Maffew continues to use his unnecessary popularity to get interviews with exceptional wrestlers who otherwise would ignore him. In this edition, we are joined live in the studio (apartment) with the great Canadian himself, Franky The Mobster.  We met to discuss:

-His CZW Iron Man Title and those promos.

-How he got started, that name and his friendships with Eddie Kingston and Kevin Steen.

-That one PWG promo, spitting on girls and signing old women’s breasts.

-Acting, hopes for the future and a boat-load of fan-submitted questions AND MOREEEEEE!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Franky The Mobster but were too afraid to ask

Warning: Strong Language abound.


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  • K*

    nobody knows who the fuck this guy is, or cares. go suck a dick and burn in hell matthew.

    • Turdmonkeyz


    • ZC3

       U mad?

  • Marking out too much here maff.

  • Mushroom Jones

    Both Matthew & Franky’s pure obliviousness on the last 10 questions was great!

  • Ted Winslow

    Stick to making Botchamanias.

  • Hey look, some cool original content, lets all hate on it as to discourage maffew from pursuing something kinda cool and that I would like to see more of.

    hate hate hate

  • Habbeeb13

    Videos bubba…you do the best commentary via your vids…do not try to become a journalist you are to good for that

  • mrchopper

    Botchamania’s Shockmaster moment?

  • Matthew

    Maffew, do what you like.

  • Djrave Rodriguez160

    interesting interview I always thought franky the mobster was funny, keep up the good work maffew as always and never pay attention to trolls

  • Dan Mitchell

    Great interview, don’t listen to what the other idiots say!

  • Windjammer Bob

    That was actually surprisingly good, you know your stuff and Franky was really entertaining to listen to.

    Nice job, kudos.

  • Great Stuff Matthew. I would really like to hear more of this kind of thing.

  • Great interview, but the interview was grainy and frank’s audio is kinda messed up.

    But I enjoyed hearing him. I admittedly never seen this guy, but he seems like a down to earth dude and now I’m going to watch his work lol.

  • Franky The Mobster is the best on Quebec Indy scene with Steen and Generico ! 

  • I met and spoke with Franky after an indy show where I was staff. Very nice guy, and much more humble than you’d think. I hope the guy makes it big.