Two months on the internet is the equivalent to two years in real time, so assuming all my fans haven’t moved on or died out, here’s Botchamaia 205: Brodus Clayfighter!


Hello, Happy Kingdom by Yoko Shimomura (Super Mario RPG)

Gygas Dying by Keiichi Suzuki (Earthbound)

Road Warriors by Miki Higashino, Masanori Adachi, Tachihi Iwase (Contra III: The Alien Wars)

Spaceport Alpha by David Wise (Diddy Kong Racing)

Thanks to…

Clint for the Icarus Intro

Icarus for being filmed

BigMikeyStyle for the ending

Shane Radicall for the ring break

There’s been a large gap and two more PPVs since the last one so expect BM206 soon!

  • ZerickX

    great new botchamania

  • Butt

    It was makeup that rubbed off on her pants. Fake tans from spray/machines don’t rub off.

    • Miz and HBK must love their makeup then ūüėõ

      Steiner being on Twitter is just about keeping us BM fans on life support. HUH!?

      • TreyLouthan

        Is that truly, honestly Scott Steiner? Those tweets are out of this world but a tad unnatural of a guy who’s supposedly still employed by the company he’s trashing.

          One would assume so as it’s on his official site (which doesn’t look great, but I’ve seen Kevin Nash’s website, which has an 80$ fan club and is even more poorly designed).

          It’s also hard to imitate someone on twitter in that way, I would expert more Botchamania style quirks to his tweets if it were fake. HUH FAT ASSES SYMPY RESSULED A LOT OF COUNTRIES etc.

          Get on it if you’re not already on it to the rest of you, even if you don’t care about TNA (as must of us don’t), and only care about it for it’s moments of shitness and might watch the odd match on youtube – It’s the best account on twitter.

    • Desicas

      Its probably bronzer or bronzing powder.

  • TT

    Who’s the guy that is put on the side of CZW clips?

    • Van Hammerstein Ballroom

      That would be Zandig, owner of CZW and also the guy who said “JYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESUS!”

  • Crimsonkamen2000


  • Everyday is Khali Dancing Time!

    • MariusV

      Punjabi Playboy ^^

  • macho man randy sausage


  • Buddy system style

    the drought is finally over!…rejoice¬†

    • Buddy system style

      Cena does not have to write notes on his arm for his promos becasue they are usually the same and always absolutely SUCK!

  • Funkychunk

    I’ve been wondering this forever, but you does the “huh?” at 5:52?

  • Outsider

    hey hey hey hey watch botchamania everyday

  • Coal Miner’s Glove

    Don’t know what I liked more: the Beach Boys commentary or Raoul Duke being urged to go back to Smoky Mountain.

  • Me Guesta

    Suggestion: Get an ending with relation between Wrestling and Skyrim.

    • the wise

       What like Rhino goring Jericho through the old smackdown stage and the FUS RO DAH noise synced up with it?

  • Gustythered

    My number one hope with this was that I would see Rock calling for a DDT in the loudest, most obvious called spot I have ever seen in my life.  Just absurd.  Thanks for delivering.

  • Awesome timing with the guy breaking the ropes. Botchamania is BACK!

  • Jacob

    CZW is the reminder to the world of why wresting is dangerous. Especially if you f*ck up.

    • NihilismX33

      More like CZW is the reminder to the rest of the world how truly fucking awful wrestling has the capacity to be.

  • the wise

    Nice one Maffew, was waiting to see if you had the bit when Jericho hits punk with the jack daniels bottle but the sugar glass breaks in his hand a second before he hits him with it. They decided to show slow motion replays despite it being an obvious fuck up

  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    Hey dudes, don’t forget to mourn my dead body that snapped like a Slim Jim at Over the Limit, ooh yeah!

    First 5 to corpse will be corpses and will be fed to Jake the Snake’s pet Damien, yeah! And you guys will feel the macho madness, no more sadness, just anger and phlegm covering your faces as Cena defeats Ace YEAH! And Maffew will finally get laid with a transsexual italian named Vito Corleone YEAH, and on that night Maffew will learn the meaning of the phrase DIG IT the hard way, ooooh yeah!


    Great stuff as usual ūüôā

    Maybe it’s just me but I always took Jericho’s “I would never drink and drive” as an in joke. They really had no reason to put that line in unless they were poking fun at it

  • grievousgeorge

    RAW SUPERSHOW has always had that name not for four months but for nine months so botch on you Maffew. Celebrity woman is Maria Menounos and also that was Jericho lifting up his knees to try to counter the MAcho Man drop and then he fucked up his Codebreaker so that should make you have a good idea of what that was.