Given that WrestleMania is the annual Superbowl/FIFA World Cup/Morecambe & Wise Christmas Special of wrestling, it makes perfect sense to have some definitive ‘Mania botch collections, to educate and alienate fans old and new. It makes so much sense that it took me five years to actually do it.

There’s a lot of mistakes, mishaps and matches involving Hercules in the early ‘Manis so I’ve only been able to feature the first four in the first part. At least it means this mini-series will run as long as ‘Mania will (meaning that we’ll see Jimmy Hart actually age before this stops).

Also of note: Because of the importance of ‘Mania, all the usual video game themes have been replaced by classic WWF themes. Just because.

‘Mania 1 – The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (All American Boys)

‘Mania 2 – Owen Hart (4th Theme)

‘Mania 3 – Big Boss Man (Hard Times)

‘Mania 4 – Hall Of Fame Theme

Credits – South Park Credits

I struggled to come up with a decent ending and failed. ‘Credits featuring jobbers/Wrestlecrap’ was the best I could come up with, alas.

(Weird. I wanted this to be seen as something vaguely special, given that it’s WRESTLEMANIA clips. And yet the video is lower quality than usual due to my laptop needing a swift kick up the arse and worse still, the video is featured on Dailymotion because YouTube rejected it. Hopefully there will be some way of fixing this soon, stay tuned to Twitter and the BM FB to more info)

Special thanks to Art0Donnell for already editing Susan St. James’ commentary so I didn’t have to. THANK GOD.

Also Drew for pointing out the strange Bob Orton introduction.

Here’s a Dailymotion link in case the YouTube one buggers up.

  • RD

    They just the Velvet/Moolah match because Velvet had a wardrobe malfunction.

    • RMC

      yeah you can see that her shoulder strap broke so Moolah had to cover her really fast.

  • “The only guy I know who wore more chains than his ancestors”
    Good old racially insensitive Piper.

    Alright I guess it makes sense to have a guy “from parts unknown” but how the hell do you bill his weight with question marks?!

    • jonathan

      im not racist but that was a great line.

      • Jacob

        You sure sound racist…

        • Mike

          I’m sure you’ll be fine.

        • Ecwforever

          You sure sound dumb. Piper can be whatever he wants to be.

  • Croc

    Botchamania specials are always good. Not sure why, but the captions were cut off on the sides. Uh-oh.

    • Matt S.

      If your browser has a “pop up” option (like Maxthon), do that.

  • RD

    Replace just with cut.

  • bullbucanon shit

    That Hack Wiz Khalifa better give you a cut of his obnoxious Bing payday

    • tmxicon

      Who’s Wiz Khalifa? Guess I’ll have to Google him…

  • pxk

    this was great.

  • Matt S.

    Things kind of suck in my life right now so thanks for this.

  • Mister Forth

    I’m not sure whaat I found funnier, Hogan trainiung with a dude or Piper with the chains comment. 8:23 is my favorite fan run-in of all time though.

  • tmxicon

    Right in the middle of the “uh-oh” segment, Windex ad cuts in and starts with “Uh-oh.” Well played, chance.

  • Hey, it’s that dog

    Chopper Dave, we have Uh-Oh. I repeat. We have Uh Oh.

  • WeezeL365

    I don’t care if it’s on DailyMotion or YouTube, if you do all 28 WrestleManias all the way up to this year? You’re a god damned hero, better than RF Video, KayFabe Commentaries, HighSpots dot com, or any other DVD pushing website trying to either make us pay with our credit card to watch an hour long shoot interview on their website or YouTube, or buy their DVD plus a ton of shit we don’t want off their website.

    uMo 4 Lyfe

  • Someone

    Hey, excuse me if you’ve heard the idea before, but have you considered going through a collection of Karl Gotch matches to find botches and then make a video entitled “Gotchamania”?

    • maffew

      *Golf Clap*

      • Or a Dusty Rhodes video called “Blotchamania”?

        • Tank664

          dusty’s would have to be called muffleramania

          • Andrew

            Or “Bikeamania”

  • Nuxa1k

    More top work. I quite like the understated nature of these specials, the ‘lower quality’ makes it endearing for me.

    Unrelated – If King Kong Bundy won KOTR would his name change? I know he got to the final in 1987, but I wasn’t alive then (so don’t know if the commentary mentions this), the thought ran through my head seeing him for the first time in a while. He’s named after King Kong, which is it’s own thing, then should he win the KOTR he’d likely have to be announced as King King Kong Bundy…

    • bullfather

      I see what you did up there!

  • John

    This was good. Thanks. Looking forward to more before Mania this year. Uh oh.

  • Darmada42

    Botch on!

  • ICTimer

    Call it “CheeseSouffleSouffle 1” and maybe Youtube will accept it.

    It’s obviously a video about Cheese and/or Souffles.

  • CMfunk

    man, you can watch wrestlemania 2 and play a drinking game at the same time. everytime she says UH OH you drink!

    • Coal Miner’s Glove

      Sadly, if one would actually try to do it, I’d see their obituary in the morning: “PRO-WRESTLING FAN DIES OF ALCOHOL POISONING WHILE ATTEMPTING TO NUMB THE PAIN OF WATCHING A PRETTY BAD WRESTLEMANIA”

  • CBaum

    …uh oh…

  • BiffBashSmash

    Hogan/Andre at IV was a double DQ wan’t it?

    • Rick

      Correct it was. Both guys were DQ’d for use of the chair

  • Drew

    I was hoping to hear Joan Rivers botch Cowboy Bob Orton’s name. She calls him “The Ace…comedy…funny man, Mr Bob Orbuck” or something like that.

    Looking forward to the next one, Maffew! Keep up the good work!

    • maffew

      I added that to the YouTube one! I completely missed that, thanks Drew!

  • Jeremy

    Awesome! For the future installments, please keep the jobbers/South Park end theme. It works perfectly.

  • honkameter

    Haha. That Uh-Oh section reminded me of an episode of Sealab 2021 where they have like a 3minute section of people saying uh-oh!

  • BiffBashSmash

    Lord Alfred Hayes-amania anyone?

  • Dave

    Please include a clip from WM6 right before Andrea’s face turn. The Brain is screaming at him for goofing up and yells “I’m the fuckin’ boss!”

  • kingship

    BTW, Dick Ebersol’s wife said “uh-oh” 53 times in that clip put together by Art0Donnell. Uh-oh!

  • Jellybelly

    that SD Jones match reminds me A LOT of Brodus Clay matches

  • Andrew

    First Props On The Owen Hart Music Then You Get Big Boss Man Maffew Is King Plain An Simple