First time doing one of these, but popular demand decrees it. Here goes nothing, comments always appreciated.

The Only Reason I Watch WWE award

Dolph Ziggler

Bumps like Curt Hennig on MDMA and hasn’t had a bad match this year. Has been lost in the shuffle a lot, but hasn’t let it get him down unlike John Morrison or Shelton Benjamin. Will hopefully get a real chance to do SOMETHING other than lose to Orton on Raw next year.

Honourable Mentions…

  • CM Punk before he became the Stan Marsh ”Everything is shit” guy

  • Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne Fun, likable and smokes weed. Everybody has friends like them.

The Only Reason I Watch TNA award

Scott Steiner/Bobby Roode (Tie)

Steiner for his general enjoyment despite being a cog in the machine most of the time and Bobby Roode for his promos, matches and promos all working for him. They can only continue their successes (hah, it’s TNA…they’ll be released in March).

Honourable Mentions…

  • Robbie E Now that he’s no longer with Cookie, he’s goofy as hell which is actually a good thing in TNA.

  • Austin Aries Wrestles like a wrestler and talks like one too. Shouldn’t be a skill in a wrestling company, but there you go.


Most Improved Wrestler

Bully Ray (TNA)

Ray’s always been good at promos, but his in-ring work with Devon has been staler than week old bread for years. Splitting from Brother Albatross, getting into shape and having the ability to be goofy or serious with ease has made him a lighthouse in the sea of frustration that is TNA. Teaming with Scott Steiner helped too.

Honourable Mentions…

  • Cody Rhodes (WWE)  Was finally given something fun to work with and has been a blast with or without facemask.

  • Mark Henry (WWE) Finally a guy in WWE who does what he says he’s going to do.


Best MV Promo Package

Mark Henry winning the World Title (WWE Vengeance 2011)

Part of Henry’s successful run at the top this year (that’s still strange to type) comes from the unexpectedly excellent booking and the rest comes from WWE’s presentation of him as an unstoppable beast who spent most of 2011 trying to prove he had it.  The cutting between the slow-motion WSS and the past fifteen years of failure was stunning stuff. Shame the booking didn’t last, but the fact they were able to use these to make MARK HENRY entertaining at least for a few months is still nothing short of amazing.

Honourable Mentions…

  • Robert Roode realises being good sucks (TNA Turning Point 2011) Fuck you best friend *smashes bottle*

  • The Miz Intro (WWE Wrestlemania 27) Excellent package that tried it’s best to sell a crap character and a worse match

Feud of the Year

Randy Orton vs. Christian (WWE)

You’ve just won your first World title after decades of trying. Sadly you then lose the title on your first defence on SmackDown due to not being 100% after the ladder match a few days earlier. You then lose the rematch at Over The Limit.  You demand a rematch but lose despite your foot under the ropes at Capitol Punishment.  You demand another rematch because of the shady result and manage to trick your opponent into losing his title by spitting in his face.  You lose the No Holds Barred rematch but then spend the rest of the year demanding ONE MORE MATCH. You are Christian. And your feud not only got something entertaining out of Orton, but also made me care about watching  a few godawful PPVs I would have otherwise avoided this year. I hope Santa brings you THREE MORE MATCHES.

Honourable Mentions…

  • Robert Roode vs. James Storm (TNA) Gave us two instant headliners when TNA really needed them.

  • John Cena vs. CM Punk (WWE) Shame it didn’t last long enough.


Worst Feud of the Year

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett (TNA)

Despite delivering a few good matches, the feud never ended, was centred around the OMG IT’S REAL/Karen Jarrett stuff, Chyna was brought in (!!), Angle looked like crap, all the non-Jeff interviews were painfully awkward and unsettling and it ended the fantastic Double J Double M A skits. Six months of this.

Dishonourable Mentions…

  • Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan (TNA) Of all the feuds TNA had to bring back…

  • Michael Cole vs. Jim Ross/Jerry Lawler (WWE) Fuck you WWE


Best PPV of the Year

WWE Money In The Bank 2011

I’m not a gimmick match addict, but for whatever reason WWE always delivers on it’s gimmick PPVs (Hell in a Cell aside). TLC and Extreme Rules were very entertaining this year, but I chose MITB overall because of it’s high consistency. Five excellent matches (plus a Diva Piss Break) and an insanely into-it crowd meant it was at least six times more entertaining than Wrestlemania was supposed to be.

Honourable Mentions…

  • WWE Summerslam/Extreme Rules For being very entertaining non-filler PPVs.

  • TNA Destination X 2011 For one night, TNA was brilliant. None it mattered in the long run apart from Austin Aries.


Worst PPV of the Year

TNA Victory Road 2011

For giving us the Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan First Blood Match, the most pointless Ultimate X Match in history, an Ink Inc. match, a horrible RVD vs. Anderson styles clash and Jeff Hardy vs. Sting. Even the poster was awful (Note: Angle didn’t wrestle on the show).

Dishonourable Mentions…

  • WWE Wrestlemania 27  Not for being bad, but for being disappointing.

  • WWE Hell in a Cell It’s a horrible idea, end now.


Downfall of the year (The Dexter Season Five Award)

Alberto Del Rio (WWE)

The man started off the year winning the Royal Rumble and pinning Kofi Kingston at Elimination Chamber.  After losing (in the first match!) his shot at Edge’s title at Wrestlemania and his title to Christian, the man had all the credibility of Daffy Duck. Considering he started off the year as original and refreshing, his character has ended up as the world’s most generic heel…just with a Mexican accent and a towel. Worse still, this flavourless version of Del Rio ended up winning the title to suck the fun out of the Cena/Punk feud. Still delivers in the ring, but the booking has made it hard to give a damn about him.

Dishonourable Mentions…

  • Punk/Cena going to shit (WWE) The fans wanted Punk/Cena so they gave us Triple H/Nash/Del Rio.

  • Generation Me (TNA) They’re feuding/They’re teaming/They’ve quit.

  • Jay Lethal (TNA) Entertaining and over, Lethal was let go for all the wrong reasons.


Shoot Interview of the Year

YouShoot with Sean Waltman (Kayfabe Commentaries)

Kayfabe Commentaries continues to make the best shoot interviews in the world.  Aside from Chyna, all of their YouShoots have been engrossing and entertaining this year. I nearly gave Danny Doring this award for how funny his shoot was, but Sean Waltman’s beats it by a nose by managing to be both funny and emotional. Waltman goes into great detail about his suicide attempts and rehab whilst also discussing Lilian Garcia’s ‘big bush’. One of the most open interviews you’ll see, with a guy who doesn’t feel sorry for himself.

Honourable Mentions…

  • Devon Moore (SmartMarkVideo) The best shoot SMV have produced thus far. The advert SMV put out on YouTube made him look like a buffoon but instead he was honest and opinionated. Good with impressions too.

  • Timeline – The History of the WWE 1997 As Told By Jim Cornette (Kayfabe Commentaries) Despite the ungodly name, it’s a Jim Cornette shoot interview and if I have to tell you why that’s a good thing you should probably stop reading now. A lot of shoot ‘reprint’ here, but the new stuff (like the story of HBK’s hair) makes it worthwhile.


Chikara Awards!

  • Show of The Year: King of Trios. The obvious choice.

  • Favourite Wrestler of The Year: Archibald Peck. Personifies everything good and different about Chikara.

  • Match Of The Year: El Generico vs. 1-2-3 Kid (King of Trios) Feel good moment of the year. Emotion is hard to do in wrestling at the best of times.

  • Promos Of The Year: Tie between Eddie Kingston’s serious promos and Tim Donst’s humorous ones.

  • Best Things of The Year: The success of High Noon, the continued sponsorship,  Stan Bush, constantly entertaining shows feuds and pushing new talent, everything about Die Bruderschaft, for having a roster so reliable and good at what they do that they are almost taken for granted (Jigsaw, Hallowicked, Sugar Dunkerton etc.)

  • Worst Things of The Year: Storms playing havoc with shows, Steve ‘The Turtle’ Weiner on commentary.

  • Botchamania Moment of the year: Getting namedropped by Mike Quackenbush when wrestling Hallowicked. Also: the ring ropes during Klunk In Love.

CZW Awards!

  • Show of The Year: Either Best of the Best X or Prelude to Violence. COD usually wins this award, but due to the lack of feuds blown off and SHITE SHITE SHITE crowd, it was just another show for the Dub.

  • Favourite Wrestler of The Year: Adam Cole. You’d never know he’d only been wrestling for a few years.

  • Match Of The Year: Rory Mondo vs. Drake Younger (Cage of Death XIII). There’s been plenty of good matches this year, but the overall lack of feuds this year means not many of them have had an impact. So I’ve gone with Mondo/Younger because it was a Hated Heel being destroyed by a Massive Face because that’s always fun. Honourable mention to DJ Hyde vs. Greg Excellent from the same show.

  • Promos Of The Year: Robert Anthony. I’m not sure if it’s an insult or a compliment to say he’s been a country mile ahead of everyone else this year. Even when injured. Drew Gulak’s anti-hardcore gimmick deserves a mention.

  • Best Things of The Year: BLK JEEZ’s rise to the top (which sadly didn’t go anywhere), Sami Callihan and Greg Excellent impersonating DJ Hyde at TOD X, Hybrident.TV making life easier for us non-Americans, successful shows in the UK, every wXw crossover show, Pinkie Sanchez’s brief appearances,

  • Worst Things of The Year: Adam Cole getting signed by ROH, lack of feuds in general resulting in lots of shows with no direction, DJ Hyde promos,

  • Botchamania Moment of The Year: Fight Club Pro vs. Philly’s Most Wanted. For those that haven’t been watching CZW this year: PMW were CZW’s biggest heels throughout the summer. FCP were so bad they accidentally turned PMW face as the crowd refused to get behind them and decided to cheer for BLK Jeez & Joker instead.


PWG Awards!

  • Show of The Year: All of them. Seriously, I didn’t care much for PWG before this year because I only associated them with their early shows where it seemed like a giant circle jerk. Now? I’ve seen most of the shows this year and each one has been better than the last. And I haven’t seen Steen Wolf yet.

  • Favourite Wrestler of The Year: El Generico. He’s great everywhere, but he gets to be King of The Mountain in PWG.

  • Match Of The Year: Oh get fucked.

  • Promos Of The Year: Either Excalibur for his hosting/commentary or The Young Bucks for their TNA bashing/praising.

  • Best Things of The Year: Super Dragon returning, having so many fun shows with great crowds in that tiny-arse building.

  • Worst Things of The Year: Too many god-damn kicks to the head (but in fairness this is a common problem in all indies)

  • Botchamania Moment of The Year: The sound guy spoiling Chris Hero’s return by playing his music before he was supposed to come out, causing Excalibur to verbally abuse the sound guy.


Five Or So Random Indy Wrestlers Who Deserve A Mention

  1. Gregory Irons For going from ”Who?” to ”Everyone Knows Who Gregory Irons Is”

  2. The Runaways and The Set for improving more and more.

  3. Kevin Steen for utilising social media better than any other wrestler this year.

  4. Claudio Castagnoli for still being DAS MAN.

  5. Mad Man Manson and Rockstar Spud for making people smile under a Tory Government.


Top Five Worst Wrestlers of the Year

5. Kevin Nash

From having to withdraw from wrestling CM Punk because he couldn’t get medial clearance to killing Triple H with DAT JACK-KNIFE to collapsing during that pedigree, it’s safe to say 2011 was not Kevin Nash’s year.


4. Jeff Hardy

For completely derailing the main event of a PPV. The rest of the year wasn’t too good for him, but that’s going on his tombstone. TNA deserves a lot of the blame too, for also having the nerve to push him as the fucking good guy on TV afterwards. Last person in wrestling to fuck that many people at the same time was Missy Hyatt, so congratulations Juff. His brother thrives on publicity so he’s not getting a mention.

3. Rory Mondo

I’ve spent all year mocking him to the point where it’s no longer fun and I’m starting to feel sorry for the poor sod, especially after his beating at Cage of Death. I’ll be constructive instead: Change your gimmick. Right now you’re below Legion of Doom Droz and even Road Warrior Heidenreich. Also, shave your head. No man likes to be reminded about male pattern baldness.

2. Crimson

Boring, bland, overpushed, never had a good match, looks as generic as any wrestler can in 2011 (MMA tattoos CHECK, Stupid haircut CHECK Fucking tanned to the gills CHECK), has a winning streak despite not realising people care more about the excitement of the matches rather than the statistics. Edges out Matt Morgan (his clone brother) because Morgan can at least talk on the mic. I found the below image when googling for Crimson and it gave me more enjoyment than his entire run this year.

1. Sin Cara

To the shock of everyone, I’m sure. Gelled like oil and water with the non-Lucha WWE Superstars, which anybody could have guessed. Botched a lot of moves, kept his finisher but ignored the submission aspect of it so it just looked weird, violated the Wellness Policy, was replaced by someone EVEN WORSE (I say this by judging from word of mouth, thanks God for pre-filmed SmackDown), returned and somehow feuded with Sin Could-Cara-Less to much glee from me, got injured during his one contribution to his Survivor Series match. People mess up all the time, but for such a heavily hyped wrestler to continually NOT WORK this much and still be pushed/kept on TV this much is nothing short of amazing.

Dishonourable Mentions…

Ken Anderson, Rob Van Dam and Sting are YOUR TNA headliners this year Ladies and Gentlemen. Anderson has shown no improvement in ring since leaving WWE and the only way his promos could be more annoying is if they were auto-tuned. RVD doesn’t gel with anybody apart from Jerry Lynn and acts like he’d rather be anywhere else. Sting is old. His Joker gimmick this year was perversely entertaining, in a John Waters kind of way.


The Cornette face Award for WHO BOOKED THIS AND WHY WAS HE PAID?

The Miz wrestled John Cena at Over The Limit PPV. There can’t have been many people who thought The Miz had a chance of winning, so WWE…had Cena pound Miz on the Raw before the PPV. Even when Miz was armed with a steel pipe. And if that wasn’t enough, Miz’s lackey Alex Riley was then easily disposed of. Cena then took out a gun and shot Vince Mcmahon in the foot.

AND WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT. Come Survivor Series and the announced Cena/Rock vs. Miz/Truth match, WWE had Cena easily pin Miz clean on the Oct 31 Raw and thrash Truth immediately afterwards as he did a run-in. It’s supposed to be the UNSTOPPABLE FORCE meeting the IMMOVABLE OBJECT, not FARCE.

Dishonourable Mentions…

Both TNA and WWE have been more bad then good this year, so it would be an exercise in futility to type everything that irked me. It’s one of the reasons why I try and avoid watching Raw and Impact. However, I will mention that it’s a sad state of affairs that CM Punk is hugely over for insulting and burying everyone he faces plus the show he is on. Sure, this happened a lot of the time when Austin and Rock were in their peaks but their opponents were usually made to look good in other ways.  Now? Punk says you’re stale and boring…and WWE has you continue to be stale and boring. I still Punk’s character is a big joke on all the male adults watching at home. ”THE TV SHOW YOU ARE ABOUT TO WATCH IS DULL AND POORLY WRITTEN…AND YOU’RE STILL WATCHING.  JOKE’S ON YOU”

I think that’s enough bitching and praising…I had fun this year which is the main thing, so please remember:

Enjoy it when it’s good and laugh at it when it’s bad.


  • ash

    mania 27

  • paynexkiller

    Can’t help but agree with most of the awards… I think that Bully Ray’s feud with AJ Styles was good.

  • PLEASE continue doing these. Very fun article, and that Crimson composite picture is excellent.

  • Br&n

    Is it me, or does the RTG poster could double as a direct to DVD campy horror flick cover?

    • Br&n

      Victory Road, I mean. Being hungover is swell.

      • I was going to say about the same thing, that it looks like it could be the cover of one of Angle’s shitty shot-on-video, STRAIGHT-to-video flicks…which have all been made about 10 minutes from my house. I live in the Pittsburgh area, I’ve been involved with working on several films over the last couple of years, and I know a few folks that have worked on these. I think it would be a blast just to see what goes on during the filming of these things.

        • Ed

          cool story bro

  • Bill

    I liked this. It should be a yearly thing.

  • Ryan

    Always such a source of entertainment

  • Um…

    Christian won his first world title in 2005 in TNA, or does that not count?

  • This whole thing was pure excellence maffew. Top notch work! Two other downfalls I thought might be of note: John Morrison (of course, super cringe worthy to watch the whole thing go down)and Drew McIntyr.

    • maffew

      Morrison’s downfall was his own doing and Drew hasn’t been worth a damn since the Kingston feud.

      • oh no doubt john morisson screwed himself over, won’t argue that, but still painful to watch.

        as with drew he goes from “The Chosen One” to “he’s still on the roster?” in a matter of months.

        • Coal Miner’s Glove

          Drew’s downfall was weird, and mostly down to the screwed-up attitudes of some of the backstage people in regards to sexual relationships. Basically, his ex (Tiffany) was arrested for physically abusing him and slapped with a restraining order, which to some of the people backstage meant that Drew wasn’t “manly” enough to warrant a push, and that if he had properly kept his woman in line he’d still be in at least the upper-midcard.

          • gaytardo montalbon

            oh wow…. kept his woman in line. Stay classy Coal Miner’s Glove.

          • Scott

            Kinda damned if he did (get all sorts of charges for “keeping his woman in line”, and get deported), damned if he didn’t.

          • CMG called the backstage attitude “screwed-up”, gaytardo (speaking of staying classy…). I’m 100% sure when he said “kept his woman in line”, he was speaking on behalf of the “screwed-up” attitude backstage, not his own choice of words for such a situation. Learn to read context, gaytardo.

          • Coal Miner’s Glove

            @TerranRich: Exactly. There’s very few people I would out-and-out say I hate, and people who beat their partners/those who encourage it are some of them.

            Also, Maff: I know you’re not big into football, but it’s worth saying that your boys the Toon made Man United look like a team of 11 Brooklyn Brawlers out there today.

  • Sin Cara is so sad. He was having brilliant matches in Japan back in January. What happen?

    Also, Hunico won King of Trios in 2008 and isn’t half bad. Why he’s currently riding the pegs of a low rider bicycle to the ring is beyond me, but I thought his mask vs. mask match from the Mexico City SmackDown! was worthwhile.

  • “However, I will mention that it’s a sad state of affairs that CM Punk is hugely over for insulting and burying everyone he faces plus the show he is on. Sure, this happened a lot of the time when Austin and Rock were in their peaks but their opponents were usually made to look good in other ways.”

    That certainly wasn’t my impression in ’99, when every heel Austin faced was an utter joke, and the Rock absolutely demolished every opponent who wasn’t Triple H.

    • maffew

      I meant the headliners Austin/Rock wrestled, not the likes of Jeff STUNNER Jarrett or Billy STUNNER Gunn. Undertaker, Triple H, Vince McMahon etc. had their aura protected despite losing lots, unlike today where everybody’s a fucking loser apart from Orton/Cena. If that makes sense.

      • Wirehead

        “unlike today where everybody’s a fucking loser apart from Orton/Cena”

        Sorry maffew, I don’t buy that. Not saying WWE has been great about how they handle most of their talent in the last few years but the say “everyone but Orton/Cena” is a bit much. Besides both Cena and Orton have lost cleanly tons of times before 2011.

        • WWEally

          I don’t think Maffew meant by win/loss record. But in terms of what the general crowd care about. Even when WWE caved and put the titles on the younger up and coming talent the general audience didn’t care cause they weren’t given a reason to. All we’ve seen for far too long is the same old thing and it scares me to believe that TNA may out do WWE soon. TNA is as laughably bad as people say but they seem to be improving even slightly. WWE on the other hand has had moments that drew fans in like crazy and then fucked it all up worse than TNA ever could.

        • Gift of the Magi

          Let me give you an example that you might remember, Wirehead.

          Back when Cena was Vanilla Ice Cena, his rapper persona, he fueded with several main eventers for a couple of years like Undertaker, Angle, Guerreo (I hope I spelled that correctly), and Lesnar. He came off as a dangerous individual that would beat you senseless, snap your bones when you were unconscience, and then stomp the rest into bloody paste…all the while taunting you.

          Now during the heel part of this run, he lost A LOT. Every title shot he got, he lost. EVERY ONE. He lost at least half his matches on TV. Everyone beat this guy. And somehow…he got over. He STILL maintained the aura that this guy somehow will take you out if you’re not careful. Eventually the audience noticed and Cena turned face.

          The point is, WWE can easily make a person lose a lot and still look tough and dangerous…but they usually choose not to. They rather focus on 2-4 stars and dump EVERYTHING they got into them. Right now, it’s Cena and Orton. NOT MATTER WHAT, everything they do HAS to be more important than anything else in the company. EVERYTHING. Titles mean nothing, other storylines are secondary, other wrestlers are either fodder or background pieces. Hells, they are currently bleeding Zack Ryder’s popularity into Cena, even though it was PUNK that first endorsed him (look up a dark match segment where Punk brought Ryder out in his street clothes for a match, because the fans almost begged him to join. The guy was in tears).

          I feel sad to lose what could have been so magical with CM Punk. I feel bad for Ryder knowing that soon he may be forgotten. I feel sick every time a Diva match buries better wrestlers in under 2 minutes.

          This year is gonna hurt.

          • UMO_Grunt

            The divas matches bury everyone in general that’s the way the matches have worked for some time and until Vince and the boys change their mindset that’s not going to change anytime soon. And no Kharma returning to face Beth or Natalya for the belt isn’t going to fix things like people claim.

          • Franke Sisto

            Actually, to his credit, Cena has been behind Ryder since Day 1 – before Punk was. A lot of people seem to forget that even in the earlier episodes of Z! True Long Island Story, Cena was tweeting about Ryder, and Ryder played off of it.

            Cena really is not given enough credit with Ryder’s rise, though I can understand what you’re saying because I too, fear that WWE might screw up Ryder and wind up ruining everything the guy worked for.

      • Taker & Triple H’s heat was pretty indestructible because they’re Taker & Triple H. They’ve survived Hogan and Warrior no-selling their finishers in the most contemptuous manner possible, to the point where people shrugging off a pedigree or tombstone is practically unthinkable nowadays.

        That said, there’s no-one in WWE like that now, but it isn’t just because of Punk.

        • Franke Sisto

          I agree 100%.

      • bledge1

        billy ‘bitchcakes’ gunn

  • Chris

    really enjoyed this. only thing id say is i think there should be a windjammer of the year award.

  • Haxxor Jim Duggan

    This was a fun read. Things like that Missy Hyatt gag were genuine laugh out loud moments

    • Haxxor Jim Duggan

      It helped that I agreed with a lot of it as well

  • Franke Sisto

    I have to respectfully disagree with your choice for Worst Feud of the Year. Yeah Jarrett/Angle was bad (and I mean BAD), but at least we got some good matches out of it. Cole/Lawler/JR on the other hand, was a colossal waste of time, and a gigantic slap in the face to every person who watches WWE programming every week. That feud rarely entertained, single-handedly dragged Wrestlemania 27 down the shitter, and Cole has still not gotten a worthy comeuppance (as the
    “Michael Cole Challenge” segment a few weeks back showed).

    That feud should’ve ended at ‘Mania 27 with a 10-minute “match” and Cole eating a Stunner, and yet I’m pretty sure that this “feud” STILL isn’t completely over. The fact that Cole still mouths off every week and pisses everyone off with no resistance whatsoever should be a reason to make that one take the cake.

    Also, I think Zack Ryder deserved some kind of mention for how over he’s gotten this past year. The crowd is now solidly behind him to the point where WWE couldn’t ignore it anymore. I think that that alone deserves praise.

    • Haxxor Jim Duggan

      Good shouts in fairness. Especially as Maffew claimed Steen used social media to the best effect #WWWYKI

    • Trey

      It’s hard to argue your claim that Cole/Lawler should have been worst PPV, but I completely disagree with your take on the feud prior to Mania. If you go back and watch the segments they had then watch the rest of the segments on the same show it’s too easy to notice that this feud was the most over prior to Mania (sad but true). Cole plays an awesome heel but on commentary he’s unbearable and makes me want to change the channel. Makes me wish WWE and Joey Styles would settle their differences already and put him back on commentary where he belongs BY HIMSELF (sorry King the 90s are over and so are you). I really wanted to see the match at Mania, not for the technical aspect of course (HA!), but just for the story and when Austin is involved its automatic that Cole’s getting Stunned before its over. For reasons I can only fathom Cole walks away with a victory in a Dusty finish with no Stunner and instead we get Booker and Matthews doing Spinaroonies and getting Stunned. Worst payoff of the year, worst match of the year, and quite possibly the worst feud of the year. Angle/Jarrett was still phenomenally bad.

      • UMO_Grunt

        Put styles on commentary by himself? this isn’t ECW and Styles is completely overrated.

      • Franke Sisto

        You know what? You’re right. When I go back and think about it, Cole/Lawler was arguably the best-built-up match going into ‘Mania. I was actually looking forward to seeing it because I knew Cole would get stunned.

        But he didn’t, and the feud dragged on for too long. I agree with your last 2 sentences.

        But still, because of how well the feud was built prior to ‘Mania, I rescind my comment. Jarrett/Angle takes it because it left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth since Day 1.

        But Cole/Lawler was probably worst match of the year… meh, screw it. It’s a tie!

    • maffew

      Cole/Lawler/Ross was rotten, but I avoided most of it by focusing on PPVs. On the other side of the coin, Angle/Jarrett was all over TNA PPVs for half the year. That’s my justification.

      And I had to justify giving Kevin Steen SOME damn award.

      • Franke Sisto

        Justification accepted. Understandable.

  • Franke Sisto

    With my rant aside though, great read, and I can’t help but agree with the rest of it. Keep up the good work Maffew!

  • Ismaeal

    Super Dragon Fan deserves the lifetime achievement award

    • More like Dragon Dragon deserves lifetime achievement award.

      Only real fucking dragon in pro-wrestling bro…

      • Ismaeal

        I said Super Dragon —>>>FAN<<<—

  • K d and coke

    Cm punk = stan marsh
    Whats the point anyway?
    Crimson = defined. Nick pegg. Nicd, hey crimson ya have bit
    of red ink on you.

  • Croc

    2011 brought us Botchamanias 158 – 198. 40 new Botchamanias. Good year.

  • blackmariah

    Gotta disagree on the CZW MotY. While Mondo getting his ass beat by Younger was quite entertaining, the dog collar match between Younger and Scotty Vortekz was well beyond anything else that happened last year. Their entire feud was solid but that match made me realize how sad it is that a guy like Younger will probably never see the kind of success he should. Dude can WORK. I highly advise you check out the DVLH video of his and Danny Havok’s trip to Japan. Great stuff.

    • maffew

      I forgot about the Dog Collar match. When I think about their feud this year I just think of the Tangled Web match and forget the good matches they had. Agreed on Younger’s talents, shame he’s been a crap heel this year.

      • blackmariah

        I seriously wish everyone involved had looked at Tangled Web, realized how much it sucked, and put Vortekz and Younger into CoD together. We wouldn’t have had that killer Ego/Vortekz fakeout spot, but that feud deserved a better ending. Younger’s a crap heel in general. He’s far too over with the CZW faithful to ever really turn the crowd against him. Not sure where they’re going with him right now, but personally I’d like to see him and MASADA feud for a bit.

        • maffew

          Agreed on everything you said. Younger has Kurt Angle syndrome where he’s a heel but it’s hard for me (and the majority of the crowd…at least the ones in Philly that make noise) to boo him.

  • James

    Only one thing wrong. Mike was wrestling Hallowicked when he said “Here we come, Botchamania.” Not Jigsaw.

    • blackmariah

      Wow… meta-botch….

    • maffew

      *goes and checks* Yes, you’re quite right. Thanks fella.

  • Peter Siddorn

    Dolph should have won the downfall of the year award. The guy is just now getting back to where he was a year ago.

    • AnonymousAsshole

      What planet did you just come from/ what drugs are you on?

      Because I either want to go there, or have some of them.

  • Coal Miner’s Glove

    As always, great stuff from what has been an…interesting…year in pro-graps.

    Plus that Crimson image reminds me of one I’ve seen floating around where all of Viscera’s gimmicks are shown, captioned with “BIG DADDY (Roman numeral)”, starting with Mabel (BIG DADDY I) and ending, of course, with Big Daddy V.

  • I quite enjoyed this run-down of the year. two thoughts i have on it :

    I would’ve liked Ryder to get a mention (even if it’s runner up to Steen, whom despite being on the internet most days looking at wrestling news I’ve never seen one of his promos) as he started the year in the DH Smith category, took a chance that’d either get him fired or get noticed, and has ended up with a permanent weekly spot on RAW and SmackDown and the US title, bourne out of his talent and our support. Remember Ryder got signs confiscated by the WWE at one point. Massive success story.

    The other thing is I was hoping there’d be a botchamania-specific category, talking about your favourite BM plug, favourite ending, favourite snarky comment, most difficult episode etc

    They’re small points, very much enjoyed the read and hope it’s a staple of BM for years to come. Great work Maff.

  • durstand

    Awesome read, and I have to say I agree with pretty much everything, but I do have a question: Why is there no mention of ROH in any category? Is it because of their legal BS with the site or what? Because I certainly thought that Best in the World should have gotten a mention in the Best PPV category, and Richards/Edwards likewise should have been mentioned in the Feud of the Year category.

    Seriously though, awesome article. It brought to light a lot of things I think everyone was thinking.

    • maffew

      I didn’t watch a single bit of ROH this year. It’s nothing personal, but I spend a lot of time watching and enjoying wrestling for the videos, so watching even more with no use isn’t really what I want to be doing.

      • UMO_Grunt

        Guess that explains why there won’t be another ROH botchamania.

  • roadhog29389

    I wish all awards articles were done the same as this, great read as usual. Also, Happy new year to all

  • Jeremy

    Top-notch stuff here Maffew. The only thing that makes me cringe this year is that WWE is hinting at increasing their Cole-JR rivalry horseshit. Oh well, at least Danielson is champ, no matter how he won the thing. I would love to see a Christian/Danielson match at WM28, but I highly doubt that willl happen

    • UMO_Grunt

      So wait we got a slightly undeserving champion in Daniel Bryan facing off against an undeserving Chrisitian at Wrestlemania for the title….to quote Bryan Alvarez Why? Why not?

  • R.C.

    Once again, excellent stuff, Maffew. You should just make videos and give your take on the events of what happened and point out the mistakes, that is if Y.T. is still fucking up the Botchamania videos you try to put up.

  • Festus

    I have no idea what people are referring half the time in the comments, since I only started watching wrestling a few years ago (yes, I’ve been told countless times I picked an awful time to start watching), but I enjoy reading them nonetheless.

  • Pez

    The only worthwhile thing that came out of the Cole/Lawler disaster was THE RETURN OF GRANDMASTA SEXAY (albeit for all of 5 minutes).

    • Samuel

      Should have bought Doug Gilbert with him.

  • WillyDope

    I didn’t get the Dexter joke

  • Cammk

    Anyone got a link to Sean Waltman’s shoot interview? One that doesn’t involve payment would be best.

    • Samuel

      half of it is available on youtube. the rest you’ll have to pay for.

  • Yeah, Kurt Angle went from being one of my favorite wrestlers when he was with WWE (from great with comedy to being a real bad ass when headbutting people right and left in ECW), but his TNA career which started with promise…

    His eyes look glazed over during marble-mouthed promos, his body looks like it’s deteriorating. I’m all for a healthy, non-roid physique, a la HBK, but Angle doesn’t even look healthy anymore.

    Anywho, great article, Maffew!

  • Something that just occurred to me: how about “Botch of the Year”?

    It could even be split into categories:

    Best Botched Spot (AKA The Sabu Award)
    Best Botched Promo (AKA The Steiner Award)
    Best Called Spot (AKA The Everybody Talks Too Much Award)
    Best Botched Commentary (AKA The Dusty Rhodes Award)
    Best Botched Booking (AKA The Jim Cornette Award)
    Best Legitimate KO (AKA The Vader Award)
    Best Miscalled Reference (AKA the Huh? Award)
    Best Corpse (AKA The Send For The Man Award)
    Best Botched Ending (AKA the Messed Up Ending Award)

    And so on.

    • S

      Don’t forget the FAK-EN BULLSHIT! Award.

  • pepe

    Maffew. you so crazy!

  • Of all the things Nash has ever done it annoys me that the pedigree is considered so damning. HHH jumped half way! How was Nash supposed to know? Does old Hunter need an extra bounce to get himself off his feet?

  • ZerickX

    Crimson 2011 was so pointless, split desicion with Cara.
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Motherfucker!! That match with Morgan…


  • Will

    Cena vs. Miz was obviously devised to send the fans home happy on a holiday edition of RAW that set itself aside from the canon that was going on up until that point. Case in point being that Sheamus was related to the muppet Beaker and Santino spit a super potion into Swagger’s face for a roll-up victory. R-Truth even came out in a Scream mask for god’s sake.

  • joe

    Can we have a category for the most overrated match of the year? Because i’m sick of all the praise wwe have put on the undertaker vs triple h match. It was a good match, but it’s nothing compared to the punk vs cena match at MITB. All the bullshit wwe produced afterwards getting everyone to praise the match just made me sick. And now they’re going to do it again!! Taker vs HHH 3!! where’s the cornette face when you need it

    • Franke Sisto

      I didn’t even think it was a good match…

  • David

    PWG really did have a stellar year this year; they’ve not had a bad show and have had plenty of great ones.

  • Jumpin’ Joey Maggs

    Great article. IMHO Zack Ryder deserves at least an honourable mention somewhere along the line. WWWYKI.

  • Pim Guggan

    No mention of Eric Young!? He’s entertaining, right? I mean he puts fans and other non-wrestlers in collar-and-elbow tie-ups for fun.

  • I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who appreciated the Miz Wrestlemania video package. It made him look like Ozymandias from Watchmen, instead of a doofy guy from MTV.

  • Scott

    Of the awards I can agree with…

    Only reason I watch WWE award – Agreed. Dolph, as long as the WWE doesn’t screw him over, WILL become something big.

    Worst PPV of the Year – Druggy Hardy pulling the crap he pulled was bad enough. Seeing some of the PPV on the clips put on YouTube… wow. You can say WWE hasn’t put out a good product, but it’s still a far better alternative right now compared to TNA.

    Cornette Face Award – Agreed. Miz vs Cena in a I Quit match, with everything considered in that match… oh yeah… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Worst Wrestlers – Sin Cara being #1?!? Hell yes!!! You hear about all the good things he has done in Mexico… then you bring him to the WWE and you get that?!? Granted, Rey Mysterio had years in the US wrestling, but some of his Lucha style hasn’t hindered him.

    • Scott

      Forgot to add, I would of put Druggy Hardy as #2 just for the fact that he ruined a PPV main event. It’s one thing when bad booking makes for a bad PPV main event (like with Wrestlemania). To get fucked up out of your mind, and totally ruin a PPV main event, no matter how big or small, is just fucked up beyond belief

  • Jam-Hot

    Agree with Maffew giving Scott Steiner the “The Only Reason I Watch TNA” award. That man is good at being bad … at everything.

    James Storm deserves better this year. A longer world title reign please.

    Not so keen on Dolph. Zack Ryder maybe.

  • It pains me to say this, Maffew, but… needs more proofreading! Plus, Mark Henry didn’t win the title at Vengeance. He “defended” it to a no-contest vs Big Show.

    Not that it made me like/admire you any less, though. You’re still the man. 🙂

    Also… wasn’t TLC up there with MITB? I thought so, at least. For what it’s worth…

    • maffew

      The MV played at Vengeance.
      And I said TLC was damn good. More proof-reading, fella!

  • phillip sanders

    I havent been able to go to pwg alot this year. I went to every show but i think two or 3 last year but this year havent been able alot. I only think i saw a bout 3 or four shows this year but from what i saw wether it was kurtrussle mania or ddt 4 or all star weekend 8 night one or even steen wolf, i have enjoyed the show every time ive come. I m so happy that u have given pwg praise casue i love going to their shows and i plan to go to their next show and wrestlereunion this year. bought my second row tickets and cant wait.

  • Mourn

    King of Trios was excellent and anyone who watches wrestling should watch it at least once.

  • Nick Sharpe

    I’m glad Maffew gave a shout out to The Set. They deserve the notice.

  • About the CM Punk thing, which opponents has he accused of being stale and boring who either weren’t over enough already to come out of it unscathed (HHH/Cena) or aren’t really in-ring entities in the grand scheme of things (Nash/Laurinaitis)? You’re right about him slamming the product in general, and while that’s questionable, I don’t recall him being too harsh on anyone who wasn’t already well established.

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