My main problem with Raw…

WWE has mostly stopped using jobbers on Raw because they need some form of star power to get people to tune in. So instead of Big Show vs. Jobber, we get Big Show vs. Wade Barrett. Big Show needs to look good because he has a World Title match with Mark Henry on PPV this sunday. However, Barrett also has a PPV match with Randy Orton. So instead of having Show and Barrett beat people in separate matches so they look strong and credible, Show pounds on Barrett, resulting in Barrett RUNNING AWAY OUT OF FEAR FOR HIS LIFE. How counter-productive is that?

If I could give this trend a name I’d call it Dolph Booking. Dolph can make anybody look good because he has the same hair and bumping abilities as Curt Hennig. Like Rock/Paper/Scissors, Dolph can beat people on the same tier as him (Ryder, Swagger, Kingston etc.) but will lose every time to tiers above him (Orton, Cena, HHH etc.). It basically means WWE tries pushing a guy like Ziggler or Barrett as AWESOME and DAS FUTURE…by having them lose a lot of times because they can’t get their shit together and plan long-term and insist on Raw being THE SUPER CENA SUPERSHOW every week. It has also resulted in the Mid Card Militia simply there to hit pretty looking moves and fill the numbers. Swagger, Ziggler, Bourne, Kingston, Barrett, Rhodes, Danielson et al have been in the same position/role for years now.

Back in the day, companies with sense would backwards-book their feuds. They’d say RIGHT, WE WANT STARMAN VS. AKI MAN FOR NEXT YEAR’S WRESTLEMANIA….THIS MEANS WE NEED TO MAKE STARMAN AND AKI MAN LOOK STRONG SO PEOPLE WILL ACTUALLY BUY THE PPV. Basic as fuck. WWE doesn’t book for next week, it books for this week. And it shows, with ADR and Miz’s runs with the belts being less credible than any of Mikey Whipwreck’s title wins.

WWE…where they have their cake and eat it and blame Punk when they run out of cake.

(also fuck twitter)

  • The Brandaminator

    I couldn’t agree more. I was just thinking the other day as I was reading one of the Wrestlecrap books that they don’t even have squash matches against jobbers anymore. They just feed us the same pay per view matches on Raw over and over again and then want us to pay to see it fifth time.

  • Bring Back Cornette

    If i were a WWE Employee i would have to let you know in an overexcited way that ‘fuck twitter’ is now trending on twitter, every five seconds!

  • I actually couldn’t agree with you more. I am sick of watching EVERY WWE star perform on Raw every week…remember the SuperStars/Wrestling Challenge formula? Gorilla: “Today on Wrestling Challenge, The Model Rick Martel will be in action, We’ll also see Tatanka, the Orient Express with Mr. Fuji, and The Berzerker will take on The Brooklyn Brawler!” It made the top guys appearances special…and HOGAN WAS NEVER ON! You better be watching Saturday night’s main Event or a PPV for Hogan to show up…why give away your top draw for free? WWE…in their attempt to piss ALL OVER the legacy of pro wrestling that they are supposed to uphold…has made Raw another shit soap opera. Suck, suck suck!!

  • Alan

    I’ve felt the same way for a while. I miss the days of the jobbers. I can’t even think of any jobbers I’ve seen in the last few years. They’re all guys who are actually getting a push, no matter how mild the push might be. And this is also one of the problems in the pointless title reigns of numerous guys. Who gives a damn that Swagger held the title? His character is little more than a crappy midcarder. He’s barely US Title level… except that he has the talent and skill to be a main event champion, just not the time and experience. Now the biggest way they get guys over is by putting a strap on ’em, instead of getting them over and THEN giving them a belt. They think that if they make this guy a champion, he’ll be popular.

  • Will

    They need to bring back people like Colin Delaney

  • Derek Ruttle

    Rob Van Dam agrees with you. In a shoot interview a few years ago – I believe it was right after he’d left WWE – he said that they need to bring back the jobbers in order to show people what the superstars bring to the table.

    Basically, he said things need to go back to how they were in the 80’s and 90’s, where Jobber #1 would be fed to the Ultimate Warrior, or Shawn Michaels would mop the floor with some no-name enhancement talent. People don’t pay to see jobbers, they pay to see what their favorite superstars can do. However, the payoff in seeing two good superstars wrestle needs to be on PPV and not given away for free on TV because it either makes someone look bad who should be spotlighted (Big Show/Barrett) or someone who’s a World Champion is being pinned by a mid-card act (Ryder/Henry).

  • TD

    Answer questions about re-upping 195 already

  • Sid 8.7

    I miss the jobbers. Some of favorite wrestlers were jobbers like Barry O, the Brooklyn Brawler and others. It is a shame.

  • Croc

    No mention of the ever so pointless Cole/JR segement? Pointless Sheamus squash match. The closest thing to a jobber was Jinder Mahal. No Kevin Nash… Even when they have time to build to a PPV, they fail to do so properly. At least Raw ended on a strong note, with the debut of (in your words) Casey Jones Kane. I personally preferred his hockey style mask over his burnt half mask.

    • Mr. Chopper

      Jinder still gets a Titantron and feemtoon. Remember a while back when Wade Barrett was meant to face a local jobber but instead he came out and refused, berated the guy and explained how he wasn’t going to waste his time wrestling this nobody.

      Tells you everything you need to know about how WWE feels about jobbers on TV.

      • Cactusaaaaah Jackaaaaah

        Wasnt that the episode that the Barett Barrage was unveiled?

        He was all ‘IM in it for the money now, so I aint wrestling no local jobber.’

        Since then he hasnt barraged shit.

        I still think WWE in general has improved recently, while TNA has got worse and ROH has remained the same.

  • Holy crap. A Starman v. AKI Man main event? Who *wouldn’t* buy that PPV?!

    • Axl’s Punctuality

      AKI Man? I’d buy that!

  • Kenneth

    I agree also. Why isn’t Kane getting the most attebtion in that spot and Christian? I know Christian is hurt but they need to use them more. They need to have Big Show to win the Championship. Here is an Idea why not have Big Show face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania for the World Championship. This does suck!! We need the Jobbers to succeed. I like Cena but he is overated right now. What happened to Drew Mckintire? I think he deserves the championship. And Ted Dibiase he should be up there too after making his movie. I hate it when they make these guys a star and treat them like shit. Look at Matt Hardy for instance. I know that if it wasnt for him there would be no hardy boys. They sohouldn’t have fired him on both shows. They wouldnt give him a title shot for the world or wwe championship. I agree about the Wade Barrett situation he does need to have the championship. I’m sorry but the diva’s division SUCKS!! I don’t care for Kelly Kelly. Eve is ok but the main diva who deserves the title are girls like Rosa Mendez, Maryse, and Alicia Fox, First of all Kelly Kelly needs to turn heel. Sorry I like the TNA Knockouts better than WWE Divas. It’s a good thing Gail Kim came back. One person who should come back to TNA is Christian because he isn’t doing anything good also. Ya I like the jobbers. I think that on this past week’s Raw they should have Big Show vs Kevin Nash even knowing that Nash wasn’t there and Mark Henry vs Triple H and Cena in a triple threat match.

    • Frank Reynolds

      Hey Kenneth, I have a question I would like to ask you. You’re an F’ing troll, right?

      • Heysideburns

        apparently Kenneth believes everyone should have a title. Drew deserves a championship?!?!? LOL on what grounds?

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    • main diva who deserves the title are girls like Rosa Mendez, Maryse, and Alicia Fox…

      This was my favourite part. I feel like Steve Austin when that girl said her favourite match was Melina vs. Alicia Fox.

  • Samuel

    The first segment with JR was legit Russo-era WCW BAAAAD. Add in all the fucking run-ins and stupid stipulation matches (a ladder match to get a sledge hammer which is a ladder match won by pinfall- EH?) and… yeah this is again so fucking reminiscent of late era WCW. And oh look a mid card being buried for stale top guys? That sounds familiar from a certain period in wrestling history.

    Next Triple H will be booked to meet Scott Hall in an insane asylum and Punk will be made to lie down so Cena can win the belt.

    I agree with your assessment Maffew. But also let me say that a jumble of mid-card guys v. top-card guys can work well if done right. For example, the way Dolph is being booked right now. No-one remembers whether he wins or loses because by putting on so many good matches with all different types of guys, getting everyone over, he automatically wins. If Dolph were to wrestle Big Show and make him look like a wrestler as opposed to a giant freak show (we kind of forget that is what he is) and then have Big Show win the finish because of he turns back into the freak show giant, then that is fine. Having a dude just pussy out though is a totally different matter.

    The best booking of the past two months has been John Morrison based. Because he could do spots to get guys over, and he didn’t need a push because he was leaving. If you look at the hype around the likes of Brodus Clay and Skip Sheffield returning, I don’t think throwing some FCW guys for a bit of experience, a job or two and opportunities to make a bit of a name for themselves will do them any harm in the long term. No-one remembers Brodus Clay or Skip Sheffield’s first runs, they just see potential. We want to see people succeed but if Richie Steamboat or Joe Hennig or whoever comes in, gets squashed a couple times and then is taken off screen to further work on their character development, I don’t think anyone will hold that against them. Hell, possibly the most over guy in WWE right now used to be a jobber in the Spirit Squad.

  • Soooo WWE is basically WCW in the late 90’s? Where Ziggler, Swagger, Ryder, Kingston take the place of Benoit, Jericho, Guerrero, Mysterio as the actual fun part of the show and the the “main event” are a bunch of mincing drama queens?

    • TheKenwyne

      Woah woah woah. SOME of the main event (Nash, HHH, Cena in his current role) are mincing drama queens or are just a bit crap at being main eventers atm, like Nash, HHH, SupeCena (if they change his character he’ll be much better) Kane and Big Show. But many this year have pulled their weight and put on some really good matches – see Punk, ADR, Orton, Christian, hell, even Mark Henry’s had a few ***ish matches. And I don’t know how Kingston and Swaggsy count as ‘fun’ midcard. They’re both pretty bland and average in ring; I’d take Bryan and Rhodes over the both of ’em.

  • Brennan

    Truth be told WWE is exactly as you put it i yawn everytime John Cena is in the Main event give him a damn night off we like him but not to see him every fucking week though i did like that Kane came back it’s so obvious he’s just someone to feud with Cena until Mania so he won’t win at any point ever and will then get relegated back to the tag team division on the note of jobbers yes we need them and for god sake improve the midcard talent Dolph is the only guy that i like in the Midcard and Cody Rhodes aside from that there is nothing aside from twitter this buy our PPVS *insert Booker Commentary*

  • david prescott

    When we were kids we called the jobbers spectators because of the awful ring gear, half the time it looked like they had pulled a few clowns out of the audience and gave them kit from the lost and found gear box n sent them out. But its a pity that the local wrestlers miss out as wwe travels about. No more Pistol Pez’s and Iron Mike Sharps.

  • Dylan

    After Raw on Monday night the lady and I were talking about what we had just watched and I mentioned how I didn’t understand why Dolph Ziggler jobs to Orton and gets put through a table when he has a US title match coming up in a week. Seeing your blog I understand now that WWE simply isn’t what it used to be and I agree with everything stated.

  • I hate that type of booking. It always felt so comic book/video game’ish. Some one like Dolph has all the talent and tools, but he has to lose to Cena and Orton because they are at that final boss level and their power rankings are just too great.

    • david prescott

      like fighting Seth!

  • K d and coke

    Bring back jobbers. There was a formula to them,
    fat, hairy, has moustache and about six foot.
    No offense unless it leads to a move
    Example: a superplex or backdrop or running reversal.

    BTW . Sid was useless but his squash matches were the shit
    Also, earthquake had a put jobber in stretcher gimmick.

  • K d and coke

    I have a ton of jobber ideas.
    Lets say swagger comes in with his music, fireworks, looks like
    A million dollers and the jobber is standing in the ring looking like
    A million russian roubles.
    Jack gets a really big, loud intro from announcer,
    From OKLAHOMA, weighing in at 270 lbs
    Then all jobber gets is
    ‘some guy from texas or florida, who cares anyway?’

    • Craig

      No no no, you have to at least TRY to make people care about the jobber. If nobody gives a crap about the jobber, why would they give a crap about Jack Swagger beating him?

      If you acknowledge the jobber is a nobody then that’s all your star, Jack Swagger to follow the given example, has defeated.

  • Chloe

    Let me start by saying i agree on all levels. I hate to leave a comment just saying i agree but good lord. Raw made me stop and realize just how s**t wrestling is. I mean not only did the opening segment suck it humiliated a legend and he f***ing forgot the lines. When i saw Ryder pin Henry i almost broke down into tears. Worse i almost quoted the miz. Zack Ryder is slowly becoming something that truly makes me cringe. Give him the freakin’ belt and get him off my damn screen so much. He isn’t ready to be so exposed to the casual fan i mean when he came out on Raw that week when he got his title shot he got zero fan reaction. All people want to say is ‘woo woo woo’, he can be great but right now he’s just good. That’s fine but good equals mediocre to me and that’s what he is. Zack pack can shove that up their arses. The booking has been cartoonish but it’s always been so so i don’t understand why people are baffled by it now. Dolph’s okay to me, he’s decent enough but he won’t truly get tested until Vickie’s not by his side. BTW why doesn’t she have a stable yet? Well right now i’m officially ranting but it’s been building up because if i write this long on bleacher report one of those ninny writers has my comments removed. P.S. bleacher report sucks. At least here people politely tell you, you have no idea what your talking about. I think the huge part of what’s wrong with wrestling isn’t booking or all the other aspects of wrestling…it’s the fucking talent. If someone tells me Wade Barett is the future than it is truly bleak. I see vanilla all around the wwe,and he’s one of them. He’s not alone either all those ‘youth movement’ people really aren’t that good, in ring exceptional but if someone tells me Daniel Bryan is ready to main event i’d laugh in there face. He is boring but i like him because he has amazing ability’s, the same for wade and many others. Now on to my point….im sure i had one. Yes, the problem is the talent why because they settle for what ever is given to them. They read there little robotic scripts…flub half the lines and expect the world. If someone gives you a terd and says you must wear this terd in order to get 1 million dollars of course i’d wear it but i’d make sure the terd was/looked the best. My horrible metaphor meaning they have got to dig deeper and turn the shit they have been handed to sugar. I hate to use buzz words but they are all missing that certain ‘zing’. Another completely off topic thing that should be in your forum but i decided i’d just go with it is the divas division. You guys cry about male wrestling but females have it much worse. Each match is ended with our champion not only losing but being rolled up by a girl half her size, who also thinks purple is a flavor. Beth and Natalya are making people cry but i still don’t understand what that has to do with pinup strong. Alicia fox weave is still a mess and her gangly limbs are really creepy…they are like 3d the way they swing about and Eve…well she’s decent. All talented women stuck in the same god forsaken cycle for two months. Has anyone noticed this…the same damn matches for two months. I honestly clip wwe and tna together as i watched the (dvr) episodes. I edit the shows together as i watch flicking from each episode to matches i like. The two products together aren’t that bad. Done ranting though so yeah…umm…don’t rip me a new one in response.

    • Samuel

      As you said, let’s do this politely. Paragraphs are your friend!

      I mostly agree. Talent, bar a few special guys, is a fucking pit.*

      That said, Bryan Danielson is the fucking nuts and ready to main event. Shit he has been at the top of cards for a decade now. Like how Punk was already ready from day 1 but booked shitty because no-one understood straight edge; American Dragon is perfectly fine except he can’t get time to show himself because Cole is too busy calling him dull. Recently I rewatched WMXX and remembered that WWE do know how to book top card technical wrestlers. And for a year now people have been chanting for Daniel Bryan, they know who he is and the potential. He just needs a different fucking commentator than Cole.

      *And to further the conversation: I wonder whether small indies like Chikara, PWG, ROH etc. have thought about coming together as a new-NWA type of organisation. They could all have their own niche for touring (Chikara for the cartoony stuff, PWG for west-coast stuff where there traditionally isn’t as much, ROH for MMA types, JCW for lunatics etc.) and then have the best of each make it to TV. It would help people develop out of the spotlight and with similar guys until they are ready to step up or switch it up for development in another company. [Of course egos are never gonna let this happen, just as egos killed the og NWA.]

      • Jeff

        They do need to make stars special in addition to jobbers by limiting their television/appearance time, opposed to making it a soap opera.

        It’s the same reason that a returning superstar is automatically a face; the pop will be huge because we haven’t seen them in a while. They are fresh, exciting, and we are happy to see them back.

        Love and with it on Danielson, and Cole is just helping him to get over buddy. When a top heel, which Cole is, is berating you, makes the fans even more inclined to cheer for him. But Punk?? Are you serious?? All past booking aside, let’s look at this year. The guy had all the opportunity in the World, finally had the machine behind him, had the biggest storyline in years and BLEW IT.

        He can piss and moan about being passed over by other guys, but you’re not the ‘Best in the World’ or even deserve to be a top guy if you can’t fill houses or draw money. Aesthetics and wrestling talent – Punk has neither. Great promo, but you have to have the whole package my friend.

        Push Ziggler and drop Punk back down to the mid-cards where he belongs. In fact, make WWE’s ECW happen again so we have some place to stick him where he’ll never been seen again.

  • Jeremy

    They should make Maffew head booker of the WWE.

  • Matt

    I can’t help but think that Daniel Bryan could be so over by this time if he wouldn’t have to be the guy getting fed to people like Wade or Henry to make them look good while at the same time getting berated endlessly through commentary. I watch Bryan matches with Spanish audio on now so I don’t have to put up with Cole severely limiting my enjoyment and my ability to get into the actual match.

  • I think the reason the WWE doesn’t use jobbers anymore is that they don’t want to have journeymen mixing with WWE Superstars — they only want to use in-house talent, essentially. They have near-jobbers with guys like Heath Ledger and the NXT/Superstars crew, but even they don’t usually show up on the main shows anymore.

    Also, they’ve so conditioned us to expect superstar vs. superstar matches that there’s probably a valid concern that a return to jobber matches would result in a loss of viewing audience. And that’s something they really can’t afford right now.

    • segwo

      Heath Ledger is dead…. did you mean Slater?

      • Yeah. Whoops. I blame, uh, Sting?

    • Scott

      Exactly. 20 years ago, you could get away with Shawn Michaels or Undertaker or such whooping up on a jobber, because it was expected the TV shows were to show the talent, the PPV’s and specials were to show the good matches. Once the Monday Night Wars happened, having jobbers and journeymen on the shows was pretty much history.

      Also try selling advertisers to a show that doesn’t always present a John Cena, a Randy Orton, or a CM Punk every week, like was the case with a Macho Man, or Hulk Hogan, or Ric Flair 20 years ago. You think ratings for Raw would be bad now, throw in that, having only the big names show up for PPV’s and token appearences on Raw or Smackdown, and the ratings now would look good by comparison.

      As much as some people wish for the old days of how things were done, in some cases, it just can’t be the case anymore.

  • BiffBashSmash

    I don’t think they necessarily need to bring back jobbers/obvious squash matches. What’s needed are good wrestling matches that aren’t hyper-obsessed with developing a storyline. See Nitro from 96-98ish… in the first hour you’d have the likes of Mysterio, Guerrero and Malenko in matches that were essentially meaningless but great to watch, with the commentary team building the top card feuds while the workers worked.

  • roadhog29389

    Can we just start our own company and nick all their good mid-carders who deserve better, then do a better job than WWE? Stream it online, undercut for the ppv’s aand merchandise, make good storylines, how hard can it be?

  • Kenny

    I think one of the reasons for the change in booking style might be the deals with the networks. It used to be that wrestling was all about the live events, and the TV stuff was a bit of extra promotion.

    Now, it seems that because of weekly ratings, they can’t not have all their big names on the show at once, due to some contractual obligations with the cable channels or some other crap. As big as WWE is, they’re still made to play ball to get their stuff on air, and as an entertainment company, they still don’t have the respect and clout they deserve from others in the industry. I don’t believe all this is just purely on the shoulders of WWE management themselves.

  • Rawisbotch

    Yeah the way Raw is today is not like Raw 80’s where it be like BIG STAR vs Barry Horowitz/Brooklyn Brawler kind of matches. Just to think WWE can make opportunities for no name Jobbers to become big time stars in the company but alas its not. its usually a jobber goes to another company to make that happen or wrestle many years before they are lucky to be looked at by someone. You are right on in saying John Cena is on TV to much. Its a laugh to hear the “You can’t see me” chant because I’ve seen too much of him and its time to see new faces come. WWE is just NOW letting the fans see Mark Henry come into the picture (and he’s been with them for wayyy to long). Is Brodus Clay gonna get a run cause i can see him doing something big in the ring. WWe needs to really shake things up in 2013.

  • Nuttz

    Star Man VS. Aki Man sounds like the greatest match ever.

  • Sean h

    RawlsBotch – There was no Raw in the 80’s, dolt.

  • Flash Wilkins

    I can’t beleive not one person has mentioned the blatant disregard for ring psychology in the Cena/Henry match. Why make a visual point of having a bandaged ankle if the opponent is not gonna go for it, choosing to attempt to pick up the fatty instead.

    • ‘cos Cena isn’t a ring psychologist grappler like Daniel Bryan, who did just that.

      • True, but even a slouch like Cena would obviously go for the bad leg. At least it makes Cena look slightly believable and it might help Henry gain sympathy from the fans despite being a heel.

  • It’s sad how the more decent matches happen on SD, and they tend to be spoiled by the damn IWC. The WWE has nothing to give to the fans anymore. The good gimmicks have been used. Might as well folded in a high note.

    • Jeff

      There are a million good gimmicks to be had, but there is no current creativity and not to mention, terrible writing.

      I agree with you about good matches being spoiled; the state of professional wrestling is so weak right now, because no matter what good may come of a particular event, there will always be 100 people tearing it down by trying to be cool. AND THESE ARE FANS!!

      Professional wrestling for me has always been escapism. You know it’s not real, but its fun to fall into this World. People have stopped caring about the factor of escaping into the entertainment aspect of the show, and started taking it at face value; which is ridiculous. Why are you taking it so seriously? It’s grown men wearing tights playing make believe. These idiot marks are helping to destroy wrestling, a sport and form of entertainment that they claim to care about.

  • SwitchRat

    I noticed this as well, the current Show/Henry feud I actually enjoyed at first because there is real money on getting these two giants to wrestle. Repeated ring collapse spot aside, they did have a great match. Then a good one. And an okay one. And a boring one. I really am having trouble buying them now, every Raw seems very similar, as does SmackDown. Punk/Laurinitis, Show/Henry, Ziggler/Ryder, they have nobody to fight but each other. And the tag team division is failing, of course Airbourne are champions, there’s nobody to drop the belts to! The Usos and this new team of Primo and someone I can’t recall (probably because it DOESN’T MATTER) just don’t look like champions to me. Some ‘enhancement talent’ is definitely on the cards. And as for the twitter thing, the marketing strategy is good in theory because it does work. WWE does trend very highly during live events but I’m fucking sick of hearing about it. Cole goes through a whole midcard match spending more time talking about tweeting than calling the action. Oh if I have to listen to Kofi Kingston telling me to ‘B A Star’ one more time I’m unfollowing him from Twitter. Yes, I’m THAT serious.

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