The only site with two Raw rants and no other show recaps because no-one else wants to watch them!

  • Guest

    Hopefully this means that Raw Reactions is here to stay.  Despite some of the negative critiques I’ve been watching it since the first time it was put up on Botchamania, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.  If some don’t like it they can always skip over it, otherwise this helps get the series out to some who might not have heard about it otherwise.

  • Biggallls121

    lol! You still got it! I thought they were saying that about Slater, but I like your assumption on Vader still having his ring attire! lol

  • so dose this mean bye bye botchamania or r u just taking to long to make a new one lmao

    • Bubba

       RawReactions isn’t Maffew, Maffew just shows them here too ’cause he likes them, and to have something else on the site. As he’s explained multiple times in other posts, he’s just taking a break from Botchamania. Patience young one…

  • Whyalltheanger

    God I hate this guy so much. Not one positive thing to say about Raw. Not. One. This is the second of these I’ve seen and I just about give up, if he can’t be impartial then I won’t bother listening to this angry little douche anymore.

    • Banana

      I can’t bare these videos either. Going to have to stop watching after a second viewing. he just sounds like a pathetic, whiny child who is too stupid to realise he doesn’t have to watch the show he hates so much. There is nothing unique, intelligent or funny about these rants. They’re the most common opinions stated with nothing else attached. 

      • septimar

        “can’t bear”, not “can’t bare”. It has nothing to do with being naked.

        • Whyalltheanger

          Actually he’s right and you’re wrong genius. Next time you’re going to correct someone’s grammar check a dictionary first.

          • septimar

            From the Oxford English Dictionary:
            verb (past bore /bɔː/; past participle borne /bɔːn/) [with object]
            3: endure (an ordeal or difficulty): she bore the pain stoically [with modal and negative] manage to tolerate (a situation or experience): she could hardly bear his sarcasm [with infinitive]: I cannot bear to see you hurt (cannot bear someone/thing) strongly dislike: I can’t bear caviar

          • Whyalltheanger

            Oops my mistake. Guess I should get a refund on my Masters huh!

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    Liked some of this, found some of it to be a bit whiny. I mostly agree, and some of your points were spot on, but the rant about the fatal 4-way in particular seemed pretty pointless. It was blindingly obvious Ziggler was winning, but (aside from Khali’s offence) it was pretty enjoyable wrestling that I didn’t need to give a shit about storylines to enjoy. Would you prefer khali to have won?
    In all seriousness, do you intend on complimenting anything in the rants, or is it just the bits you thought were predictable / crap? I quite enjoyed seeing Vader squash Slater for a one off, but I guess that makes me a mark.
    I’ve only seen this and the previous Raw reactions, so I guess i’ll just have to judge over time. Keep doing it.

  • SorryMate

    I’m sorry but why should anyone watch these videos if it’s just uncreative complaining? Other than transformers part it’s nothing more than a whining vid/post you can find on any wrestling website. Congratulations you share the same ideas with the 95% internet wrestling community, please make more vids about it. This is my “Experience Bij”, I could only survive 2 mins last time but this time i watched the whole thing!

  • Mark

    No more Mues, please Maffew. Please. 

  • Crap

    Just posting to say I didn’t bother watching this.


    • Nastea

      You’re right when you say haters gonna hate. People that hate stupid whiney assholes complaining about shit they don’t have to watch are going to hate this video.

  • Can I review Impact?

    • cavalier 24601

      Submit something and see what he says.  I’d love an Impact Report.

  • grievousgeorge

    FUCK ADS!!!

  • Discodjmike

    muse love the site your raw thoughts are interesting listen to the don tony and kevin castle wrestling show

  • i can do better…just saying=0)

    •  let’s see it

      • Whyalltheanger

        Oh god, has it come to this? Bravado and chest thumping?! Thought you were supposed to be 24.

        • cavalier 24601

          Or it’s an offer.  If you can do a better show then we all benefit.

        • how would you have responded to that? it isn’t “chest thumping.” i simply have confidence and pride in the product i put out every single week.

  • David Kuhn

    You all are right. Maffew doesn’t have a whole website based on watching stuff he doesn’t like and making fun of it. 

    That being said, the JR bit wasn’t a matter of it being ‘too soon’, its not the timing, its just that its a terrible attempt at humor.  

  • MartinMare

    “My new conspiracy theory is that Dolph Ziggler told Chris Jericho to kick the Brazilian flag, slipped something in Randy Orton’s drink, knocked out Alberto Del Rio, and stepped on R-Truth’s foot just for good measure” Jason Powell