With less luck that Chris Sabin, it’s Botchamania 208: Mega Man and Nicole Bass!


Makes You Starowngahhhh by The Smash Brothers (Lifeforce)

Under Her Control by Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy VIII)

Tecmo Bowl by The Minibosses

Thanks to…

That Guy for the Brian Kendrick intro

Codster9 for CZW Intro

  • Leon

    Hey, Maffew. Just to let you know, Botchamania 208 has already been taken off Youtube. It’s only been 40 minutes. That was rather quick.

    • dicks mccoy

      was going to bring up the exact same thing. holy shit.

  • Adam

    I just remember you used to put some Money songs in the intros, I loved that specially the That’s what I want from the flying Lizards

  • Eric Botchoff

    Is it always WWE that gets the videos pulled? 

    • mrchopper

      It’s if they have stuff from the last PPV in them.

  • Dmazz43

    Oh Hartford….you and you “your” signs…

  • Inkall

     The faster it’s taken down the better the video!

    Brilliant stuff, the Mario Party CZW had me in stitches.

  • Nice use 
    Under Her Control 🙂

  • for some reason the ‘of’ disappeared. Botch lol

  • grievousgeorge

    NO* IT ISN’T

  • grievousgeorge


    • Bestality is illegal…

    • Bestality is illegal…

      • grievousgeorge

        Bestiality has nothing to do with Brooke Hogan

      • Gromylja

        That is, in fact, called interspecies erotica.

    • cavalier 24601

      I won’t say one way or the other on that; it’s that graphic that’s messed up.  Did they get a picture from ten years ago?  Is it even her?

  • mrchopper

    Christ Almighty, Hogan. That was *painful*.

    • Joe Hennig can rest easier now, that’s for sure.

  • The BBQ segment with Brooke Hogan was pure genius, Had me rolling on the ground.

  • Mr. McMahon

    Sonny Liston didn’t even think Big Show’s punch connected.

    Thanks, TNA, for giving me Jeff Hardy ear-o-vision.  I always wanted to know what a wrestling show looked like from an earlobe’s perspective. >hork<

  • Mean Gene


  • Gm Spect

    Epic use of Nigel McGuiness…..I mean Johnny Rotten at the end.

  • Kyle Warne

    That DDP-Goldbreg story was Awesome

    • Now I don’t hate Goldberg as much as before.

  • YoJoe

    Hahahahaha, sweet Sex Pistols ending…

  • Botch at the Beach

    Is there a story behind the Del Rio stomp on Jericho? Cause it looks like he meant it.

  • Guest

    I feel like “Look at All These Idiots” should have been played during the CZW segment.

    Still pretty sweet

  • Fakeemail

    I fucking lost it at the Homer Simpson/Brooke Hogan bit. Fucking brilliant 

  • zanadude

    What was the audio for the ending?

  • dennett316

     The Brooke Hogan part was genius.  I also wasn’t aware that a person could lift weights with their face, that’s some awesome development she’s gotten in that area….either that or her head is on steroids.
    Funny stuff as always.

  • I don’t really get the ending…

  • I’m pretty sure the first Sting/Roode clip (with the turnbuckle flip) was intentional.

  • Idea for the next JESUS: From the 1989 Batman film, when Jack Napier sees the Batman for the first time at AXIS Chemicals.

  • Mister Forth

    I loved the DDP stuff. Best part for me.

  • OctoberRaven

    At the end: Jeff Hardy’s best match.

  • Benjamin

    I really like when you are able to put a shoot interview narrating a botch. Excellent stuff as always.

  • Always enjoy the bits where you show a match while playing an interview discussing the match over the top, so the DDP/Goldberg section was a win.

  • One of the last Sex Pistols concerts, that’s Johnny Rotten’s voice. The band was already on the cusp of splitting and as an encore they just did one lazy cover with Rotten muttering into the microphone that it wasn’t any fun, then at the end he says that about feeling cheated. Very apropos for such a shambolic pay-per-view main event.

  • Texas Kelly

    I already miss the “Madame de Stael” Chikara ads.

  • Billygrimmuwo

    FACK Youtube!

  • Bastionbugger

    really funny thanks!

  • hahahahaha the brooke hogan part haha, I thought something along those lines too.

  • iAm

    The Dailymotion vid is down.

  • ScottyfromGA

    omg, the Brooke Hogan/Homer Simpson part knocked me off my couch….that was the greatest!

  • Chilly Mcfreeze

    I was there in Hartford and while Vince was selling the abysmal KO punch from Show some douche nozzle had his hands on his head, and his mouth open as they were picking Vince up to bring him to the back. He was trying SO hard to be a reaction shot like Miz girl or something. He literally stayed like that for like 5 minutes. I am so happy nothing came of it. Because fack that guy

  • Guest

    “Not it isn’t”

  • That’s one fine looking BBQ pit…WHY DOESN’T MINE LOOK LIKE THAT??? That was perfect use of a Simpsons line. Plus that DDP story was awesome.