URGHHHH. To me, there’s something painfully awkward about Kayfabe terms be thrown around on merchandise and on TV by companies. I know a lot of the audience know them, but that doesn’t mean they have to bring them up.

Maybe WWE agrees with me on this subject, hence the ever-loving awkwardness of the terms used (”I’M SO OVER”), the cragginess of the T-shirts and Dolph’s expression: They want you to look like an insecure turd wearing these and these are just a rib by the company on the masses of Stop Having Fun Guys that populate wrestling events. Or maybe they’re just bad shirts, I don’t know.

I’m the type of person who cringes at the glut of video game/sex shirts that are around (i.e. PLAY WITH MY JOYSTICK) so maybe I’m just a grumpy old sod. What do you Windjammers think (about the shirts, not me being a grumpy old sod)?

  • Abhorrent. Really, really pitiful.

  • Michael James

    “What’s your finish” sounds like something from a crap porno.

  • Chris

    What’s horrible about these is that there is literally NO DESIGN to these. What’s to stop me from making this myself with $10 of materials?

  • It’s dumb. It reminds me of the commentary of late-period WCW where the announcers threw around terms like “bump” and “spot” and “heat”, etc. to show the (just emerging from its infancy) internet wrestling community that “see? *wink wink* we ‘get it’! We’re ‘hip’!”

    Didn’t work then and it doesn’t work now.

    Wrestling works best when the people “on stage” pretend that nobody knows anything at all about how things work “behind the scenes”.

  • No sir, I don’t like it.

  • Botchlog

    I imagine most people will see the word “jobber” and think the wearer is some kind of poopsmith.

    • Kog

      Homestar Runner reference?!

  • Reid

    Okay, I get it when stores like GIMICK$ sell insider-y shirts. And hell, most of their shirts actually look pretty good. But WWE should not be in this business. At all.

  • ezenwa

    Why do they assume everyone knows these terms? Sure, most of us webgoers might know, but that doesn’t mean everyone does. And, even so, no one wants to bring it up. This doesn’t make you hip. It makes you look silly. And, by the way, the people who do wear shirts like these, are at least wearing more clever shirts…..at shows that don’t have WWE in it. Being late to the dance is one thing. Opening up a dance no one is going to because they’re at a better one or have been to one already is another thing.

    But, I’m pretty sure these shirts will sell like hotcakes. Because, well, someone thinks they are clever…

    • aldo montana

      “most of us webgoers?” my friend, children have the internet on their phones at the age of 11 now. anyone who has ever missed an episode of raw has come across a wrestling website that gives them inside info. i learned jobber when i was 16, and this was in the pre AOL dialup age.

      other people have fucked your girlfriend before you, and the internet wrestling community has more than a thousand dedicated fans in it.

      • Samuel

        I learnt what a jobber was when over a decade ago THE BLOODY JOB SQUAD had a prominent spot on tv. I know I was one of that tiny amount of people who watched the Monday Night Wars though and 97-00 was a black hole for wrestling, so no-one else picked up on this and had to wait for the internet to learn these things.

  • I’m inclined to agree with your theory that WWE has made these shirts deliberately horrible, much like their ‘Cena Sucks’ shirts. They want to humiliate the morons who perpetuate this elitist ‘smart mark’/’I always know better than the company in question’ mentality that some people have (most of them talentless 411mania writers like Wes Kirk). Let’s face it, if any of them do actually go ahead and buy the shirts, then WWE has made its point – no matter how superior they think they are, they’re still gullible enough to spend money on a weak product produced by a company they claim not to like just because they think it makes them look smarter somehow.

    Also, look at Dolph – you can tell he doesn’t even give a shit. They’ve put zero effort into these shirts, yet they’ll probably end up profiting from them. If that does in fact become the case, then this was a good business decision.

    • maffew

      I’m very glad you migrated from YouTube to the site to leave criticism LoafOfPint, you’re always a good source of sense and have a good perspective on things. Plus you hate Wes Kirk too.

      • Christopher

        Yay, everybody hates Kirk!

  • Cat

    They’re boring, i don’t like their non-design. Just pointless.

  • These shirts suck. If you want a wrestling shirt that doesn’t suck, check out Strong Style Apparel. Strongstyle.bigcartel.com

    • milkshark

      Don’t check out his shitty website, I already did it for you and it sucks… NO wrestling shirts

  • WalterKovacs

    These things are probably only going to be on the website, and they don’t really advertise them. So, the only people that are going to see them, let alone buy them, are the people looking for them. There is no risk for the company of having the terms out there with no context. Hell, Ziggler uses #Heel as a catchphrase, and Ryder was using various insider terms as puns for his web series. Hell, HHH had the whole “Game Over? Damn Right I’m Over” t-shirt a long time ago.

    However, these shirts are just white text on a black shirt. And they are selling for 20 bucks. That’s more insulting than anything else.

  • Birren

    Next thing you know, some guy is selling t-shirts with a Cornette face on them.

  • I haven’t seen smarky shirts this visually unappealing since I last visited the Barbershop Window site.

  • BiffBashSmash

    Logical next step; sell T-shirts to fans with “Mark” emblazoned on them

  • blackmariah

    I’ve long held to the notion that the WWE is way smarter than they let on when it comes to the smarks. I’d put this in the same category as Michael Cole’s run as a fucking annoying bastard last year. The internerds HATED it, and it drew more legit heat than any storyline or feud for quite a while. Put that in the context of Punk’s “shoot” promo, these shirts, HHH/Taker’s whole current feud being predicated on them being “the last of our kind”, Rock/Cena Twitter wars, Punk, Bryan, and Ryder standing in the ring together… the smarks are being fucked with hard. I guarantee that five to ten years from now whenever the shoots about the “PG Era” start turning up you’ll find just how much of what’s being done was completely intentional from the beginning, and ended up with the exact reaction they wanted.

  • Bill

    Still better than TNA’s “RDV” shirt.

    • Birren

      Nah, this is worse much.

  • Stick to compiling video clips and adding text and audio to them please, lawls!

  • Mister Forth

    The only good shirt of this nature was Triple-H’s “You damn right I’m over” t-shirt.

  • Ned Flanders


  • Coal Miner’s Glove

    Cwap-tastical, and done mostly to fuel Vince’s “I know what fans want better than the fans do” mentality. He cannot leave this soon enough, but his senility has apparently risen to new heights (not exactly helped by the juice and being a Sun King) and he’ll die if he steps away from it, Bear Bryant-style.

  • I hate reference shirts that lack subtlety. You know what I mean.

    • aldo montana

      RVD 4:20… good point.

  • Slambino

    Why don’t they just go all the way with it and have fans vote in their finishes and wins and title holders?

  • John

    Good idea, piss poor execution. I’d rather have the JOB Squad t-shirts back.

  • Jason Q

    I once considered have a shirt back in the day made up that said Heel on the front. But then realized it would be a bit redundant.

  • Wirehead

    So either WWE makes a shit load of money on these, or they don’t and quietly discontinue them with (I’m assuming) not much money being lost.

    Hate the company all you want, they know what they’re doing in the merchandise department.

  • Is this why Jericho is not longer Jericho?

  • AnonymousAsshole

    I’m buying one just to piss off you whiners.

    Well, I’m actually getting one because they’re legitimately fucking funny.

    But i’m also getting one because you guys are a bunch of pathetic fucking little no-life nerds that take every goddamn thing in the world way too fucking seriously.

    Fuck you guys.

  • AnonymousAsshole

    P.S: Maffew’s just pissed off because he’s not the one making these and selling these.

    If Maffew had come up with this first, or started making money off wrestling terminology, Botchamania catchphrases, or Cornette Face shirts, which are about as precisely creative as these, he would have been tooting his own fucking horn, and swimming in money himself and saying his idea was the best fucking thing in the world.

    But it’s WWE, and not him, so of course to him, they suck.

    Obvious jealously is obvious.

    • Christopher

      No no no, obvious TROLL is obvious.

  • Samuel

    WWE’s best ever bit of merch *austin 3:16* was black on white text. simple, elegant, a cultural force. It also worked with What? but I never cared for the many different Rock t-shirts in the same manner.

    And they don’t work here. Why? Well, the terminology thing is one big stickler – I legit get annoyed whenever it is used on screen (bar a few exceptions, and crazily i think ‘hashtag heel’ is catchy). Shooting the shit with friends or on the internet, I may use the terms in a descriptive sense but when I watch wrestling, I largely want to escape reality; similarly I don’t care about the technique in how Breaking Bad or whatever other tv show is made if I am enjoying it.

    But really, it is just because this shit is played out. (Same with the Orton-esque Ed Hardy shit). Digital printing has made t-shirt design better than ever, and the WWE have realised this as much as anyone. And they have used it to their advantage on ‘in’ wrestling ways before too! Think of the Cena AWA shirt for example, ticking all boxes. Not that I care for Cena enough to buy the shirt but you know what I mean…

    Also LOL at AnonArsehole, since when has maffew tooted his own horn? That’s like calling out CM Punk for doing steroids.

  • Scott

    While I get what you are saying, I don’t see too much problem with Dolph going around as “heel” or such, or the shirts being sold. If you are talking about some of the more in depth terminology, I would agree with you, but I think “heel” in the way Dolph presents it is a mainstream enough word.

  • PorkPiePusher

    Went to the theatre the other night, they put on another modernised version of Romeo & Juliet. The director tried sooooo hard to make it seem fresh, that he went and put on Guy Fawkes masks on all the actors in the masked party scene. It made me cringe and I walked out at the first intermission.
    – This makes me feel the same way.

    The other night I was watching a Dean Ambrose fight on Youtube. My gf walks in and asks: “So, who’s the villain?” I shake it off and point at Moxley. After Bryan starts hulking up and beating on Mox, my gf says “Yay! The bad guy’s gonna get beat!”. It made me cringe and turn Youtube off.
    – This makes me feel the same way.

    A while ago, my friend who trains aikido said that Steven Segal could beat any wrestler up at any time. I told him about Gene LaBell almost murdering Segal, and that LaBell himself traind alot of wrestlers and that a lot of them are genuine badasses. Upon hearing that, my friend told me in all seriousnes that pro wrestling wasn’t for real. It made me cringe and walk away.
    – This makes me feel the same way.

  • Matt

    Shirts like these make me think of this group of “smart” jackasses I always see during ROH and Dragon Gate shows in Chicago. One time they spent an entire Davey Richards v. Roderick Strong match loudly blabbing about bad TNA storylines and gimmicks instead of actually watching the great match that was happening right in front of them.

    • Polishmissle

      I go to every ROH Chicago Ridge show, they are very anti-TNA which is funny because TNA is filled with ROH originals. Otherwise the crowd is militant in their defense of ROH, where critical thought is not allowed. I’d expect them crapping on TNA but not by ignoring a sacred ROH match. I agree that come April 28th I expect to see a few of these shirts in the audience with the WWE marks who are great in number at ROH Chicago shows & act like Wrestling snobs.

      I myself am hoping to bring a big Cornette face poster to the show in April depending on finances at the time, if I do I’ll be sure to send a pic in to Maffeww. Lots of Botchamania references in my section at the November show. “I’ve been in the Danger Zone”

  • R.C.

    Man, these shirts sound so cheesy just like, “I’m The Miz and I’m awesome,” line. UGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!

  • K d and coke

    #its still real to me dammit
    Now thats a t-shirt i would buy
    Im mean
    You guys are awesome
    Thank you mr maffew for saying
    What needed to be said!

  • ollie

    If some one like the Miz comes out on Raw tonight wearing an “Im so over” shirt, it would be the greatest thing ever

  • N. Gaijin

    Any kind of “insider” language printed on a shirt devoid of any actual substance is going to come off as “trying too hard”, and that’s because it feels like an obvious and lazy attempt to pander at the expense of any dignity. The same goes for internet lingo or carny talk.

    A point I made elsewhere is this comes off even more awkwardly when you consider that WWe seems to be so driven to distance itself from “wrestling” sometimes. It’s pretty apparent this is just the company attempting feebly to rake in money off the back-end by “catering” to the fans that they seem to so ardently abhor. I know there’s very little in wrestling that smarks don’t know about, but it still doesn’t feel right for the company to be “exposing the business” so much. It’s an exploitation of their own product that could ultimately wind up destroying the industry irrevocably.

    Since no one else has, I’ll go ahead and say it – you are a grumpy old sod. I’m older, but you definitely seem to be grumpier.

  • Tomko

    First rule of Kayfabe is….you do not talk about Kayfabe…

  • Shinydan

    I’d consider buying a shirt with “HEEL” on one side and “SIT” on the other.