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WWE Future Endeavors 2011

This guy does a video like this every year. Slightly tear-jerking, but then any MV set to 3 Three Doors Down does that. Here’s a game you can play before watching: try and see how many you can name. Then after the video try and name the ones you cared about.

  • Coal Miner’s Glove

    The ones I cared about:
    –Fit Finlay (always a good wrestler, by all accounts he was a pretty good road agent, and that the National Guard–which is like Gareth Keenan’s Territorial Army for those of you across the pond, and is affectionately known as the “Toy Army” stateside–got him fired because they didn’t understand the entire concept of “heeling it up”)
    –Michelle McCool (because LayCool was fun, and having to take care of Undi’ must be crap)
    –Maryse (good heel gimmick, fairly underused in recent years, plus she brought back The Gobbeldygooker which is always a good thing)

    What I’m more impressed is that he found video clips–several of them, even–for Jack Korpela and Eden Stites.

    • Josh

      The National Guard is the Toy Army? Been in there my entire career and it’s not a toy army. Maybe if you actually served, you’d understand. Plus, you’re telling me that if it was the Active Army, they’d reacted differently? Hardly. A bad joke is a bad joke, no matter who you do it front of.

      • Deadman Inc.

        I wouldn’t call the NG “toy army” either Josh (I know they get deployed just like the regular army) and I definitely won’t pretend to understand how it would make someone feel to have seen the thing, but Finlay’s entire situation was “victim of circumstance.” Miz was the guy that did the thing. If I remember correctly, Finlay only produced and may not have even booked the bit. He was just one of the many guys along the conveyor belt that said “yes” that they could fire with minimal damage done.

        Also, (and again, I’m not saying I understand or anything) this definitely wasn’t the first time someone interrupted the national anthem and insulted soldiers just to get a rise out of people. Iron Sheik made his name doing just that and by even exploiting the Gulf War along with Sgt. Slaughter just to put over an angle. Compared to old school stuff, it’s actually understandable why Finlay would put the OK on the angle, even if it should have never been okayed to begin with.

        • Josh

          I agree, Deadman, but remember that the WWE is more military friendly now than it was back in the day. Vince is giving tickets to current US military members the day of the shows minus WrestleMania, going on the USO tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, and getting the recognition and praise for these items. I don’t even remember seeing troops at the old ppvs or TV shows in the BDUs, DCUS, etc. until after September 11th, 2001.

  • Wirehead

    McCool got a lot of unfair slack, she was entertaining in her role and not at all a bad wrestler.

  • Maryse, we hardly knew ye. Her personality exuded from the TV and was 10x that of most of the men on the roster.

  • __wowza

    finlay was one of my favourites back in the day where me and my buddies turned into smarks. we started supporting jobbers and playing as them in WCW/NWO revenge. finaly was one of my favourites mainly because of the junkyard match in WCW.

    many of you will remember the junkyard invitational as the event where 14 WCW wrestlers got legitimately injured for absolutely no reason. also, it had horace hogan.

  • WWEally

    Most of them almost.

    Finlay – Always liked him always found him entertaining and he seemed willing to do anything in a match. Take huge bumps get anyone he could over. He was one of the biggest work horses in WWE. Never wanted to see him hold a title or anything like that but he did make me believe he could

    McCool – Always thought she was a great character and wrestler. Fans treatment towards her boggled me. Boo the hell out of her for calling Natlya “fat” but then King or Cena calling their partner Vicki was fine and hilarious. Sigh.

    Hart Smith – He was just never shown to do anything. Whether he could or couldn’t I will never know. They didn’t give him a single shot.

    Chavo – Another work horse. Always loved him to bits. He along with Finlay may of been a bit long in the tooth but they kept up with the best of them.

    Melina – Found her fun to watch and was one of my top current divas. Backstage sounds like where her career both began and ended 😉 but what I saw of her in ring I always liked.

    JoMo – I can honestly only see him stuck in mid card hell unlike most people seem to think of him. But he would be a great Midcarder like Shelton was.

  • Samuel

    Fit, McCool (as someone said, looking after Taker must be the pits), Bulldog’s son.

    Mostly Bulldog’s son tbh. Considering their supposed want to reboot the tag division, they took the only over tag team, trained by greats from the HOF and broke them up to languish without storylines or airtime. Imagine if they did that the first time around – they could have let Bret Hart slip through their fingers. And I’m not saying Smith is as good as Bret or will ever be close. It is just they’ll never find out whether this good technical wrestler with lineage and family history in the company and the wrestling game in general is anything. Is it really not worth giving someone like that 1 try instead of the time spent with the ‘Jinder Mahal is fucking Great Khali’s sister and I guess blackmailing him’ storyline?

  • Greg

    Finlay – The guy has always been solid and had no problem making others look great in the ring. Big loss for the WWE.

    Masters – Made an honest effort to improve and it showed on his second run. If there was a midcard in the WWE, he would have fit in fine.

    DH Smith – Not on his own, but he and Kidd were a decent team at worst and they could have been part of an awesome tag division.

    Morrison – The guy fit perfectly in the upper-midcard and could have been a perennial challenger for the IC or US title. But nowadays in the WWE you’re either a main eventer or they don’t give a fuck about you. And they were certainly not afraid to show that to Morrison.

    Kinda iffy on Chavo. The guy’s on screen credibility was beyond destroyed by 2011, but I’m certain he could have helped train a lot of the FCW guys.

  • Assy Nipple Chops

    This is amusing….TNA really does grab what WWE rejects.

    Chavo- TNA’s India Project
    Masters- TNA’s India Project
    DH Smith- TNA’s India Project
    Gail- TNA

  • SirSnooty

    Chavo. I can like him more than Vickie any damn day of the week.

    Gail Kim and Melina- respectable women’s wrestlers who they just made eye candy and then tossed.

  • alot of them left and were not fired (future endeavored) i.e. morrison, maryse, mccool and gail kim. none of them but morrison were really used well. i wont miss them because they will show up somewhere else and be able to show off there talent just like finlay did againt callihan.

  • Jumpin’ Joey Maggs

    I though Masters on his second run was excellent and seemed to be getting something of a push before he was dispensed with. Also agree that DH Smith with Kidd was a decent tag team.

    Likely candidates for next year’s video must surely be Trent Barreta, Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins, even though I think each of those guys are talented and have potential.

  • PorkPiePusher

    I cared very much about Finlay and Chavo, even since the days of WCW, they were great workers, and I always ejoyed a match from them. It’s incredible to me that people like Baretta and Hawkins are being kept around, but people like Finlay and Chavo are getting layed off… I was surprised as hell to see Masters go, never liked him, but I actually thought that he was being pushed into the upper midcard just prior to his termination. Oh, and McCool was always good for a wank.

  • LTS

    I… didn’t know who Jacob Novak, Jack Korpela, & Lucky Cannon were…

  • Josh

    What happens to a wrestler when they go off TV and back onto the indies? I always picture it to be a bit like a dog shelter for rehoming.

    Do they still get a decent life?

  • Sean

    Morrison had some good matches, couldve kept him in a us title/ic title type run. I think there slowly eroding away whats left of the divas division… Wasnt finlay a backstage agent/booker type and was let go because he told miz to interrupt the national anthem?
    I think its a poor excuse to say that money cutbacks needed to be made – wwe has gotten rid of people like dh smith, morrison, chavo, shelton benjamin, mvp in recent times, because they havent been involved in any worthy angles, yet they give a contract and tv time to kevin nash, allocate ppv matches to michael cole and jr, not to mention evil sin cara vs good sin cara – I would prefer to see a lengthy feud over something like the ic title between the likes of john morrison and shelton benjamin

  • This video could have been a lot funnier if it had an applause track, like when they do the “In Memorium” segments on awards shows. Yeah, some big TV star that died recently gets the huge round of applause, but for every one of those, you have a few that get polite reactions, and then a few more where you could hear crickets chirping and people coughing somewhere offscreen until a card pops up to tell you they were a sound guy on “Hill Street Blues” thirty years ago or something. In this case, those would be the NXT guys.

  • Adam

    Well damnit, I worked at a ghetto college for 6 months and got ousted as they wanted a friend off the manager’s in. Where’s my goddamn 3 doors down video tribute with me waving in slow motion?

  • Br&n

    You could kinda tell Morrison was out the door when The Miz and Ron Killings used him as a punching bag for months.

  • Merkat

    I miss Khali *sigh*

  • ferd1991

    Is it bad that half of the WWE Superstars that I saw made me point my finger at the screen screaming ‘WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!’?

  • Andrew

    2 Things An 1 I Wanna Kno…Was It That Some Of These Guys Were That Bad?…Or Just Didn’t Stick There Necks Out?…And 2 “Shiny Things” By Tom Waits That Would Make You Cry With This

  • Brennan

    Truth be told only 3 for me which are

    Finlay-Always a solid worker even though he’s been stuck with Hornswoggle

    Chavo-Really good/entertaing sadly not used right

    Todd Grisham-Just because he seemed like the next coach so everyone would use him as a comedy foil out of the announcers plus he was funny t o listen to