I watched Raw for a bit, got bored and decided to read the report when I get it instead (which I’ll post along with last week’s, which I er forgot to post). Here’s something better in the mean time.

  • Micahmyers84

    I made a Steiner Bros. shirt. It is on RedBubble 

    Check it out!

    • DM


  • Man, did anyone have as much natural charisma as Sid? Shame he never quite had the coordination and ring awareness to go with it.

  • Who was that unnamed giant? This is too early for Reese, isn’t it?

    • Papa Squat

      i just looked it up it was Tyler Mane.  character name was Nitron.  he was also Sabretooth in the first xmen movie and Michael Myers in Halloween remakes

  • Indealingwith

    Waylon Mercy!

  • I’m not the first, nor will I be the last. I can’t believe that that was what Scott Steiner used to look like.

    • Eric Griffith

      I honestly can’t believe it’s the same person.

  • Joe Petrow

    Was this where Scott punctured Sid’s lung?

    • Matrixz127 of Youtube

      “And there “might” have been countless other people that respected the WWF for going on, and who from then on had a positive opinion regarding the company.

      I know at least two persons who started watching the WWE just BECAUSE of how they handled this incident.

      See, I can use unverifiable hearsay too!”

      Too bad you weren’t the one that died at Over The Edge! NOBODY would give cow dung about your worthless life you failed abortion!

      • Matrixz127

        Yea you can stop impersonating me now.

        Fun that you’re using “Matrixz127 of Youtube” as a guest account name, when you could have commented here using said YouTube account if you weren’t an obvious imposter.

        • Tomahawk1775

          And you’re a sad delusional piece of s@$t who feels the need to have multiple accounts and then deny that you posted them in the first place because you are more brain damaged than Chris Benoit!

          You, motherf@$#%r will die one day in your s@$t!

  • Funnydego

    What was the point of the “giant” coming out of the post match build up was for the 8 man tag? That skinny muscle guy that whoot whoot’s it up towards the beginning is awesome, the crowd is so classic looking. Gordon’s explination of the two teams muscle differences is hilarious. Awesome in total.

  • Papa Squat

    another tag team match by Teddy Long

    • Papa Squat

      and was that Kevin Nash?

  • freshlemon

    Compact muscles give the Steiners hidden powers? WTF Solie?

    • Eric Griffith

       He was trying to say they have low centers of gravity so they have an easier time getting under the bigger guys to do power moves. Kind of like how a 5’8″ 220 lbs running back is fucking impossible to tackle.

  • Eric Griffith

    It amazes me how freaking good the Steiners were. One of the best tag teams ever…

  • GistoftheFist

    Awesome match, better than Impact which is on right now..hey, how come Ric’s boots didn’t match?

  • Image

    Oh, I miss me some Skyscrapers and pre-BPP Steiner Brothers.  The psychology was non-existent, half the moves were clotheslines, Spivey had exactly two offensive non-strike moves and almost repeated a spot, Scotty managed to drop himself on his head twice in three seconds, the Steiners have “hidden powers” and the post-match interview was four men mumbling at the top of their lungs.

    And NONE of that mattered.  At least to my wide-eyed child self.  Ahh, to be a young mark again…