Not sure who made this, but 10/10 to them.

EDIT:┬áNelson Pereira sends another one that’s just as good.

  • Genius! I love it.

  • Phallic Von Dongenhymen

    So yeah, about 195…….

  • Me

    Lita still looks good.

  • ezenwa

    Funny thing is, Lita was expecting this to happen, as per her Twitter. Even funnier still, the CHIKARA graphic. LOL.

  • Andrew

    Lita still looks good, it’s just the big eyes which are kinda creepy. Oh and I think that top one came from a user on either Wrestlecrap forums or Freakin Awesome forums, remember seeing it at either in a forum.

  • choke_er_face

    Haha! This is funny Maffew! Haha!

    But seriously…195?

  • Man Eff Rease!

    Lita looks good.

    Lita looks good.

    Lita looks good.

  • Mr. Mackey

    Drugs are bad, mmmkay?

  • Jezuz

    Do we really need a 195? I tought the whole slammy awards was a long botch
    Well anyway, where is 195

  • Section8

    I’m the one that made the Chikara image. Posted it on Freakin Awesome Network forums.

    • Bigwill

      Stop lying. I created it.

      • Torcha


        8 created it, and he posted it to the FAN boards.

        So kindly go eff yourself.

        • Bigwill

          not true. Mine was psoted before 8 on wz forums cig .

  • Alex Wright

    i broke the dam

    • John

      love it, i was thinking the exact thing when reading it.

  • Chavo Guererro

    Grapes are the new drugs.