Second part of a long-due collection. ‘Manias 5-7.

‘Mania 5 – Demolition Theme

‘Mania 6 – No music. Huh.

‘Mania 7 – Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts Theme

Weird that Roddy Piper did something crazy nearly every ‘Mania he appeared at. Nearly attacking Morton Downey, Jr., painting himself black and hitting a referee right in the cock.I love you Roddy and I love your DVD set. In the previous video he shot on Mr. T, sold air and had a fan hug jump over the guard-rail to hug him.

I was surprised I could only fit four ‘Manias into the first video. I was even more surprised I could only fit three ‘Manias into the next one. I blame Piper.

  • Benomatic

    Rowdy Roddy Piper deserves his own Mania’s

  • Dave Dubya

    Whatever happened to wrestlers having good entrance themes?

    • AnonymousAsshole

      I don’t know, but Jim Johnston needs to be hired for more work.

      Whatever happened to his music?? All I ever hear now is shitty Top 40 crap and godawful bands playing generic shit that doesn’t fit the wrestler’s personality.

      I miss when themes were custom fit to musically accompany the wrestler’s persona, not just slapping on some faggoty Downstrait or Saliva song because the production is too goddamn lazy to have some personality in their music, anymore.

  • Brownie_the_3rd

    Demolition and Jake the Snake had such awesome themes

  • Rowdy Roddy Piper my fave heel of all time, ney my fave wrestler of all time.

  • Jeremy

    You kept the ending!
    I have to agree with Hulk Hogan, he did a complete 360: He started off as a selfish egomaniac only out for himself before the match and that’s the way he ended the match.

  • Flippy P. Hambone

    what’s really weird about the dusty music is on the dusty dvd version of the mixed tag match it’s still in tact but jesse’s commentary is edited out. it’s not really a fair trade.

  • BiffBashSmash

    Trump Plaza step = new table of Japan?

  • Jumpin’ Joey Maggs

    I am absolutely loving these 🙂

  • As a kid I always wondered “how does this guy go to all the biggest shows?”. Now I know it’s because Vladimir is “The Super Fan”.

  • No Blindfold Match?

    Also, am I wrong, or could Brodus Clay really use Slick right about now? He could very well be the One Man Gang/Akeem of our generation.

  • Coal Miner’s Glove

    Considering that WWE has used Dusty’s (awesome, but that’s implied) theme several times since that video/DVD was released–when Goldust did his Dusty impression, the Cody Rhodes gimmick-turn, presumably tomorrow at the Hall of Fame gala when he intros the 4 Horsemen–why did they feel the need to edit it out and replace it with “Bad LIbrary Music, And No, Not the Kind That Gets Used on ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia'”?

    • Greg D.

      Especially since they own the theme to begin with doesn’t make any sense why they would edit it out.

      • Coal Miner’s Glove

        I just looked it up, and the only reason I can see why they removed it was because they didn’t want to have to cut Jimmy Hart a royalty check.

  • Mister Forth

    Brother brother, I enjoyed watching another another. I could watch Piper’s dancing all day.

  • Mr. McMahon

    What they neglected to mention on that DVD is that Bad News Allen Brown Jones Hoodie was all about being a big bad black man from the streets; his finishing move was even called the ghettoblaster.

    Piper’s satire was in reaction to that. Being street tough (his own childhood certainly was that) wasn’t something one race or another had claim over. He was saying we’re all the same.

    Or he’s a Trekkie. Trekker. Hoodie.

  • Total Mark

    I’ve always felt bad for Slaughter that nobody ever wanted to take the beatings he looked so anxious to hand out.
    “Here’s a guy who looks like he could legitimately beat the crap out of me… I’d better make sure to show as much light between the two of us as possible!”

  • Ahem…

    The Rock whooped John Cena’s ass…

    That is all

    • PorkPiePusher

      Yes, and it was bee ess. This means that the main guy in the company – Super Cena, the man that even Face CM Punk can’t beat clean can be beat by someone that hasn’t wrestled in a decade and had achilles tendon surgery not a long while back

    • Todd

      The man whose been carrying the company for the past 5+ years, also carried that match.

      • AnonymousAsshole

        That’s impossible. Rock’s been gone during that time.

        Oh wait, you’re talking about that Cena faggot. The guy that has to rely on Miz, Triple H, and literally everyone else to carry HIM through HIS Wrestlemania matches where he wins every single fucking one of them?

        You know what? Shut your stupid-ass mouth. SuperCena can stand to lose a WM match or two, for once. The right man won.

        If Cena had won that match there would have been A. A riot at that show, and B. It would have sucked.

  • CMfunk

    Punk beat Cena clean at Money in the Bank. But besides the point…I highly doubt this is the end for the Cena/Rock feud. It just doesnt make sense that after the Rock getting the better of Cena for MORE than a year now, that this would be the end. I also dunno how much sense itd make to have super babyface hometown hero the Rock lose in Miami.

    I highly doubt this is the end of the feud.

    If we’re gonna complain about anything, complain about spending over 50 bucks to see a 18 second defense of the world heavyweight championship. This is Wrestlemania we’re talking about, not monday night raw. i paid to see sheamus and bryan put on an awesome match. what a waste

  • Jumpin’ Joey Maggs

    Saphire = Benny from Total Recall

  • Jumpin’ Joey Maggs

    Love the Wheel of Fortune theme for Dusty, how utterly random. Was half expecting a John Lesley run-in.

    Next time, the Undertaker enters the ring to the tune of Strike It Lucky.

  • 7footJobber

    I love the Maniamanias! They are are gret edition to the site!

  • PeePReeL

    Genichiro Tenryu has a guh punch waiting for you, Maffew.

  • Kyd

    Did anyone else mark out when there was a Sugar Dunkerton reference on this week’s WWE “Are You Serious”?

    • DJ Gabriel

      That’s actually some guy’s Twitter user name called SugarDonkerton

  • TOM

    OMG call that the STEP OF DOOM.

  • DebbieDowner

    I thought Hulk vs Slaughter was being contest under Slaughters New rules which was pretty much no dq which is why slaughter got away with using the chair in front of the ref. Also Wrestlemania XVII was the most ordered PPV at it’s time, probably thanks to the massive influx of cable into homes by the late 80’s.

  • DebbieDowner

    Sorry meant Wrestlemania VII

  • GUW’s GM Kevin Clark

    4 next Botchamania, check out the 2001 Survivor Series about 36 minutes in.

    RVD & Jericho

    Y2J: “Swinging Neckbreaker!”
    RVD: stands crouched 4 neckbreaker.

    refference vid: v=XZWt9ypDClE

  • yo mamma

    I’ll never forget the first time i saw snot hanging out of hacksaw’s head

  • Robert

    Is it possible to get a reupload of this?