In no real order…

Hogan after winning the title at WMIX. His eye still scares me.

The Rock’s reaction to seeing Hogan’s eye at WMIX.

Edge in the crowd during WMVI

Un-named newspaper speaks the truth about WMVII.

Donald Trump after being asked how many WMs he held at the Trump Plaza. Donald Trump also after being asked what he thought of WMIV.

Muhammad Ali, Liberace and an insanely orange Hogan pose for WMI.

OH GOD WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN. Giant Gonzalez and Hogan backstage at WMIX.

Hogan, Savage and Sid emote at the ‘Who Wrestles Ric Flair at WMVIII?’ press conference.

Sgt. Slaughter, General Adnan (who did actually meet Saddam) and the guy from Hot Shots Part Deux.

Vince: Hey Bret, guess what the finish is?

WWF 1995 summed up in one screenshot.

A young Johnny Storm being interviewed on his thoughts of the WM Fan Fest.  ”Pukka!”

Steve Austin re-enacts the scene from Hellraiser where Frank pulls himself together. Looks like a deviantart version of the Barbarian.

Randy Orton and Hogan. Hogan matured more than Orton.

The photo from Jericho’s autobiography. Priceless.

And finally, Andy fucking Warhol walks into the wrong room after The War To Settle The Score and ends up being interviewed by ‘Mean’ Gene. Andy fucking Wahol on WWF TV, ladies and gentlemen.  Thank you and good night.

  • Warhol Face: The new Cornette Face.

  • Thomas

    Maffew, great photo essay, just letting you know that the unnamed newspaper is my hometown paper, the Miami Herald. Alex Marvez, who now covers the NFL for Fox Sports and at times still writes about wrestling, was the author of that piece. Believe it or not, the Miami Herald is responsible for me “smartening up” to the business thanks to Marvez’ Sunday morning Pro Wrestling articles, which was where I first learned the morning of Wrestlemania X that Lex Lugar was scheduled to win the WWF Title, but lost out on it for spilling the information to the wrong people.

    • Bobby

      Luger did an interview and said that those rumors were false:

      At WrestleMania 10, many wrestling fans had all but assumed that Luger would win the WWF Championship. The same politics from SummerSlam came into play. And although it didn’t happen, it wasn’t a last minute decision as many people have guessed at:

      “No. To be honest with you, I knew maybe a few months before WrestleMania because my family had never been to an event. So I asked (The WWF) for tickets to WrestleMania and Vince was upset. He called me into his office, this is months and months before WrestleMania, and he goes, “Lex, you know, you’re not going to be winning the belt at WrestleMania.” And my ex-wife Peggy had some really good friends o ut of New York. Their family had kids the same age as my kids, so I wanted them there no matter what. So I said, “Vince, I just want them to go to the event with their friends. It doesn’t matter. That doesn’t have anything to do with me wanting tickets.” So he let me know months out that I was not going to be World Champion at WrestleMania because he was worried about me flying my whole family in to celebrate me winning the title and he was courteous enough to tell me that I wasn’t winning the belt. So I knew months out.”

      This flies in the face of one of wrestling’s biggest urban legends. The story goes that Lex Luger was set to win the belt at the PPV until he was overheard bragging about it in a New York bar the night before. The story had no merit and Luger tells listeners why:

      “And I’ve heard these crazy rumors. Someone saw something on Wikipedia one time – which is not an encyclopedia. You can type in and change whatever you want that I was in a bar, messed up, telling everyone I was going to win so they didn’t do it. But I was actually, the night before, not in a bar in New York saying I was going to win the World Title. I was actually staying two hours away from New York for the site of Wrestlemania at my wife’s friend’s house in Connecticut. So I wasn’t anywhere near a bar telling people I was going to win the=2 0World Title.”

      • You can argue that Luger isn’t necessarily the most reliable source of truth, but seeing as he has no reason to lie (since the lie doesn’t really benefit him) and no other high-profile members of the booking staff have come out to say otherwise, I’m inclined to believe him.

  • Rich Sparkes

    perfect summing up

  • Quixotic311

    Austin face = new meme

  • Scott Steiner

    I’m the greatest Wrestlemania Pay Per View of all time!!

  • Samuel

    maffew, do you have/care to share the warhol interview? i cannae find it on youtube.

  • Val

    Brillant Photos, You Must Do More Of These, Also Enjoying The Captions Under The Pictures. Good Stuff.

  • Chavo Guererro

    Funny stuff, Warhol looks like a young lady gaga.

  • motherfunker

    “Hey Bret, guess what the finish is?” I was dying laughing, that’s the best thing I’ve seen in a while.

  • The Jericho/Steamboat photograph is probably the best image ever committed to bandwidth.

  • DreadJester

    Believe me, Andy Warhol was very good at appearing in ‘the next big thing’. I mean, he popped up in a ‘Curiousity Killed the Cat’ video, and suddenly BOY BANDS EVERYWHERE.

  • Coal Miner’s Glove

    Oh dear sweet baby Jesus, the haircut on Jericho. He looks like Barry Melrose with a fuller head of hair (which is appropriate, given how much time he spent in a hockey town/household).

  • Dave Dubya

    Warhol –

    (the whole of The War To Settle The Score is on there if you search for it)

  • Korey

    Andy Warhol sounded like he couldn’t care less! That was priceless lol

    • William

      He was always like that, even with his own projects. It was sort of the attitude of the burgeouis art society in New York at the time.

  • gaytardo montalbon

    okay, am i the only one that has the red frame on the right side of the screen covering half of the picture? will someone finally explain to me how to fix this?

    • Cool arrow

      No, you’re not the only one. I fixed it by getting a bigger laptop. 🙂

    • Tech Guy

      You can fix that by holding control, and scrolling the mouse ball down if using that type of mouse. If using a laptop, you should be able to do the same thing, holding control and using two fingers going down on the mousepad.

      Some laptops also have the ability to “pinch” in the mousepad to shrink the webpage as well.

  • I think it’s important to note that the reason Hogan’s eye appears black in one of these photo’s is because he has used black magic to advance his aims, hence his wealth and success. The downside to this for him is his part possession by an inter-dimensional entity that allows him to manipulate reality at the sub-atomic level in order to reach his goals. This is what you’re seeing here. If you look at Hogan, actually look at him, his appearance, ability, marketability and charisma, he has absolutely none of this and only through using occult means could such an average, balding, muscle-head achieve such fame and fortune. The downside to this is that it only can last for an extended period before karma shifts, problems begin to arise, hence his life now which is a shambles.

    I have worked for years in Theater, Film and Television and have only seen this phenomenon twice in person, once from Les Dennis (A British Entertainer) and Margret Thatcher (Former British PM.) I have also used this magic myself to acquire the worlds greatest beard and be able to bed any woman I please.

    This may be hard for some people to grasp but I think it is important to note Hogan’s ties to Kevin Sullivan a known Satanist and the man responsible for the Murder of the Benoit family through his Satanist contacts. (Hence Benoit’s sudden Religious fanaticism and haunting dreams of being hunted down by these men, who unfortunately on Kevin Sullivan’s orders where able to slay the whole family, cover it up through the Satanist controlled Local Authorities and Media)

    Yours Truthfully
    Brian Blessed