Road Dogg and Josh Matthews (both of whom do a good job) decide to take the mountain to Mohammed and riff on classic crap moments of wrestling themselves. One part Mystery Science Theatre, one part ‘One of Those Shows On YouTube Where a Guy Riffs And You Feel The Urge To Punch This Person’, it’s a good concept and mostly works. The editing and pacing is too quick for my liking (but then most American shows are to me), but Dogg is funny enough for me to ignore that. ”He hates his shoes!”

Ziggler’s on the other hand doesn’t work for me due to the general unpleasantness and cheapness. HA, THAT GUY FELL ON HIS NADS. Hm. There’s also nothing special about this type of clip show in 2012 thanks to things like (ta-da) YouTube.

Ziggler riffing on fan clips is easily the highlight though. If they change it to be just Dolph laughing at fans taking it too seriously then this could go places. It’s not like WWE wouldn’t love the chance to laugh at fans some more.

I’ve only watched these two as they’re two shows with at least some Botchamania/Wrestlecrap inspiration so I am obliged to pass comment. Also funny WWE makes fun of silly angles past at the same time they have stuff like farting on SmackDown on TV NOW.

I’ll end this by expressing how surprised I am it’s taken them this long to do something like this, and why WWE would spend money advertising the expression ”WWE DOWNLOAD” to millions of people. Maybe next year we’ll see them sign Ernest Miller for WWE PRESENTS SCREENSHOTS OF CATS.


    It just shows how out of touch the people who green-light everything in the WWE are especially when it comes to the internet. Im just surprised all this stuff is on YouTube and not on the ridiculously clunky video player (seriously its 2012 and its still one of the most annoying media players to use)

  • BeShiek

    The reason that they haven’t done this already is because the WWE was trying it’s best to avoid the internet. Then guys like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Zack Ryder came along and told the creative department about it. Zack Ryder’s Z! True Long Island Stories inspired this more than anything, and the WWE seeing the success of that is trying to do more. I actually applaud their efforts, even though these are the only two shows worth looking into right now (besides Z! True Long Island Stories obviously). Zack Ryder deserves all of the credit, as the pioneer of WWE’s venture into the internet.

  • Rick

    I actually was entertained by the “Are You Serious” video. It’s no Botchamania though

  • Bloodied Fox

    What was the deal with the HHH muppet? I think that things gonna invade my nightmares…

  • Alex dino

    So Are You Serious is the WWE’s version of Botchamania?

    • Easy-E

      Either that or “I Wrestlecrapped Myself”


    Maybe the WWE is really interested in listening to its fans “Adding comments has been disabled for this video”

    • It’s not hard to see why after looking at the comments on their Facebook posts.

    • Wirehead

      Youtube comments are only slightly above 4chan posts in terms of awfulness.

      • Jim Rival

        ^ This.

      • Scott

        I agree. Some comments on YouTube just make you wonder about humanity.

      • N. Gaijin

        Third. I’m actually somewhat thankful when youtube vids disallow comments.

  • PuppetHHH

    Puppet HHH for commissioner.

    • Adorable Adrian

      He’d still be more animated than Johnny Ace!

  • Overusedusername

    Y’know, I’ve been downloading WWE for YEARS before this ever came out.

  • swright573

    WWE Stole the idea from my video network blog!! Lol.

    Its about time they done this though, youtube has been around forever and its taken a whole TV network to produce a few brainless shows.

  • Ha!

  • Pim Guggan

    Next on the WWE network,”Ow My Balls!”.

  • It would be very ironic if HHH was ever involved in a really stupid angle involving a casket spot … oh right Katie Vick

    The whole muppet thing is pretty meta of them making their own What Were They Thinking show worthy of being on What Were They Thinking ..

    • WalterKovacs

      When I first saw the show, I made a joke that they needed a puppet to complete the MST3K effect … and them BAM, there comes the HHH puppet. So, if it’s meta, it would likely be a nod in that direction.

  • The old Colosseum Home Video sets always had these types of things I wouldnt go saying they lifted this idea from Botchamania

  • RJ

    I recon the title “WWE Download” is an attempt to capture that search engine keyword from the sites illegally distributing PPV downloads. Content of the show is probably irrelevant.

    • I look forward to WWE Torrent and WWE Pirate Bay in the future.

      Are You Serious? was so painfully, obviously Written by Writers that it couldn’t qualify as more than okay. One of the reasons something like MST3K or Retsupurae works is that the people delivering the lines by and large are the people coming up with the lines, so it sounds natural.

      Also, the Blindfold Match concept would work better if a) they weren’t SHOWING US the footage, since it seems the gimmick is based on how strange the dialogue sounds out of context, and b) they ditched the stupid buzzer thing.

      I do hope they give puppet-HHH a puppet-Raw to run.

      • maffew

        Well said about AYS?. I was hesitant to write it because that’s basically how I see most American comedies and would only have typed something that would have riled the knuckle-draggers.

        I thought the puppet was a pun on Matthews, as he always sounds like he’s emulating someone else’s words rather than talking naturally. Ziggler sounds forced in Download too. Dogg got the best laughs as he’s the one with experience with talking and being funny naturally. If this was Matthews and Ziggler I’d recommend it be via avoided like a new episode of NXT.

  • On the plus side, you could possibly manipulate this service to get high quality versions of Botchamania mainstays that aren’t available on home video.

  • Maybe there’s hope for post-rehab Matt Hardy in WWE yet. I just think it’s a shame that plenty of other angles that played on current cultural trends (for example Pirate Paul Burchill and the Blonde Bitch Project) were cut short because Vince was too out of touch to know what they were referencing and didn’t think of using Google. It’s to the credit of Punk, Ryder and Daniels that they managed to break through and finally make the internet relevant to Vince and the booking staff.

  • herpderp

    Ziggler’s show is just terrible, unfunny, overused concept, too much ziggler

    • freshlemon

      That’s Ziggler all over: unfunny, overused and too much.

  • Bitterbeard

    By the end of 2012, Vince will aquire BM and Maffew will be the US champion.

    Spoiler: After dropping the belt, Maffew loses a “loser leaves WWE dumpster match” against Hornswoggle (Little Bastard wins cleanly) and we go back to picking our noses.

    • Scott

      DON’T give the WWE any ideas

  • Bill

    Maffew, Road Dogg and Josh Matthews are trying to take your job.

    Daniel Tosh, Dolph Ziggler is trying to take yours.

    • Andrew

      And all three are failing miserably.

    • N. Gaijin

      WWE Download being an obvious clone of Tosh.0 (which is itself a take on The Soup) aside, who would want Daniel Tosh’s job?

      I don’t think Daniel Tosh wants Daniel Tosh’s job, but it’s a paycheck, for little effort and next to no creativity.

  • masked superstar 3

    Colt Cabana doesn’t approve and if you don’t agree with Colt Cabana,then you’re a Nazi.

  • Toughguyrizzo

    Yup. Thought the same exact thing while watching. The PG Botchamania.

    Fuck them.

  • Peter Siddorn

    WWE creative so lazy they basically ripped off 5 dollar wrestling and claim it’s their idea.

  • freshlemon

    ‘Parkour warning’ = Dolph’s show

  • Mike Roach

    It seems like they were told to research what was popular and “trendy” on youtube and copy it (Ziggler’s show reminds me an awful lot of Equals 3, at that’s bloody awful). Considering this is a company that supports SOPA, tad ironic do you think?

  • Adam Whatson

    Why does puppet Triple H sound like a drunk supervillain?

  • Flippy P. Hambone

    I enjoyed the are you serious video. it had it’s moments. I also think the triple h muppet (equipped with random lemmy-esque facial hair straight from 2006) was pretty damned good.

  • AtomSmasher

    Blatant Botchamania copyright infringement – “Where’s there’s blame…………”

  • Disappointed

    “Are You Serious” is a fitting title, as I assume wanting to take the show seriously as worth watching (in my opinion) is a rhetorical question. Both Josh and Brian are charismatic and quick (or at least Josh seemed to be back when hosting Velocity in its early days) enough to pull off the roles of quipping at the Ridiculousness (another trying too hard and coming up short) of past footage currently under the WWE Banner, but you can tell that it is for the most part, if not entirely scripted by other people. The concept of the show has been played to death, quickened in the case of this show by the fact that their views on what they’re watching isn’t truly authentic and honestly not that amusing.

  • neematode

    Talking about stupid storylines and the (so far) inexplicable farting in the current show…IMO the WWE will miss a huge trick by not pursuing the only hinted at ‘children’ of William Regal.

    They are missing a trick not using Regal on commentary or at least as a manager (why have Vickie every week and rarely Regal?)in one of the main shows, but if they pursued the ‘truth’ about his imprisoned siamese twin daughters, it can only be comedy gold.

    I also wouldnt have him replace Cole, which I suppose would be the obvious choice, since Regal would be hated as a heel, but loved as a performer (like hes always been). The reason being that Cole draws old fashioned white heat like no one else in the company, evidenced by even the so called smarks on the internets declaring how much they ‘hate’ him personally as a human being.

    Id love to see the lineup Cole/King/Regal. I simply dont see how you could go wrong with that combo.

  • Darkstar21

    Funny how listening to Jake Roberts audio only sounds a little to much like he is about to rape the listener

  • neematode

    Are you Serious was goood, I hope they do more and make them a bit longer too. Road Dogg has always been good, and Mathews is ok, even though I think they should give his main spot to Regal.

    But what if WWE were to come knocking at Maffews door? To buy the name Botchamania and to make the show for the WWE exclusively? So no more CZW or ROH etc, just strange things and botches from WWE history (of which there is a seemingly unlimited amount)

    Would Maffew sell out? I would love to say that I wouldnt, but in reality, if I came up with a fun idea like Botchamania, and Vince came along offering to pay gold and invite me into the family, I think I probably would without too much soul searching.

  • Have any of you saying that “Are You Serious” is like Botchamania ever watched Botchamania?

  • PorkPiePusher

    AYS = Garbage
    WWED = Garbage

    Basically, every show that they’ve put on is garbage and seems forced. HHH muppet was garbage too, how did that idea get green lighted?

    WWEcreative1: “hmmm… feels unfinished… what else can we put in the AYS show?”
    WWEcreative2: “idk… HEY! the fans loved the muppets as hosts on RAW, right?”
    WWEcreative1: “they sure did! And you know what the fans also love? HHH on EVERYTHING!”

    The only good thing about the whole channel was a hillarious bit on Santinos show, where he interviews wrestlers, when he walked up to one of the Bella twins and kisses her hand to be courteous or smthn, and she replies “Mmmmmmm, thank you papi…” That was the skankiest thing that I’ve heard come out of a womans mouth ever, and I watch the Jersey Shore.

  • Ronan

    Wait, was Ziggler making fun of cheerleaders?