Thanks whoever made this. I can overlook the fact it was during Punk/Bryan because I’m nice.

Edit: Here’s the story from the man himself (Hahn):

I was the guy who made the sign. As soon as I put it up one of the producers sitting by Lawler jumped over the barricade and started screaming “WHOSE GOT THE JIM CORNETTE SIGN!!” He confiscated it from me, but it was worth it. I thought it was an appropriate time because both guys are former ROHers.

Cheers Hahn!

  • Alan

    Looks like Kim Jong Il.

  • fagg0tscangodie

    eh…this match doesn’t deserve cornette face

    • Anonymous

      ANYTHING involving Daniel Bryan should be an automatic Cornette Face.

      • LayZBoy3000

        I didn’t know Michael “Bitchface” Cole came to this site. This match was a great match and we got it on TV… for free. Even the finish with Jericho, IMO, was a nice touch to get the base for the Punk-Y2J match at ‘Mania set up seeing as Punk repeatedly said “Best in the world” before and even during the match, which was Jericho’s schtick to begin with..

      • ADaMCEL

        Your comment deserve the Cornette face more than anything involving said match

        • BiffBashSmash

          So you have world champ vs world champ, which by rights should be the single biggest match any promotion puts on, buried midway through a free TV show with no build up at all, end when a wrestler who has done absolutely nothing to justify being a top title contender runs in and gets the person he attacks disqualified. I’d say it was very deserving of a Cornette face

          • AnonymousAsshole

            Aww. It’s almost kind of cute how hard you’re trolling, yet still failing at it.

            Keep on trying, little guy. Your determination is just so precious.

          • Mr. Chopper

            Jericho should have this in his Titantron: “a wrestler who has done absolutely nothing to justify being a top title contender.”

            Next week’s blistering insight – why Mick Foley should be given the chance to beat the Undertaker’s streak in a Hell in a Cell at WM28, as seeing HHH have another go would be boring cos we’ve seen it all before. P.S. Funkasaurus WTF cos Brodus should be crushing people not dancing around like a LOLFAG why won’t Batista come back I love you.

            See how high the rating was for RAW this week? Stick Bryan, Punk or Ziggles anywhere near each other and ask them to go at it (with zero planning) the DAY AFTER one of the big four PPVs and you’re guaranteed an excellent match. Or you could have Tyler Reks face The Beaners (as they might as well be called) in a match they’ve been planning all week. See which one gets the punter more interested.

            (In the interests of fairness I can completely see where you’re coming from with the finish.)

          • BiffBashSmash

            It was a very strong match and I am not suggesting otherwise. It’s just it could have been so much more. It came across as a throwaway and less important than Triple H versus Johnny Ace in a war of words where nothing happened. And since his return I’m not sure what WWE have done to build Jericho as a legitimate title contender, other than harp on about how he was the only person to beat Austin and The Rock in one night 10 years ago. Still, it could have been much worse; they could have had Kofi Kingston do the run in.

  • H

    The only reason this gets a Cornette Face is because this match didn’t happen at a PPV.

    • Taylor

      I love the fans that keep complaining that they got a good match on free TV. So your pissed you got to see a match for free? You rather would have wanted to pay $55 to see this match on PPV? 75% of the smarks that keep saying “should have been on PPV” pirate the shows anyways, 2 minutes matches on RAW suck! 15 Minutes matches on raw are stupid and should be on PPV because I hate free things!!!

      Got to love trying to please wrestling fans….

      • Scott

        That’s the IWC for ya

  • I love how Matthew feels he is the one who invented Jim Cornettes face or something, the guy is so delusional and should stick to posting botches, lawls!

    • AnonymousAsshole

      Yeah, I mean he’s not the one that actually called attention to it to the point where it became an overwhelmingly popular internet meme.

      Oh wait. HE DID.

      Shut the fuck up. Bye.

  • @Nolo King He is responsible for the “Face” becoming a wrestling meme… so if you dont like it so much why comment on HIS site about it?

    @H I agree 100%… but thats only because Bryan hasn’t engaged full heel mode yet

  • I comment because I came here to see botches and instead notice that Matthew credits himself for stuff he is not responsible for creating, everything that he posts is dependent on the actual performers and all he has to do is add background music and other effects and is hailed as some sort of hero, lawls!

    • Christopher

      Obvious troll’s obviously trolling…

      • maffew

        Saying lawls twice = obvious troll.

        • N. Gaijin

          The same asshole posts on gerweck all the time.

          I’m surprised he made more than a 20 syllable post here.

          • Booker T.

            Nolo King we comin for you nigguh

    • AnonymousAsshole

      Trollin, trollin, trollin’ down the river.

      Nolo King, you are fucking stupid. And that is where the story ends.

      • Mr. Chopper

        “Nolo King” is actually an anagram of “Massive Tool”.

  • Hahn

    I was the guy who made the sign. As soon as I put it up one of the producers sitting by Lawler jumped over the barricade and started screaming “WHOSE GOT THE JIM CORNETTE SIGN!!” He confiscated it from me, but it was worth it. I thought it was an appropriate time because both guys are former ROHers.

  • Hahn2

    I agree Hahn and I congratulate you. It was really funny though, too bad we could not get the sign back though.

  • I just stated the truth and did not get any intellectual rebuttals so I will leave this discussion as the winner of said debate, lawls!

    • kidincredible

      You know what they say: “Arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics: even if you win, you’re still retarded.”

    • Mr. Chopper

      Oh, I didn’t realise you were expecting intellectual rebuttals! Perhaps it was the use of “lawls” which painted you as a tool, worthy of only distain.

    • Booker T.

      Nolo King we comin for you nigguh!!

    • Jeremy

      Go win a Darwin Award posthaste.

  • Phishd

    Its funny that they confiscated it. I wonder what the justification was, if they see it as a threat because of ROH, or if its the the affiliation with Botchamania.

    • Coal Miner’s Glove

      I think it’s less ROH affiliation (seeing as they didn’t take away the “REAL CHAMPS COME FROM ROH” sign at the Rumble) and more going back to the distaste McMahon has for Cornette because of the fact that Jim’s highly identified with the old, highly Southern NWA “‘rasslin'” and Vince hates that (exhibit A: the New Midnight Express, which was basically an elaborate rib on Corny to get him out of the WWF). Mind you, Trips is a HUGE mark for that sort of thing and would probably fall over himself to get him back as an agent/booker, but he doesn’t have total control of the reins yet.

  • Toughguyrizzo

    Almost one year ago,

    I went to Albany to see RAW. It was the one where CM Punk officially joined Nexus.

    Cena opened the show and I had a bunch of signs.

    3 got taken from me.

    I had a huge “Miz-Girl OWNS CENA.”
    A “Busted Open – 5 days a week.” (A Sirius Radio show for PW)
    And something else.

    The ones they let me keep were one for my nephew and one of the Miz as champ, but it was a tribute to Alex Ross, “Superman Forever.”

    That fucker above mentioned sitting next to King and Cole, came by and took the signs like a douche.

    On top of the fact I was sitting with a bunch of Cena fans who were all cheering it. I wanted to slam my beer on their heads, those fucks.

    • Scott

      I wouldn’t believe the Mig-Girl OWNS CENA sign would have been taken, not unless something else was up with it. I had brought Anti-Cena signs to shows in Hershey, and never had one taken from me.

      • Toughguyrizzo

        Yeah, they took it. Me & my girl were ringside, maybe 6th row back but on tv the whole time. So I think cause I was getting it right behind Cena during his promo, they got pissed. It was a black bald guy with glasses who took it. Sitting next to Cole. Was a real jerk about it.

        However, the best part of the night was Miz pointing at my sign when he was beating up Lawler, lol.

        • Cefca

          Has anyone ever thought of not giving the sign to the douche?

          • smark

            If you don’t give up the sign, you get kicked out of the arena.

  • Toughguyrizzo


    Do we really wanna see HHH/Taker again?

    Fuckin 3X already?

    Taker aint gonna loose no matter what. It’s in his contract.

  • robzilla

    @Maffew… You should do a JESUS Walks remix… I dont think Kanye West will care if u use his song.

  • TheMongoNator

    CORNETTE FACE ON TNA~! IMPACT! When bischoff was introducting Garrett

  • smark

    We saw it flash by on TV for a moment and then figured it got confiscated because the camera cut away really quickly and we didn’t see it again.

  • neematode

    FAAAAK the RF video.

    People still doing business with that pedo?

  • Jeremy


    Go back to YouTube trolls.

  • SnobGoblin

    I’ve seen Nolo King at wrestlingforum. He’s a troll. Actually, a pretty funny one on that particular forum. I guess he wondered in here because he’s bored…hmm…