Oh, and some other stuff happened.

Cena was 2005 Cena for the first ten minutes. He’s always been fun when insulting people (hey, just like The Rock) rather than I AM GENERIC MAN AND I GENERALLY HATE EVIL. Someone complained that Cena was being misogynistic to an (and I quote) ”emotionally unstable woman”, but the important bit was seeing an evil woman who deserved it getting verbally chewed up and spat out, not the woman-hating aspect of it. I know that will be obvious to some people but sadly stupid people have internet too.

Sheamus won the Rumble and his match is maybe the 4th most hyped and most interesting match at Wrestlemania. Weird. Remember when winning the Rumble was used as part of an established feud rather than using the win to hopefully get someone over by itself?

The hell is Mark Henry wrestling for, isn’t he injured? If he is, you’d think they’d know better in 2012.

Truth and Kofi team up! Because they’re both black. And they pinned the tag champions in a non-title match. That’s wonderfully crap.

Ron Simmons in the Hall of Fame! The first black World Champion not named Bobo Brazil! He deserves it to be in the HOF. Funny story: Ahmed Johnson was talking to someone backstage (I forget who) and told them they wanted to be the first black world champion. The person pointed out Simmons had already achieved this, to which Johnson replied ”Oh, that didn’t count”.

They booked Otunga vs. Big Zeke. AND OTUNGA PINNED ZEKE CLEAN AFTER A MINUTE AND A HALF. This company really doesn’t plan long-term does it? You’d think they’d have Ace strike Big Zeke with his skateboard or something.

Undertaker’s promo was sticky. He sounded like that one Star Trek film where the Klingons awkwardly quote Shakespeare. The crowd WHAT’d him throughout too. Nothing is sacred. Triple H doesn’t want to end The Undertaker’s streak. Undertaker wants Triple H to beat him. It’s weird listening to Undertaker talking about wanting to lose and Triple H not wanting to beat someone knowing what these friggers were like with midcarders during 2001-2004.

Hell in a Cell at Wrestlemania! I’ll reserve judgement until I see it. I thought Undi/HHH was going to be terrible last year but enjoyed it.

There’s more heat for Bryan/Santino than there is Bryan/Sheamus. Santino loses to Bryan in less than a minute. What WWE thinks is a good idea and what I think is a good idea are two completely different things. Santino went from potential world champion to Jobber More Over Than Half The Fucking Roster in one day.

Cena’s spiel is about how much The Rock sucks and does films and has people write his stuff. Pot? Kettle? Awkward stuff here and most of the crowd knows it, as Cena sounds unlikeable because none of his films did 1/457565th as well as any of Rock’s. Also amusing how Cena is doing the British politics thing and saying ”Please cheer for me because the other guy is worse”, which ISN’T WHAT MOST PEOPLE WANT FROM A WRESTLING FEUD. Let me like or hate the guy, I don’t want to see him beg for cheers.

Battle Royal to decide who faces Punk at Wrestlemania! Jericho is in it. So are Santino, Kofi and Truth. Did they only bring half the roster? Great Khali gets eliminated less than a minute in, which would usually be bad but given that most of the matches have lasted that length tonight, he still retains what little aura he has.

Dolph gets tossed out by Big Show onto Barrett and Truth…Dolph splats on the announce table face-first and Barrett suffers an arm injury. ANOTHER injury? And you sadly know it’s genuine because he’s shouting ”FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK”. Kofi also nearly splats himself avoiding Vickie on the outside as he is tossed. Jericho wins a pointless match.

Overall Some entertainment overshadowed by a bunch of negatives. Same as every week, then.


(Thanks to the guy/gal who made and brought the sign, let me know your name if you want thanking!)

  • paynexkiller

    I thought it was a pretty good Raw. A ton better then last weeks Video Package, after Video Package, after Video Package… AT least we got PWG’s new trailer out though.

  • noahconstrictor

    Just an FYI for the next Botchamania, but at the beginning of RAW when Eve is walking out, there’s a fat guy on the corner with a phone taking video that is TOTALLY staring at Eve’s butt.

    • robert

      Haha. That was great. And he totally nudged to his friend. “Dude! Butt! Look!”

      • Chacha

        Not as great as the girl having an orgasm at CM Punk before the Battle Royale.

        • TL

          HAHAH so true, please include that, and add some epic music.

  • Justin

    Let’s not forget the combination of genius spot-calling and inability to move a man ringside with an ARM injury (it’s not like they had to stabilize his neck) that resulted in Santino landing on Barrett’s injured arm as he was eliminated. Three Stooges stuff right there.

    • Scott

      Yeah, Big Show was even looking at all that at the start. You would think that he could of communicated that to someone.

  • TM

    UMO sign is awesome BUT i think forever alone zack ryder is even better 😀

  • Croc

    No Ryder. No Kane. Several short, pointless matches. Weak.

  • typical post PPV RAW. We have two months before WM yet I don’t think we’ll be hearing about any other matches until a week or two before the actual show.

  • DynamiteEdge

    Santino has always been over and they give him the chance to progess.

    also the spot with the Big Show was done in a silly place considering the lack of room and Wade was probably lucky to avoid a neck injury as Dolph’s hip seems to go right at his head.

    • Scott

      I don’t know about lack of room (it looks like there would be just a little more room than the sides), I just think Big Show simply overthrew Ziggler. I think if Big Show would of did the same thing in the other direction (towards the stage), we probably would of had Ziggler cracking his head on the unpadded floor.

  • pete schick

    The prestigious Royal Rumble, where the winner headlines wrestlemania against the champion, or a ten minute battle royal on raw, where the winner also meets the champion at wrestlemania, only higher on the card.

  • Guide Dog

    What made me cringe was when Santino was thrown out, his head landed on Wade’s injured arm.

  • Samuel

    Ok I am gonna go on a rant:

    Anyone else wonder what happened to Mason ‘BAT-IS-TA’ Ryan during Big Zeke’s job? Similarly, I felt so sorry for the big guy hyped in the Cena EC video from FCW. Brodus Clay, anyone? They were a fun ten minutes, if you add up his matches.

    What the fuck is the point of even paying these guys? Khali is out of EC and the battle royale as soon as he goes in them and he gains bad heat when people watch him. Couldn’t Ryan or Jackson get that spot to try and get over, as opposed to a guy who failed after 5 years of chances? Could you imagine Undi in 91 and 92 initially being made to look like a beast against the midcard… faltering once, being taken off screen and then jobbing to Brutus Beefcake or someone? And yes, I’m not saying that Jackson is anywhere in the same league as Undi but fucking hell, if you make all your stars look like shit at the first opportunity then no-one will get over.

    Mark Henry, in 2012, got over as a scary monster heel. He debuted in 1996. It took them 16 years to figure out that a 400 pound angry black dude who could pound anyone and scare anyone should be booked as a scary monster heel. Compare with 91 when they looked at Mean Mark Calloway and figured it out straight away. It took Mark Henry 16 years to get to where he should have been Year 1. How long do you think it will take before WWE understand that a beast of a dude like Jackson, who has over moves (how hyped crowds would get when he’d powerslam the shit out of people over and over again), could maybe do with a manager and then be a beast worth trying to get over?

    It doesn’t even seem like they are just incompetent fools anymore. Instead, it strikes me of an absolute fear of failure. If you work with a guy and he turns out more Drew McIntyre than Dolph Ziggler, then I guess Vince is going to fire you and treat you like shit and why bother trying, right? And here I am definitely talking about backroom staff instead of wrestlers. Brodus Clay was only given, what, less than 30 minutes overall? (With no time for promos) Who the shit knows if he got over or not, he was never given the opportunity to do anything.

    I want to enjoy wrestling, where the good outweighs and masks the bad. But sometimes you can only forgive too much before you just have to shout ‘YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG’. (It doesn’t help that the main event at the moment is a woman who seemingly put herself in a position of nearly being legit raped by Kane to con John Cena like wtf. Or the Botchfest of the ME scene.)

    • Jumpin’ Joey Maggs

      Excellent post, seconded on all counts.

    • UMO_Grunt

      Eziekel Jackson doesn’t need to be a monster heel to get over he’s over anyway.

  • blackmariah

    I have to point out you shit on Cena’s angle in one paragraph, then implicitly support it in another. Cena’s spiel was about how they both might make movies but at the end of the day he’s always back in the ring (like Santino, Kofi, Big Zeke, etc.). It’s not the greatest, but all they need to do is limp into Wrestlemania and have the best match of their careers and who’ll give a shit about the buildup?

    I’m hoping they do keep Kofi and Truth together for at least a bit. That could actually be an interesting team if done right. It won’t be.

    • Cena’s blue collar, I get it, but what he’s inadvertently telling us in his effort to look like a man of the people is that the movie thing isn’t going so well. Sure, Rock might not head back to the ring, but that’s because he’s got better things going on elsewhere. Safer, higher-paying things that might get the attention of more than the same 4 million people a week.

      • Blue collar my ass.

        Think of the WWE as a school.

        Cena = excels Rock in attendance

        Rock = excels Cena in quality performance, charisma, and hell, make it short and sweet, successful without even trying much.

        Cena appears on the WWE more than Rock but what’s the use of having a near perfect attendance (excluding injuries) if you’re going to do your work half-assed anyway?

  • Toughguyrizzo

    I agree with Sam.

    Heel Eve, then Bella Twins turn face? Or do they? WHAT?

    I heard some fans yell “WE DON’T WANT THIS MATCH!” last night.

    Taker may have some rust, I’ll give him that.

    After Beth Phoenix and Tamina had a praised match at EC; neither of them show up on RAW.
    (Well, maybe tonight.) But we get that shitfest of a match with the Bella Twins vs. pixie stix double K and the other girl who will have 7 clips on Botchamania 202.

    Actually, including the battle royal, RAW last night will have at least 10 clips on BM 202.

    Santino. Speaking of Mark Henry, Santino has been around, paying his dues; the fans support him and still no push.

    I read Brodus needs more in-ring work. But I liked his gimmick.

    I’ll never have any respect for Cena. EVER.

    Jericho’s return has been a yawn.

    uMo sign was great!

    Also, if any of you guys are on Facebook, check this wrestling page called Busted Open. They on satellite radio and there’s a RAW talkback during RAW on the facebook site. Funny shit.

    • UMO_Grunt

      I’d understand giving Santino a push if he like Zack Ryder wasn’t saddled with a stupid as hell gimmick until WWE Creative does something with Santino’s character which I don’t think they will he should be kept far away from a push same as Ryder.

  • Toughguyrizzo

    Holy christ I sounded illiterate in that post. I should really re-read shit before I post.

    *During the Taker/HHH segment fans yelled “WE DON’T WANT THIS MATCH!”

    And yeah, check out Busted Open on Facebook.

  • Rude Awakening 69

    Think of John Cena’s “disease free” comment was really fucked up.
    I mean he is the most requested celebrity for the Make-a-wish-Foundation.
    I’m just saying…

    • Samuel

      I don’t suppose most of those kids are dying from herpes though.

      • Scott

        I’m with Samuel on this. If you take it out of context, yes, it’s screwed up, but let’s keep it in context.

      • Rude Awakening 69

        Yeah, umm what about AIDs

    • Humanoid

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that at least. Especially coming from a guy trying to take the moral high ground by accusing Rock of homophobia at every opportunity he gets.

    • WWEally

      I agree. Cena’s always been like this. I remember he used to poke fun at Vickis weight too. While later slagging out Michelle and Layla for poking fun at Natties and Beths bodytypes. I know its a face vs heel thing but considering Cena is meant to be the spokesman for antibullying. it seems out of place

      • Scott

        The way I see it, sometimes, it’s just the heels getting theirs, rather than Cena being a bully. I can get the arguments saying that it’s hypocritical, but, like I said, I just think it’s more the heels getting theirs

        • WWEally

          I understand that. I think more the problem I have is from the fan side than the TV side to be honest. That the fans will cuss out the heel for doing something but cheer the face for the same thing and some times worse. it just bugs me

    • Cena’s too indulged on burying The Rock that he forgets about his ickle fickle kiddies and the fact that he’s under contract with the Be a Star campaign.

  • Chris C

    I thought last night Raw was bad but I expect it to get better. They have over a month to build up Mania so hopefully they can get the ball rolling. What really bothered me last night was Michel Cole saying something like “he is a great in ring performer” it was about Otunga but that is irrelevant. Maybe I just haven’t noticed it until now but I would think that it’s a big no no to call a Wrestler a Performer as an announcer on TV. In my opinion that is a punishable offense if I were Vince I’d take him off Raw for a month. I’m pretty sure that this isn’t the first time Cole has done something like this, I think a few months ago he sarcastically referred to Daniel Bryan as a “Good Worker”. I’ve really had enough of Cole and his shit it’s not amusing anymore, he needs to go. I don’t care how much heat he gets he is disrespecting the businesses and he has no clue how to be a heel.


      ….seriously, are you in any shape or form brain damaged? Because I feel like I am after reading your nonsensical gibberish.

    • UMO_Grunt

      Yeah Cole disrepects the business more than Vince ever has the Cole hate is starting to get as stupid as the Cena hate in the sense that people seem to come with any excuse to shit on them. You’re seriously hating on Cole because he’s actually doing something that Vince has been encouraging for years which is to never call a wrestler a wrestler (due to stigmas associated with wrestling). Something that John Cena lampshaded during his promo the same night.

      I’m not making sense of your logic.

  • GugoBYW

    The only reason I’m not even afan of WWE RAW on Facebook is all the crap they gave us throughout the last 5-8 years, although Maffew I thought this episode was really good, besides some bad choices.

    Cena’s segments were amazingly good, and in such a circumstance in which Cena finds himself after the last 2 months storyline that tells all about a RAW episode in which we see 4 more minutes of wrestling than the average (nothing to talk a lot about, but still) and all the entertainment, finally, has a point…did someone say Brodus Clay?

    I’m not saying that all the storylines are being genial ideas, but some of the stuff that lead to what was (IMO) the worst Royal Rumble build up ever now has reasons to exist…I know, that should happen all the time, but hey, it’s WWE, and yesterday the coolest dude talked about professional wrestling for one second…someone in the back might have remembered what their show is about.

  • Alan

    I actually gained a little more respect for Cena during last night’s crapfest. He does have good mic skills when he’s insulting others. The “Disease free” and “skankopotamus” lines were good, but even in his tyrade against Rock’s hollywood antics, at least he did make fun of his own crappy movies. Coming off of a ppv that had 3 out of 5 matches being really enjoyable (one being a Diva’s match O.o), this Raw was very dull. They have promos that last way too long forcing them to include matches that don’t last nearly long enough. Otunga vs Zeke could’ve been good, but no. After the last few minutes of the WHC EC match between Santino and Daniel Bryan, Raw’s match should have been a fantastic and enjoyable event. Instead it lasted barely a minute. Daniel Bryan’s entrance lasted longer than the match itself. Sheamus wastes a couple minutes with Mark Henry, and we are rewarded with a 10 man battle royal to tell us that yes, Cry2J IS the man feuding with CM Punk.

    Overall, everything about RAW was utterly pointless. Undertaker was so dull even the crowd couldn’t get into his spot until Triple H intervened. We see Eve turn heel even though they failed to use her or Ryder during the Ambulance match at EC, even though that match had a full 30 minutes of nothing but Cena and Kane in a lame brawl (and ended with a full 12 minutes left before the end of the hour). The best spot of Raw was Santino having a small amount of success during the battle royal. A bit more than a month away from WrestleMania, and none of the matches are interesting because every single one of them is a MAIN EVENT! Remember the days when the term Main Event meant the BIGGEST, most important match of the night and was (almost) always the final match of the night. Yeah. At Wrestlemania, that was usually the spot for the Royal Rumble winner, but these days there are so many championships and superstars receiving shit pushes that everybody at wrestlemania is in a main event with the exception of the Divas.

    • Humanoid

      A lot of people are suggesting Kharma vs Beth at WM, but for exactly the reason you’ve said at the end, with every match being main event, I hope that doesn’t happen. WWE has finally got the potential to shake up the Diva’s Division, it would be a shame to waste that with a match with little build up that gets lost in the shuffle.

      • Adam

        They’ve got almost six weeks to build up to Wrestlemania. Given enough time, they can give enough build for a Kharma/Phoenix match.

        • Adam

          I meant to add, it also doesn’t matter how much build they give it, it will still be a Diva’s match, so it won’t matter to most people watching Wrestlemania. They’ve just got to do the best they can.

          • Samuel

            It is incredible how open people are, I think, to appreciating a womens match after Beth and Snuka’s daughter actually had some time to wrestle. It goes back to my rant about big guys – if we the fans aren’t given an opportunity to care, we won’t; if we have time to at least see something and give it a chance then you have potential to hook us in or try something. Honestly I don’t know if I like or care for any diva action in WWE because it seems so long (before EC) since a match wasn’t conviently pissbreak timed.

            You’d hope Beth v. Kong would be a place to start from in revamping the division but on the other hand, their best trained female wrestler has just been given a fart gimmick…

      • Alan

        I hope they do build a Kharma vs Beth match for WrestleMania. It seems obvious at the moment with the “Beth has no competition” angle. They need something good to beef up what’s quickly become a WrestleMania full of boring main events with either tired or pathetic attempts at storylines (honestly, I barely gave a shit about Cena/Rock when it was announced a year ago, and Cry2J has been less than interesting thus far in his return). I just hope they flesh out the rest of the card with some good matches. It seems they’re building up a Big Show/Cody Rhodes match (even though I’ve heard of plans to have Big Show vs Shaq at WM), and now that Barrett may have an injured arm, a possibility of a grudge match with Orton may be out. And now there’s the Johnny Ace/Teddy Long storyline that’s almost guaranteed a (probably comic relief) match spot. No sign of any really good under or even Midcard storylines exist. Dolph Ziggler’s world title push is coming to a stall. Jack Thwagger is still farting around with his dead end gimmick and occasional US title matches. Santino is getting some credibility, if only for 2 minutes at a time. The sad fact is that the midcard is currently made up of the WHC ranks with a sprinkling of a random tag match, diva match and maybe an underling type of match with Otunga as the undercard. I honestly think creative missed it’s biggest chance by turning Daniel Bryan into a wimpy heel after winning the WHC and not making him into an unbeatable champ. They could’ve had him win the Rumble, keep the WHC and then build up a match against CM Punk at WM and have Bryan come out as the new king of the hill and unify the belts once and for all. Do away with the WHC and you narrow the fields and return to a point where the IC title is more than just a piece of cardboard that Cody Rhodes has to earn respect for.

        • UMO_Grunt

          Having Daniel Bryan as an unbeatable champ would’ve made sense except WWE just did this with Mark Henry. Plus it’s hard to establish him as unbeatable champ when he’s loss more matches than he’s won.

        • Knowing Jericho, the reason why he’s no longer interesting gimmickwise is because he wants to make Punk look (slightly more) entertaining as well as indirectly bury himself. It’s a tactic, or more or less a method of “pushing” others, especially with Punk still affected after HHH’s nosing in.

          I’ll give him credit for being concerned but to me, Jericho’s killing his career with that decision by being anticharismatic.

  • GugoBYW

    One other thing: right before the match against Primo and Epico I thought about the fact that it was a while we didn’t see a battle royal on RAW. I remembered for one second how WWE was, how guys who wrestlingwise ranked lower than others would go for other belts, like Cody’s for example…or the tag team golds. As soon as I thought that, I realized Truth and Kingston after their performances at the EC would have been two good guys to book a quickly organized tag team to be a threat to the TT Champs. Suddenly commercials end and Truth and Kingston team up against Primo and Epico. Do we want wrestling? Here it is I thought, why wouldn’t they want to pin the World Tag Team champions and go for the golds in the future once they’re 2 babyfaces booked to team up together?!?

    What I’m saying is all wrestlers should do this, especially heels! Don’t u get heel heat if after WM Henry and Christian, angry because they lost against Team Long in which wrestled Kingston, decide to kick Air Boom’s ass backstage (if they were still champions)? That’s the way to have a wrestling show in my opinion: you value the belts, you get the guys heat, you make the guys look ike they wanna win matches no matter what and they wanna look the best in what they do, including chosing the right partner to get the tag team golds.

  • Christopher

    The uMo sign made me mark out, but what was even better was Big Show in the EC screaming “JAYSUS” at the top of his lungs when his knee was clipped from behind. He sounded exactly like Zandig!

  • Andrew H

    I thought this was a fairly good episode. There’s plenty to criticize, but the good parts really stood out.

    While I’m not a Cena fan, I thought his promo work was really good that night. He hasn’t been this captivating since his feud with Punk. It doesn’t come across as him trying to get sympathy at all. There was a little bit of the pot/kettle stuff, but he didn’t come off as hypocrite and showed that maybe he does care about being a good performer and not just going through the motions anymore.

    I do not want to believe there is any misogyny or sexism in Eve Torre’s heel turn, but I can’t pretend that there isn’t something similar. I hate that she’s been turned into a heel out of the blue and for no reason, but I just get the feeling that the audience reaction towards he is more for her being a woman than for being a heel. Some of Cena’s comments don’t help too much.

    I’m afraid WWE is repeating the “Lita’s a slut” storyline with Eve, and it could hurt her career. I hope they don’t go too far with it.

    • milkmanv1

      By that, you would be implying that Eve had a career beyond seizuring/booty popping in the ring to begin with.

    • N. Gaijin

      I concur. I really don’t know where all this bile is coming from. I think the strongest point to be made is that this year’s WM card is really overloaded and both championship matches (especially the WHC) are in danger of being buried under all the star power.

      Definitely with you on the Cena promo, I think he made very valid points that I’m sure he’s aware won’t gain him any favor with the fans. He didn’t come off as the “awww shucks, will guys ever cheer me again” Cena we seem to see from time to time, but more like he was just genuinely stating “guess who will be here after WM and who won’t?”. Whatever anyone thinks, it does a good job of segueing from his feud with Kane to his match with Dwayne at WM.

      I was actually pretty entertained by the opening segment with Eve. At the same time, I don’t know if I could stand promos like that every week from him. I much prefer Cena just being Cena than Cena lazily quipping out gay jokes or sexual insults – it just comes across as very cheap, especially considering he’s a face. I know Allison Danger likes her for some reason, but I’m really not that concerned for Eve’s career. I suppose she could pull a Trish Stratus and become a much more entertaining worker, but I’ve never been that fond of her very generic diva entertainer style.

    • UMO_Grunt

      Eve’s career is more likely to be hurt just be being in a division that WWE legitimately doesn’t care about and hasn’t cared about for about 5 years now.

  • Joe

    Dude, are you kidding me with that first paragraph? You don’t think there is any issue with Cena, a guy who is suppose to be the face of all that is good in the WWE, the guy who kids are suppose to look up to, the guy in all these “Be A Star” commercials, the guy who spends most of his time with kids from “Make A Wish”, you don’t think there is any issue with him completely slut shaming Eve for the first 15 minutes of the show?

    Are you fucking kidding me? I suggest you read this from a guy who’s obviously way smarter than you. http://withleather.uproxx.com/2012/02/the-best-and-worst-of-wwe-raw-22012-about-that-whole-eve-is-a-slut-thing/2

    • blackmariah

      Gimme a fucking break. If you’re too retarded to understand the difference between bullying and giving a bitch (of either gender) their comeuppance then I suggest you just turn the fucking TV off and go back to the playground where I’m certain some 12 year olds will let you know the difference.

      This is an industry built around people beating the shit out of each other. Sensitivity should fuck right off.

    • Alan

      that’s a load of crap. There’s a difference between bullying and refering to a chick, whom had just publicly admitted she is sleeping her way to the top, as a slut. The angle does have the typical WWE misogyny in making Eve slut her way up the ladder (a common gimmick for WWE females). It’s not much more than WWE creative doing some lazy writing to tear Cena away from the dumb Kane feud in prep for The Rock match. The problem isn’t that they had Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes calling a slut a slut. The problem is that they made Eve a slut. That said, I really couldn’t care less about Eve being a slut character… she’s just another completely useless Diva anyway. And really, what was the reason why she took 5 minutes to get out of the damn ring, even with the help of the officials/doctors/staff/whoever? That was the real bad part of the opening segment: the fact that they had to waste so much time after the spot was over just letting her drag her ass leaving the ring while she blubbered for no fucking reason. Way to put over stereotypes WWE… Eve is not only a slut, but she’s also an over-emotional woman who cries at the drop of a hat.

  • OctoberRaven

    Amazed that Ziggler (who looked like he became a human Pez dispenser) didn’t get injured from that bump.

    Also, I am going to WrestleMania, but for the sheer fact that it happens to be right in my backyard. Plus, Bryan and CM Punk, whose championship matches I saw coming when I bought the tix (though I was totally wrong on their opponents).

    But what I’m actually more excited about on WM weekend? A local indy show, featuring STEVIE RICHARDS.

    He’ll show them. You’ll see (you’ll see… you’ll see… you’ll see…)

  • Dean Rebel

    Comment of the Night:
    CM Punk: “I take it back, I would definitely NOT want to meet Great Kali at Wrestlemania” *laughs*
    Cole: “Probably for more than one reason” *laughs*
    *Both Laugh*

    I watched the Barrett injury in slow motion (because I’m morbid like that) He falls and lands awkwardly and Dolph’s knee comes down on his arm. It dislocated his elbow. The space beside the ring (or lack thereof) might have made an impact. If the toss is done to the ramp side, this likely is avoided.

    • Scott

      True, but like I mentioned before in another post, it appeared that Big Show overthrew Ziggler some, so we could be talking about Ziggler cracking his head on the unpadded floor.

  • milkmanv1

    JEEEEEEEEESUS, Maffew, you could do a whole BM just from last night’s RAW alone, from Taker stumbling over his lines (and the crowd giving him the WHAT? treatment), to Askana channeling her inner Jackie Gayda, to the car wreck that was the battle royal (Barrett’s elbow, Dolph’s splat, Kofi’s bump, Santino falling on Wade’s arm as he’s being splinted, Show looking like a deer in the headlights after injuring another notable name in 2 weeks). 202 will have some prime material.

    • Samwise

      I had a few looks at the incident and I think it is down to Big Show holding Dolph in front of his face so he can’t see the area to throw to. Truth isn’t quite in position and has to scramble quick to hold Dolph’s legs and isn’t quite there so Wade ends up taking almost all of Dolph’s weight on his one arm.
      If Big Show took one extra second, or held Dolph higher, the whole thing would have been avoided.

  • Mr. McMahon

    Cena’s comments to Eve were much too much, Maffew.

    A large part of the misogyny is in the lazy writing that had Eve turn heel in the 45 seconds before the start of Raw (!) because the writing staff couldn’t find a better way to put the Kane feud behind Cena in anticipation of the WrestleMania push. No one told the writers WrestleMania was 40 days away.

    Another part of the misogyny is that, in the course of a week, the WWE casts Eve from victim to their favorite role of social climber slut. Sorry, I meant evil femme fatale Jezebel.

    • WWEally

      Thats what I thought! It was totally what I thought it was, that this was just a way to cut all the strings from that storyline. and worse yet the only thing i see for this is that she will come out and say her and Kane planned this all along, setting up some mixed tag match for her and kane vs zack and a mystery female (Kharma?)

      • milkmanv1

        Dirtsheets are leaning towards Layla pairing with Zack

        • WWEally

          I’ve read that too. I just don’t know if the fans care enough about her at the moment that it would be a good choice. I think they’d need to bring her back sooner to make people care. where as with Kharma she could come out at the last moment

  • Casey

    Potential “Everyone talks too much” clip, right before Raw went off, Jericho was caught asking the ref “What happened to Wade?”

    No audio, but it’s easy to lipread it.

  • WWEally

    I pretty much agree. The whole HHH vs Taker part 3 bugs me. As you said neither guy will be doing ring work after this. at least until a later PPV. Taker will always have this Mania spot till he either dies or retires, but for the last 3 matches he’s faced guys who don’t need the win. Heck theres plenty of people who could use just the match. and the Hell in a Cell just makes me think that neither guy will put much into the match. The Hell in a Cells have been just plain dull matches for along time now and this will be similar to the Taker Vs Kane at the HIAC PPV I’m fearing.

    What the fuck was with the Battle Royale too? Why did they need to do it? Couldn’t they just have Jericho mention he was never eliminated for the chamber match as the whole match set up. Rather than have these guys who just wrecked their bodies the prior night. I guess you need a match there but no one seemed to be able to perform, and no one knew what was going during the match. To have a guy like Barrett who is becoming more and more the guy who will be the next big guy injured after putting on one of the best performances at the Chamber PPV is just really depressing and offputting.

    I dunno. I really hated this Raw.


    WWE has more then enough TV time over the year to make matches for Wrestlemania seem special but they still wait until its just over a month to push anything.

    WWE creative have built Wrestlemania around a match thats mostly been promoted on Twitter like its between two pissed off teenagers having a spat.

    Punk/Jericho only just got started after weeks of Trolling which has no bearing on anything considering Jericho was Heel when he left and didn’t need to turn a crowd that cheered when Orton kicked him in the head.

    Sheamus/Bryan could have been built around how they were both kicked off the main card last year as soon as Sheamus won the Rumble

    I think it all boils down to WWE doing what they want and not listening to the fans. Punk brought fresh interest after MITB but the whole thing ran out of steam due to Triple-H, Kevin Nash, making Del Rio champion for Mexico, and putting all the focus on Cena.

  • Mr. Chopper

    Hey Maffew – new bit for 202. Smackdown yesterday, at 3:56 in this clip:


    Bryan had been working over Punk’s left arm the entire match and Punk had been selling it as being unable to use that arm at all. At the disputed finish, Johnny Ace comes in the ring to lift up the arm of his “winner” D-Bry. Long comes in to do the same with Punk, only forgets that Punk’s left arm is out of action. As he’s walking up to Punk to grab his arm you can see Punk start to tell him to go round the other side under his breath, to which Long sort of looks like a tool and takes a few second to realise WUT DA HEYAL is going on.

    For everybody else, be thankful that Maffew goes for the whole brevity thing with BM. If it were up to me, it would be like a goddamned text adventure.

    > escape
    > run away
    > fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-


    > n

  • Ted X

    Cena cut probably the best promo of his career on Monday night. As soon as he went into that 2005 Ruck Fules “gangster” voice you knew it was on. He certainly pointed out a few things that probably struck a nerve with Dwayne. Cena is always good when he shoots. If Cena brought this intensity and substance to his promos every week, then I don’t think a “Cena Sucks” shirt would be necessary. Sure he will always have his detractors. I have been one of them since 2006. I find it very hard to ever find a reason to cheer the man, but you have to respect him for being a hard worker and always sticking to his guns. The IWC will never accept Cena in his current persona. If he brings a little bit of edge and attitude like he did Monday night, he may change a few opinions. Cena brought a new element to this feud, and I’m curious to see if Dwayne will change it up instead of his usual 1999 catchphrases and insulting Cena by calling him a female.

    • UMO_Grunt

      The IWC will never except Cena period that’s how picky they are.

    • It’s kind of pathetic that Cena has to go legitimately personal to prove a point.

      Seriously, is kayfabe dead or what? “Oh, look at *insert IRL smarky mark mark name of wrestling* doing this and that. I’ll use that dirt of his and throw it at his eye.”

      Also, what hard work? Just because the man claims to “come out week after week” doesn’t mean he’s doing a great job. No self-respecting man would dream of becoming a legit wrestler only to accept shit storylines and no-sell the opponents moves while squirming out with a win because you’re too lazy and complacent with the treatment your boss has given you since 2005.

  • The whole “Omg Hell in a Cell at Wrestlemania!” shit is kind of moot since they had one at Wrestlemania XV, regardless of how uneventful it was.

    • The idea is that these two are the kings of the HIAC matches, especially when you throw in Mick Foley getting brutalized.

  • jonlx

    Wrestlemania 28: Cody vs Goldust Miami Street Fight

  • Knowing Cena’s involvement with those anti-bullying campaigns it’s really hypocritical of him to say such stuff about Eve (albeit kayfabe, although how Eve got this job in the first place is still in question). What pisses me off about Cena is that he’ll talk shit about anyone in a semi-legitimate way, turn around and later cut a promo about how he’s this hard working guy and has his moral codes and shit despite executing moves and selling them in the most half-assed ways. Fucking two-faced bastard.

    I still don’t get the buildup between Punk and Jericho. Why zero in on Punk only? Because he’s the WWE champion? Maybe, but the fact that Jericho also berated Miz and other “ripoffs” should increment the number of “enemies” Jericho has had over that last couple of years to a point where the odds go against him and actually make his current gimmick slightly interesting. Sadly that’s not the case.

    Back to Cena. His match against Rock should have been for Survivor Series. Both had major moments in the MSG, so it actually made more sense. Rock should have been saved for a feud with Taker at Wrestlemania. And since it’s going to be held in Miami, it would have been THE perfect way for a buildup: the hometown hero vs the undefeated streak. But no, as always WWE fucks up.