And a stack of others including The Godfather, Papa Shango, Reby Sky (!!!) and ”The Almight Sheik”.

  • BiffBashSmash

    Can’t believe the Supreme Fighting Machine Kama Mustafa hasn’t been booked for this

  • Twenty says Hardy doesn’t show.

    • lol I ain’t going against that bet, I need that $20

    • Tim

      You forgot to add “…and then tweets and/or makes a youtube video detailing the reasons he no-showed”

    • Burrito Supreme

      He will show because his gaping anus of a girlfriend will make him show. More as in he wont sell like his brother. Then he will proceed to shove parking cones up her ass. Google it, it is real she likes parking cones up the ass.

  • Samuel

    papa shango AND godfather? WOAH.

  • Ramsay

    Aren’t The Godfather and Papa Shango the same person?

    • Scott


      Apparently, he will be doing double duty that day

      • TerranRich

        He is the Eddie Murphy of the wrestling world.

  • wow I grew up in Elizabeth which is like right next to Rahway, I should try to go to this

  • AtomSmasher

    Do you think Sid will sell the figure 4????

    • TerranRich

      His leg would snap in two. 🙁

  • Burrito Supreme

    Oh god Reby Sky and Matt Hardy…..

  • neematode

    Are they really going to let The Butcher wrestle and possibly spill his toxic blood over everyone?

    • Curt McGirt

      Considering he officially retired in Japan last month (and had to use a WALKER to come to ringside), I doubt it. He even cancelled his final match there.

    • masked superstar 3

      Abby will probably play manager to the Sheik

  • Val

    Does anyone actually care about Reby Sky? seriously

    • Mr Madrox

      I like how Reby got higher billing than Matt Hardy, Goodfather (RTC represent!) and Papa Shango

    • Noid

      Apparently Maffew does.

      • Quitter

        Then he’s an idiot. Reby Sky has no redeeming qualities.

  • Man, Hornswoggle looks PISSED.

  • This looks like the wackiest Survivor Series match-up ever. Team Hardy doesn’t stand a chance. I mean, two broads AND the Powers of Pain? SHeesh! There needs to be a battle royal so that Godfather can enter 4 times…

    • masked superstar 3

      What’s the fourth gimmick?
      Shango,godfather,kama, and the goodfather?