• cultstatus

    Man, Darren Drozdov really let himself go. 

    • I don’t think a Paraplegic will have TIME to work out. 

  • Inkall

    “Botchamania 207! With Gregory Irons”

    Oh man he’s gonna kick your arse.

  • hesatool

    Does every Botchamania have to involve vomiting nowadays?


  • johntcole

    As long as Cena is kept out of the title picture I don’t care who he feuds with.  Daniel Bryan feuding with CM Punk more than makes up for it. Hell, Cody feuding with Christian more than makes up for it.

  • CleverTrousers

    Jeeze bro, TNA needs to get their shit together.

  • Inkall

    Aw man so much nostalgia when denzil dexter appeared on screen.

  • Steiner’s backflip powerslam is impressive. I’ve heard he performed that move in the past from Petey Williams’ interview on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast but I’ve never seen him doing it before…man, that takes some guts. Upper body strenght helps too, though.

  • “Gregory Irons” is better than “Jeremy Peck”, though.

  • evilmidget

    Dammit, now I want Taz to go back to WWE so they can put him together with Booker

    • The Yeti


    • CleverTrousers

       That would be make some God Tier commentary

  • TreyLouthan

    Alright, fine, I’ll do it.

    14:14 “He’s gonna- He’s- He’s gonna!…HE’S GONNA PUKE!”

  • Jsunalec

    TONYPIZZAGUY IN FRONT ROW @ SACRIFICE. With the Machinima shirt.

  • Ahmed was hilarious – I have to admit though, my least favorite segments are always the CZW stuff…it’s always a given that those matches will be botchfests. The WWE/TNA/WCW stuff is way funnier. 

  • Mister Forth

    Now we know why Cena uses feces in jokes alot, he can’t make his own.

  • Rob_van_daniel

    no graphic spelling his name. You cold bastard lol

  • grievousgeorge

    What does META mean at 3:33? Bobby Roode and Kaz cut their hair? FUCK THIS COMPANY!!! Armpit fetish from Tony Atlas FTW!!!

    •  Meta is a bastardised version of post-modernism. Simplified, it means to be self-knowing and to use your prior knowledge to subvert the norm. TNA knew, like the fans, that Kennedy-Hardy is a garbage idea in 2012, with infinite potential for botching – so why not make that part of the finish? At least if they could see it coming, they could work with it, instead of just reacting to mistakes. Meta.

      • Also while on topic, wrestling needs some sort of sophisticated fan polling system. In this case, so we can see which rehashed bullshit from the mid00s produces more ennui in 2012 – Hardy – Kennedy or Cena – Show. (Personally I’d vote the later. I was excited as can be about the Lesnar fued and even pre-ordered the ER dvd as a monetary show of support… and now I have officially stopped watching Raw. I’ll come back for MITB/Summerslam if rumours are decent.)

        And while I am in the mood to rant about it: anyone else feel like WWE know more about Cena than we do, think they need to shot-gun him through every potential fued possible before hanging him out to dry/firing him/seeing him quit or something next year? Since this time last year he has faced The Miz, John Morrison, R-Truth, CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, The Rock, Kane, Brock Lesnar, Johnny Ace and Big Show in PPV main events! And there was 1 PPV he didn’t wrestle! This seems absurd and unprecedented, to shot-gun THE MAIN GUY through 10 different fueds in 12 months. It can’t be just that the backstage folks are so confused as to tell a story (They still have fucking Steamboat and Arn Anderson working there).

        I don’t know. It just feels like a hyper-version of Hogan in 1993, booed by crowds, nothing to actually do (well done with the Lesnar fued WWE… that got people excited for a minute, best shit all over it by showing that Lesnar is more beatable than Johnny Ace and a knit-hat punch), an accidental hindrance. In a year and a half he’ll be fueding with 2014’s Dungeon of Doom… I am just worried that it will be in WWE and not TNA. Regardless of what I think of the guy, it is bordering on embarrassing for the whole sport now, in a way that many more people than Cena is culpable for.


        On the other hand, BM is just as fine as always maffew. The Taz opening makes me giggle uncontrollably and it was good to see an old IYH.

  •  the highlight of every BM now for me is the Taz/Oompa-Loompa opening.  I fucking lose it when I see it.  Also of course…BOBBY  ROOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

  • Mr. McMahon

    Brock sucks. Those are my feelings. Nothing more.

  • Dr.Ugs

    Figured you would have included Crimson saying in his Sacrifice promo that Matt Morgan is 7ft10″

    • I thought it was obvious he was over-exaggerating because he’s a heel bragging about beating Morgan.

  • Finally, the inclusion of Ripper…..ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Garyrocker34

    Big Show vs John Cena AGAIN U dam right thats Boredom AND Suffering

  • Not a smart mark

    You could at least have given Iron his graphic in comic sans

    Thought the two CZW guys actually did a pretty decent job of covering the broken table botches

  • skankeve

    new slogan for brock:  here comes dat feel.

  • Has Corny ever been asked about that Express/Dudes situation? I’d be interested to hear his thoughts.

    Also… between fat guys barfing and Triple H rolling in pig shit, this episode is probably a dream come true for any wrestling fans who also happen to be scat fetishists. *shudder*

  • The Banter Bus

    Really? 2.09 before it even starts?

    • Desmond

      Maybe you can get your money back.

  • botchfan

    Wanna See Something Crazy?

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Anyone see Impact last night? Garrett Bischoff botched a HUG. Yeah…

  • JMc570

    The ‘blurred’ out hogan sign guy, was also sporting an ECW shirt. 😀

  • That was good, I don’t get the ending but I don’t want it explained to me. I’m fine with being to dumb to get it.   http://youtu.be/X7dODJFf4JA

  • kingship

    I would totally watch Botchamania from this site and not go to YouTube if one-fifth of the screen wasn’t covered by a red border (on the right). I can’t be the only one to notice this…. right? My bitching aside, a very nice episode Maffew.

    • PlanBFromOuterSpace

       This happens to me too, pictures getting cut off on the right side and stuff.  However, it doesn’t appear that way when I’m accessing the site on my phone.  Weird.

  • Shitgooseington

    stuff, you’ve really hit a good stride with these last few videos. Not too much
    weird commentary or CZW or women’s wrestling, just great!

  • Zakk Mylde

    i’m sure the fat guy puking looks familiar. wasn’t he the one who sang opera on the latest series of britains got talent? :/

  • Smush1

    classic wcw moment #108 – the legend of zelda, wind waker
    love it

  • Hahaha

    Good Lord I tapped with AEROSOL. HAHAHAHAH

  • Trigga

    Who is that pukin guy at the end? is he still alive, that looked kinda sick

  • What is the song list for this one?


  • Redbrenden

    The guy at the end i think died right there 

  • does anybody know the song used in the match with bully ray vs austin aries 

  • Random Person

    i love botchamania!

  • 7:13 I fucking lost it when HHH got hit in the face with the pop. I remember watching that match on the Most Amazing Matches tape.