Pat Patterson vs. Gerald Brisco (Evening Gown Match)

I have no idea who this match was aimed at. Maybe we were supposed to assume it was ”us”, so everybody could reflect on what they had done wrong to deserve this and the WWF was actually trying to make us better human beings.

Or something. Ah, who cares anyway. It’s Christmas. All the best to those who are reading and watching this.

  • Hobo Jack

    This is much worse than any lump of coal

  • Scott


    I WAS A GOOD BOY!!!!!!!! :'(

  • Franke Sisto

    If only King vs. Cole could’ve been this short… God I miss Crash Holly.

    And he got a bigger pop than half of the people who wrestle today – hard to believe this was over 10 years ago.

    Regardless, Merry Christmas; if only it didn’t fall on Shit Match Sunday!

  • Pete

    Thank god for Crash Holly, or else this would have been even worse.

  • Peter

    Laughed through the entire video.Keep up the awesome content :D!

  • cavalier

    I’m so glad I was off wresting at this point.

  • Peter Siddorn

    This is proof that even in the attitude era WWE had some shitty idea.

    • Even in? I think there were more shitty ideas in the attitude era than in the current era (Katie Vick, Mae Young gives birth to a hand, Mark Henry gets a blowjob from a transvestite, Dr. Heiny, Beaver Cleavage…)

      The problem now isn’t the number of shitty ideas, it’s the lack of good ideas, and the tendency for those few good ideas that crop up to get mishandled. The current WWE is largely mediocre, which in a way is worse than a mix of shitty and good.

      • Scott

        That is true. Back then, the bad could get hidden real well with Stone Cold hunting down Mr. McMahon, or Rock and Mankind paling up, even if The Rock didn’t want to, or Shane McMahon jumping off yet another titantron. If there was at least one decent storyline today that the WWE doesn’t mishandle, it would be better than what we have.

  • BiffBashSmash

    The best part is clearly Briscoe walking out to Real American

  • Graeme

    This is an perfect example on when, WWE would show a short promo at the beginning of most matches to try and explain how and why this is match was important and relevant. So I ask, why don’t they do that now?

    • durstand

      Thank you!! That was always one of my favorite things they did with the production of PPVs, and now they not only don’t do the video packages, but they don’t even do the title cards of the upcoming match. What the hell?

  • Bhazor

    … still not as butch as Chyna.

  • Apparently the inception of this match was due to Vince wanting Patterson vs. Brisco for the Hardcore Championship to be on the KoR 2000 card but Michael Hayes and Brian Gerwirtz wanted to have Trish vs. Lita in a Bra & Panties match for that spot on the card…

    Hayes asked the question “You want to see Trish and Lita, bra and panties? Or do you want to see Brisco and Patterson, hardcore match?”

    Vince simply replied “YOU’RE RIGHT!”

    • Looks like Patty enjoyed reminiscing those times.

  • What commitment to post on Christmas Day. I assume I’m not the only one who really doesn’t notice it any more, aside from the obligatory mulled wine.

  • cagevon

    the build-up for this is more logical than current WWE.

  • John

    Once again thank God for sarcastic (and at times outright blunt) JR for making this somewhat bearable. He can make every shit match watchable just because you know he’s thinking the exact same things we are and somehow manages to say it.

    I got the Best of the King of the Ring set on Blu for Christmas and I’m so disappointed this match didn’t make the cut….wait, not disappointed. What’s the word?….Relieved.

  • Chavo Guererro

    I thought Owen going Kerplunk was the lowest point in the “attitude” era. I stand corrected.

    • gaytardo montalbon

      its a rough life for pat patterson, a wwe hall of famer who’s most famous match is considered by some to be worse than a person’s death.

      give it another few weeks, we haven’t gotta to the dog kennel of death match yet.

  • Mister Forth

    “He’s single fellas”.

  • John

    4:43 “doing that rear end work at the body shop.” wow ahahah

  • … This is actually one of my favourite bad matches to watch. It’s the commentary more than anything. JR sounds like he’s losing the will to live, and King, who it’s been established over the years has a VERY childish sense of humour, sounds like he’s about to laugh up a lung.

  • 25:17

    I hadn’t noticed that Brisco’s them is “Real American”, were they implying Hogan is a Drag Queen?

    • Scott

      I’m sure David Schultz would agree with the statement

    • durstand

      If I’m not mistaken, they were using that as Brisco’s music at the time. I’m not sure why…

  • Quixotic311

    I really don’t understand what I’m looking at here.

  • robert

    good lord… haha. i can’t believe someone made a sign for this match