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I’m almost peeved the great Art0Donnell got to one of the Women of Wrestling PPVs before I did, because there’s little chance of me being able to match this.

  • Rick

    Bobby Heenan isn’t a miracle worker after all. Even he couldn’t make this “wrestling” entertaining.

  • Apply a special class to the “p” tag containing the YouTube video (I suggest “center”), then use CSS to center-align the text of the special class.

  • James Kyle

    Try using the Smart Youtube plugin. You just add the url of the Youtube video to the text inside [] brackets and the plugin picks it up and embeds the video in the post. If you centre the [youtube url] it centres the video.

    That’s how I do it anyway 🙂

    • maffew


  • HopelesslyCynical

    Lee Marshall and Bobby Heenan? Well, even when shit is painted gold, it’s still shit.

  • kingjericho

    The botch/move ratio on this one is biiig

  • kostaja^

    Is it my understanding that someone paid to see this.. Its like paing to see the WWE divas botch on RAW/SmackDown… i always just skip those :/

  • OverKill

    absolutely. amazing.

  • StripeKing

    I used to watch this show when I was in college, mostly to heckle the matches.

  • Mister Forth

    Since we haven’t seen The Disciplinarian since, I’m going to guess she fell off the wagon thanks to Drew Carey’s beer as well.

    • Art0Donnell

      True story: I spotted her on a daytime game show many years ago (I think it was called “Card Sharks”). She talked about being a former pro wrestler called The Disciplinarian.

      • Mister Forth

        Did she take one more thing from Triple-H & make the others put her over?

  • Mastero


  • pete schick

    Maffew!!! comments are closed on the Vladamir page so I have to get this out… in the third picture is my personal favorite super fan, the leather vest and goatee guy. hes been in the front row for every east cast event from 96 on. ECW and WWF. I don’t want a seperate thread or anything, i just want other people to take note of this guy that me and my friends laughed about all through high school.

  • Andrew H

    This gives women’s wrestling a bad name, and that really upsets me.

  • Ted X

    The famous splash move

  • Bill

    This means WCW was not the worst promotion on TV in 2001. Let that sink in…

  • UMO_Grunt

    Maffew you probably could match this by adding out of place but ill-fitting video game music to the botches.

  • John

    Hey Maffew, got a new Windjammer…

    Curt Hawkins mentioned Botchamania in this weeks Z! True Lon Island Story… – 0:59 in.