She’s joining TNA. And Impact is live this summer. It’s going to be a long few months. Filled with hilarity.

  • Me

     I bet she could grow one mean looking ‘Hollywood Hogan’ stubble

  • CSick

    is that a dude?

  • I can’t wait for the chapter in The Death of TNA which is just pictures of Brooke’s adam’s apple.

  • Shoemoodoshaloo

    Please tell me that this is just a user-edited photo and not the official photo TNA is going to use!  Holy shit, that’s a hideous shot of her.  I didn’t think Hogan was capable of making the show more about him, but his ego is even beyond my comprehension is seems.

  • johntcole

    Maffew I’ll one day hunt you down for posting this.  It is my new goal in life.


  • DreadJester

    That looks like a thinner version of Vanessa Feltz.


  • Mister Forth

    It’s not like she’ll get overpushed just for a last name, right? Right?

    • Mateus Araújo

      Right! TNA will give their best talent top spots and she will move sideways or backways, just like David Flair.


  • Jumpin’ Jeff

    Kill it with fire!

  • This is a yappa-pie no one asked for brotha 🙁

  • And then TNA fans, whomever they may be, wonders why no one will take them seriously

  • Guest

    Boomchicka wow wow.. It won’t be long before the Hollywood Hogan NWO guitar rift will be playing in the background of the One Night In Brooke porno DVD.

  • grievousgeorge


  • Not a smart mark

    Insert Dusty Rhodes “He’s got a bicycle” comment here

  • fiffy

    Stubble = Improvement

  • <3

    What happened to her? I remember seeing her on that hogan reality show some years ago and she was pretty hot. Now she looks like 30 years older 🙁

    • MANnY

      Alcohol drys out your skin. She drinks way too much and spends too much time in the tanning booth.

  • Leon

    Hey, Maffew. I made this little picture that was inspired by your videos. I hope you like it.

    • Joshua Ross

       That’s cool man!

    • ADaMCEL

      Loved those two, man. Congrats  🙂

      Maybe Maffew could put it in the next “Bobby Roooooo” BM moment   XD

    • Mr. McMahon

      That cracked me up, Leon!

  • What is that?!….What the fuck is that?…WHAT IS THAT, PRIVATE PYLE?!

  • Bob_Gray

    I thought rich people could afford NOT to look like shit…

    • johntcole

      You think if she was rich she’d be doing this TNA shit?

      • Bob_Gray

        Point taken, bitch is still goofy lookin’ though.

  • Looks like the steroids kicked in a while ago!

  • 12345

    Remember when she was a hot teenager? Yeesh, she looks exactly like Terry now.

  • Gomer

    Holy JEEZUS, TNA needs to give their camerguys double pay for having to film that shit.

  • Kingchuffalo

    Holy crap! I’m at least ten years older than she is and I look younger than she does(without the ‘stache), that’s just hideous.

  • maffew

    The chin works

  • Dr.Ugs

    She already looks like a tranny in the top photo. No need for the moustache.

  • plazzy

    I see Nichole Bass is giving wrasslin another shot

  • Nutsac

    she keeps this up she will be as ugly as nicole bass

  • guest

    Why is Randy Orton wearing a wig?

  • Mr. McMahon

    Beefcake’s thinking, “This’ll work.”

  • Papa Squat

    hey its Terry Boulder

  • Psychosid66

    What has been seen cannot be unseen.

  • Logic_use_it

    Brooke Hogan! We comin for you nigga!

  • whoa whoa whoa, why is Triple H going to TNA?

  • Sin Botcha

    I think you mean Chris Crocker is joining TNA? 

  • chris

    That cleft chin……

  • BollywoodBulkBogan

    Hogan always wanted a daughter, that’s why he turned his son into one or so the story goes. -bleech