Dailymotion can embed now? Botchamania is saved!

Riding higher than Evan Bourne, it’s Botchamania 199: Brodus Clayfighter!

Thanks to…

Pat Lucey for the Colt intro and AIW clips

Clint Bracey for Genesis clips I missed.

Repost Man for the PWS clips

Some Guy for Aries/Scorpio

Some Other Guy for Crash Holly is the WWF Champion

Little Kuriboh for the ending. Thanks fellow Brit!




I’ve wanted to use Efuge Efuge in a video ever since The Wire Season 2. Whether or not it works or not is debatable.

Larry Legend requested Best of the Best 2, just to see Ruckus break a wall. Cheers Larry!

  • Rick

    Colt Cabana giving the thumbs up to Botchamania? Awesome!

  • James


    That’s what I think of everytime I see the opening….

  • Nikman

    Awesome Botchamania.
    Love the Greek music under the CZW clips.

    • cool arrow

      Was that Paschalis Terzis?

      • Super Dragon Dragon

        It’s “Efuge Efuge” by Stelios Kazantzidis. It was used in Season 2 of “The Wire,” which was awesome.

        • Man Eff Rease!

          Ahh sweet that you picked that up.

  • The Dreaded First Sneeze


  • Rick

    Regal with a sense of humor about the “Real’s Man Man”, nice

  • I’m glad you found a website that hosts now, but, do you have any control over how many commercials play during it? I mean, 3 played and the last one played with like 10 seconds left of the video…

    If you have no control over it I’ll deal with it, I’m just bringing it up politely before anyone else starts complaining

    Great video as always, I loved the Sega joke in the beginning lol

    • Tank664

      adblock plus on firefox or chrome should stop all ads.

      • cool thanks man, yeah I’m not trying to give Maffew a hard time, I just figured someone might complain so it might as well be me lol

        • awesome that totally worked too, thanks man!

          • Tank664

            no probs

      • Coal Miner’s Glove

        Yeah, I’ve got AB for Safari and all I saw was the opening advert. Fair price to pay if you ask me.

      • TerranRich

        I’m running AdBlock Plus on Chrome and still saw all 4 ads. Is there a setting I should use or something?

        • Deansheep

          If you download the video to your computer with JDownloader it contains no adverts.

    • Commercials? I didn’t see any commercials. Are you running ABP?

      • Scott

        Same here. I don’t believe I am running anything like that, but I didn’t come across any commercials

    • Cactusaaaaah Jackaaaaah

      Yeah I was gonna say I didnt see any adverts.

      I didnt know there were adverts on youtube for years either till I used a friends ‘script friendly’ pc.

      I dont use adblock though, I use ‘noscript’ which is an even more comprehensive blocker, in combination with a little prog called ‘Ghostery’ that blocks trackers.

      No more targetted advertising for me!

  • Mourn

    NO WE DON’T!

    apparently, only India wants Morgan.

  • Mel.

    That Regal Rib = My idea of a perfect utopia, wherein Maffew heads up WWE’s collective Production Team

  • Rex Banner

    good idea..bad idea…that needs to be on every botchamania from now on.

    • Scott

      Good idea!

  • kidincredible

    I marked hard for the Knuckles’ Chaotix music.

  • grievousgeorge

    What’s the botch that D-Von does to Dinero? It wasn’t a botch unless you can explain it to me Maffew.

    • FlashFunkia


    • Dan Selby

      He landed on his head from either a Back Body Drop or a Samoan Drop. Either way, you shouldn’t be landing on your head.

  • Micholly

    No Brodus Clay, No Zach Ryder trying to change a tyre, No Jeritroll arriving, sparkling, then leaving?

    Are you keeping these for the big event, botchamania 200?

    • Justin

      What about any of those is considered a botch? There really is nothing wrong with Clay (he’s entertaining and a breath of fresh air, far better than the “unstoppable monster” gimmick they were building him up to be). The Ryder changing a tire thing was dumb, but the point of it was that he completely failed at it so that Kane could get him, and Jeritroll was executed exactly as scripted–it’s not like he forgot his lines or something.

      • Micholly

        it isn’t all botches in botchamania.

  • F-Zero in Botchamania can only improve the product. >dat White Land 1

    Also: Japanese Table laugh…. but not a Japanese table. Just your run of the mill, no-selling American table. In before that table suddenly main events every show in that promotion.

  • Pat L

    funny about the Pondo/Masada table spot. It was such a big table, that before the spot the commentators were taking bets on if it was gonna break or not haha

  • Alan

    loved the Regal rib. Nice to see he had a good laugh at it. I wish they would do more of that. Overall another good installment in the series (Good Idea/Bad Idea should be a regular spot in the series), but I’m quite surprised you didn’t include AJ selling like death after Big Show barely touched her. The entire idea of using that as a legitimate angle is a repulsive botch.

    • Samuel

      i’d love if they did a whole night where someone messed with the music and they had cena come out to ‘word life’ and every piece of old generic music for others and give big show the old giant music, triple h his awkward regal dude music etc. and then to top it all off, pay for the rights to the final countdown for dragon.

      • Vinny Vegas

        I like your idea with the music and all, but,If the WWE ever wants their fans to take Bryan seriously, they will NOT give him final countdown. WWE fans, for the most part, are too unfamiliar with Bryan from the indies and ROH to “get it”. Bryan has just started getting the crowd to react to him during this heel turn of his and Final Countdown would kill all that. I hope this didn’t come off as insulting, becuase I didn’t mean it to be, just my opinion.

  • PalaceOfWisdom

    7:10 This! I never got why americans say “I could care less” when they mean “couldn’t”. It is a bad habit and stupid as hell

    7:45 I don’t get it, isn’t that him???

    • cool arrow

      Yes, but I imagine it’s here because the “-er” got cut off.

      And you’re right about 7:10!

    • Mr. Chopper

      The “I could care less” thing is one of my MAJOR bug bears. I went through a phase of trying to stamp it out, Grammar Nazi-style, but was told it had passed into internet lexicon already, much like “teh”.

      No, you’re just wrong. WE INVENTED THE LANGUAGE.

      • Dan Selby

        I actually love this.

  • Samuel


    Not the first and definitely the last when it comes to Triple H and other wrestlers, amirite?

  • Samuel

    regal rib was beautiful.

  • kerobaros

    LittleKuriboh in Botchamania?

    I can die happy.

    • FireThunder

      Agreed! Lots of great stuff in this episode, and who knew that LittleKuriboh was a Botchmaniac?

      • Franke Sisto

        Seriously dude! IMO that is actually a pretty big deal!

  • Matt

    With that ref botch in the Swagger/Punk match, you should’ve included Punk’s reaction to being declared the winner prematurely. He was furious for a mistake that could’ve been covered for quickly.

    • Jgeorge

      That was a planned botched, they did it to illustrate the importance for having Johnny Ace as the special guest referee at the Royal Rumble

  • Dusty’s Muffler

    Marked out for dat F-Zero music. Also, “The Rock jerked Helmsley off”…that kind of thing will always be funny, no matter how juvenile it might seem.

  • kingship

    Just beautiful! Well done all around Maffew!

  • Coal Miner’s Glove

    1080 Snowboarding music + Animaniacs = I’M MARKIN’ OUT BRO!

    And speaking of “markin’ out”, bros, I’m getting tickets for the Royal Rumble. Any sign suggestions?

    • Rex Ryan bought Angelina Love’s boots!

    • Franke Sisto

      How about “FAAAAAAACK!”

      You can also do “BOTCHAMANIA [Whatever number is next at the time]”

      Or just the simple yet effective “*CORNETTE FACE*”

    • Samuel

      **CORNETTE FACE** works, especially depending on if something stupid as shit happens.

      If you will be in anyway close to Booker T… well, anything to do with coming for you, nnn.

    • Bobby Rooooooooooo

      we want Benoit

  • Wehrmacher

    And now we can safely conclude that Phoenix has a… well… how can I put this without sounding too rough… Ha! I know!


    • S

      He found Captain Winky.

  • F Zero AND Sonic 3?


  • Andrew

    Botchamania Not Being Saved?…FUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK Bullshit

  • grievousgeorge

    What’s the botch from D-Von and Dinero?

  • Jeremy

    Praise the flying tofu monster! Botchamania liiiiiivvves!!

  • RockerDropper

    As always a big thumbs up the Maff.

  • Franke Sisto

    *Cries tears of joy*

    There is a God…

  • Tubbs

    Why does everyone still have to pick on the 32X? It made the Genesis/Mega Drive look like a kick-ass Terminator prototype.

  • WeezeL365

    “Good Idea / Bad Idea” should be a Botchamania staple from now on

    • Coal Miner’s Glove

      If the Wheel of Morality is also coming with it, I think I’ll personally fly over to Newcastle and buy Maffew multiple drinks. (Not Brown Ale, as that’s a stereotype.)

      • Flippy P. Hambone

        holy shit, I forgot about the wheel of morality haha. now I wish I had some animaniacs on dvd.

    • M. V.

      good idea

  • Dylan

    Okay, someone has to explain the Regal rib to me.

    Is there any significance to the music they play or is that just it?

    • The WWE ribbed him by playing his old “Real Man Regal” gimmick theme he had back in the 90’s. Before becoming commissioner he had a hard hat gimmick to appeal the American audience since the English people aren’t exactly well received by us.

      • Add the fact that Regal had some vignettes squeezing oranges in a homoerotic way. Hands down one of the worst gimmicks Regal ever had yet still memorable.

      • Actually, I’m having doubts about the hard hat gimmick. He was just billed as your hardman but for some reason it blew.

        • Samuel

          p simple reason really – everyone’s favourite booker

          via wikipedia, so i don’t have to type

          “he returned that fall with a “Real Man’s Man” builder/lumberjack style looking gimmick created by Vince Russo that was based on the image of The Brawny Man.[6] Vignettes for the character showed him doing “manly” things like chopping wood, shaving with a plain razor, and squeezing his own orange juice.”

  • grievousgeorge

    Can someone please explain to me the “botch” from D-Von?

    • MANnY

      Wasn’ta botch, it was taz commentary segment…

      • grievousgeorge

        I mean the spot with D-Von and Dinero at the beginning.

  • FlashFunkia

    DailyMotion embedded! LONG LIVE BOTCHAMANIA!!!!

  • asawisemansiad

    I have a feeling Good Idea Bad Idea will be my new favorite Botchamania segment for years to come. Bravo!

  • Rawisbotch

    oh man will we have a 200 Botch special episode?=)

  • Durt

    The Regal Rib is one of the best things Ive seen in quite some time. I dont think I could be any happier right now.

  • pepe

    Thanks, I needed my fix…

  • Kyle

    im so f’n excited thanks maffew!!!

  • Val

    Can’t wait for botchamania 200! Great job on Botchamania 199!

  • SheikTheGeek

    Hell yeah DailyMotion!!!

  • JamesGIANTpeach

    Love the F-Zero throw back sound track

  • KidKamikaze10

    Anyone know what song was playing during the Divas match?

  • An idea for the Boredom/suffering intro:


    Pause at 9:15 = Boredom

    Pause at 35:46 = Suffering

  • Vinny Vegas

    I loved the Rib on Regal, he’s one of my favorite vets from the roster and I love how he tried to wipe the smile off his face and go back to the intense scowl once his regular music came back on.

  • BollywoodBulkBogan


    He’s a real, real, real, real man’s man


  • mondaywar

    hey, none of my clips were used, or my botchamania endings…… fuck this company!

  • Alan

    The real 199? Not another Youtube user trolling us? AWESOME!

  • grievousgeorge

    What’s the botch with D-Von at 1:59? IT’s not a botch but prove me wrong please

    • Franke Sisto

      It wasn’t exactly a botch, but Dinero landed right on his head… or the back of his neck at least. Either or, it doesn’t matter, it looked like it hurt and you can tell it dazed him a little. People landing wrong and falling on their heads is typical Botchamania material; I’d say it qualifies.

      I saw that question asked a few times in this section, and I finally got around to looking at it to make sure I hope I helped.

      • grievousgeorge

        Thanks bro.

      • Christopher

        Yup, it looked like Dinero was trying to sell a back body drop while Devon was going for a Flapjack. Coincidentally that’s exactly the same type of botch that broke Sabu’s neck in a match against WW(Benoit) in ECW which gave (name removed by WWE) the nickname the Crippler.

        • grievousgeorge

          Chris Benoit never forgotten

  • Bobby Rooooooooooo

    botchamanias back!!!

  • The Rock jerked Helmsley off!

    • Mister Forth

      There seems to be a surprising amount of jerking off according to him.

  • James Guzman

    Please oh please Maffew, Please put this in your video, not mine but Please!!!

  • laniYO

    Shame no one has noticed the Battletoads: Battlemania music!!! So good! The bonus level if I’m not mistaken? Probably my favorite gaming music ever. Great vid as always.

  • Wait… de Stael is dead?!

    Fuckin’ Benoit.

  • Chesty LeFrance

    That Reagl rib is the most entertaining thing WWe has done in the last 5 years.

  • The Taz intro gets me EVERY time.

  • solidus51

    those black kids in the camera >>>..