The Good People Of /Wooo/ present…

Sin Cara as 60s Spider-Man

(Warning, Image Heavy Post)

What is it?

Information and examples of the 60s Spider-Man memes/macros can be found here.

The Good People Of /Wooo/ thought this would be a good idea for a thread and and outlet for their unbridled creativity. They were right.

What’s currently available?


With text, the fun only increases!

Any criticisms?

As far as I know nobody bothered archiving them anywhere after the thread died. Just as well I bought that photobucket account then.

Overall thoughts?


  • Someone has been archiving them, as it happens:

    • maffew

      Thanks for the link…wait, there’s more on his page then there is on there!

      • It’s kind of confusing, you have to navigate with the buttons along the right. Weird Tumblr layout!

  • Aquiles E

    That ladder image has me in stitches. LOL Nice find.

  • Emil

    “There can be only uno cara.” I disagree, there can be dos caras 😛

  • Sgt.Pepper

    Wanted to edit this one myself when I saw the original. But of course it’s to good of an idea to NOT having been done already. Still cracks me up.

  • sempa21


  • DreadJester


    I am concerned about this one. Especially with what I think Dr. Doom is doing. @_@

  • Andrew H

    I don’t like the Sin Cara bashing. I know some of it is done in jest, but others take it too seriously and act like he’s a miniature Khali.

    Yes, I know he does botch sometimes, and he can improve. That doesn’t mean it’s all he does.

    I’ve enjoyed most of his matches including vs. Primo, Daniel Bryan, Tyson Kidd, Hunico, and I saw him wrestle Christian live during the filming of Smackdown in Arizona. He did not botch any moves at all in that one. (at least nothing I noticed.)

    I think he needs the support of fans, because if he keeps being treated this way, he won’t have a chance to grow in WWE. I want him to get better and have a lucrative career there.

  • Bubblegoose

    Argh, my stomach hurts. The tears of laughter running down my face.


  • Jouva

    Obligatory intentional /woo/

  • sup /wppp/

  • Randy Bat

    Those are great! I found some pictures of Cara without a mask at :