Oh, and there was some wrestling too.

  • Shows opens and that is one HUGE crowd. The set-up looks very impressive and already TNA looks like a genuine company for once by getting out of Orlando and still looking like a wrestling company.

  • Storm and Ray start the show with pleasantries. Ray is playing Orndorff to Storm’s Piper. The ”Hello Ireland!” joke doesn’t work because it’s more likely to piss off the Irish and make the Brits think you’re a fuckwit. Wembley Arena booed because they’re  Southern polite.

  • Storm will wrestle two matches tonight (against Roode and Ray) because Hardy isn’t here. Two Storm matches and no Hardy? Ambassador, you’re really spoiling us.

  • Joe and Magnus beat on Crimson in a ‘Buckingham Brawl’ match, which meant JoeMag didn’t need to tag in but CriMorg did. Even when booked as the underdogs the crowd hated Crimson and Morgan, which made for an entertaining match. Literally every move was booed and everything Joe and Magnus did was cheered. Magnus thankfully scored the pin.

  • Bischoff gets flipped off and the censor it. of all the things TNA does, they decide to censor that? The blurring made it look like the fan was waving his cock at Bischoff.

  • Garrett comes out and words are said but the crowd gives him a David Cameron welcome as the TNA Sound Mixer works like a gaggle of Polish factory workers to make it sound positive. Crowd also chants ”Hogan” before it’s announced, showing that Loose Women has a bigger audience than I previously thought.

  • If they ever do a ‘IS GARRETT BISCHOFF REALLY ERIC’S SON?’ storyline, it will last less than a week because there’s no way  he could be anybody else’s dad as no-one else in TNA is that characterless or dull.

  • Mark Haskins vs. Austin Aries. TNA expected a positive reaction for Haskins, presumably expecting the crowd to go OH LOOK IT’S THAT GUY WHO LOST BOTH MATCHES HE HAD WITH TNA LAST YEAR, WE’D BEST CHEER as opposed to hyping the guy beforehand (and no, I don’t mean ‘immediately before the match’).  Brits  aren’t like Americans, we’ll not cheer just anybody just because they’re from our country. We’ll get behind them if they’ve proven their worth, but this is the country that came up with the expression ‘You can’t shit a shitter’. Oh, and they put him against a crowd favourite. If they put him against Gunner the crowd would have chanted the lyrics to ‘Rule, Britannia!’  to support the guy.

  • They had a good match, albeit one that played to ”Austin Aries!” chants. Sadly Haskins’ Shooting Star Press ended the same way Brock Lesnar’s did. Aries showed his compassion by immediately kicking him in the face.

  • Tenay said at one point: ”We’re going to be back in the UK next week with a Star Wars special”. If it’s TNA, Han’s going to shoot first, shoot on George Lucas, rip up his contract and call himself Indiana Harrison.

  • Roode pinned Storm after interference from Ray. Not sure why they did Roode/Storm first given it’s the main feud, but the match was the usual good stuff from these two. Weird that these two have wrestled a bunch of times since the feud has begun but none of them have been on PPV.

  • Tara pinned Gail Kim. Not as bad as you’d think actually and the crowd was polite for it.

  • Forget what I said earlier, the TNA Sound Mixer goes even crazier when Garrett returns to the ring to thank ”each and every one of you”, to the point where even what Garrett is saying sounds odd. Hogan was announced as Garrett’s trainer. I hoped it was Jarrett, so they could name him Garrett Jarrett and also blame the booing he receives on him being a good heel.

  • They’re using Hogan to get Garrett over. One of the disadvantages of doing things in front of an actual audience was that fans who care about the product and pay to watch the show live were able to give a completely different reaction to the Garrett/Eric storyline than what TNA usually gets from it’s paid extras, models and Hogan relatives. Will they change their storyline because of this? Of course not.

  • Sting comes out with a BLACK CRICKET BAT to watch James Storm’s back at ringside. I liked the idea. Shame it looked a bit like a spank-pad. Which in fairness, would certainly deter me from interfering.

  • Storm pinned Ray and that’s all folks. Entertaining show due to a white-hot crowd and a lack of backstage bollocks. Also no Hardy, Anderson, Mexican America or  Shannon Moore appearances. The Bischoff stuff was as pointless as ever (neither of them are wrestlers and no-one cares in the slightest about either one of them because of this) but there was a lot less crap than there was usually from TNA.

Big Arse Screen Caps of Signs (Thanks again Namesless Fans!)

  • Andrew

    It’s the Joenus Brothers, the team of Magnus and Samoa Joe.

    • Aubin

      That made me burst out one shot of laughter. Thank you!

  • Robnek

    THat first pic cracks me up, it’s like Jim’s really there reacting. XD

  • Toughguyriizzo

    awesome rewiew

  • Toughguyriizzo

    dammnit. *review

  • kingjericho

    No feud in wrestling ATM is more deserving of a Cornette Face than the Bischoff/Bischoff feud.

  • masked superstar 3

    Is flair still around? They could bring in David and have him team up with…….fuck it,what am i saying.

  • Ray

    I love the team of Joe and Magnus. I usually just watch TNA for Joe. I wish he would go back to being a main eventer, but every time I see him wrestle all I can hear in my head is “He doesn’t look like a star, look at those tits jiggle, Brother. Now we need someone like Jeff Hardy, Who already is kind of a star, but has a well documented case of drugs”

  • Toughguyrizzo

    Man it’s tough watching TNA. While there are some good matches/wrestling, there are points when I’m thinking, “hope this makes the next botchamania.” (That means YOU Jeff Jarrett.)

    And I do feel bad for Joe. The dudes a Samoan CM Punk.

    • Samuel

      One day Joe will jump ship and have a killer run like he first did when he joined TNA. (And then be booked mid-free-show to face CM Punk while the commentators chat abt other shit, no caring.)

      Bischoff’s face in 2012 looks like it a bad 80s b movie horror where a dudes face starts to melt off.

  • Richard

    The Cornette Face is mine! I was determined to get it on during a Bischoff segment since it seemed so appropriate. I had it up for a good few minutes before a security guy told me to put it down. I waited for him to leave, then I put it back up again. He promptly confiscated it from me.

    • Franke Sisto

      Perfect placement of the Cornette Face my friend – and I mean PERFECT. Textbook. It even tops my sign from Bound for Glory when Karen Jarrett was holding the Knockouts title upside down.

      That and yours was an actual Cornette Face, not text.

      As a fellow Cornette Face bomber, I bow to you my good sir. Well done.

    • Christopher

      I agree with the above posters, that was the best placed Cornette face in the history of Cornette faces. At one point it was right between Garrett “Dear in the Headlights” Bischoff and his asshole father. Thank you Richard!

  • Anonymous

    Cornette Face rides again!

  • alchron

    Wait, was that Bischoff?

  • Gene

    I was in the crowd. A few notes.

    The entire Bischoff vs Bischoff segment was impossible to hear over the whole crowd chanting “fuck off Bischoff.”

    The women’s matches weren’t treated respectfully. A “bigger tits” chant started during both matches.

    Seriously, this nationalistic stuff doesn’t work in England. English people, even if they have some pride in their land of origin, do not make a point of it and tend not to react if it’s insulted.

  • Cambo

    Storm and Roode is the best thing in TNA right now. Joe needs to be back in the main event scene. Crimson is awful

  • Andrew H

    It’s nice to read a good review of a TNA show for a change. (When they deserve it.)

    I actually enjoy women’s wrestling, and I always look forward to it when Tara and Gail Kim are having a match. TNA seems to care more about their women’s division than WWE does (Even thought they still do some dumb shit), and I wish female wrestlers would be treated with more respect from the audience.

  • WWEally

    From what I tend to read I am the only one that feels this way. I love the in ring work that TNA puts on. Almost everyone that steps in the ring I am highly entertained by. Morgan is probably the only one I’m not. While Crimson can’t wrestle I think his look maybe what sells me more than Morgan. Just everything that involves talking is just terrible. Maybe not everything but I tend to tune out during any segment like that.

  • larry

    I watched the entire show and noticed one thing, they never showed the entrance-way.

    During every entrance the camera followed behind the person entering until they were close enough to the ring to switch to a wide shot.

    Was it to cover up the fact that they had no flash big-screen entrance-way like they usually have?.

    I think it was the “Goldeneye pause menu at Royal Rumble 2012” that made me even look for it.

  • Doc_N

    See the bloke in the black and red top holding the camera in the top right picture, thats my mate Steve!