Naked Mideon vs. William Regal

WWF in 2000 worked on a number of levels, the primary one being ”turning chickenshit into chicken soup”. Suddenly card-fillers like Too Much and The Acolytes suddenly became highlights of the night as Too Cool and The APA. Not all of the gimmick tweaks were for the best however…

I wonder what gimmick (if any) would have got Mideon over. Mideon during 1999 can affectionately be described as ‘The man with no heat’, so maybe having him dress in little more than a fannypack/bumbag during matches was an inside joke we all missed. Lack of clothes = no heat.

This was Naked Mideon’s only PPV match. He would be released in 2001. Millions mourned the loss of his Rick Rude tattoo.

  • No match starring William Regal should be on Shit Match Sunday. NO MATCH.

    Even if it was terrible, though Regal did his best.

  • I love 4:55, when Regal just pancakes Mideon under the bottom rope. SPLAT!

    Regal needs to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame for having to carry matches such as this, and I might add, making them watchable.

    Meantime, Mideon will be crowned TNA champ.

  • Patchwork

    At 7:00, you get a EVERYONE TALKS TOO MUCH moment. Teddy Long is asking Mideon if he gives up, Mideon says no, then you can hear Long telling them, “Okay, let’s go home”.

  • Pim Guggan

    Didn’t know Dennis Knight sucked so bad, especially 6:27 during that double armed, wtf.

    Also, I heart traah.

  • Wirehead

    I remember reading that Mideon was so well liked in the lockerroom they kept him around despite him being a terrible wrestler.

    • maffew

      Even if that’s not true, I believe it.

      • Wirehead

        I mean I understand why they kept him around for so long if he helped the locker room morale. Nothing wrong with that.

        Well, except for him being naked.

    • pete schick

      Insider info that I really can’t prove – pretty sure Dennis Knight and the Taker were traveling buddies for a while.

      • Wirehead

        I remember that as well. Eh, like I said if he amused the guys there was no harm in keeping him around.

      • motherfunker

        That actually is provable. Knight has talked in interviews about the D.S.K. crew (I think that’s what it was.) I believe Taker has the tattoo on his chest. The crew was the Godwinns, Taker and Yokozuna.

        • motherfunker

          Actually it’s BSK and it’s on his stomach.

  • Running Rolls

    Bless his heart, Regal tried his best to polish a turd. He still, to this day, has the best facial expressions in all of wrestling.

    • Scott

      Agreed. Regal ALWAYS had the right facial expression for when a moment called for it.

  • SirAwesome

    did anyone else hear the commentary for this match especially jr’s line ” she smiles as much as black people”

    • BM5072

      “She smiles as much as Blackman.”

  • pricey182

    0:35 i swear that sign reads

    william regal is a wanker??

    or are my jagerbomb hung eyes playing fuckin tricks on me again….

  • S

    Didn’t Mideon and Viscera make a decent tag team? It’s been so long that I can’t remember. Also, i’d agree that Mideon must have been well-liked, Foley said he did a great impression of him.

    • Nothing that includes Viscera could or should be called “descent”!

      • Josh

        Not when you try and spell it like that.

        • Scott

          Viscera?!? Decent?!? Ok, I am just getting over being sick, and still feeling light headed and all, but PLEASE do not try and make my head hurt any more than it already has

  • DuckSauceWarrior

    I’m sorry, but this seemed like a “perfectly acceptable wrestling” match to me. Sure, it was because Regal did most of the work, but still….Shit match seems quite a bit harsh to me!

    • cool arrow

      I’d imagine the shit refers to the gimmick more than the match.

  • Jose

    May i suggest this for next week Lol

  • Ted X

    William Regal’s best theme song

  • NoobHunterD

    Teddy Long: I’m going to make this match into a tag-team match! Holla!

  • NoisyPanther

    This wasn’t that bad of a match, it was just embarassing for Mideon.