IT TOOK SEVEN ATTEMPTS TO UPLOAD THIS PROPERLY. DJ Hyde’s day job must be processing videos on YouTube.

Generally speaking, CZW 2007 sucked apart from the death matches. The best thing about the year was the blow-off to Hero/Kingston and that was in February. The rest of the year was filled with matches involving guys like Dave Greco, The Great Blazini and Asylum…Maven Bentley and DJ Hyde are involved in 90% of the matches…the booking was terrible, the crowds were worse and COD had maybe one storyline going into it. It was the first and only time SmartMarkVideo put out a ‘Best of’ compilation for the year.

CZW Follies 2007!

January 13, 2007 – New Year, New Opportunities

CZW held a show on this date, but most people in the crowd were paying more attention to the Philadelphia Eagles-New Orleans Saints playoff game that was being shown on one of the Arena’s walls. Before the show was over, the Eagles had lost, taking what little air was left out of a dead crowd.

Nick Gage attempted to murder Jude and Eric Tuttle as he emerged victorious in a handicapped match against the two.

April 7, 2007 – Out With the Old, In With the New

John Zandig alerts the fans that CZW was “taking it back to ’99, motherfuckers”, further proving how blissfully unaware he was when it came to what fans of CZW wanted.

Eddie Kingston and Chris Hero participate in one of the greatest CZW matches of all time. Kingston was asked to do a post match angle, but was infuriated with the idea that the blow-off to a feud would be ruined in typical CZW fashion. This lead to Kingston immediately leaving the ring, with Zandig getting on the mic to bury one of the most well liked workers in the company. In the end it turned out that both Kingston and Hero would leave CZW.

May 12, 2007 – Restore the Order

After his match with Ruckus, Niles Young confronts a group of fans that are heckling him and his rat, Noel Harlow. The fans taunt the two by calling Noel (who is wearing a headband attached with rat ears) a “rat,” Niles reacts to this by headbutting the fan.

Security later asks the fans to come backstage so Niles can apologize, Niles refuses as the fans state that they can “say whatever they want” and that “if you have a problem with people heckling your fiancé; you shouldn’t bring her out to the ring.”

Niles plays tough guy wrestler to the fans as the great Zandig moves him back.

The bickering continues and Niles is thrown out of the hallway by a fuming Zandig, as Zandig turns and shakes the fans hands and says it won’t happen again.

Fan involved in the incident is now a CZW referee and overall schlep

Tournament of Death

A fan decided to flip through a light-tube cabin during Necro Butcher vs. Insane Lane vs. Brain Damage.

August 7, 2007 – Dishonorable Conduct

CZW’s absolute refusal to run an afternoon show and instead choosing to go head to head with Ring of Honor, splitting the possible crowd in half and alienating long time fans who went to the superior product.

Advertising Homicide, who was at that point barred from working ROH, vs Ruckus for the CZW Heavyweight title, and then turning it into a tag match. Yet another CZW special bait and switch.

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    One of the wrestlers was helped down from a ladder?  Someone apologized to the crowd after making a mistake in a promo?  Jaysus, did Vince buy and re-launch CZW in 2007 without telling anyone?

  • Joey R.

    sorta chubby kinda skinny Zandig is always a weird sight to see.

  • CleverTrousers

    CZW: in charge of not catching anyone

  • Brianstreleckis

    GREAT ending

  • …wait so why did Justice Pain dump his brother on his head?

    • Pain claimed he was in no state to wrestle, mentally or physically. So he dumped him.

      • DD2

         i wish we knew what gage did to pain when he got backstage.

  • After Pain vs Gage when the crowd was chanting “Bull Shit” I was waiting for Sting from Victory Road ’11 to chime in. “I Agree”

  • sclow

    Nice videowork as always Maffew!

    BTW… is that som sweet sweet C64music I am hearing?

  • Bobby D

    Love it when you use the Dead Kennedys in the CZW videos. 

  • Inkall

    I swear every single time I watch these I feel more and more sorry for Eddie Kingston.

    Gotta keep reminding myself he’s CHIKARA Grand Champion now so it’s all okay.

  • guest