Spotted this guy during Impact. Look at that custom-made TNA shirt. And by ‘custom-made’ I mean ‘one white shirt, one black marker and two minutes.’ Bless.

TNA was good.

  • Franke Sisto

    He looks like he’s having so much fun…

  • Dietecho

    He’s ready, Brother!

  • Guest

    Not to forget the girl to his right.

  • Cabe

    If you look closely at his arm, it looks like he has webbed skin.

  • OctoberRaven

    Borash must’ve found out about Botchamania.

  • Cefcasans

    Two minutes?

  • Biggallls121

    He looks like JEsse, the Video DJ from MTV, from back in the day

  • dude wheres the nxt botchamania

  • Dragon91

    Anyone notice the “Bobby Rooooooooo” sign during the world heavyweight championship match introductions?

  • guest

    Isn’t that the shitty rapper that introduced John Cena at Wrestlemania 28?

  • Hitmonchan

    His girlfriend is hot, though.

  • Jlietz1980

    I love the old hick and the older white woman, looks like they fell into a time portal while trying to attend a 1998 WCW nitro taping.. although it almost is the same show anyway…

  • comment subject to change

    he was there to see….. in kurt angles words the tag team tires

  • Tubby J

    haha, anyone else hear the single guy chant SUPER DRAGON twice?   i cant remember which match it was during tho.

  • Colt

    It only took 30 seconds to make the shirt. The other minute and a half he spent trying to figure out how to spell “TNA”.

  • omegatheunknown

    yo isn’t it wild that the two children look like the most mature people there?