Marc Mues asked for another shot, so here it is. Watch, enjoy and comment…not necessarily in that order.

  • Allow me to first of all thank you, Maffew, for featuring my program on the site. I can only your fans receive it well enough for it to be featured regularly. 

    • Mark

      I can only you go away.

  • Dylan Murphy

    Is Marc your first name or are you just describing yourself?

  • Moarclever1337

    Keep Mues! Love this series.

  • Jdrogue84

    I laughed my ass off! I say keep him!

  • thatfallout3guy

    I’ve been a fan of Mues for a while, and he hasn’t gotten stale to me. Definitely keep him, he’s funny, and keeps a really good upload schedule.

  • Sidewalkslam

    Not really a fan of some guy shouting over shit Ive already watched personally. no reason it cant add to the others on youtube

  • Jeff

    Wow, really weak segment.  This is not Botchamania material.  I only made it through about 2 minutes before I had to ‘x’ out of the window with disgust.

    The beauty of Botchamania is that Maffew truly LOVES wrestling.  He never puts down anyone, even if it is deserving.  I mean, he did an entire series of Scott Stiener fuck ups but you can still see he respects the guy and values his work.  Maffew’s not a cynical smart mark that thinks its funny to mock product because it will make him look cool.  I assume the entire piece consisted of what the first 2 minutes did; some 13 year old kid thinking it’s cool to knock WWE, because that’s the popular thing to do this day and age.

    You have to look at Raw objectively: Based on what WWE had to work with: limited Lesner dates, suspension of Jericho, Orton and Rey Mysterio and no Big Show; it was a pretty damn good show.  Sure, the Cena segments were cheesy, but that’s what sells the baby gap t-shirts. 

    I mean, c’mon Marc, you had the smart marks’ wet dream in Punk vs. Kane with Bryan shooting a YES promo before!  (Here’s where I become a hypocrite and bash talent) I mean, two 150 lb guys that look nothing like athletes, with one prevalent bitching, are competing for the title??  They’ve built something out of nothing with that stupid AJ storyline and made the triple threat at NWO a possible show stopper.  That’s compelling stuff.

    The writing for Raw was weak, but in their defense, they tried, and did make it an fun show which is all you can ask for with the current talent and last minute re-writes.  We will never get back to the Attitude era, but after Cena’s promos leading to Wrestlemania, Ziggler’s modern day HBK work, and Del Rio in the mix, the show is still worth watching with an open mind to see where it goes.  Let’s see if WWE can build talent, and if talent can get themselves over in the modern era without shooting a cry baby promo to do it.

    Went off on a tangent, but bottom line, not something that belongs on this prestigious website.  Am I ass kissing?  Maybe, but Maffew has earned his credentials and made this a website I look forward to every time he updates.  Every assclown that has a segment or opinion shouldn’t be allowed on this page.  (If that includes my opinion too, I respect that)


    • septimar

      How can you write 6 paragraphs about a video you only saw 2 minutes of? Watch the whole thing or be silent.
      Again with this “13 year old kid” bullshit like in the last thread. Mues is in his Twenties, people!

      •  Yea, I agree. At least watch the whole episode before leaving a comment. Especially since it sounds like Jeff and myself are on the same page about most topics/storylines anyway.

  • Guest

    Keep Him

  • Alastair101

    I liked it alot more than last time.

  • Leon

    I loved the video. A whole lot better than all of the RAW reactions/reviews on Youtube.


  • Marc is amazing at what he does. Thanks again and I hope you keep up the great work!

  • eugenesteamboat

    Not bad, wish he talked a little more. there are points i felt i was just watching a raw recap, sans reaction. I can deal with the cynical behavior, this is botchamania after all, the site is all about mistakes.

    the goal for me is to not make me feel like i’m dumb for being a wrestling fan. I get enough of that at home and work. the wwe already makes me a little ashamed of myself for still being a fan, i dont want to sit down to watch something “as a a fan” that laughs in my face and calls me a sucker. Muses makes fun of the mistakes in production, which is how botchamania has kept my attention.

    i say keep him around, its a nice filler between botchamanias and more fun than watching raw clips on the wwe homepage.

  • Mastero

    Dude is wack. Not witty at all, just complaining for complaining’s sake. No insight.. no entertainment, no replay value honestly. If you’re gonna feature anybody else on this site, make a post whenever Tri.Moon drops one of his “What They Didnt Want You To See” videos.. otherwise.. nah

  • Czuie

    I like the fact that I can watch Raw in about 12 minutes without having to leave

    i’m content

  • Zack

    I absolutely hated Mues’ first video that was posted on this site. It was childish, he complained about things in the show that were good just for the sake of content, and his voice is obnoxious.

    That said, his voice is still obnoxious and he is still a child, but the review was pretty decent. I say keep him around this time if the quality keeps up.

  • roadhog29389

    a lot better than last time, i reckon it’s worth a regular spot now

  • Alvarez Mark

    It was better than the last one, but I’d stick with Bryan Alvarez

  • Stunner

    This isn’t journalism. What? Why do people think screaming their opinion on top of something they didn’t make on youtube makes it so? What? Because it’s easy and SOME people have gotten fame from it? What?

    • Joke that got old five years ago. What?

  • Iron Mask

    I enjoyed a program version then a long winded worded versions, I like this format!

  • CircleGuy

    Yes! Love Mues, awesome to see him back

  • Greatatticus

    Where is that S Dick line from? I couldn’t stop laughing after I heard that

  • Sinthineassoff

    Pretty funny, but it sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom.

  • Beebopadoomon

    Really doesn’t fit with botchamania – it’s no different/better from a dozen other people on youtube peddling the same stuff.

  •    I was one of the first to shoot him down the last time. But I’ve been watching ever since then and it’s definitely gotten better. It isn’t a pure negativefest.

      Keep him!

  • Papa Squat

    two weeks without a divas match lets make it three

    I cant stop laughing over that

  • Mark

    Not this kid again… please. 

  • very annoying whiney little kid, incredibly lame and rivals most of those “show review” videos on youtube. 

    • I respect your opinion, but please, I’m 24. Enough with this “little kid” crap.

      • Zack

         You sound like a little kid, so people are going to keep calling you a little kid.

        • Exactly lol reminds me of those 12 year olds that cut 10 minute promos on youtube about “how they would book things”, very annoying and not journalism at all, it’s just mindless ranting. 

  • Nightdragon

    I’ve watched Mues for a awhile now and have enjoyed his videos, reviews, and style on commentary. Its great to see someone else who sees the little things and the stupid things the WWE is pushing while at the same time remaining a wrestling fan. Keep him around.

  • Mean Gene

    Fuck it.

  • cavalier 24601

    I like his stuff and would like it on botchamania.  Folks are saying it doesn’t fit, but it’s the same idea as the Raw Rant.  Lets have both.

    • Squirttoise

      1 is a relatively well thought out and well delivered analysis with constructive criticism that looks to me like it took some effort.

      1 is yet another 10 a penny compilation of someone elses video footage with the odd snide remark after every minute or so of dialogue, typical windows media player style presentation with the inability to mix down the audio in post.

      Dont get me wrong, its not as bad as the webcam in the face of the reviewer for 10 minutes while they talk shit style that can be found on YT, but its not an enjoyable format for me sorry.

      Comparing the 2 is a bit silly to me, sure they both look at the same subject matter, but theyre done in different ways. If you like this sort of thing and can bare the vocal pain, then enjoy.

  • Linkmaster2

    ugh, not really a fan of the video format. Some good points, some trite overdone jokes. Would possibly work better as short quickfire bullet points or a review style format. I say ditch this format at the least, or entirely if there isn’t much improvement

  • AlessandroDelPiero

    I was hoping you posted his videos again cos I couldnt remember the guy’s name…this was pretty entertaining.

  • AlessandroDelPiero

    I was hoping you posted his videos again cos I couldnt remember the guy’s name…this was pretty entertaining.

  • SAL Studios


  • SAL Studios


  • Deadman Inc

    I liked it last time, and I liked it this time. Also, Baal? WHERE?!

  • wayne

    so he doesnt see a reason to hate Cole? Really? How about him screaming and complaining about Bookers comments even when the do make sense? This constant riffing on his co-commentators is always so friggin awkward and brings everything to a stop!

  • A.J. the yandere

    I was about to say “It’s about damn time that you posted another video”, but from the looks of the video title, you’ve been doing this for quite a while. Keep it up, and hope to see another video on

  • King

    Unfortunately I’ll have to say no.   Didn’t care for the jokes, complaining about small things and doesn’t look like he actually enjoys wrestling, just prefers to complain about it.  The thing about Botchamania is oftentimes the botches speak for themselves.  Maffew isn’t shitting on a wrestler for a perceived lack of talent, but is bringing to light something that inevitably happens so everyone can have a bit of a laugh.  This guy seems a bit shortsighted in his comments and isn’t willing enough to say ‘let’s see where this goes’ without dumping on it (Ryback, Dolph, AJ).  It just doesn’t make sense for him to do all that complaining and then at the end say “overall Raw was a decent show”.  Could have fooled me.

  • Alex Metal

    i highly dislike, mues.

  • Alex Metal

    dont keep, sorry mues.

  • Mass E Curr

    Keep him, he defenatly is better then most Raw bloggers out there

  • Ed

    you sound exactly like Disembodio

  • TimothyNoble7

    Keep him. This is great!

  • Tarrasque

    No thanks.

  • utf1127

    You’re featuring this douchebag now? Greaaaaat. 

  • Eatme

    I’ve been a fan of Mues since Maffew first highlighted him on the website way back when. I actually went through Mues’ entire Raw Reactions archive and loved every minute of it. I say keep him so I don’t have to  constantly refresh 2 websites for my wrestling fix. Just make sure he gets his own section/tab at the side so people can browse just his stuff if they want.

    • FrogSplash

      So this kid copies everyone on youtube and produces some generic nerd-rage blog video, talks on top of other peoples shit and gets praised but the guy that does the WRITE up gets buried. Good going douche.

  • guest

    How do you get away with copyright and where do you get your  footage? I have a hard time endorsing this, because won’t the WWE pull it once they get wind of you using their material?

  • I think that the Mues Reactions is a great addition to the site Maffew. There needs to be more media based content generated on the site to keep people checking back to see if there is anything new up. Also it takes heat off yourself to be the one generating that content. Looking through the comments there is a mixture of positive and negative ones, there will always be negative comments about anything on the internet but the positive comments mean that it’s something some people would like to see. The negative people will continue to come to the site regardless of whether you do or you don’t give Mues a slot, so why not please all the positive peeps! 🙂

    • Yankee Doodle

      And there will always be people that nag their friends/followers on YT/FB etc. to post these positive comments, that don’t actually hold any weight.

  • Andrew Hernandez

    I’m sorry to say that this Raw Reactions video was not very different from the last one. I like listening to the opinions of people who have genuine insight about wrestling, and who don’t act like they know better than everyone within the business. I don’t get any sense that Mues has any passion or constructive criticism about the product. I certainly don’t need any more videos from uncharismatic “fans.”