I like this.

  • me

    That was very funny

  • Lord_eliwood57l

    The next best thing aside from botchamania

  • Love how I didn’t even notice that Dolan sign until it was pointed out now!

  • Joey R.

    That nod to An Officer and A Gentleman would have been perfect if AJ took Kane’s mask and put it on her face.

  • Leon

    “I’ll kill you, you bastuhrd. Oh hai, Punk. How is your sex life?”

    • Bob

       Yeah right… you couldn’t kill me if you tried

  • You should do these 

  • You should do these every week… RAW, Smackdown… they’re as good as Botchamania, and maybe won’t get taken off of YouTube as quickly.

  • Franke Sisto

    I… liked it!  This was actually very well done – it adheres to Maffew’s philosophy more than both of the two Raw recaps (which I also enjoy… albeit less than this now).

    …The Room soundbyte was also very much welcome.

  • That was great, did maffew make this?

  • Jim

    FEED ME!!!

  • Brilliance!!!

    This is quite possibly the greatest recap ever done.

  • roadhog29389

    Maffew did not make this, i believe. It is rather well done and would quite like to see it a permanent feature

  • Jeff


  • Hitmonchan

    Is Sandow 2010 CM Punk time traveling?

  • Beebopadoomon

    That was hilarious – Put that on this site intstead of that other thing you were floating last week, this is actually original and funny.

  • King

    Someone from /wooo/ actually created this.  He also did a Raw in Roughly 5 Minutes which was equally funny.  Great job!

  • mrchopper

    Yeah, you need to get this guy on board. LESS WORDS. MOAR COMEDY RASSLIN’.

  • Geoffy91

    This is 1000X better than the RAW recaps.  Funny, short, and for someone who doesn’t watch Smackdown, informative!

  • Feed Me?

  • I missed the reference with AJ at 0:11 can someone please explain that

  • Mean Gene

    If this shit is weekly, fuck that Mues guy officially

  • Ejmillennium

    This was really funny! You should get him to do this on a regular basis.

  • This was great; that guy should do more BM-like mini-RAW/SD recaps. So what I’m saying is…


  • Matteo El Feo

    The Officer and a Gentleman bit made me laugh out loud. So did pretty much everything else. I want MORE of these recaps.

  • Mr. McMahon

    I thought smackdown in 5 minutes was from my DVR, but this was funny.  I wondered about that Irish Curse.  Vince probably doesn’t believe in it and no one will tell him otherwise.



  • taranaich

    No Mercy music? IT Crowd reference? Ryback sounds like Audrey II? Sandow accompanied by Ode to Joy?

    Get this man an internet, RIGHT NOW.

  • Mister Forth

    The 2 best parts: The man that WWE’s pushing like Hogan gets Eye Of The Tiger, & Ryback gets Raining Blood.

  • A.J. the yandere

    I like this too. I want more.

  • Giantrbh

    All ryback matches should be in fast forward.

  • Haggtallica

    Absolutley BRILLIANT…

    More Please!!

  • CleverTrousers

    That was god tier amazing