It was good. Sin Cara and Lord Tensai botched, Ziggler died and won, ADR/Sheamus has less heat than Scotland, three unannounced matches (because WWE), Bryan/Punk awesome as usual and CENA WINS!

  • UMO Executive

    Cena with dat Money In The Briefcase Bank

    quoting: Big Show from last night’s Raw.

  • that picture is amazing!  

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    So you’re saying that Ziggler is basically Jesus?  I can go with that.

  • Hitmonchan

    The Rock will challenge Ziggler and piss off Stone Cold to see who can sell the Stunner better next week

    • 1 2

      *Glass Smash* Ziggler lands in third row of ringside.

      He made being thrown over the spanish announce table look sooo epic, and was generally awesome to watch.

  • Mister Forth

    If only the RAW Money in the Bank match used a Scott Hall picture instead.

  • PalaceOfWisdom

    Didn’t Sin Cara only botch because Ziggler slipped?

    • Tony

      Sin Cara botched because he started the move before Ziggler was ready and leaned back so they lost their balance, which prompted them to fall off the turnbuckle.
      Ziggler slipping was beside the point. That wasn’t enough to fall off.

  • IamtheTable

    I can picture Vince McMahon holding the booking committee screaming “MAKE CENA THE WINNER DAMMITT!!!!”


    • IamtheTable

      I meant to say “holding the booking committee at GUNPOINT”

      Facking typos

    • UMO Executive

       It’s nowhere as bad as Daniel Bryan ….jobbing…again… Punk.

      • Golf Wang


      • Tony

         Not even in the same ball park.
        Punk could only wish he had Cena’s clout.

    • I can imagine Vince grabbing everybody, shaking them violently, screaming in their faces, “MAKE! CENA! WIN!”

  • Randomguy11555

    after seeing money in the bank and watching cena botch the last part of the raw MITB i started to wonder,WHERE THE HELL IS CENAMANIA?!!!!

  • Mean Gene

    ^ I like that CENAMANIA Idea

    • Mean Gene

       Oh yeah, new comments go straight to the top.. e-botchin

      • Maturedsinner

        Or just sort by oldest comment first…

  • Lord_eliwood57l

    Me thinks the way cena won that match was one big botch,just look at john cena’s expression when he got it.

  • butterpecs

    “Cena looks like he just got laid for the first time.” – The Solomonster. (seriously, I’d love to see you get on his podcast at least once)

    • Ezenwa Anyanwu

      Ironically, if he did, it wasn’t by his wife, hence the pending divorce….

      • Guest

        I always thought that’s the face he makes after leaving super cena mode.. which would be every time?

    • solo is great. him and mlw have the best podcasts

  • Joey R.

    Punk/Bryan/AJ went from being one of the most interesting angles in years into a fucking wedding angle. WHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

    LOL Cena Wins

  • SheikTheGeek

    2 images I found hilarious from the PPV.

    • SheikTheGeek

       Well, I guess I botched on the second one…its actually a GIF.  Link here:

      • WillIV

        I thought that Albert had broken Ziggler’s neck. What a god damn mess he is. Don’t let him touch Ziggler anymore…put him with Sin Cara. 

      • Mr. McMahon

        Those are pretty funny!  Well, since Ziggler didn’t really die, it’s funny.  She-it, Albert, he’s not your love doll.

        • 1 2

          Assumed that was Ziggler selling it? I doubt Albert’s strong enough to actually hurl someone like that.

  • So, if the briefcase breaking wasn’t expected, it means there was a huge chance for the briefcase to break when Jericho was holding it in mid air???

    • Dylan

      Jericho was holding the chain.

  • Inzanedpi

    you dont put Cena in a MITB match without having him win it! What do you expect him to do? AA Beeg onto a table/off a ladder and go home?

    This outcome was so obvious i actually tried to put some money on it but sadly there seems to be no way for german citizens to do so.

    I think the PTP/E&P tag-team match was above standard and worth mentioning.

    and theres hope that the unavoidable Rey Mysterio/ADR feud will suit the guy better. I think part of the dead-crowd problem is that a lot of people dont really care if Sheamus gets beaten up.

  • TheCrowdSign

    Cena’s piss ass face when the handle tore off pissed me off so much. Okay, we get it. That wasn’t the finish. Why the fuck did you have to put such a schmucky looking face? #IHateCena

  • Sirmeow

    Is it just me or does ryback from the back, look like tensai from th e front….

  • Apkinj

    Bryan/Punk = Flair/Steamboat 89 of our generations?

  • TylerR

    Yeah, Sin Cara and Tensai didn’t botch. Ziggler f*cked up on the top rope, and Santino wouldn’t let go of the ladder for Tensai to powerbomb him. Tyson Kidd showed them how it’s done. 

  • taranaich

    “ADR/Sheamus has less heat than Scotland”

    Oi!  I’ll have you know we experienced a heatwave in May that pushed 27C, thankyehverrahmuch!