”My favourite country…is France”

Out of context, it’s a nutty Angle interview. In context, it’s even better. WWE was trying to push John Cena as the face (stop me if you’ve heard this before) but the crowd insisted upon cheering for Kurt Angle, even when Angle turned Super-Duper Evil and brought in Davari as his manager the crowd refused to boo Angle. This happened a lot from 2003 onwards for Angle, to the point where some crowds refused to cheer EDDIE GUERRERO over Angle. It wasn’t always for LOL SCREW WHAT WWE WANTS reasons either…Angle was the same as Orton is today: He was just too bad ass by comparison to the majority of the roster that the crowd refused to boo him.

Anyway, let’s remember the good ol’ days (of 2006?) and imagine what an Angle vs. JEEEESSSUUS match would have been like.

  • MANnY

    Favorite Angle skit was back in ’01, when Austin was all nutty Super Heel, invasion was happening, he gave kurt a kids cowboy hat and angle wore it all proudly…freakin funny…

    • Coal Miner’s Glove

      In a similar vein, “Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care, Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care, Jimmy crack corn and I don’t caaaaaaaaaaare…I’ve got Olympic gold!”

  • The funny thing is I made Jesus in Smackdown Shut Your Mouth and I’m pretty sure Angle was in that one, so if I can get my hands on a capture card (or if someone else wants to do it) I’ll make that happen and send it to you lol

  • CSick

    this is when wwe was fun

  • Jerry Lawless
  • Aubin

    MERRY CHRISTMAS MAFFEW. And a Merry Christmas to my fellow Botchafans. And a Happy holidays to those who celebrate everything else. Enjoy yourselves~!

  • Angle’s stature and voice always made his promos great.

  • Deadman Inc.

    I think it’s hilarious that he would say he’s not a fan of the black people only to end up stalking Rhaka Khan three years later.

  • John

    I never really thought of Angle getting cheers in the Orton face turn vein. I always thought it was just pure respect, at that point it was very clear that Angle was the best pure wrestler possibly in the history of the business and the fans showed their appreciation. Even the “You suck!” chant with his music became a bit of a sign of respect. Kinda like how Jericho kept getting bigger and bigger face pops the last part of his last run despite the way he was booked…respect.

  • MLister

    How about we combine the Two most Religous matches of all time into one? Jesus, God and Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle and The McMahons

  • kidincredible

    Kurt Angle- “Tag Team Champions Gotta Hug” (feat. The Family Killer)