My views on Summerslam in brief…

Ziggler/Jericho = YEAHHH

Castagnoli winning gold = YEAHHH

Miz looking like a wrestler for the first time in years = YEAHHH

Punk outsmarting Cena = YEAHHH

Bryan vs. Kane = YEAHHH

Fred Durst getting booed = YEAHHH

Rick Rubin’s beard = YEAHHH


In conclusion = YEAHHH

The only bad things are just nit-picking really. The Walls of Jericho getting an instant submission after Jericho hadn’t worked the legs of Ziggler at all, for example. Also I didn’t watch the pre-show because I thought DUH, IT’S THE PRE-SHOW, NOTHING HAPPENS ON IT and thus missed Claudio’s win. I did not care in the slightest for ADR/Sheamus but the crowd made noise for everything ADR did which elevated it to ‘decent crap I don’t care about.’

I really enjoyed the main event because of Brock Lesnar’s wrestling style. He wrestles a completely believable style and he looks like a real monster (unlike when he’s talking and ”feeling”) rather than the Big Show/Mark Henry type of monster WWE enjoys ruining. And he WON too!

And Finally…

  • Crowd chanted ”KOBE BRYANT” during the Prime Time Players match. if they really wanted to show their support for A.W. they should have chanted ”VOTE FOR LINDA.”

  • For the Non-Brits: Piers Morgan is an unlikable newspaper editor who has somehow made a transition to interviewing and presenting, despite having no charisma.  Seeing him appear on a WWE PPV is one of the strangest things I’ve seen in wrestling.

  • Triple H attempted to get sympathy from the crowd after losing. The first noises from the crowd however were ”YOU TAPPED OUT!”

  • The white guy band’s song not only sounded exactly the same as Keep On Movin’ by 5IVE but the guitar solo no-showed.

  • apparently Kevin Dunn lost his shit when Durst flipped the bird.  I remember a time when it was required at WWE events

    • Zhero32

      I was there representing the uMo. I had a sign that read uMO. It didnt get on the tele cos i was all the way up in the nosebleeds. I did get a super dragon chant going. Fred durts sacks!

  • Man, you know I was so offended by that Middle finger! My ear’s blacked out for a few seconds.

    Anyone else feel that too? 

  • It looks like the woman next to Fred Durst is a cardboard cutout.

    • Khiel O’Berry

      Lol I went and look again and I couldnt agree more

  • ElixDaKat

    Kevin Dunn flipping out is good, except for when real wrestling fans pay for it later.

  • Randomguy1155

    quote of the night: “STOP DOING THAT!”  (from paul to paul)

  • Cam

    Durst flips off the camera and the sound cuts like he’s swearing.  Hilarious.

  • johntcole

    Most reviews of this online are pretty much “It wasn’t a BAD show or anything, just kind of lackluster”.  I guess I can understand that.  I’m still getting about half the matches on my PSN account in a month or two.

    • Randomguy1155

      yeah most people were expecting someone at sometime somewhere to run a interference in some match, so basically it was really no kind of shock factor, but i was ok overall.

      • johntcole

        I was kinda expecting Punk to interfere in Lesnar match but to be honest I’m glad Brock won clean.  But like I said I don’t buy PPVs because they’re so damn expensive, I just wait till the matches become available on the PSN and I pick and choose.  Paying less than 10 bucks is so much more sane than paying 45.

        • Dokky

 bro free stream

  • Wengerboys

    All the birds and bees are flying aahhhhhhhh

  • Unfortunately, Piers Morgan is currently teaching CNN viewers that Larry King only made the TV interview thing LOOK simple. So yeah, we are painfully aware of him over here…

  • I’m surprised you left out the lack of fucks given by the crowd during the mini-concert. Every time you could see a wide shot of the crowd, they were motionless. They attempted to remedy this by zooming in on the few who actually cared (or were paid) while those around them look bored. Not to mention the lack of ovation after the song was over.

    The post-main thing with HHH was hilarious. Also, the crowd boo’d Shaemus after he won. WWE should know that only Mexicans can cheat to win and the crowd enjoy it.

    • johntcole

      I hope WWE will finally take the fucking hint and not have any musical acts at Mania next year.

      • UMO Executive

         Why would they given all the musical performances they’ve had over the years on and outside of PPV’s

    • Reminds me of when KISS were on WCW…Except this time I couldn’t change the channel to RAW.

    • Reason I didn’t mention it: I didn’t frigging watch it.

      • Going to see SummerSlam at a theatre, it gave me just enough time to run to the bathroom and grab some more snacks, and I was back in time for the main event. So it was just long enough.

    • Not to mention the entire band was playing to track. That drum set? Sat in 118, row 5 with a PERFECT view of Caitlin’s shapely thighs, but I also noticed that there wasnt a single mic plugged into the drum kit, PLUS HE WAS PLAYING OFF BEAT. I hecked the drummer off the stage..PLUS THEY STARTED SETTING THIS SHIT UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FINISH OF THE CM PUNK MATCH!! I HATE KEVIN RANDALL/RUDOLPH/RAMAPAGE

  • Dizzeegrandad

    Why would Jericho work on Ziggler’s legs when The Walls of Jericho puts pressure on the back…

    • Joshua Ross

      Hamstrings don’t have to bend very far before they hurt…

    • ADaMCEL

      I know, right? Too much nitpicking right there

      Besides….    I wasn’t “The Walls of Jericho”. That was a LIONTAMER. A thing of beauty, and a FANTASTIC way to win that match

      • Uncle Cletus

        It’s the same move dude. He’s just modified it over time

  • Maturedsinner

    For as much as they promoted it being the 25th anniversary of SummerSlam, it felt more like the -1st.

  • Man did that ADR v. Sheamus ending suck, Ricardo throws a shoe to help ADR, he misses and the shoe ends up in Sheamus’ hand, uses it and scores a hard knockdown on ADR to the point where he can’t properly kick out (Ricardo must’ve been wearing his favourite tap shoes or some shit), Sheamus’ gets the win after knocking down ADR’s foot off the rope on a pin. For a bit there I wondered if they fucked up the finish (didn’t notice Shemus knocking the foot down), Sheamus’ music took a while to come on. Eventually bought into the fact that it just sucked and probably wasn’t fucked up.

    My only other beef is that some matches had very little energy going into them, oh the matches were fine, but for example, the PTP tag match, AW was packing most of the heat going into that match, and now, with him gone mid-story line, I didn’t feel it as much, y’know. 

    • based anon

      Why would ADR have to kick out? He got his leg on the rope in time. I agree the ending felt very bizarre… I like where this is going though. ADR is gonna be LIVID & legitimately so. The best heel is a “right” heel.

      • Uncle Cletus

        From the point ADR started “attacking” Ricardo it made no sense – I don’t think Cole & Lawler knew what was going on either.

        I think everyone can guess the Iron Sheik’s response to them stealing his “loaded boot” gimmick too…

        • Well fuck me, I erased that part from memory it was so freakin’ bad. I honestly don’t know if WWE really know what the fuck they’re doing here (I hope, because it’s going from the bad to the absurd), I just hope Ziggler cashes in his MiTB, gets the belt and puts an end to this Sheam-ful run.

      • well you know, generally when someone puts their foot on the rope, it’s one of those “he JUST managed to, with his last ounce of strength” kind of things, because, non-kayfabe, I’d imagine putting your leg on the rope is easier than actually getting a shoulder up or kicking out.

  • If it weren’t for Lawler’s face-supporting reaction after Sheamu’s win, I’d have thought Sheamus just turned heel.

  • Good. You liked Triple H vs. “Bork”. At least SOMEONE’s smart enough to enjoy it.

  • Maffew mark

    First off, the lead singer from Green Day looking pissed at Piers Morgan and Kevin Rudolf must have a lawsuit on his hands.

    I also really enjoyed the entire card especially The Miz who was brilliant for the first time ever.

  • Hitmonchan

    For the 25th (technically 24th, shame on you WWE for not picking up arithmetic) anniversary of Summerslam, it sure as hell lacked the aura for abig 4 PPV, mostly because it’s in fucking L.A. and not in Miami or Houston or Detroit where it’s less plastic. I have a bone to pick with the Triple Threat: it existed. It shouldn’t have. Big Show isn’t even a factor in the feuds he has been involved as of late (his latest REAL feud was against Cody). Cena and Punk got old fast because Punk already used his “I hate Cena and so do the fans” card last year and won Summerslam ’11. Also, typical HHH main eventing a Summerslam, but I’m surprised that he lost cleanly, which might be a good thing if his opponent wasn’t Bork Laser.

    The good:

    Bryan winning.

    Miz winning

    Jericho vs Ziggler, with Jericho finishing Ziggler off with the Liontamer

    Fred Durst

    The bad:

    Dolph not cashing in the MITB

    Sheamus retaining

    PTP not winning

    The Triple threat match with Punk’s anti-climatic method of finishing matches

    The ugly:

    The “concert”

    The fact that this was the 25 (24th actually) anniversary of Summerslam and it was 68% shit.

    • UMO Executive

       If ADR won then who would Dolph had cashed his MITB on? not Del Rio obviously.

  • Codster9

    “Triple H, you come out here and try to get the SYMPY of the people, but you don’t get my SYMPY at all.”

  • Pete Staiano

    I liked the part when Cole said “Jeeesus, that was a hell of a fight” or something along those lines.

  • I didn’t pick up on how good this was. I was disappointed by Jericho/Zigs and distracted for he rest of it. Gonna rewatch sans all the bullcrap and with a non-crappy looking stream. (I do agree that PPV as been good.)

  • Triple H may try and get the sympy of the crowd, but he doesn’t get my sympy at all.

  • Devilwolf23

    the walls of jericho do not affect the enemy legs….. but the back. cmon man!

  • 10-15 years ago if a wrestler got put in the Lion Tamer/Walls of Jericho it was a given they were tapping immediately, whether the back, legs, or whatever were getting worked. It used to be built up as such a dominating and devastating move. Wrestlers would be put away by that move and wouldn’t be seen again for weeks during his first heel run in WCW (which were his best years IMHO). Recently the move has been watered down into a generic Boston Crab. It’s awesome to see him use the original version again.

    • Dafeel

      Agreed. Liontamer always looked painful as hell.

  • Blah People

    PPV was fun, Lesnar is just great to have around because he just ‘fucks people up’, it’s a nice variety to have.

    I REALLY want Del Rio to win the title, I don’t read reviews about PPVs or any of these ‘dirt sheets’ but I gather Del Rio isn’t well liked. I don’t see why not, he’s a very interesting replacement for a Guerrero/Angle/(Silence) type wrestler. Sheamus is a completely backwards character, doesn’t work at all. WWE dives on stereotypes far too hard, and being from the British Isles, it’s made very easy to dislike him by the borderline insulting dumbing down of characters from these shores (a WWE staple). 

    Jericho winning was great as was the match (he made Ziggles tolerable). Couldn’t care about the WWE title matches till Rocky comes back but match was nicely executed, I kind of hope the title stays with Punk because the other two holding is either a) boring, b) predictable or c) unoriginal.

    Kevin Rudolf’s a fatass and having the Divas come out like strippers every times someone sings a song they’ve heard 400 times a day for the past month just underlines how WWE treats its’ Divas. Kelly Kelly and Eve, despite hating each other in every storyline this year, were dancing side by side. Stuff like that annoys me as it’s just a blatant disregard for women’s wrestling, either don’t have it at all or give it some credibility.

    Was hoping for a Kane win, but again a good match. Good choice on keeping tag titles on Kofi/Truth/Jimmy, PTP lost their only good element, but the two of them sucked anyway.

    Also – PPV crowds continue to be awesome, I think adult fans who go to events (as I try to when they visit the UK) generally try and enjoy WWE for what it is, they know who they like and don’t lose interest in the mid-card matches like the more-PG crowds do at Raw/SD. 

    PPVs have delivered this year, and no amount of alleged whinging from ‘the internet’ will convince me otherwise. I’d rather have a half good/half shit Raw experience (the shit is mostly social media and AJ) and good PPVs than all the focus being on the TV stuff, you’re almost guaranteed a ‘one-off’ or ‘marquee’ match on PPV now, which wasn’t the case in the Cena/Orton era.

    •  My problem with Del Rio is how stale he is and also how he just doesn’t use his gimmick. “I’m rich!” ok well why not ever use your money for heel tactics? I know the APA don’t exist anymore but WWE have well used the ‘pay other wrestlers to fuck a guy up to give the rich guy an advantage’ thing for decades to good effect. But he doesn’t even have a Virgil, he has a Ricardo.

      Oh and he can’t cut a promo. He’s Alberto Del Rio and he has a destiny and he wants to win the belt snooooooooore.


      I didn’t enjoy this PPV but I think that’s just because Ziggs-Y2J was underwhelming. The 3way was good until the crappy restart*, it has been over a decade since they convincingly worked Big Show as a genuine monster for a match** and the main event was really well done, considering the possibilities of Hearst fucking it up. The fans no selling his bullshit walk out hero ending was the best part of the night.

      *they have just killed any heat AJ has, huh? take away any craziness, add a pant suit, keep that awkward shitty pop song… poor girl, she was so popular just a month ago.

      **any he still is made to tap out AND get pinned. either use these old guys properly or just fucking get rid of them. really, just get rid of them but if a guy is a monster, work him as a bloody monster.

  • Wallywalrus206

    haha Kevin “Angry Beaver” Dunn flipped out.

  • Sharpe Puppy

    Who wants to take a bet that belt was planted in Arquette’s hands by Vince’s cronies?

  • Franke Sisto

    Piers Morgan at a wrestling show?  …Huh?

    I don’t think he’s a fan… I’d be surprised if he actually was.

    And for the record, we know who he is over here – in fact, I think I speak for a lot of us when I say we hate him just as much as you guys do.  I mean, you had a man like Larry King – a broadcast LEGEND (and I don’t think that’s an exaggeration) – announce his retirement… and you replace him with a poor man’s excuse for Simon Cowell.  Am I the only one who sees something wrong with that scenario?

  • Again, WWE tried to sound-censor the middle finger. Hilarious!

  • InverseTwo

    SummerSlam: A complete and utter fall on it’s fucking face failure of a PPV.

    Extremely lacking event with no effort put into it at all, Ziggler jobs to Jericho just for Jericho to go fuck off with his shitty band again, and leave the WWE with no future plans, another substandard Kane match that not only sucked, but dragged Daniel Bryan down to the depths of insomnia curing, a truly bad concert segment, a decent title match being bogged down by getting conned out of the main event spot, just to have the single worst fucking main event featuring Lesnar since Lesnar/Goldberg.

    Horrible fucking night, truly piss-poor PPV. And remind me again….. But SummerSlam was supposed to be the #2 PPV of the year behind Wrestlemania? You could have fooled me for how massively the whole night sucked more balls than Gay Day at Disneyland.

    Just more reason why the whole product sucks shit through a straw lately. 2 out of 10.



    There was no sound at all coming from the guitar. I bet Kevin Rudolf didn’t even sound check and still got paid.

  • I think that Dunn cut audio during Durst’s salute to keep us from hearing Kevin go “Oh Fuck, Oh Shit Oh, Fucking Shit!” while looking for another shot to cut to.

  • SEPARATED AT BIRTH: Woman next to Fred Durst and the Brock Lesnar shirt next to her…

  • KenDeep

    Mini Concerts are cool. If they support the mood. For example Wrestlemania 17, Triple H entrance. That rocked. I would love to see Living Colour do that, too.

  • Y_Set

    I knew it! That’s why the song was very familiar! Kevin Rudolf ripped it from one of my favourite boyband of 2000s, 5IVE!!

  • MrCharm69

    I’m sure this joke has been made but I haven’t seen it yet. Are we just supposed to ignore the whole “Brock Lesnar displays advertising for a company that makes beef jerky on his trunks; wrestles a piece of beef jerky.”

  • MyNameIsNotImportant

    Maffew, you have been mentioned in your sister youtube series, Documania. Check out Documania 12 for what the high-profiled informant has to say about you.

  • Ikara

    5ive, the bad boys of pop!

  • Tottehale

    A friend of mine was at the event doing some coverage for a wrestling website we both write for and he took this sign with him, I’m desperate for it to have made it on the show

  • ¿Middle finger? This isn’t a ROH show dude.

  • taranaich

    “Piers Morgan is an unlikable newspaper editor who has somehow made a
    transition to interviewing and presenting, despite having no charisma.”

    Come now, Maffew, you’re being to kind to Moron: he is also a man who knowingly published fake photographs of British soldiers beating and urinating on prisoners just to drum up more business, a man who was fully aware of the rampant phone hacking going on at his paper, and has consistently perpetuated the worst type of tabloid “journalism.” Why he isn’t in jail, let alone free to make terrible shows in the US, is utterly beyond me.

  •  That picture is amazing for so many goddamn reasons.

  • rocquero

    whoa. those are the same song.

  • dacef

    Botchamania vs Piers ‘lyimg cheating convicted for perverting the course of justice’ Morgan. Only one winner. Maffew, I love you, but if you ever mention this mans name again on this site we’re going to have to have words.