There’s two people on here who Rant/React to Raw already so there’s no point in me talking about the show in-depth. I wanted to point out this quick bit though.

Vince McMahon impersonated Jim Ross by putting on a cowboy hat and horrible distorted his face. The crowd reacted with a few awkward laughs followed by silence and then a ”J.R.” chant.

These were the most awkward  seconds on Raw in ages. I found it darkly humorous that WWE has criticized Ed Ferrera’s parody of Jim Ross on their DVDs and Legends of Wrestling shows for years and here we have this segment…with a babyface Vince!

I wasn’t so much offended by Vince mocking Ross’ condition, more amazed that the guy still has such a hard-on for mocking a commentator that is still beloved by most WWE fans. Vince is really turning into that one old relative that you have to keep foreigners away from because he still thinks the Crimean War is on.

He would almost top this moment later on in the night by suggesting that Big Johnny was an idiot for re-signing The Big Show ”who hasn’t been good since 1999.” Big Show then missed the punch on Vince at the very end of the show, which sort of validated Vince.

Shine on you crazy rich old man.


I found out recently that the Oklahoma character actually started in WWF. Make of that what you will.

  • mrchopper

    The Hornswoggle as JR (complete with paralysis) last week was icky. This..? Well, let’s only hope they’re building towards something approaching a positive denouement. 

    • Franke Sisto

      Ha ha… HAHAHAHAHAHA!

      Hoping for a positive payoff (or any resolution at all) in a modern wrestling storyline… that’s rich!

  • Dan

    I actually stopped watching Raw at this point, I came back to it later on and watched the highlights, but This killed me, Made me honestly hate something i love. 

  • Nolo King

    Jim Ross is a bully and is only getting what he did to others, bad things only happen to those who do the bad things, lawls!

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    And with that, JR lost the other half of his smile.

  • guest

    JR doesn’t have cerebral palsy (that’s Greg Iron[s]), he has Bell’s palsy. Sorry, someone on the internet was wrong, i had to point it out.

  • Intercontimental

    I can only imagine this was a work which the ‘punchline’ will be revealed later. JR has been vocal in the recent past about those taking the piss out of his palsy so it would be idiotic of WWE to have done this just for laughs.
    So here goes: Vince sacks Johnny Ace after NWO, Trips comes out and tells Vince he can’t do that as he has been suspended for breaching the bullying policy.
    … or something similarly face-saving.

  • Mr. McMahon

    “Vince is really turning into that one old relative that you have to keep foreigners away from…” 

    Sad, funny and true for every family and most wrestling fans.

  • grievousgeorge

    Come on MAffew take a joke.

    • InverseOne

       Jokes are supposed to be funny. This isn’t.

  • Leon

    More fodder for those looking to tarnish Linda McMahon’s senate run. Good luck with your run for the senate while your husband is making fun of people’s deformities, Linda! (BE A *)

  • I don’t even give a shit. The real news of the night was that Dolph Ziggler might actually be getting a fucking push, which makes me happy. You could hear it in the announcer’s voices, too.

    Post match: “It’s about DAMN time!”

  • Grizztopia

    Was this right before Big Show lifted the ring with the Rock in it?

  • Pete Staiano

    That was a double whammy with the reminder of how AWFUL Shane McMahon was on commentary. And fuck Ed Ferrera.

  • dennett316

    Really enjoyed Raw apart from that crap from Vince….why mock JR for that affliction, would he mock a stroke victim?  Then again, he did a skit mocking JR for having colon surgery so I guess I shouldn’t really expect anything more from him.
    It was wrong when Ferarra did it, it’s wrong when Vince does it.

  • taranaich

    “He would almost top this moment later on in the night by suggesting that
    Big Johnny was an idiot for re-signing The Big Show ”who hasn’t been
    good since 1999.””

    Of course, Vince brought in Big Show in that year, and Show turned on him that same year. So it makes sense from a kayfabe point of view that Vince would think Show didn’t do anything of use since he was part of the Corporation.

    • Well kayfabe wise he’s teamed up with him more than once since then, like HIAC in 2006 against DX so that theory just got shot to shit.

      • TPlush

        And got his head shoved up Big Show’s ass (or arse), so that could make him view Big Show in less than stellar light, kayfabe wise. Though this is the WWE, where Vince lost all power about a year ago, yet he is still in a position to fire someone. Then there is the anonymous RAW GM storyline.

  • King

    I’d rather see you review Raw than either of the two guys you have doing it now.

  • Brownie_the_3rd

    why does Vince think that making fun of Jim Ross, who is probably the most beloved man in all of pro wrestling is a good idea?

    And does anyone else think that Jinder Mahal should take Tiger Ali Singh’s old gimmick? They could even bring back the assistant with the bad toe jam

  • Honestly, the average fan didn’t really find it all that offensive or wrong, just awkward. Mind you, us more “hardcore fans” are a different breed. However, we are the minority. 

  • Jeff

    Crazy that this started in the WWF…with Dr. Death and all.  I still can’t believe Dr. Death allowed himself to be involved in the Oklahoma storyline in WCW. 

    One of the best Jim Cornette pieces to watch/listen to is where is states his complete hatred and disdain for Ed Ferarra; That’s the only silver lining I can bring from WWE making fun of JR again, is that Jim Cornette will have something to say about it.

  • Peter Siddorn 412

    And yet again Vince feel the need to mock JR! I mean really what the point you don’t like JR we get it Vince but honestly all this does is so you need to get the hell out the creative decision making.

  • 1 2

     Thought that segment was just… Awful. Not even offensive humour, but like you said, like an offensive elderly relative. JR mentioned that he didn’t mind in his blog, but in the words of HBK “it doesn’t offend me as a christian, it offends me a wrestling fan.” Lets not have any more of that please.

  • Rocko

    For every embarrassing thing Vince does to JR, Vince does ten times worse to himself (he had his own head stuck up Big Shows ass). Also Vince pays JR to evaluate talent and really nothing else. There are reports that Vince wont put JR back on TV every week because he is concerned for his health. Anyways I think all these are are just ribs and nothing else. 

  • Josh

    Honestly, I blame Russo and Ferrara completely for Vince’s treatment of JR.  They were making fun of him first while they were writers of Raw and it got into Vince’s head then and has never left since.

  • LOL Be a Star.

  • yea i dont get that segment. they are all anti bully but what they do on tv is opposite. some will say this is entertainment value but its an excuse. they purposely made fun of someone’s condition and how they talk(something a bully does all the time). J R is one of the best commentators who has been through alot in WWE.please WWE don’t do that stuff again.

  • Figment1988

    It’s funny and ironic that WWE is doing this B.A. Star campaign that is a means to prevent bullying, but seeing Monday’s Raw made me do a double take with McMahon poking fun of JR who has Bell’s Palsy, but at the same time, John Cena pulling the same thing that Disney tried to pull of with their Habit Heroes exhibit at epcot (for those who don’t know about it, Habit Heroes was meant to be an exhibit that encouraged participants to undertake good eating and activity habits, but it crashed and burned after guests said that it “shamed” the overweight populace with stereotypes of the obese) by saying that The Big Show’s blamed both him and the WWE Universe, and his next move will be to “blame McDonalds”. So much for practicing what they preach.