Shining Wizado!

What is it?

Shining Wizado is a musician specialising in wrestling-related songs. He has a

bandcamp page, like all the good upcoming musicians
and samples of his music can be found via fan-made videos on YouTube. I know bugger all about the guy, so I’ll just let his musical related talents speak for themselves.

What’s currently available?

Amongst the assorted tracks found on his bandcamp page, the man band has an EP for your consideration in tribute to Chris Jericho.


Any criticisms?

I’m only plugging him because of this?

It could be argued that a wide-arse barrel of knowledge is required to fully get all the references…but then you could easily counter-argue that that’s the fun of it.

Overall thoughts?

As Botchamania has proven, I have an unnatural taste in music so I’ll just compliment the lyrical content and advise anybody reading this that Your Mileage May Vary.

  • GeminiShamrock

    Oh, that’s awesome! All of them were great.

  • lazlo woodbine

    Steve Fuckin’ Blackman, Steve Fuckin’ Blackman.

    It’s gonna take a while to get that out of my head.


    Seriously though, thanks for the promotion.

    • maffew

      No worries. Sorry I know nothing about you, so this article is short (yet sweet)

  • Martin

    Anyone pointing out the stupidity of Heath Slater’s nickname, and Heath Slater’s existence, is alright in my book. Good music, too!

  • Josh

    This dude is awesome!!

  • Veej

    He’s cool in all ways Heath Slater is not. In an unrelated note, Steve Fuckin’ Blackman.

  • Shane

    Thanks for all the updates Maffew, hope ur foots gettin on ok!! Shining Wizado/Super Blizzard (whatever he preferes to go by) is my new favorite behind BM of course, hope to hear more soon!!

  • Mr. DJ

    Angelina Love was staring into my soul….DO NOT WANT! D:

  • sempa21

    hey maffew, if you ever met the iron sheik,what would be the first thing you would say to him?

  • Emma Roids

    I love botchamania but think that sucked maffew i hope another dog bites you 🙂

  • Brian

    Thanks for sharing. I’m in love with this project now.

  • Joe

    Has anybody here ever actually played Windjammers? It’s really an awesome game!