Alright let’s do this.

  • Highlights of the last ten years play during the intro. No Sting/Jeff Hardy though.

  • You can tell it’s a special event because THEY’VE WHITE BALANCED.

  • Tazz: ”I used to wrestle like I was 6 foot 5 and 400 pounds.” Silly Taz, you’re not tall.

  • Joe vs. Aries was excellent and the crowd was crazy throughout. Hogan lifted the weight limits and declared the X Title about No Limits again. Despite the great match, some fans focus more on Joe wrestling got a cruiserweight belt and laugh at TNA, proving once again that a lot of wrestling fans just don’t want to enjoy wrestling.

  • The uMo sign at ringside summons Hernandez, ”one half of Mexican America” despite Spanish Anarchy being released months ago. Thanks Decepticon4Life (the guy who brought the sign).

  • Match was unreasonably good. Well done, unpromoted ones.

  • Crowd loves D-Von and hates Garrett Bischoff. Texas TNA crowds are the equivalent to Canadian WWE crowds. D-Von wins.

  • Large pink Bryan Alvarez HOW’S IT GOIN’ EVERYBODY sign gets a zoom in by the nice cameraman.

  • RVD vs. Anderson vs. Hardy should have been an awkward match between the three most awkward wrestlers on the roster. It was actually well-put together and fun. E’RYBODY’S feeling it tonight.

  • Miss Tessmacher wins the title in an acceptable match and rubs again the uMo sign at ringside. The sign was unavailable for comment.

  • Crimson comes out, says some stuff, gets pinned by James Storm. Yeah! We shall see where this leaves Big Red, as he’ll either continue being cocky or turn comedic and probably start getting fans soon after.

  • Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park was awesome. Park wrestled like a not-very good wrestler, forgetting that Matt Morgan already perfected that gimmick. Abyss came out while Park was under the ring and chokeslammed Ray through a table. Park then came back out and pinned Ray. Please let this weird feud continue.

  • CHRISTIAN. A WWE employee shows up on a TNA PPV and doesn’t do much. He probably stole some more documents for WWE though once he got backstage, so it was OK. He bigged up Sting and introduced the No. 1 TNA moment, which was Sting re-re-returning in 2006 (chosen probably because he hasn’t left since then.)

  • My face when Christian was announced by Hulk Hogan and actually came out.

  • Styles/Angle vs. Daniels/Kaz was a stunning spot-fest with only the slightest mention of the silly Dixie storyline. Dixie’s husband was nowhere to be seen either.

  • Sting vs. Roode…ended with Roode retaining, much to my glee. After being struck with a beer bottle, Sting recovered and decided tod rag Roode to the titantron and Scorpian DeathDrop Roode off the fucking side and sort-of through a table-thing. Sting mostly landed on his head and loudly asked Roode if he was alive afterwards.

  • Perfect end to TNA’s best PPV since the last two in 2009.



Scott Steiner’s rant via Twitter on Brooke Hogan

After brooke hogan tweeted that she could make more money on her back than i did in my wrestling career

Which i accepted and i will get into later,a high ranking official from TNA (who i respect)called me and

Without going into the whole conversation he ask me to stop tweeting and since im trying to

Save TNA from the same fate as WCW,and this official also has TNA’s best interest in mind i agreed

Until bitchoff opened his mouth spewing his bullshit as usual,but first since i missed brookes debut. I know

The camera adds 10 lbs but OMG how big is her head,did everybody notice when they were advertising her

For the show they had a picture of her that looked totally differerent of her when she walked out,how many

Gallons of paint did it take to airbrush that big head…and this is why i accepted her challenge that she

Could make more money on her back, even though guys have fetishes and sometime guys are just bored

But she has too many physical variables and abnormalities to be competitive or make money as a whore.

Keep in mind she could have issued the challenge that she could make more money singing but she chose

Prostitution bcuz even she knows her singing sucks…her dad took her to a few music studios in nashville in a last ditch effort and of course they got laughed out of the studio

same results cant sing cant dance and shes an amazon. A lot of responses to her debut was that she was a amazon..she has fat knees,cankles and did i mention she has a big head

Spinkled with a lil transvestite dust. So with the horrible ratings and reviews of his daughter what does hogan do;re-tweets a sexual tweet bcuz

The guy asks him too! LOL what a fucking idiot..need some ppl to tweet hogan the most vulgar sexual laced tweets and lets see if

The dumbshits will re-tweet them. For 21/2 yrs since hogan bitchoff n pritchard have been in charge the ratings have sucked and TNA continues.

To lose more and more of its fanbase and they think bringing in hogan’s no talent daughter in will help

The ratings…..they are fn crazy….the knockouts are pissed and think shes a joke.

  • … Good lord, Jeff Hardy… your face paint is starting to turn into nightmare fuel, dude.

  • “Park wrestled like a not-very good wrestler, forgetting that Matt Morgan already perfected that gimmick. ”

    This needs to be a t-shirt.

    • Just leave Park as a blank line so you can fill it in with tape and a Sharpie.

  • Eric Botchoff

    WOW! Nice rant Steiner! I’m glad the PPV was good as it would be nice to have a viable alternative to WWE. TNA really do need to expand their coverage outside of the US though, there is simply no reason why the UK shouldn’t be able to view the PPV’s and shows as they happen!


  • There was a very short “super dragon” chant during the main event. Also, when sting did the death drop his head hit the corner of something (like a container) and he was bleeding from his head afterwards.

    • I knew it about the super dragon chant. Thank you for confirming.

      • der_sabu1977

        heard it too, botchamania left a dent in my brian o.o

  • TocinoGo

    Is it just me, or did anyone else read Scott Steiner’s tweet convo in his “talk shit promo” voice? lol

    • Chris Pt93

      Is there any other way to read it?

  • How is Scott Steiner hearing about the morale of the Knockouts if he’s no longer under contract with TNA?

    • Mr_DJ

      shouldn’t be too hard, communication and all that

  • Mel.

    … Decepticon4Life deserves an honorary degree in rocket science, since there is no way in hell that anybody else on the face of this planet could have predicted that the FLOOR OF THE ENTRANCE AISLE would somehow provide more hard-camera coverage than the standardized ring view.

    Crazy props, there. 

  • mymorningjoe

    i love this article so much I had to list it on my site

    Great job again Matt! I am currently trying to find some one that has a copy of it. Once I see it I will write my response 😀

    • mymorningjoe

       I have to say this is the best TNA PPV i have ever seen in ages

  • You’re spot on regarding fans just not wanting to have fun with wrestling. Bully Ray/Park is goofy as shit, but it’s FUN. BTW, that leap Hernandez took was fucking brutal to watch in person. It really doesn’t come across onscreen.

  •  You forgot about the Bobby Rooooooooo sign that the camera zoomed in on xD

    • “Bobby….ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” will NEVER cease to be funny.

      Even when I’m on my deathbed, laughing at that will be a perfectly acceptable way to utilize my final breath.

  • Mean Gene


  • Vaderbomb

    Nevermind that shit

    Here comes Vader!

  • kris13

    Dayum, Steiner with some real talk!

  • kris13

    Dayum, Steiner with some real talk!

  • Hey Maffew, I can send you the uMo sign if you like