Been considering adding this to the regular line-up on

What do you folks think? Yay? Nay?

  • Bogard

    I’ve actually seen his reviews, which I enjoyed, of the old WWF “Wrestling Albums”. I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing his videos here.

  • ScottyG

    I say yay. Very entertaining. 🙂

  • Tugaspeklo

    Not hilariously funny, but quite nice to recap the RAW episodes with some wit.
    Definately has some potential!

    I say yay.

  • Jesus Christ of Philadelphia

    A lot better than I thought it was going to be. I say yay.

  • This idiot isn’t funny, and most of the stuff he complains about doesn’t even make sense. OMG THE KING SAID UNDERTAKER’S RETURN WAS UNTHINKABLE!? HOLY SHIT SOMEBODY WRITE A NEW WRESTLECRAP BOOK!

    • WalterKovacs

      Not to mention complaining about Jericho’s “argument”. He’s a heel, and he obviously knows his argument is bull. He is feuding with Punk because he ‘stole’ his catchphrase. The one that has been used by Wolverine for YEARS. I think Jericho understands he’s a hypocrite … it’s sort of the point.

  • AnonymousAsshole

    Jesus, this kid is fucking annoying. Nay, nay nay. Nay like a horse ranch!!!

    Please, don’t make me have to put up with this loudmouthed little pre-teen cunt and his overly forced whining about nothing every five seconds.

    His constant shouting like he’s desperately seeking attention, his incredibly nitpicky little point-out-the-obvious-i’m-so-funny bullshit that isn’t nearly as witty or clever as he thinks it is, his high-pitched, raspy, shrill, terrible fucking voice that sounds like pre-teen chipmunk whose balls havn’t dropped yet, and the fact that he doesn’t actually review or consider anything, just screams to hear himself talk make this completly fucking unwatchable.

    After only viewing 3 minutes of this absolute crap, I already want to ram an ice-pick down this obnoxious little kid’s throat multiple times until his esophagus is nothing but mashy, bleeding pulp, and he drowns in his own blood.

    This kid isn’t funny, his criticisms don’t explain his own opinion, he sounds like a whiny little shithead, his voice makes me want to stab him, and his ingight and actual critical process in a nutshell is: “I AM SHOUTING WORDS AND I HATE EVERYTHING I SEE RRAAAHH”

    Good lord this sucks. Fuck this stupid little shitstain. This is awful. Like, really fucking awful. This guy makes Spoony’s old Wrestle Wrestle videos look informed and intelligent, and that’s saying something since Spoony’s a jawjacking, pointless douchebag, too. But this little asshole makes Spoony look like a professional journalist. I mean, my god. I just want to stab this little shit, after only 30 seconds.

    Why would you even post this horse shit??

    • Ed

      someone knows swear words ooooh

      • Aubin

        Don’t taunt him man! He’s one bad dude, brother!

        • Craig

          Actually makes me want to see this video become a regular part of the site, just to piss this ignoramus off.

    • FataMorgana

      “Please, don’t make me have to put up with this loudmouthed little pre-teen cunt and his overly forced whining about nothing every five seconds.”

      You know what the beautiful thing about the Internet is? You don’t have to watch shows that you don’t like. Just like I don’t have to read asinine comments like this. Therefore, I will stop reading yours right at the line I quoted above.

    • Lumpy Lovenuts

      Someone forgot to take their chill pills this morning. If you get this mad about a internet video you really need to back away from the net kid.

      • Lumpy Lovenuts

        This directed at the AnonymousAsshole clicked the wrong reply link xD

    • Andrew H

      I agree.

  • KAZ

    The criticisms of this make no sense. The guy sounds just fine, and his points, by and large, make sense. Sure, there’s a negative slant to everything, but that’s what makes it funny. If Maddox or Yahtzee Croshaw spent all their time saying how great things were, no-one would watch.

    It’s funny, keep it.

  • elvis

    Didn’t really find it that funny, although it was okay in parts, but I’m gonna say nay.

  • Aubin

    I’m on the fence. It’s nothing special, it’s something anyone could do. Get anyone who is fed up with the product and just bitch and moan about it. That being said it DOES have promise.
    (and it’s not like we get content on this site everyday anyways).
    I say keep it. I’m sure it’ll get better and it will grow on people.

  • salt

    Funny, but a little too negative for the sake of being negative.

  • Scott

    Meh. More tempted to say nay them yay, I say one more shot.

  • Chris

    Im a big fan of raw reactions and it would be sweet to see mues up on the site. I say YAY

  • R.c

    I say yes to keep it on the botchamania site

  • CrystalFissure

    Keep it here. It is a little TOO negative, but still a great job.

  • Dylan

    Went back and checked out some of the older episodes. He doesn’t seem to have any opinion other than everyone and everything on RAW sucks. In one of the episodes he called Jericho and Orton bad wrestlers for no reason. I say nay.


    Nah, those that work with negative slant in mind at least have the charisma to pull it off, nevermind the fact that they typically go much shorter than 17 minutes of incessant rambling. This guy is just another in the sea of internet video bloggers who feels his worthless opinion has merit to it.

  • That “Whatever” emote during the Triple H promo was my exact feelings… Nobody cares about whats happening off camera… give us a fucking match already ^^

  • Spookyboots


  • Bret Hart

    Wrestlemania 9 never happened? I wish………

    seriously though this guy is kind of funny, but he isn’t funny enough.

  • Veej

    KAZ is right on the money. Yay.

  • Jerry Lawless

    Nay nay nay nay nay nay neigh nae sha-nae-nae nay nay fakkin’ nay. Did you really consider this as an addition to your site or are you just fucking with us Maffew? This kid is horrible. His jokes are horrible. His voice is horrible. He’s Michael Cole V2.0. The commentary sounds like ‘that’ friend you watched raw with when you were both 12 and neither of you had nothing better to do than crack bad jokes and bitch over everything. He made maybe 2 valid points in the video, the rest was bitching and moaning over something mundane. Maybe I just try to find positives in everything too much, but last week’s raw wasn’t as bad as some of those fall 2011 raws. NAY

  • Lon


    Not funny, not interesting.

  • Neale

    Eh, the fact that he thinks Jericho actually believes in his new gimmick makes me lean towards nay.

  • ExDol

    This reminds me of Retsuprae, and not in a good way. Uniformly negative and didn’t really have anything funny or interesting to say.

    By all means don’t stop looking for extra stuff to put up on the site Maffew, but Botchamania’s got pretty high standards and this guy doesn’t make the cut.

  • Streuer

    Didn’t like it. To me he was too negative and not seeing any positive things at all.

  • itselguapo

    I really think this is botchamania worthy. so I say go for it contact the guy and tell him to post his videos on here.

  • Gordon

    Sounds like a 35 year old virgin who isn’t funny, please don’t even…

    Nay nay nay!

  • EL P

    Nay Nay Nay

    Santino is funnier

  • Pim Guggan

    WWE, think of the most boring possible matches and go with them.

    At least the TNA women don’t suck as much shit, besides Gail Kim.

  • To compare this bullshit with anything Maffew has ever put out is a sin.

  • A few of the gags were funny, like the Jericho-Cats thing, but I found it very grating how much he shits all over EVERYTHING. He’s like when CM Punk was saying “This show sucks, you suck, the fans suck,the Locker Room sucks” etc. ad infinitum. He never tries to see a bright side of things and his particularly nasally voice makes things even worse. Posting someone’s recap of the weeks events on you site is a fine idea, but there has to be better then this guy. I vote a definitive “NAY”.

  • Adam

    Nay from me. If I want to hear a pre-pubescent act like a smark I’ll head over to YouTube and watch Cena videos.

  • Samuel

    Nay. I didn’t think it was as horrible as some of the other people have said – it just wasn’t interesting to me. We all already see Raw regularly, see bad spots in BM and discuss it on the internet. Add another video and it becomes even more overloaded.

    I’d much prefer to see an excited and interested round up of indie wrestling than Raw or Impact.

  • Peter S.

    Nay. Can’t even get past the 5 minute mark. His voice just kills any enjoyment that could be found, that is if there was anything to enjoy. I can shit on Raw on my own and be no where near as negative.

  • Brian

    Nay. I don’t see how it relates to Botchamania. Just another IWC WWE-hater who can’t stop watching the product if they’re so unhappy with it. I get why some would find it entertaining, but it doesn’t fit with the Botchamania feel. Every week, ripping apart the show with nothing positive to say, is going to get really old really quick. I say nay. Nothing groundbreaking or entertaining was included. Just a ranting kid, which the internet is full of.

  • Jezuz

    I say Yay, pretty funny guy and more vids on the site can’t be a bad thing.

  • neematode

    Why not do your own ‘This week on….’ show?

    You have good writing skills, if you just have a crap voice get soemone to read it out.

    This want bad, but tbh not good either. By all means put it up, but I for one wouldnt be on tenterhooks waiting for it each week, like I genuinely am for the latest ep of Botcha.

  • Peloquin

    At best average. I suppose it was watchable, but I dont know why he kept changing the video used, even half way through a segment.

  • Shadow wing

    Yes WWE Board of Directors, listen to David Otunga and please do the right thing and keep John Lauranitis AS A TEMPORARY. Seriously, does WWE even know what interim even means?

    • Rocko

      Well seeing as they can’t figure out what the word new means (the new Nexus was new for way too long) I will go with no.

  • Shadow wing

    BTW, we all should know by now that WWE thinks that we all have Attention Deficit Disorder

  • Macky J

    Marc is like me, but with more wrestling knowledge. I say yay.

  • Museum

    I liked it apart from the bloke talking over it.

  • HitmanRicks

    I liked it. Yay from me.

  • kingjericho


  • Anon

    No. He is annoying as hell.

  • JB

    His attempt at humor is a botch in itself. Nay!!

  • Mark


    It’s not completely awful, but neither is it remotely good. The guy just isn’t funny. His jokes suck and frequently don’t make sense. It also doesn’t help that his voice sounds like that of a shrill teenager going through puberty. As others have noted, he criticizes the decent/logical parts of the show as much as the truly foolish ones. His reviews are neither entertaining nor enlightening, and he has a mediocre voice. What exactly does he offer, again?

  • Bryan

    Nay, this guy is trying to hard…just make your funny botch videos and never mind the rest of your ideas.

  • Matt

    It just seems like another That Guy With The Glasses wannabe putting on fake anger and rage in a vein attempt to elicit a laugh. A more genuine, thoughtful approach to dissecting RAW would be nice, but this is yet another “Angry reviewer” to add to the bunch.

    I vote no

  • Hank


    This video was great up until he started talking.

  • Mastero





  • Chris

    No… just… no.

  • RT Shores

    YAY from me! Always enjoy his reviews!

  • Name

    yay yay yay

  • Mues has been doing the RAW Reactions since ’09 and every episode I watched was funny and entertaining. Since I live in Croatia and don’t watch RAW live, I watch his reviews to see what’s been happening on RAW. And to these people.. Why do you even care? It’s not like it’s on your website. It’s not like you HAVE to watch it. If you don’t like it, ignore it. Mues is doing what he does best and that’s ranting. Yes, he’s a ranter, that’s why there is so much negativity Einsteins.

    • Samuel

      maffew asked peoples opinions and they are giving it. most have even been civil!

      its great that you enjoy it and it is great that maffew is seeking ways to branch out but including these videos may be a backwards step for this site.

  • Will

    Mues delivers the goods consistently week in and week out. Those who don’t like it don’t have to watch it, but a large portion of Botchamaniacs do. I’ve been watching Raw Reactions and his music reviews for quite some time now, and I can count on getting a good 30 minutes of quality entertainment out of the guy every week.

    Yes, he rants. Yes, he’s negative. That’s his style, and again, no one’s forcing anyone to watch it. I’d give it a “Yay!” and a half.

  • Oh yeah, I say YAY.

  • Happydude

    I, like the two above me have been a fan of Mues for some time. I know that Maffew is a friend of Mues, and so I don’t suppose he’ll be pleased with all of you shitting on him. Having watched every single episode of Raw Reactions I will say that they aren’t as funny as they were originally, but that’s because Raw isn’t as shit as it used to be. The reason he’s so negative is because he has to find the flaws to make an entertaining review. Maffew, I say YAY and put Doc Pepper on here as well. These guys need this kind of exposure.

  • Jimmy

    Yay. This is a nice change of pace from the other shows and it’s a nice way to wrap up what happened every monday.

  • Christopher

    I’d personally prefer that it’s just your videos on this site, maffew.

  • Me

    I say yay. Nice to see some fresh content on the site.

  • Sebastian Howards

    Listen assclowns, Marc doesn’t have potential he’s been doing this since 2010 so shut up about that. This video series is amazing and Maffew’s an ass outside of this site, I mean check out some of the things he says about my friend Caliber on Scotts Blog. He just trolls him for no reason. Also this series is just badass and makes my friday/saturday (whenever I watch it). I don’t even get why you people want to watch Botchamania. “Hey look its twenty minutes of random botches, this is so funny guys, ahuck, ahuck.” The only funny thing that I’ve really seen on Botchamania was when he had that Booker T intro and went from Hulk Hogan talking about how he was going to save everyone to Homer Simpson basically doing the same thing.

    • Peter

      I get that you want to support RR. That’s cool. No need to be a jerk about it, though.

      • Peter

        You’re not helping Mues’s cause.

  • I probably wouldn’t listen to him regularly, but if other people are interested, I don’t see what the harm could be.

  • Jeanine

    Personally I enjoy his reviews, but I can see where some of you are coming from. It would be nice if he wasn’t as negative about everything, but I still think it has a lot of potential and he can be truly funny. I vote yay.

  • FuZ

    Reviewer who doesnt stick to just WWE. I have watched every Raw Reactions, Thats my choice, you have the choice to watch it or not. I saw give it a chance Maffew

  • Syn the Mystic

    Negative? Yes. Pessimistic? Definitely. Professional? Of course. Humorous? Sure.
    Yay. Hell, even Fluttershy likes ’em.

  • Dean Rebel

    So, does this guy even LIKE wrestling?

  • Brian

    yay all the way!

  • Steve

    Yay. To all the people saying how “this guy sucks” or “this kid’s an annoying douchebag”, at least Mues it trying. What the fuck have you done?

  • Please god don’t make this a regular feature. His vocal range and delivery is as predictable as Bret Hart’s finishing sequence and he isn’t actually reviewing anything. If I wanted a teenager shouting at me for 15 minutes I’d block the drive thru entrance to McDonalds again. NAY all the way. Let his voice become dust in the wind!

  • N. Gaijin


    It’s just negativity for negativity’s sake, which gets really old really quick. It would be different if he were actually making a critique of the show and why it could be better, but as it stands he might as well be making fart noises during every promo/match. Not that I’m trying to put Botchamania over as some intellectual or artistic endeavor, but it does take some form of creativity to post the content that’s generally on this site and I’m not seeing that in this video. I’m not “hating on” Marc, either, I haven’t even heard of him until now. As people have already pointed out, there are plenty of other videos just like this out there, and the people that want to watch vids like this, don’t need Botchamania to find it for them. Posting your own Raw reviews (video or not) when you have the time will do just fine, or if you can find someone who is funny and creative enough to actually pick apart each show and make it consistently enjoyable, that’d be great too. Otherwise, there’s no need to bother just to try and raise this guy’s stock when it might wind up lowering your own.

    • Peter

      I disagree with your assessment, but I appreciate you putting out your thoughts fairly and respectfully. For the record, Maffew, I vote yea.

      • N. Gaijin

        No reason to be disrespectful, really. Maffew just asked for his fans’ opinion and I gave it. I’ll leave the angry guy/tough guy arguing over it to people who have the time for it.

  • So question, where do you actually find this guys other works?

    • cord or

  • gabe

    mues you da man i say yay

  • smoot

    Nay. I would fast forward past this guy. Seem like it would be awful filler for this great series.

  • PorkPiePusher

    Nay, not funny at all, sounds ike my brothers nagging while we watch RAW.

  • He’s good now and has serious potential to be better. He shows some of the comedic timing and editing skills that helped make Botchamania so amazing. So with that said, he’d make a worthy addition to the site.

  • Andrew H

    I didn’t care for this. Mues’ got a lot of his facts wrong (R-Truth was quickly confirmed to be OK and not missing action.) and his snark attitude if off-putting. Not to mention his comment about Jericho being a “watered down Piper” is just idiotic since they’re completely different people.

    I’d rather watch a review by someone who actually enjoys the product and offers constructive criticism.

  • Mark


    I used to listen to Marc’s videos, but he just began to get old at an invariable rate. All of his reviews are the same ranting, complaining, bickering, etc. He has nothing positive to say about RAW and yes that is his “job” as he puts it, but it just runs down decent shows and makes them out to be utterly shitty. Plus, I don’t think anybody will argue that listening to his wussy voice for over a minute is a chore by itself.

    So I stopped listening to his videos nearly half a year ago, and honestly my world has been a better place. I found myself enjoying RAW each week, and after listening to his reviews, I also found myself questioning my own taste. That’s not good. He never changed his act, and that’s what drove me away. He’s the same little pussy every video he makes.

    He’s opinionated and also very talented, but that doesn’t stop him from being more annoying than Michael Cole. Please, Maffew, I implore you… do not promote this kid on this site.

  • Patchwork

    I found it entertaining and found myself actually laughing out loud at some of the jokes. I say keep it.

  • shortncurly

    I say yay. Even if many people don’t like this, there are so many of us that are always looking for content like this. I like it and its just his opinion, nothing worth getting upset about. Id much rather watch something creative like this than go read on message boards how shitty everything is.

  • derder

    It’s “yea” not “yay” you illiterate fucks

    • penishead

      It’s “yay” and “nay” you illiterate fuck.

  • I’m with the Mark fellow a few posts above me, although without as much vitriol.

    I used to watch Raw Reactions each week, looking forward to it. Then, as I got more involved in my own podcast, I just didn’t have the time. The reason I wouldn’t make time for it is that Mues’s opinion never seems to waver about the WWE product overall. It gets to the point where you watch him crapping on segments which are either well done or get their point across fairly enough. Just leaves a bad taste in your mouth and of course it hardly leads to any innovation in the long run. Plus, the more he rants about the product in general, the more it sounds like he’s simply bashing the performers, especially ones which don’t deserve it.

    Add to this, I find Mues quite a bit unsavory, especially after watching his videos on Chris Brown’s arrest (which he nonetheless apologized for) and people who commit suicide in general. I didn’t watch this episode of RR, and I won’t watch it if it becomes a regular feature.

  • Fluttershy

    Fluttershy says “yay”.

  • Direwolf

    Yay, I am a fan of Marc Mues, so I am of course a little biased. What I don’t understand about some commenters above me is when they call him a teenager (he’s in his twenties) or a virgin (he has a girlfriend), but if he is just not your cup of tea, I understand. I for one would think of him as a great addition to the site.

    • He’s in his twenties and sounds like that? Man this guy must be tiny to have a voice that squeaky…is he a borrower?

  • SureSure

    Nay. Michael Cole could only dream to hit this Triple Crown of being factually wrong, excessively negative, and unentertaining.

  • HulkHoganWeComingForYou

    Nay. This guy is so biased and overly nit picky. He looks for things to complain about in order to keep his mediocre videos going. I watched a few videos of his on YT about random subjects that do not pertain to wrestling and he does the exact same thing. It really becomes annoying with his constant banter and whining. His reviews are all pointless to watch because of predisposition to showcase everything he found to wrong or not to his liking.

    What makes it all worse, is that I feel as if I am being force-fed this log of shit and he’s cramming it further down my throat with another hot, steamy log of shit – that is his argument. If his reviews were at least funny, I could tolerate it. But they’re not.

  • Jordan

    A. Yay.
    B. I realize this wasn’t the best Raw Reactions, but he can only work with what he’s got.And what he got was what everyone else got, a slightly below average Raw show. I admit that I’ve been watching his show for awhile now, and I know he generally finds the show bad, but give him good matches and segments he’ll give them sufficient amounts of praise.

  • Chris

    I always enjoy hearing another fan’s perspective but I really don’t like this guy. Everything he has to say is negative and he’s not amusing. I get enough armchair booking watching Raw with my friends, so I say Nay.

  • Cat

    For a minute i thought you were gonna incorporate it into the botchamania videos but if its just gonna be on the website…i dont mind. I did find his voice really high and squeaky and i’m sure mark henry isnt suspended…he’s just injured…right?

    Some parts made me chuckle…but not a lot.

  • Yyyeeaaahhh

    I’ma have to say “fuck him”

  • Rawisbotch

    i think i can do better

  • Rawisbotch

    i believe i can do better

  • Josh M.

    Definitely ‘yay’

  • BC Punk

    Jericho a PG Roddy Piper??? Outside of the Highlight Reel, that arguement holds no water.

  • travopie

    YAH! Good review. keep em coming!

  • Dickbutt Velasquez

    I vote jay

  • Bruce B

    Without a doubt, yes.

  • will

    the reason why you shouldn’t pick this guy up is because he’s an asshole. for proof, i bring you the feuds he had with rantingramsay and undertakerfreak1127. they both had very valid arguments and all he did was act like a fucking child. and let’s not forget how he treated the archfiend. the archfiend agreed with what ramsay had to say all mues could say was “piss off.” before blocking him. and when ever anyone on his facebook page brings any UTF, Archfiend, or ramsay, he blocks them and deletes the post. and just recently when i had something to say about him on youtube he told me to grow up. he’s telling me to grow up when he told archfiend to “piss off?” mues is a coward, hypocrite, douchebag, and can go jump off a cliff.