s look at WWF: The entire show, twice a week, was about two guys: Rock and Austin. Period. They were involved in pretty much every angle and, like clockwork, at least once a show they’d interrupt a match or promo that they WEREN’T involved in, usually single-handedly beating the hell out of any and everyone in the ring, and take 10 minutes of air time to just exist and soak up ratings. You think Cena is booked as unbeatable? This was a time when Austin had to be put into a two-on-one match against Kane and Taker at a PPV because no one else had a chance in hell of beating him. And remember that this was when Kane and Taker were still being booked as honest-to-God supernatural creatures, not just men with gimmicks. Austin BARELY lost that match, and won the title back the next night.

          Then let’s take a look at WCW: Goldberg, the single most overhyped, overpushed, can’t-work-to-save-his-fucking-life “wrestler” in the history of the business was the unstoppable juggernaut of WCW. It took a booker with an ego trip to finally get the title off of him, and even then they had to use a fucking cattle prod to make the win “believable”. The nWo became so overblown both on-screen and backstage that nearly half the company was a member. Every major company had to have an nWo counterpart, from the sad (Corporate Ministry) to the blatant ripoffs (bWo), and even the minor leagues and companies overseas had spinoffs/ripoffs of the nWo.

          That was amazing booking, lemme tell ya: the Heels get over harder than the Faces, the main eventers are also on the booking staff, and push practically everyone who isn’t their friend off the card entirely. Yes, please… let’s fire “creative” teams and bring back old school bookers. ‘Cause that’s what’s missing from wrestling these days: Bullshit backstage politics that do nothing but confuse the audience and drag down the show.

          Then of course you have the Russo era. You do realize that Russo is a four letter word in the IWC for a very definite reason, right? Oklahoma and Dr. Death. Jeff Jarrett vs. Hulk Hogan. DAVID. FUCKING. ARQUETTE.

          As for what’s good about today’s WWE? Cena. Sure, you and every other smark on the fucking planet hate his guts, but guess what: If he was around when you were a kid he would have been your hero, plain and simple. He is the modern day Hulk Hogan, and he is the reason an entire new generation of kids will one day grow up to be pontificating, smarky douchebags like you, because without him they wouldn’t be watching. Sure, he’s not marketed toward you, but guess what: Fuck you. You don’t buy merchandise, you most likely don’t pay to watch PPVs. You don’t tell all your friends at school about how awesome wrestling is. You’re not who they’re here to impress. Cry some more about it.

          What else? Taker. A dark superhero for the kids to ooh and awe over, and once a year he puts on a fucking spectacle reminding all us “old-schoolers” of a time in wrestling when legends walked the earth.

          Orton. He gives the broody kids an anti-hero to makr out over, and even though his Face persona is pretty bland, a year ago he was the single most over guy in the company, period, and the crowd still flips its shit every single time he goes into “viper” mode.

          The Miz. The most effective heel champion since JBL, with amazing promos, an absolute pitch-perfect egotist/slimy heel persona, and the technical ability in the ring that will make him a legend one day.

          Kane. Big Show. Rey Mysterio. Guys who have been around since the “glory days” of wrestling, and who are proving every single time they get in the ring that they can still put on a great show and work a crowd like nobody’s business.

          Christian. CM Punk. R-Truth. Guys who have been around so long it’s hard to remember when they WEREN’T around, and who are just now getting the recognition they deserve.

          Sheamus. Morrison. Ziggler. The future of the sport, and some of the best in-ring performers of this generation.

          So tell me… what’s NOT great about today’s WWE? 30 second comedy skits that don’t deliver? Big deal. Daniel Bryan isn’t being treated like a God? Cry me a fucking river. No blood? Gigging is a cheap trick to add drama to an otherwise under-par match. No one saying “ass” and “bitch” every five minutes? What are you, 12? Michael Cole… okay, I can agree with pretty much everything bad that’s ever been said about Michael Cole, but hey, nobody’s perfect.

          Oh, I forgot the biggest horror story of modern WWE: They can’t say “wrestler” or “wrestling”. Seriously? Is that all anyone can find to bitch about? Branding and marketing decisions to make the product more appealing to a larger audience? Because, let’s face it, when you say you watch rasslin’, people think you’re a toothless hillbilly from the 70’s. Personally, I like wrestlers being referred to as Superstars. It makes them seem larger than life, which is exactly the point.

          Bottom Line: You’re the idiot. Wrestling is at one of the highest points of popularity and quality that it’s ever been, not counting the Monday Night Wars which were, in all honesty, a fluke that is never going to be recreated. The only thing missing that I can agree with most of the IWC about is that wrestlers are not given a chance to shine these days. I miss 20 minute 4+ star matches every week on RAW and Smackdown with almost no commercial interruptions. But other than seeing guys killing themselves to get cheap pops, I can’t think of anything I’d rather see from the 90’s over today’s WWE.

          I’d say I’m sorry for the wall of text, but I’m really not. I’m still a wrestling fan. I still LOVE wrestling, which is something I think is tragically missing from most “fans” these days.

          • Trust me, I’m not a douchebag. Far from it. And two, I’m not some internet smark who demands Iron Man matches to get my “rocks off”. But for every big mistake that WCW pulled off back in the late 90s, I can name one in current day “sports entertainment”. Fingerpoke of Doom? How about a double-countout finish at Wrestle-Fucking-Mania where the heels retains the belt, and then the guest host restarts the match only to screw over the face when the heel had ALREADY retained anyway? Oh, and we gotta wait a FUCKING year for the pay-off from that match? Seriously??? Jarrett laying down for Hogan? How about Cena being “fired” from the company, promising to walk away, and then… never really doing it? And at least the Jarrett/Hogan bullshit lead to Booker/Jarrett in the main event which was a DAMN good little match that crowned a BRAND new WCW Champion.

            I’ve never said WCW was perfect. Yes, the company was a clusterfuck, but IMHO, even in the “bad times” the wrestling was still quite solid, especially the undercard. The main events sucked, obviously, and the current wrestlers in charge of booking (which is always a bad idea) fucked up a LOT of shit. I’m not denying that, but the wrestling was still good. I dare say better than now, where matches are rushed even on a FOUR hour show, like WM this year, which I personally found to be one of the worst cards I’ve ever seen. Just… horrible decisions up and down the card. Like wasting almost a half hour on Cole/King (TWO ANNOUNCERS!!!) only for a LAPTOP to reverse the decision? WTF??? Talk about shitty booking. Was Russo booking that? Or… wait, EVERYONE blames EVERY bad booking decision on Russo. Yes, he’s often an idiot, but people fail to remember how he’s almost ALWAYS had the interest of new talent in mind. You know, unlike present day WWE who push a handful of new guys (Miz/Del Rio) while other guys they pushed, like Sheamus/Barrett DID get elevated, but dropped RIGHT back down cuz “Kevin Dunn doesn’t like them”. What a load of shit, and what an EXCELLENT professional company to depush people cuz one guy in the back “doesn’t like” someone.

            Taker only lost to Kane in a shitty angle that had no payoff cuz the old man (Taker) got hurt AGAIN. EVERY time he comes back he rapes everyone, minus maybe guys like Batista/Rey cuz you KNOW they need the big push. Guys like Punk got destroyed and it took him a LONG time to recover. Taker hasn’t put any new guy over since Kozlov in 2008. That’s pretty fuckin’ sad if you ask me. And his match with Trips at Mania was TOTALLY forced, put NOBODY new over, and was basically just two guys jerking each other off cuz “they’re both legends”. Fuck that match, and that entire “feud”. And if they think I care about a possible rematch next year they’re OUT of their fucking minds.

            And Cena? Sure, he’s lost a few matches (every single one UNCLEAN) but over the course of the WHOLE year, I don’t think so. He lost to Barrett with blatent interference, so yeah, that counts. And then even joining the Nexus, he had a good two weeks where he was LEGIT compelling as a character. Then he raped everyone in the group, then was “fired” but never actually left, even though he cut that BIG promo which even I found touching, and then he LIED and never followed through on his promise. And then he raped Barrett at TLC in that awesome spot with the falling chairs (yeah, right). And losing to Miz at Mania? That was one of the WORST non-finishes I’ve ever seen. I explained it above, so I don’t need to repeat myself.

            I’m not denying the Arquette thing was awful. Rock and Austin lost quite a bit, yes, often by screwjobs, but guys like Austin had their characters driven by CONSTANTLY getting screwed over, unlike Cena who’s beaten almost everyone clean cuz he’s “so GREAT!!!”. And Taker is STILL being treated like some supernatural creature, ALWAYS winning (minus the stupid Kane shit, but he’s some kinda demon too) even though he’s WELL past his prime, and can barely walk anymore.

            Goldberg was VERY over once upon a time, and they were smart to push him, even if he couldn’t “work”. His losing the belt was badly done, and he never really recovered afterwards. And nWo was great to start, but yes, ultimately killed the company. But I never defended the main event scene. I cared the LEAST about the main event scene. I’m stressing that the undercard STILL had good wrestling, even if some of the gimmicks/angles were honestly stupid. Where’s the undercard in present-day WWE? Where’s the tag division? Where are all the guys hunting down the IC/US Champions? They don’t exist. In WWE, if you’re not main eventing, you don’t matter. Simple as that, and that REALLY fucking sucks. And that’s one of the top reasons I HATE current WWE.

            Oh, and speaking of current day “creative” NOT pushing people they don’t like? Come on, I talked about a few guys above, and I never even dug into the real meat of it. There’s just as much favoritism as there ever was, and it’s STILL ruining the product, even to this day.

            And on Cena, I never would have liked him as a kid cuz I never watched wrestling as a kid. I just find him… awful in every conceivable way. He has almost no character, and what little character he has is SO unlikeable. When he loses (which is NEVER clean) he bitches and moans about it like a child, saying he “let the WWE Universe down”. He’s a liar, like when he DIDN’T walk away from WWE for even a SINGLE show last year. And he’s just a bully, always resorting to violence before even bothering to talk things out, and physically assaulting people, even when he wins his matches, like what he did to Barrett at TLC. And what he did to Batista in that I Quit Match. AND what he did to JBL in yet ANOTHER I Quit Match. Yeah, what a great guy. The little kids should ALL look up to the big bully who settles all his issues by fighting, and then even when he comes out “victorious” the beatings aren’t done with yet. Seriously, Cena’s an asshole, and his whole “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect” thing is just a cheesy catchphrase that is utterly empty in every conceivable way.

            And yeah, I’m not WWE’s “target demo” but in what other form of media do you find their “main character” to be SO heavily booed by anyone over the age of twelve? Or not a female? And in what other form of media does the product BLATENTLY push away its loyal fanbase? Yes, I’m not some kid who gets my parents to buy me every bit of Cena merchandise, but I HAVE given them a lot of my money over the years with shirts/DVDs/PPVs/tickets and the like. I spent $250 to go to WM23, so why are they pushing me away as a fan? Cuz of the little kids? The same kids who will think wrestling is “gay” and “fake” in a few years and instead turn to the “awesomeness” that is MMA? You’re telling me they couldn’t make Cena interesting for both children AND adults? They can’t book him to NOT be horribly insulting to anyone with a brain? Seriously? That’s just pathetic. WWE could be SO much better than it is, but the guys in charge are lazy, and they don’t care. So fuck them. Alienate me, a paying fan of over 15 years who NEVER turned away from the company, even when it transformed into the utter shit it is today. Whatever.

          • Taker can barely move anymore, and I loathe people who never put anyone over. And that sounds like Taker. The business is about making NEW talent, not keeping the same small group at the top of the card for decades at a time, even when their best days are LONG behind them. I USED to like Orton, but his face turn has become SO awful, where he reeks of Cena and that’s just… sad, when he used to have SO much potential to be a really interesting character. Now he just rapes everyone, RKOs everyone, barely cuts any promos cuz he’s never been very good at promos to begin with, and the fans cheer. Bleh.

            I love Miz. I really do, cuz that guy has EARNED every bit of his push for all his hard work. He wasn’t shoved to the top of the card like Cena/Orton/Batista cuz “he had the right look”. He busted his FUCKING ass to make it, so that’s why I enjoy watching him every single time I get a chance. If the wrestling world were more about guys like Miz than Cena/Batista/Taker/Orton, it’d be a much better place.

            I don’t care for R-Truth, tho his promo on Monday was goddamn hilarious. Best I’ve ever seen him, but yes, Punk/Christian are HUGE favorites of mine, along with guys like Jericho, and they are almost the ONLY thing keeping me watching anymore. Again, all guys who busted their asses to make it, and they STILL will never get the credit they deserve.

            Sheamus/Morrison/Ziggler, all guys I very much like, but they dropped the ball on Sheamus/Ziggler and especially Swagger and I only hope they don’t fumble it in the future as well.

            WWE’s comedy is truly awful, only pandering to children and idiots. Unlike other smarks, I don’t expect Danielson to be main eventing every show and beating EVERYONE in five hour clinics. But he’s still being CRIMINALLY underused. Blood is something I like VERY rarely in the right situations, and stopping even the TINIEST cut I find completely retarded. I don’t care about profanity, unlike most people, but ONCE in a while, like blood, it can really add to a feud/promo, even though 99% of the time it’s utterly unnecessary. Same for chairshots, especially to the head, so I’m fine with them banning that for the safety of their performers. And yes, Cole sucks. He’s become SO overblown with his “heelness” that he’s taking away from the product. And that is a HUGE no-no in my book. Burying the ENTIRE women’s division? Yes, we ALL know it sucks, but come on. That’s SO unprofessional. The sooner he’s gone/managing/not a heel anymore the better.

            I just find it sad that WWE is SO paranoid about being “pro wrestling” that they have to hide it from the world. And do you know what? It’ll NEVER work. Wrestling is wrestling, even when it’s shitty “sports entertainment”. And wrestling USED to be cool, like when those Rock/Austin “unstoppable” guys were running around. And back then, EVERYONE thought they were cool, so clearly someone, maybe those “bookers” like Russo were doing something right? (Or at least Russo WAS good cuz he had a guy like Vince McMahon filtering out his REALLY stupid ideas, which hasn’t happened at all since he left the WWF) And I don’t mind “superstars” either. Yes, larger than life, so I agree with you there.

            I’m sorry if I so bluntly said that “if you disagree with me, you’re an idiot”. I just get upset when people SO badly shit on late 90s WCW because it wasn’t ALL bad. Mostly bad? Sure, but there was STILL those good things in there that EVERYONE seems to forget about. The cruiserweights? The tag division? Guys like Jericho/Benoit/Eddie/Saturn/Raven/Rey/Malenko/Booker? Countless others? Does current WWE have anything ANYWHERE close to that? No, and that’s a fact.

            And I’m sorry, but present day “sports entertainment” is NOT at one of it’s highest points in popularity, and ESPECIALLY not “quality”. Look at PPV buyrates. Look at TV ratings. Look at ticket sales. Look at house shows. WWE isn’t getting better. It’s been consistently getting worse for the last few years. Something ISN’T right, and unless they make some big changes, some GOOD changes, things aren’t going to improve. And while wrestling USED to be “cool”, now it’s back to being shameful to even admit that you WATCH wrestling. MMA’s “cool”, and WWE is just “stupid”. And that’s really sad. Oh, but it’s all in HD, so it looks REALLY pretty, so yeah, there’s the “quality” you must have been talking about, cuz almost everything else is pretty bad.

            My MAIN point from the very beginning when I started (stupidly) bitching is that CREATIVE is the problem. Yes, the wrestlers are COMPLETELY fucked over anymore. Back in “shitty” WCW, they at least were given time to go out there and put on good matches. Now? Three minutes, tops, and even then, it’s the SAME guys going over repeatedly, ad nauseum. And promos? Now EVERYTHING is so horribly scripted that these guys have no chance to come up with their own stuff, to flesh out their own characters, to really find something that CLICKS for them like in the old days. Even when people are pushed, they drop back down the card as soon as “creative” has a new toy to play with. And sadly, there were VERY few 20 minute 4+ star matches in Raw/SD history. Maybe when Heyman was booking, but again, he was a good WRESTLING BOOKER. Which is what is totally missing from today. Same for TNA. Just a bunch of people who THINK they know what the fans want, what they think is “good”, but they are sadly mistaken.

            Creative is awful, and that’s what is preventing all these new guys from REALLY reaching their max potential. Or even being considered “good”. And until that changes, things are just gonna keep rolling downhill, whether they (or the “WWE Universe”) wants to admit it or not.

            And the reason I vented so much is because I fucking LOVE professional wrestling more than anyone will probably EVER know. It’s in my blood, running through my veins. It’s why I still waste my time watching shitty WWE shows (and sometimes TNA) just BEGGING for that one good match, or one solid promo, or one new guy who I can take a liking to, and give me a REASON to tune in the following week. But today’s “sports entertainment” isn’t wrestling. And that’s what makes me more sad than anything.

            Oh, and ending MY wall of text, I’d suggest people look on YouTube or whatever and find some late 90s WCW matches/shows and watch the UNDERCARD. And prepare to be at least SLIGHTLY surprised, cuz seriously? It was pretty good. And sometimes, REALLY goddamn good, and that’s more than I can say for present day WWE for the MOST part.

        • Rockworm

          OH I see how it is with you.
          Their not accommodating your every desire so obviously nothing good is coming out of it.

          • I never said that, and I never said NOTHING good was coming out of it. Yes, it’s a wall of text above, admittedly, but if you bothered to read it, you’d see I gave WWE SOME credit, but mostly on their talent, not “creative”. If you’re satisfied with the shit that WWE pumps out, then GOOD for you. I’m happy for ya. Keep eating it up, cuz they’re CLEARLY pandering to you. But me? I have higher standards for my storytelling, feuds, matches, characters/wrestlers, and the like. WWE just pales in comparison to any other form of media, whether it be movies or TV or books or whatever. And WWE could be better. TNA could be better. Almost all of present day wrestling COULD be better if “creative” was up to snuff. Or if they tried. Or if they stopped pandering to the lowest common denominator, so to speak. I just find it sad, but maybe that’s just me.

          • Rockworm

            Anything can be better. Nothing is perfect. I watch wrestling and enjoy it for what it is. Instead of freak out over what it isn’t

            Can’t take you seriously “Wrestling is in my blood” If something was in my blood I’d be doing it not sitting around crying over everything thats going wrong.
            Video Games is my passion. I love it but I’m not gonna say its in my blood because I’d get off my ass and learn how to make them for a living like I said I want to instead of complaining about every game that doesn’t meet my godlike standards.

          • Okay, so it was hard finding a place to reply… damn thread limits.

            I gotta say, the last thing I was expecting was an intelligent rebuttal. Kudos, but damn you for removing my ability to be hostile πŸ™‚

            It’s true that there are plenty of mistakes you can name between both modern WWE and late 90’s WCW. The same can be said for the entire history of the business. No era of wrestling has been perfect, and all have their fair share of bad booking, horrible angles, lame gimmicks, and the like. Just like movies and music and video games, history remembers the rare, shining gems that make something great, not the piles of shit they had to climb to find it. Here’s why I stand by the statement that nothing gets as bad as the last few years of WCW: Nowhere in WWE will you see backstage politics spilling over into the Main Event of a PPV to a completely dumbfounded audience who has absolutely no idea what’s going on because the head of creative and one of the wrestlers can’t see eye to eye. Hogan/Jarret wasn’t a bad angle or a failed gimmick, or even a monumental botch: it was the booker taking his dick out and measuring it in the ring, except somehow less classy. You do not hit a lower point than that.

            Also, David Arquette. I cannot stress that enough. Cena could literally take a .45 to the dome and get up to wrestle the entire WWE roster to a decisive, clean victory and it would still be better, more credible, more respectable booking than David Arquette winning the WCW World Title.

            As for the WCW undercard… yes, the cruiserweights and the non main eventers were spectacular. Or, at least some of them. Also remember that those guys were getting bent over by the bookers so hard, on a nightly basis, that they decided to jump ship even when they were getting the pushes they deserved (strange how that always coincided with their contracts coming to term…). Most of them (Jericho, Guerrero, Mysterio, Benoit, etc) went on to be megastars in WWE. That, I think, was always the hardest part of watching WCW in the 90’s. I saw the potential in all of those guys from the second they set foot in the ring, and I watched guys like Goldberg getting all the fame.

            And yes, WCW WAS smart to push Goldberg, but again… Cena. Goldberg was WCW pandering to the “lowest common denominator”, just like Hogan was WWF doing the same thing. Go take a look back at old PWI awards and whatnot. Wrestlemania 3, Hogan vs. Andre. Possibly the single most iconic moment in wrestling history, a moment even new fans of the Cena generation look at with awe and respect, the very birth of the entire concept of a Wrestlemania Moment. And what did PWI, essentially the pre-internet IWC, have to say about it? Worst Match Of The Year.

            That’s kind of the thing I’m trying to point out here: the smarks and, to steal a line from Joey Styles, the people who think they’re smarter than this business, have always… ALWAYS hated the guys that the casual fans have shelled out money to see. Wrestling has never changed, and it most likely never will.

            The difference, these days, is that all I see is hate. There’s always something to enjoy, something to love. That’s why I talked about being a fan and loving the business. I love wrestling for what it is, with the ups and the downs. Most people these days just seem to focus so much on what they hate. Especially on the internet because, well, it’s the internet and for some stupid reason that sort of thing seems to be encouraged here.

            As for Cena, to be perfectly honest I’ve grown to love his character, and the guy behind it. I was all on board with the Cena hate years ago, for multiple reasons. Back then, almost everything the haters said about him was true, to a point.

            He couldn’t wrestle… although the truth is WWE Creative made him switch from the strong technical style he made a name for himself with before WWE to a roughneck brawler style, and he had a lot of trouble adapting at first. Thing is, he got better over time and sometimes I feel like I’m the only one to see that. Compare the matches he had with Edge back in the day with the ones he had a couple years ago. There are WORLDS of improvement, but everybody still clings to “Cena Can’t Wrestle” like a fucking life preserver.

            He was being shoved down our throats… I couldn’t have agreed more. His US title push pissed me off, and when he made the jump to WWE title, I wanted to kick a puppy. Then he feuded with JBL for damn near a year straight, and over time, regardless of how he got there, he cemented himself in the Main Event. At this point, it’s not being pushed on us anymore. It would feel vacant and artificial to see him anywhere BUT the Main Event after headlining, what was it, 8 straight Wrestlemanias?

            As for his gimmick, I again have to compare him to late 90’s Austin. I get a lot of flack for this damn near every time I admit it, but almost everything people hate about Cena today, I hated about Austin back in the day. Talk about being shoved down our throats? The feud with Tyson, the catalyst that most people look back on as the day Austin became a megastar, and the kickoff to the Austin/McMahon feud. Do you remember what reason he had for showing up and getting in Tyson’s face? He wasn’t in the fucking segment. That was it. WWF had the nerve to book a five minute promo with one of the biggest stars in the history of sports, and Austin wasn’t invited. The show wasn’t about him, and he was pissed off. That was literally his character’s motivation. How the hell ANYBODY ever got behind him as a face, still to this day confounds me. Then take a look at Cena… even though it was a megapush from hell, he worked his way up to the top, and earned, at least storyline-wise, every single step. In his push to the Main Event, against Brock Lesnar, his motivation was clear and easy to relate to: Lesnar was the biggest dog in the yard, and Cena thought beating him was a fast track to earning some respect. Even though I didn’t like him at the time, I had to begrudgingly admit that it was something I could get behind. And it was worlds better than a face picking a fight with a celebrity guest.

            And, on a personal level, I just downright like the guy. For one, I cannot think of a single wrestler in history as dedicated to the business as Cena. The only time he takes off is due to injuries, and he busts his ass every single day to put on the best show he possibly can for the fans. And he loves doing it. I can’t help but respect him every single time they run that cheesy “Did You Know” about him granting more Wishes for the Make A Wish Foundation than anyone in history.

            On-screen, he works within the boundaries of what he’s allowed to do, and the rest of the time he hangs a lampshade on his entire career. Turning to the camera and saying “Sorry, it’s a PG show”. His tongue-in-cheek Twitter apology for saying a bad word on TV. Posing with the belt in front of an entire section of fans wearing “We Hate Cena” T-Shirts at Wrestlemania. When Barret told him to explain himself, he replied with “Well, I accidentally rapped on an episode of Smackdown, next thing you know I’ve got my hat on backwards, I’m wearing big chains, I’m invisible…” How can you NOT love that?

            And finally, his booking. Again, Austin. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a single time Austin lost the title when it wasn’t a complete screwjob, and an elaborate one at that. The Taker/Kane incident was only one of a full, what, three years of McMahon doing everything in his power every single week to screw Austin over. Austin’s response? Beat up everyone in sight, whether or not they were involved in the angle (there’s a reason Austin Stunning random people for the fuck of it is a tradition that still continues even to this past Wrestlemania). Attacking a 50+ year old businessman in his hospital room. Beat people up until the only way to stop him was to have him arrested. Multiple times. And through all of that, in the ring he was unstoppable. Not because of his never give up attitude. Not because he trained, said his prayers, and ate his vitamins. Not even because he called upon the will of the gods and the force of destrucity AND THE POWAH OF THA WAHHHRIAHHHHHH. Nope. He was just “the toughest SOB in the WWF.” That was it. That was enough to let him work a clean match against the devil himself and his younger, slightly more evil brother.

            And don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying Cena is better than Austin. I’m saying something that will most likely get me even more heat from the IWC: Cena is on the same exact level as Austin. Of course, when Cena brutalizes someone, it’s because they tried to end his career, or because they spent the better part of a year kicking the dogshit out of him every chance they got. Austin did it because “well, fuck. You’re here, you’ll do.” Or, barring that, because they literally could not fight back. At least Cena has yet to give the three count for his own pinfall in a PPV Main Event. I really don’t get why Austin was a god among men in his day, and Cena gets all this hate. They’re basically the same guy, except I can actually THINK of 5 moves besides punching and kicking that Cena is known for. Seriously, play the home game with me: Thesz Press, Bionic Elbow, Stunner……………..

            Okay, I admit, that was just troll bait πŸ˜‰

            In the end, what I’m trying to say is that there is always something to love about wrestling, even when it’s… I’ll admit it… the mostly shitty programming that WWE has put out lately. But just like you said, the true wrestling fans will stick by the product, even when they hate most of it. Personally, I like to focus on the things I love, rather than the things I hate. It makes being a wrestling fan a hell of a lot more fun for me. I think more people should try it.

            Oh, and as for the comment about wrestling being higher in quality and popularity, you really can’t count ratings and PPV buyrates and such these days. There are easily tens of thousands, more likely hundreds of thousands or even millions, who just pirate the PPVs and even torrent the weekly shows because they can’t be bothered to watch them live or DVR them. I’m looking at you, pretty much the entire IWC. I honestly think there are almost as many people watching WWE today as there were in the Monday Night Wars era… they’re just doing it in a way that keeps Vince from getting paid. The quality isn’t just about it being in HD. The storylines and characters are less convoluted, less cartoony. Being an armchair tech guy, I appreciate every well-timed angle change, every perfect shot, the combinations of pyro, video, sound, and lighting. This is a company that uses top-of-the-line equipment and has learned from nearly 30 years of experience how to put on a great TV show, at least from a technical standpoint. All in all, every show they put on is a tremendous technical achievement, and one of the best shows on TV. And they do it twice a week, every week, nonstop. The product itself is of higher quality than it’s ever been. Now if they could just focus all of that on giving us longer, higher quality matches…

        • ollieg

          I suggest you read the book Death of WCW. After you finish it, there is no way you could possibly think 1999 era WCW was better than WWE today

          • I’ve been intending to read that book for some time, and I never denied that backstage, WCW was a mess. Even on TV, it was a mess, but I honestly think it was more enjoyable and less rage-inducing than the shit now.

            BTW, if there was ever a Death of WWE book (which there won’t, but go with me here) I’ll bet there’s a SHIT TON of backstage politics and bullshit that ruins the product, and HAS ruined the product for quite some time. But since the company is doing so “great”, that book will never see the light of day, so people can still delude themselves into thinking WWE is awesome.

  • IRC/Juan Cena is full on mad.

    Billy Banks, straight up fucking g.

  • FrenchOtaku

    Hey Maffew, FrenchOtaku here.
    So far I enjoy your 1st ever Botchacast and to be honest, if there’s a way to improve is would be to segment your podcast into 2 or 3 parts.

    I weekly listen to a podcast called the Wrestle-Cast on and their show is pretty much organised like 1st part is this week wrestling rant, then Emails and Comments and finally a nostalgic segment like a wrestler, a tv show, a company etc…And finally Winners and Losers of this week.

    So that’s about it, and hope to see new episodes.

  • Heh, it wasn’t quite the train wreck I feared it would be ;).

    I’ll write some suggestions and feedback but first; as of this writing, the botchacast sub-forum is still not accessible – I can’t stress enough that you guys need to emphasize more on the forum than this here front page.
    Once again I encourage you to consider shutting down the ability to comment here, thereby forcing us members (new and old) into the forums.
    Right now there are 293 members in the forums but the MaffewVs Capcom channel has 5000+ subscribers – something is off here.

    With that said…

    This was too long – I like you guys’ opinions on what’s going on in the wrestling world, but perhaps you should stick to only THE top stories rather than trying to review entire shows (PPV’s are possible exceptions).

    At the same time, it felt a bit too disorganized – yeah it’s the first Botchacast so it’s understandable. But try sticking to one topic at a time.

    At times it was a bit too mumbly and hard to hear what you were saying.
    And you guys talk very fast sometimes. I’m not from an English speaking country so I have to translate everything you say inside my head and at the same time try to understand several phrases, understand the dialect and understand some slang expressions.
    Try to slow down just a little bit.

    I’d love to hear Maffew’s comments on the recently released Botchamania’s – why he chose the botches that he did, did he see the entire match pertaining to a particular botch and was the match any good apart from one fuck-up, etc…
    I mean this is a Botchacast, and the only thing that WASN’T talked about were… the botches :(.
    It’s like, okay I listened to two guys who are obviously dedicated wrestling fans like myself talk about wrestling – still when it was over I sat with the feeling… what was and is the point of Botchacast to being with?

    If this is a weekly thing and Maffew’s plans are to release 2 Botchamania’s per month, GREAT – we can then have 2 Botchacasts per month primarily focusing on the new Botchamania(s) and 2 other Botchacasts per month primarily covering the wrestling news and incidents.

    Also, I’d LOVE for us fans to be involved in this – perhaps some kind of live chat, perhaps emailed question for you guys to answer (this would require that you post your Botchacast topics in the forums in advance BEFORE recording so that we fans have a chance to write questions or comments).

    Other than that, it was good – apart from the mumbly parts the sound was clean and fine.
    You know what you’re talking about, as long as you stray away from rumors and assumptions

    I’ll definitely listen to the next Bocthacast as well.

  • The people am not cool and don’t live in the london.

  • Coal Miner’s Glove

    Echoing what a few other people have said, more emphasis on the botches and videos would be good. I do like hearing reviews on booking/PPVs/et cetera, but reviewing every show will inevitably get real tired, real fast.

    Also, the “question of the week” idea Botchin’ had was very good, and could drive a TON more people to the forums. Making that the only gateway for people to get involved will drive up traffic and help to build more of a sense of community.

    I’m in broadcast journalism myself (it’s a LOT higher quality than what Michael Cole claims he does, to be sure), and this stuff doesn’t come easy. For first-time guys Maffew especially did a good job.

    Also, two other things:
    –Like the new website design: much cleaner and faster loading.
    –When might you guys start naming admins/approve contributors for the Wiki?

  • Boss

    I’d also like a bit more emphasis on botches and general naffness from the shows. In terms of making the show a bit more interesting and to break it up a bit. You could theme different parts of the show by introducing them with little Botchamania meme sound-bites – “Fack’n Bullshit!” It would also give you an opportunity to edit out the inevitable brief silences and help it be a bit tidier. The sound from the Botchamania opening would be an alright addition to this as well.

  • Robert

    What boss says. Have a soundboard of all you Botch sound effects and music. When someone says something stupid play “Look at the adjective..PLAY!” or when someone laughs like a douche bag…”SEND FOR THE MAN”

  • Peterson Jr

    can not listen online :/

  • gaz

    >file not found
    >go to download

    not worth it to listen to some british teenagers talk about wrestling

  • boo

    Yes, waiting for the file to play on the main page, not interested in a download. But thank you ahead of time for the effort. Lots of jealous farts on here, that is for sure.

  • HaXX0r Jim Duggan

    hahaha “Id just have one knockout combing her hair and the another one would come in and just shout BITCH!” and then they have a match

    “Bushwhacker Morgan”

    This is a good show. You can tell its still in its infancy but it was still entertaining and somewhat informative. The TNA recap could’ve been a little more detailed. I find it odd that you’d have Audi on there when he has only a passing knowledge of the current scene.
    And apparently hates Hispanics but whatever. Ill definitely listen again

    P.S I always thought Funk and Candido should have a Tights vs Tights feud too

  • some random man

    Hey Maffew. I thought it was good. But i recommend a few things such as giving it a little bit more humor like the botchamania videos (e.g sound effects like “facking boolshit”). Also, give each botchacast a topic for you guys to talk about like favorite wrestlers or computer game music. You could also recap the previous week shows and give predictions on upcoming PPVs. You could also have guests as well. Also, fans could send questions to you or ask for your thoughts on certain wrestlers or companies.

  • RealmOne

    Okay, Maffew. I believe I am the first, or least first openly gay wrestling fan, to confess that I want to do torrid things to your voice and opinions. Don’t think less of me for this. I had already been nursing a smoldering stalkcrush that led to watching all 169 videos. Now I am doomed. Any other secretive members of the queer men who love pro-wrestling for more than men in spandex fan club please apply here. Thank you.
    And thank you, Maffew.

  • CSick

    i definitely think the co-host should be an actual wrestling fan. maffew is a god, but that other dude kind of sucks. the co-host should actually be able to provide his own definitive commentary, not just ask questions and make weird assumptions about things. pick somebody that’s actually watched wrestling consistently for the past 20 years, not somebody thats barely watched any for the past 10. there should be more than enough people dying to do a podcat with the great maffew. maybe that dude is a good friend, but hes a shit co-host.

  • Phil

    I have to say that this was an excellent opening podcast with lots of potential for things to come. The length did not scare me off because: 1. It’s the introductory podcast 2. Experimentation is good at this stage. 3. Your quick-witted commentary is as astute as it is funny.

    Audi could be the best friend a guy can have or a benevolent philanthropist for all I know, but I have to agree with the rest of the fans, unfortunately. His views on current wrestling are not up to par, and aside from a couple of humorous anecdotes (over the course of 100 minutes, mind you) were not entertaining enough. Having the proverbial straight man to play off of is vital to a podcast, though. I just hope you might consider having a better fit.

    I also agree with the others–consider having distinct segments to the podcast or a specific formula you want to follow. In any case, thank you for all of your hard work.

  • Itdoesn’tmatterwhatmynameis

    This is a decent good start for a podcast guys, and I look forward to hearing more in the future.

    A couple suggestions.

    An opening theme song to help make it sound more professionsl, nothing much, just a 10 second intro or something, then when it’s done you say”Wlecome to Bothacast” or whatever you wanna call it.

    Content; I wasn’t sure what wasgoing to be topic material, other than wrestling. It was nice hearing the two of you talk and discuss about the current events and do the whole perspective about how things are to how they were. I could see you (and whomever you choose as a co-host) doing that as a segment for the podcast, which leads me to my next suggestion.

    Segments. Try having different segments within the show, and have time limits set reasonabl for each. One of the more popular ideas is to have listeners write in e-mails or questions about stuff you guys do, or your opinions on certain things. Of course, that would require time beforehand, and filtering through the trolling, and bitching,. Perhaps a musical segment, for a break at around a half way point. I’m sure theres other segments you can do that could be wresliting related, like… um…

    –Trivia questions! Since apperently everyone seems to think they remember everything about wrestling from every company, there’s an idea for ya; You could do trivia questions!

    –Or… perhaps … “Name that tune” with wreestlers theme music? Only instead of notes played, you’d have to go by the second, I guess. 5 second clips? 3 seconds? Some of course would be more recognizable that nothers, but if you throw an obsucure one, I’m sure you couod have people sliiping up. πŸ˜›

    Length; the length… I’ve heard longer, and Ive heard shorter podcasts. I think that creating the podcast with segments would help a lot in not only refining the show, but also geta feel for how long the podcast should be, wether it should be an hour, 2 hours, hour and a half, whatever, I think different segments can hel with that, and have it not feel so drawn out over time. You could of course, always extend a certain segment, if a good topic comes along, or make it short and sweet if nothing is really noteworthy.

  • Smoke

    I enjoyed the show. keep em coming

  • Solono

    Right off the bat, you went way, way too long. 100 minutes of audio is overdoing it, especially for a first show.

    Two botches right at the beginning, which is so fitting I’m not sure if it wasn’t planned.

    Audi’s audio was HORRIBLE, I don’t know what was going on there if it was a technical issue or what.

    Maffew, you’re also talking too fast. It’s not too much of a problem, more of a nitpick.

    Other than that, perfectly acceptable.

  • TheShockmaster

    Couldn’t help notice you went to the Newcastle House Show. I was also at that show and had no idea you were in Newcastle until just now. I’m a huge fan of yours and keep up the good work.

    Here’s a picture for you from the House Show.

  • Jerichoholicz

    Well I really enjoyed it, laughed quite a bit. However, Audi had a weird sort of “drone” on his voice, some technical problem I assume – it gave me the uncomfortable feeling of listening to Dave vs. HAL9000 however.

  • Proud Maffew is British…

    Awesome work here M…

  • Shockmaster

    Audi’s description of Randy Orton is fucking hilarious. It says everything I have every wanted to say about him.

  • What is the html code to display slide out text?

  • Hello Maffew!

    I’ve been trying to find the best way of getting a hold of you, I figure I’ll try here first.
    My name is Producer Lars and I do improv and sketch comedy in California with a few different groups. One of our main topics of conversation is pro-wrestling so naturally we have started producing a podcast on wrestling fandom called “2-Count Kick Out”. You can find us on iTunes or on our main feed here- Primarily, we cover information leading up to each WWE pay-per-view, but when we are not doing that, we are talking about the inner workings of professional spandex man-fighting.

    As the show’s producer, I’m trying to line up guests that would fit with our comedic style. Anyway, we are huge fans of your work and dedication to the sensation that is Botchamania. Your youtube show is referenced constantly on ours. Is there any way that we could set up a Skype interview with you sometime and have you on our show? You are pretty much our #1 pick for guests right now. There are so many things that our hosts would like to ask you and I imagine this would be an amazing show if we could pull this off.

    So if you think you might be interested, feel free to send me an email sometime and I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.

    Keep up the good work. It’s fucking amazing what you put together!