With more channel switches than the average episode of Impact Wrestling, it’s Botchamania 197: Zack Masked Ryder!


Combo by Grant Kirkhope (Killer Instinct Gold)

excitebike 11 by The Minibosses

The King of Speed by T. Mitsuyoshi (Daytona USA)

Sweep Up the Broken Pieces (Marble Madness) by Ryan8bit

The Prog Race: Everything You Hear is Wanking (Marble Madness Level 3) by Danimal Cannon

This one focuses a lot on the Slammys and Final Resolution, so this Botchamania is 50% less fun than usual by default.

  • SCCAflagger

    Awesome dig at Cole. That had me tapping hard.

  • NJ

    I approve of the use of Diddy Kong Racing music.

  • Ed

    thanks maffew. Merry christmas botchamania fans..

  • WeeGee

    TNA Copyright GG :

  • Lil Jimmy

    Your video just got got…

  • Aww, Lil’ Jimmy done conspiracied your video!

  • Iron Shiek’s Bottle Opener

    197 still up on TableofJapan’s channel

  • Andrew

    Fuck TNA

  • Coal Miner’s Glove

    TNA: so embarrassed by their own product, they have to take down Botchamanias.

    • LCS

      Makes ya wonder huh…it’s the ONLY way any sane wrestling fan would watch their shit.

  • MLister

    Ah christmas, Where we celebrate the birth of JEEZUS

  • Jezuz

    Hey…! Damn you TNA, I can’t see the video ’cause of you.

  • Mr. Chopper


    Didn’t you use 8:35 in 196..?

  • Chavo Guererro

    tna entertainment…an oxymoron.

  • Inkallim

    2 updates in 2 night…and an extra video…

    … christmas isnae for 9 more days!

  • Samuel

    It can’t be said enough- FUCK TNA

  • Kog

    TNA pulled a CZW?


  • Was this the one with the ISW clip in it? The one where my buddy yelled “SEMEN!?”

    I heard about it at dinner tonight – and I was fucking honored.


  • Cactusaaaaah Jackaaaaah

    OK, I do watch TNA, but you know… I didnt even bother watching it this week after thhat last PPV. What an absolue pile of crap it was. I thought the James Storm match was worst, standing out as crap even among all the rest of that crap. He just looked like a padowan learner, so slow and lumbering was he.

    Oh and when we were watching it, we thought that perhaps a challenger for Cornette face appeared. I mean of course Jarrett face! A bizarre look he pulled.

    Im also in love with Gail Kim, but would love to have really disgusting animal sex with Karen Jarrett, and if she wasnt up for it, then Winter. To be hionest the knockouts is the best thing about TNA in my opinion. (not just for sex fantasies either).

    Oh mayeb teh announcer is teh best thing. Anyway, worst PPV ever? No wonder they tried to block Botchamania (never gonna happen btw, I dont know why they try).

  • Kevin Nash

    Make sure you watch Botchamania 198 LIVE on WWE TLC when me and Hunter go head to head in a Ladder… uhh sledgehammer… pinfall… no DQ except for the guy with the hammer… match! Yes!

  • Rob Van Dam

    Other than stoners… Who seriously thinks I’m one of the best wrestlers ever and a valuable employee to TNA? Anyone? Hello? Hello?

  • Cactusaaaaah Jackaaaaah

    YEs, as soon as they announced the ladder/sledgehammer/whatever match my first thought was a kevin Nash crippler power bomb off the ladder somehow, and the end of HHH.

  • WeWantSteiner

    Dear TNA,


  • The Conan intros to the CZW clips are so good I don’t care that I get to watch CZW clips.

  • kingship

    Awesome! Finally found the video at rockthedub. Great work as always Maffew. Loved the photo of Cole in the gratuitous pictures of penises. Never get rid of the CZW lever. Vintage Botchamania!