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Here’s a blinder from the dark days of early 90s WWF, when every day was Matt Hardy Day in terms of Sex and Drug scandals.

Watching Vince and Bruno debate angrily makes for interesting viewing. Even more so when Barry Orton rings in.

25:06 ”So you’re saying there’s no steroid usage in the WWF today?” ”That’s exactly what I’m saying”

  • thug

    Classic interview, love the phone call from Barry Orton and Vince calling him out that he wanted to get booked from prison.

    While I’m still going through botchamania relapse, I think its cool that you want to just keep the site updated with random videos until the next botchamania.

    Keep up the good work as always!

  • Bronx Prodigy

    Yea, this was a dark time. Many dark times were ahead, and well, wrestling was never the same for it. Can you imagine what the reaction would be if Cena or Orton were called on using steroids and exposed by the media?

  • Bronx Prodigy

    And I find it very funny how Barry Orton (full name Barry Randal Orton, Randy Orton’s uncle) was calling in and trying to get at Vince. Yet, his nephew is virtually on top of his own brand now. Meanwhile, I think I’ve found more than enough iron-clad proof that Bruno Sammartino will never be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

  • Phil Harding Jr

    Did Vince McMahon also make a cringe-inducing appearance on Phil Donahue’s show as well?

  • Eleanor Pwnsevelt

    Yes, Vince McMahon was on the Phil Donahue show with Bruno Sammartino, Billy Graham, Barry Orton, and even Dave Meltzer. What made it so hard to watch (IMO) was Donahue’s inability to let his guests finish speaking and crowd pandering.

  • Leo

    I don’ know whether it’s the quality of the video or my speakers, but I cannot understand a word they are saying.

    It sounds like a Charlie Brown TV special. “Wah-wah wah wah-wah waaaaah?”
    “Wope wah.”

  • Dave Dubya

    So Pat Patterson bum-raped Barry Orton…and, as compensation, Vince has pushed Randy Orton to the top.

    …it all makes sense now.