Reason for Hell in a Cell 1997: The Undertaker wanted to get his hands on Shawn Michaels without D-X interfering.

Reason for Hell in a Cell 2011: It’s Autumn.

Hell In A Cell 2011 Brief Thoughts

Christian vs. Sheamus

I don’t care about the feud, but the match was fine. Sheamus is getting better in the ring (finally) and Christian is so good nowadays it doesn’t matter who his opponent is, he’ll make it entertaining.

Good: Christian!

Bad: Christian losing.


Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara

People have been telling me that Sin Cara isn’t a bad wrestler, he’s just wrestling people that don’t fit his style. Well, here he was in a match with a genuine luchadore and the two of them were sloppier than a mushy pea sandwich. The dim light finally made sense, as it made the botches and lack of contact during spots less noticeable. If they want to truly make that work they need to shut the video signal off during future Sin Cara matches. Hell, they can blame it on Triple H and expand the ‘Anarchy in the WWE’ storyline at the same time!

Good: Booker T saying negro (but not in reference to Hulk Hogan this time)

Bad: The match.

Air Boom vs. Jack Swagger/Dolph Ziggler (Tag Titles) (Unadvertised In A Cell)

Air Boom are a great tag team in the sense that they look like a tag team with matching colours, have a (stupid) name and they get along with one another. Team Swaggler exist just so they can feud later on, so even though they’re not good long-term for the tag division meant we got a very fun tag team match. It’s been a while since we had a one of them with real tag teams.

Good: Evan Bourne looking like Eddie Edwards.

Bad: Swagger in general. Poor guy’s on auto-pilot.

Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry (World Title) (Hell in a Cell)

Mark Henry decimated Kozlov, Kane, The Big Show, The Greak Khali and Jerry Lawler up to this point, establishing him as BAD MOTHER FUCKER MARK HENRY. So logically, a HIAC match with Randy Orton should have resulted in a match reminiscent of the car crash from ‘Death Proof’, right? No, instead we got a slow moving, back-and-forth match that felt a hell of a lot longer than it actually was and featured way too much selling from The World’s Strongest Man. It should be ”How is Randy Orton going to pin the man who is immune to the RKO” not ”Mark Henry wins the match because he was able to hit his finisher”. Orton chased him off afterwards in the usual desperately short-sighted booking one gets from Cena/Triple H/Orton, but instead of bitching about that (which is easy…Orton’s supposed to look weak because MARK HENRY is a BAD MOTHER FUCKER) but I’ll remind myself Mark Henry is still champion until at least Vengeance and SmackDown!’s World Title scene has been great this year thanks to (mostly) logical storytelling.

Good: Mark Henry still champion, pre-match interview with Striker

Bad: They’ve stopped using the Vader/Sting blueprint, probably because they’ve realised Sting was likeable.

Cody Rhodes vs. John Morrison (IC Title) (Unadvertised In A Cell II)

Cody Rhodes is a very entertaining character. Such a shame he hasn’t had anything resembling a decent feud since Rey Mysterio Jr. , to the point where this match wasn’t even on the card beforehand. Morrison is a very talented athlete but he’s similar to Swagger in the sense that it doesn’t matter what feud or title shot he’s in now, he isn’t winning so there’s no reason for me to get behind him. He’s the world’s sexiest jobber. It didn’t matter though, as the focus was on the brand-spanking old IC Belt (see what I mean about Morrison? Inanimate objects are more fun than him. The Belt’s probably better on the mic too).


Bad: John Morrison’s prospects in WWE are as dead as Jim Morrison

Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix (Divas Title)

Oh, who cares?

Good: Beth doing Hardcore Holly’s old ‘kick opponent when holding onto the ropes in the midsection’ spot.

Bad: Beth not wanting to look like a Barbie Girl by dressing like a cheap waitress.

John Cena vs. CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio w/ Botchamania fan Ricardo Rodriguez (WWE title) (Hell in a Cell)

What was the point in having Del Boy lose last month (two weeks ago) then? Never mind The Miz and R-Truth…Del Rio, Swagger and Sheamus need to build a faction against THE MAN for their shitty, more-harm-than-good World/WWE title reigns over the last few years. I bring up the gripes first because the match felt like it was just a series of moves to fill time until Cena got locked out. It didn’t help that the crowd simply did not care about ADR and was more focused on Punk/Cena. However, once Cena was locked out of the Cell it was a fairly gripping few minutes. Cena realising he was locked out and he couldn’t do anything to stop his title from changing hand was a good, well-acted moment…that would have been an even better, truly memorable moment if a) the title hadn’t changed 215 times this year and b) ADR hadn’t already won AND lost the title in the space of a month. Because of that, the reaction (or lack thereof) to ADR’s win really took a lot away from a moment that will probably be shown more times in music video packages than it will be really cared about.

Good: Ricardo actually being effective, Punk’s effort.

Bad: Punk being the salad to Del Rio’s steak in front of a crowd full of carnivores.

Star Trek 2 was always my favourite

”Hello, Clarice…”

Post-match, The Miz and R-Truth came out and did their best Four Horsemen impression by pounding the hell out of everyone in the Cell whilst the entire locker room (faces AND heels) came out to stop it until bolt-cutters were found and the door was opened. Miz/Truth then submitted themselves to the police peacefully but Triple H tried to attack them until he was pulled back by security. I’m guessing John Laryngitis is trying to oust Triple H as COOH by orchestrating these moments to bring out the worst in Hunter and use it as justification. That’s nice, except I don’t give a flying fuck about:

1. Triple H as Raw GM

2. Triple H being usurped from his throne like Odin

3. Triple H in general, given that he’s not a full-time wrestler or a likable or entertaining personality

4. Johnny Ace as Loki

5. Johnny Ace in general, as his role on-screen is far too smarky for my liking. ”Look, it’s the actual guy who does stuff backstage!” And???

6. Who the Raw GM is

7. Storylines based on texts

8. Way too much emphasis on a feud and that doesn’t involve wrestling matches.

9. A feud that is over-shadowing a lot of other stuff on TV and can’t be blown off properly because nobody is a heel or face anymore because the crowd cheer who they want because they might as well at this point.

But it did look pretty, I’ll give it that.


Other News…

Well I aimed for daily content last week and…didn’t hit it due to the heat-wave that unexpectedly hit the UK during the arse end of SEPTEMBER, of all times. This week will be better, as I have contingency plans in case it happens again (cold grapes placed around the Laptop).

The website should be getting prettier this week, finger crossed.

It’s taking longer for my foot to hurt when I’m walking, which I am taking as a good sign. Sadly I’m only at 5 minutes walking pain-free but that’s better than nowt.

Next Botchamania is Donkey Kong Country 2 flavoured, due to the positive comments from the last video.

So far, no-one has got the hidden joke in Botchamania 186. The person that does gets to choose the music for an upcoming Botchamania.

No-one sent me any questions this week, so I’ll just post another Sin Cara as 60s Spider-Man and end this article.

  • David

    Must watch video again and find the hidden joke so as to request Final Fantasy 7 music…
    Ooh there’s a smiley face at the bottom of the page, I like it.

  • Michael

    I’m guessing the joke for BM 186 is a reference to the Indian Summer us Brits are having at the moment.

    Once again another fantastic Blogamania.


    I’ve watched 186 around 5 or more times to find the hidden joke… still no luck. I’d request Marko’s Magic Football, just for shits and giggles.

  • Bamablacksnake


    • UMO Grunt

      Beth already has the Diva’s title we don’t need another Triple H-Stephanie McMahon
      scenario going on where Beth and Punk both hold titles at the same time burying
      everybody in the process.

  • Bamablacksnake

    “There will be Anal Blood”


    • Barrycade

      Dammit, I was about to post this… guess that’s the hidden joke? Can I claim the music reward if so, please? “Secret of Mana OST: Color of the Summer Sky” seems very appropriate for us Brits right now 🙂

  • TheNeil450

    Best guess at joke: Calling Devon storm crowbar. Worst guess: you put pedobear somewhere in the background

  • Kennedy

    Wrestling is NOT ROH again.

  • Coal Miner’s Glove

    I’m assuming it’s “THERE WILL BE ANAL BLOOD”, but I can still see that someone has already drank that milkshake.

    Best thing about that PPV, though, by far, was Cody bringing back the old-school Intercontinental belt. Hopefully this will lead to wholesale belt changes all-round.

  • George Leyva

    I honestly liked the SinCara/SinCara match despite being full of four or three botches. It was an excellent match overall.

  • TommyFNWilliams

    Hades saying “Alright, time to sit back and ENJOY RAW.”?
    No one enjoys RAW.

    GOGO, Capcom vs. SNK Millenium Fight 2000 Soundtrack.

    • TommyFNWilliams


  • kidhurt

    MAFFEW I did ask you a question. Grant it it’s not a very good one.

  • Wally Kovacs

    The ‘excuse’ for Cena taking he belt off ADR was twofold:

    (A) If ADR beat Cena, then Punk would be in line for a rematch, and Cena wouldn’t have a ‘legit’ claim at another match (if they don’t want him pulling a Cristian and asking for one more match). This way, both ADR and Punk are still owed rematches, and get them both at once.

    (B) So far, Cena has lost the belt to Punk twice, Punk has lost the belt to ADR twice, and ADR has lost the belt to Cena once. So, in their three way feud, each has had the others number (although ADR has won under dubious circumstances in both cases, and Punks wins have little astericks as well). They want to try and keep the three on relatively even ground it seems.

    • Markcb

      Solution for a is easy: make the match in NoC end in DQ/count-out. Furthermore, Cena ALWAYS has a re(rererererererere)match.

      Solution to b is that they need to have a credible champion at least once in the year. Now you have a champ that hasn’t ever beaten Cena, and people will say “he doesn’t deserve to be champ”.

  • Croc

    Wild guess.
    Roddy Piper’s magic crutch to the leg.

  • Mr. McMahon

    I loved the blog!

    And Sin Cara peeking his head in at the top right of my screen made me laugh. Poor No Face.

  • Mr. Chopper

    Hey, Maffew. 6:25-ish in this video. Look at the comment they chose not to crop out in the video that went out LIVE on Raw:

  • reedy666

    lol kayfabe rules on that vid

  • maffew

    BTW, none of you were right about the hidden joke. It’s not a bit of text in the video, as you can read that so it’s not very hidden then is it? In fact, you’re SUPPOSED to read those bits of text. That’s why they’re there.

    • Barrycade

      Bah…. mystery unsolved… nothing to do with the use of the Chrono Trigger music? Also, can you still use my choice of music, please? 🙂

  • neverAcquiesce

    Like others, I don’t get the point of Hell in a Cell being a set event every year, especially since they’ve started using non-gimmick PPVs like Over the Limit and Vengeance again. Elimination Chamber and MITB I get, in that they’re gimmick matches like the Royal Rumble, Survivor Series, and KOTR that aren’t borne out of feuds. But they really need to rest the Cell for a few years to restore its former glory as the Official WWE Feud-Ender.

  • HoboJack

    Just throwing out some guesses

    – Is it the use of Magneto from the X-men arcade game when Jackman punches Swagger?

    – The jumping barrels sound effect when Conan punches the Cornette face?

  • mastero

    oh maffew, you so cerebral

  • Deadman Inc.

    Finally, someone that agrees with me about Triple H. I don’t know why Christian is such a shitty character now. He wasn’t that bad in TNA back in 07 – 08, but ever since hitting the WWE he seems to have nearly no character. Unfortunately, it’s a bit obvious that Christian is going to be putting Sheamus over in a short feud to build him up to main event status. Dunno if they’ll belt Sheamus, though. I guess Christian is just on auto-pilot since he knows his character is gonna be going nowhere. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him pushed to undercard after this feud :/

  • thesoral

    Is it the x-men quote when Ziggler is punched?

  • Croc

    Proud American Sabu.

  • John

    Hi Maffew,

    I have a question that I am geneuinely curious about. How do you define a botch? Your videos (which are awesome) seem to include just about everything negative or uncontrolled in the vicinity of the ring as a “botch”.

    So, I’d appreciate it if you could answer it next time.

  • Doctor Worm

    I was going to guess “open with Mark Henry, and then have an all Donkey Kong Country music Botchamania.”

    Because Mark Henry is a silverback, you see.

  • Easily the worst pay per view of the year, I missed a few weeks of wrestling because I was in vacation in Europe and the first thing I watched was this shitty pay per view, good thing that this week made up for it in a huge way, lawls!

  • you “bothced” by stealing the we hate cena image from

    all images are tracked…

  • you “botched” by stealing the we hate cena image from

    all images are tracked… (even if you crop them)

    its also customary to say where you “borrowed” it from should you host it AND get permission from the person/s hosting it first if to use it..

  • Swagziggler!, JUST LIKE THE NAZI FLAG!

  • Alan

    Dunno about the hidden joke, but I just spotted something I’d never caught before in the intro: a frame of Rey Mysterio jumping during his entrance spliced into the Send For The Man clip.

  • spil spil and vinde

    However, Americans who love their country will vote for Ron Paul.