I’d love to give an introduction to this week’s Shit Match entry, but I don’t know anything about Jenna. I asked some friends in ‘Merica and all they could tell me was she was on Survivor. It’s sort of contradictory when you use an (alleged) celebrity and few people know who she is.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter who she is or was. She never appeared in wrestling again so she could have been the driver of the Hummer for all it mattered. All she’ll be known for is this match and THOSE PUNCHES.

They should put pictures of Jenna in job centres to inspire people that you don’t need talent or relevance to go far. Or in Jenna’s case ”far enough away.”

All of TNA Victory Road 2009 was surrealistically awful, giving us Bryan and Vinny’s classic MINUS FIVE STARS sound-bite. The PPV would later appear in the only Botchamania created under the influence of drugs (and boy, does it show), the dreaded Botchamania 92.

When I say ”the influence of drugs” I mean ”ecstasy comedown” rather than editing whilst off my tits, so it was more ”’editing myself back to sanity.” I’ve never taken ecstasy since, the comedown was too much for my puny body. Whether or not it was a good idea to video edit during this time is split by opinion. I’ve had as many fans tell me it’s the worst Botchamania ever as I’ve had fans encourage me to do more drugs.

  • painkiller

    But, losers have a great time losing 😎

  • Chris Pt93

    That was very Hardy of you!

  • DM

    Are you still a “Winner” Maffew?

  • Choke_er_face

    BM 92 is great. EARL FUCKING HEBNER!!!!

  • mymorningjoe


  • Tmacman

    Actually, “DRUGS DON’T USE WINNERS”.

  • Jackplanet88

    i wouldnt say its the worst botchamania

  • Those “strikes” are still hilarious.  Some of the greatest, creative minds have been every day drug users, then again, some of the maddest cunts have been too! 

  • Awdrgy

    I missed shit match sunday, if anything, just for the picture.

  • Van Hammerstein Ballroom

    92 isn’t the worst Botchamnia ever, Victory Road 09 is just the worst PPV ever.  And not like Heroes of Wrestling “haha” bad, like Halloween Havoc 1998 “where’s my fucking refund?” bad.  Not to mention maybe my favorite ending.

  • Botchamania 92 is one of my most favorite Botchamanias ever, the fact it was done while on drugs shouldn’t surprise me. Yet, I still wish he’d do more like that….

  • Cheeses

    Thank you for the brief backstory to the making of BM 92. I shall now re-watch it with that bit of info on me. While i’m at it, how lulzy is this? —–> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UevoSD84nU

    • motherfunker

       I don’t know what’s worse:  the fact that I watched all of that or the fact that so many people believe that bullshit.

      • Cheeses

         Humanoids… go figure.

  • Apkinj

    Is it because that ending with the jenna/sharmell match with Halloween III etc. is not what you want to be watching when you are coming down off hard drugs?

  • Cheeses

    Bullshit, BM 92 is up there with the best, although it is limited to that oh so very special TNA PPV, contentwise.

    There is not one bad Botchamania, so without bad there cannot be a “worse”.  Had it been mushrooms rather than ecstasy, the story would be completely different.

    Bottomline: drugs are good (get over it) and Botchamania is ace. Not Laurinaits ace, proper ace.


  • Randomguy11555

    only people that didnt like botchamania 92 are tna fans who were mad you made fun of that awful ppv lol.   crack is wack, but ex is all that LOL

  • Sure Did Seem Like A Bad Botchamania…But When You Consider The Rest Of The Product…Eh I Guess

  • CleverTrousers

    I enjoy the complete lack of pop for Jenna. Sadly while it may have been a bad pop, it was a better crowd reaction then Sid Vicious got when he returned to Raw a few weeks back…

  • Gib Dab Dooty Baddy

    Dude, you count this a failure?  True, it was out there at parts, and the ending is pretty layered in the sounds, but it still works.  If you’re thinking of different things to do, you should try finding fueds with botch prone wrestlers, use the dramtic music, and make botchamania operas.  Botchopera!

  • WWEally?

    From what I remember Jenna was at one point attractive. In this she looks more manly than Eve, Ashley and Chyna put together

  • Sexmachine

    I’ve seen some shitty matches, but that one’s special…

  • Botchamania 92 is one of my all time favorites that I frequently revisit. Not saying you should do drugs more often but definitely don’t be so down about it.

  • IamtheTable

    Bullshit. 92 was one of the best.

  • AtomicBleep

    A winner is you!

  • Aranryan

    Disagree, that was my favourite BM.

  • Joey R.

    Stick to weed if anything, altho I hear the weed in England sucks.