Very under appreciated crazy promo-cutter. Especially the bit at the end about Jake Roberts.

(2012 edit: Added Dailymotion link as the YouTube one is long dead)

  • Terry

    Cocaine is powerful stuff

  • dennis

    WELL! I always enjoyed Hawks promos..especially the “we wanna throw your weight around too” part. Who didnt want those shoulder pads as a kid?

    • Terry

      I know it’s almost blasphemy but i thought Demolition were better. I’d never even heard of L.O.D as a kid because as far as i know we couldn’t get WCW here. Not sure i’d wanna look like Demolition though. Bit of an S&M theme really

      • FataMorgana

        WELL… the main reason you didn’t hear about the Legion of Doom in WCW is because they were the ROAD WARRIORS then. L.O.D. was just some lame thing that Vince McMahon came up with when they came to WWF.

        • Woozie

          Actually “The Legeion Of Doom” were a faction in Georgia Championship Wrestling consisting of The Road Warriors, Jake Roberts, The Spoiler, Matt Borne, Arn Anderson, The Iron Sheik, The Original Sheik and King Kong Bundy all were managed by Paul Ellering at the time. It was like “The Heenan Family”.

        • contel

          Na. They were always AKA the LOD.

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  • Kyle

    Tell ’em, Hawk!! Three words I loved to hear because I knew Hawk would deliver an awesome promo right afterwards and I’d be jacked up to watch another L.O.D. or Road Warriors match. Good video.

  • Inico

    Tell ’em, Hawk!

  • KidIncredible

    What was with Warrior standing front and center tipped over?

  • fuz

    Cocaines a hell of a drug

  • deeznutz

    Warrior was crazy.

  • KingEnigma


    Hawk was, and is, the man. I could watch Road Warriors/L.O.D. videos all day, man, my favorite tag team ever.

    WELL, what I wouldn’t give to have a Hawkamania 2. Great stuff, Maffew–

  • Nuttz

    Don’t worry, I brought my Rappin’ Road Warrior Hawk tape!
    It always makes the trip go faster.

    Heh heh…
    You know somethin’?
    He DID say “well” a lot!

    • Rod Munch

      Now there you go again.

      A genuine LOL.

  • Mr. Chopper

    You know what makes Hawk sick? Thai food. He says so at 4:10.

  • acabaca

    These guys were before my time, but damn if they don’t seem like a bundle of fun. I dig the bizarre double-mohawk.

  • northstar

    Oh man…

    Loved me some Hawk and Animal since I started seeing them in my hometown promotion the AWA back in the early 80s.

    More LOD goodness here,

  • Marbro

    There are boys……there are men….and then there are monsters!! What a promo

  • Timmy2kx

    Why was warriors belt on backwards?

  • Love the corpsing going on

  • todd kingry


  • warrior photobombing lol

  • Meekrob

    Best Hawk promo ever starts out with “Tony Schiavone!” Only it was David Crockett doing the interview, so Hawk stopped dead in his tracks and apologized to Crockett (without breaking character!), then continued to cut the promo on… whoever.

    And all this actually aired.  That’s the kind of attention to detail that made Jim Crockett what he is today.

  • How can a man be both so terrifying yet so endearing?  

  • contel

    “Well …” The Road Warriors were both great at promos!

  • ReinEngel

    I honestly thought that was a cardboard cutout of Bob Armstrong.