Maffew continues to use his unnecessary popularity to get interviews with exceptional wrestlers In this edition, we are joined live in the studio (apartment) with the great Canadian himself, Franky The Mobster.  We met to discuss:

-His CZW Iron Man Title and those promos.

-How he got started, that name and his friendships with Eddie Kingston and Kevin Steen.

-That one PWG promo, spitting on girls and signing old women’s breasts.

-Acting, hopes for the future and a boat-load of fan-submitted questions.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Franky The Mobster but were too afraid to ask

Warning: Strong Language abound.


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  • chris

    my day just got better.

  • John

    I enjoy listening to Maffew but sorry, this Audi guy is just apalling. You NEED someone new.

  • MartyMcFly

    Surprisingly good podcast, I missed the first one, but this makes me want to listen to that too. Audi is great, no need to change him, bad sound quality though.

  • Mfw this is an excellent podcast and Maffew has an amazing radio voice.

  • JBails

    I like Maffew but I concur, Audi isn’t very good, the fact he hasn’t watched wrestling in a long time until recently really hurts him IMO. You need to find someone more knowledgeable for this Podcast. No offense Audi, you seem like a cool guy.

  • Gin N Jews

    Great podcast Maffew…I ALWAYS KNEW you had a face for radio!
    Keep up the great work

  • OscarBlackman

    I thought everything was much better this time around but the audio quality is what seems lacking. I also thought Audi was alright too just need to maybe take some notes or prepare a little bit more before the show but overall I liked it. The R-Truth comments got me thinking about some of the gimmicks relying on stereotypes in wrestling over the years and I guess at the end of the day I think its alright if the guy is entertaining.

  • Jazzy

    maffew – your references are top quality. black lace – quality. tell me though, how the hell did you find that “youth hostelling with chris eubank” sign? just so brilliant.

  • Jazzy

    sorry – i know double post. but just pure genius – “man gets in fight with kebab shop – and newcastle utd sign him”

  • HaXX0r Jim Duggan

    Last week Audi insulted hispanics, this week “Donkey Kong Country”. This is a PR disaster waiting to happen

  • Phil

    I’m with good ol Haxxor Jim here, as I believe the racist commentary to be a turn off and extremely insulting. Maybe you guys don’t care, ultimately. I don’t know. But I do know that I care. And you’re going to lose your audience with comments like the ones Haxxor alluded to in his post. Give Audi a column, an award, or a spin-off website…but don’t give him microphone time.

    I come to the website for Maffew. I listened to the podcast for Maffew. While I’m sure Audi has treated Maffew well in the past, I just don’t think he should be a part of the podcast. He won’t be getting real heel heat. He’ll be getting Jeff Jarrett-nobody-gives-a-darn-heel-heat as people become turned off by his racist or xenophobic comments.

  • HaXX0r Jim Duggan

    hahaha “The champ is here, Bin Laden is not”

    Another good show Maffew. Again very entertaining and informative. Audi redeemed himself somewhat too with his crack about Karen Angle being like your nagging wife. Everything one could hope for from the Botchamania franchise *Shane Douglas laugh*

    Oh yeah, Robert Roode’s Canadian. Botch.

  • Shockmaster


    Audi, although unintentionally (and sometimes intentionally) hilarious is a bit off-putting with his total lack of wrestling knowledge. You really should bring in a third person who is a bit more knowledgeable. That way Audi can continue to fill his “Karl Pilkington” role in the background while Maffew and someone else get into the deeper wrestling talk.

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  • The very audible hiss during the whole show is quite insufferable.
    Which is sad, cause the podcast’s getting better. Fix it! :p

  • Based Anon

    “People would never cheer someone’s death in the streets here”
    I’m sure you speak as much for everyone where you are as much as the news cast you saw portrayed the behavior of everyone in America… We can propose ideas, but we never know how people will act in a novel situation. Be glad that in your lifetime you will probably never have to experience anything like this.

    First, America isn’t celebrating a death of an individual. bin Laden wasn’t a civilian. For all intents and purposes, the US had declared war on him. When he was assassinated, it was a showing that America can do anything we put our minds to, and America’s enemies won’t go unpunished.

    So it wasn’t the celebration of a death of an individual, it was a celebration showing that despite the differences that make up the individuals in America, we are united. Whether you are black or white, democrat or republican, a Phillies fan or a Mets fan, for one night we all stood as one in the face of our enemy. We celebrated that night because we couldn’t on 11 Sept. 2001. We celebrated because there was nothing to fear.

    We also celebrated under the pretense that our friends and family fighting in Afghanistan would be coming home sooner, but unfortunately, that was a false pretense…

  • Firesoul

    I enjoyed this and tbh, I don’t really see any problems with Audi’s supposed lack of modern wrestling knowledge. I think it’s fine the way it is. Don’t change anything!

  • But let me state this once again: whatever you do, take care of the hiss first.
    People don’t like podcasts that damage their hearing. :p

  • snakey

    you eat it up don’t you based anon

  • Shockmaster

    After listening to the first one..Audi being “out of the game” so to speak actually kinda works. It was grating at first but it works when he gives an outsider type view of things. I still think maybe bringing in another guy who knows a bit to round it out would work but I am confident Audi should still stay after listening to him tear apart Randy Orton on the first podcast.

  • First time listener, long-time fan.
    Great stuff, this. I in-particular agree with you guys in that none of the peripheral titles get any build up anymore. To me, those things used to be where the mid-card dudes and the like got to shine, but now they just randomly throw competitors together.
    I’d love to see some of the Superstars regulars get a little development and get thrown into the IC and US championship scenes.

  • John

    You’re going to do what you’re going to do, and that’s fine. And I am, by no means, slamming or damning anyone who will listen to the show. But the racist comments that get swept under the rug or laughed off AND the off-base anti-American sentiment had me clicking the X button in my browser a couple of days ago. I thought the concept of this would be cool. And it was at first. But I don’t think I can stomach anti-American commentary or disgraceful prejudice against people of Mexican or African origin. I’m not saying you’re the worst or anything, but I was a fan that probably won’t bother coming to the site in the future.

    It’s depressing that you guys barfed on the America stuff…conversely, I love and respect almost all British movements/sentiments and entertainment, and I am a proud US citizen. I second most of Based Anon’s statements.

  • On the whole anti-American thing – First off, the bit on RAW was actually less extravagant than I expected. Vince is a HUGE patriot, and will use any excuse to shove Americana down our throats. But I can understand the sentiment that, to people living pretty much anywhere else in the world that saw this, it just looked like America doing a victory lap for accomplishing one thing in 10 years.

    However, here’s the part I don’t get… something that’s been bugging me pretty much since Bin Laden died and the whole social/political backlash to the event itself and the some Americans’ “reaction” to it: Why shouldn’t we be celebrating? And I’m not just talking about America here.

    There’s a “greatest atrocity” factor that really blurs the history of the world’s most evil men. Most people forget that Hitler hunted down and exterminated gypsies, gays, blacks… pretty much everyone… because, by far, the most atrocities were committed against the Jews. Same thing with Bin Laden. 9/11 wasn’t the ONLY thing this guy ever did. It’s a drum that’s been beaten to death, but there are parts of the world where terror attacks aren’t “a day to remember”, they’re a very real, very personal, daily concern and constant fear. And Al Qaeda was (and still is) a HUGE part of that. Bin Laden, as the leader and a heavy financial backer of Al Qaeda, was responsible for THOUSANDS of terror attacks on at least 4 different continents. Even without 9/11 the death toll on his hands was in the thousands.

    So… yeah… why shouldn’t we, not just Americans, but as a united global society, NOT celebrate the death of a mass murderer? The entire world, billions of people, are at least a small fraction safer today than they were a few weeks ago. What’s not to celebrate?

  • Maffew, myself and a few others from the Spoony Experiment forums (no affiliation with TSE) have been recording a podcast called DarkMatch since February. We did an episode on Extreme Rules, and when Brodus Clay’s gash came into the discussion, I said something along the lines of “I felt like the camera would have zoomed in on the pool of blood, and text that said, ‘You have been watching WWE EXTREME RULES’ would’ve appeared.” What an instance of parallel thinking with that Deep Red reference! Keep up the good work.

  • JG

    Why not just go all the way with really awkward and forced intrusions of the word ‘botch’ into the title?

    For example: Shawn Botchicheals, Papa Botchango, or Botchré the Botchiant

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