A B-Show PPV back when they could admit ”Yeah it’s a B-Show but some belts will probably change hands” and the viewing public would reply ”Sold!”

Good Stuff!

  • Raven’s Dog and Pony Show formula was perfect for this period as the crowd reacts for every single false-finish. Page was at the height of his popularity and skills too.

  • Chavo vs. Ultimo Dragon is another chapter of the Eddie/Chavo feud-but-not-really, which lasted aaaaages and was a hoot to watch. Chavo looks credible AND silly at the same time.

  • Booker T vs. STEVIE RICHARDS is set before their famous Best of Seven series and before Fit Finlay got involved. It’s a lot better than their Great American Bash ’98 match too.

  • Macho Man Randy Savage takes on Sting in a so-so match that exists as a backdrop for further nWo ‘drama’, but Savage is in it and no way am I putting him anywhere else other than Good Stuff.

  • Goldberg is dragged kicking and screaming through a good match with Hairy Saturn.

Bad Stuff!

  • Hennig vs. Bulldog is barely there due to uninteresting outside crap with Rick Rude and The Anvil, plus as Scott Keith put it ”both wrestlers had one good vertabrae between them.”

  • The Steiner/Steiner feud lasted the entire frigging year and was teased endlessly without really delivering until Halloween Havoc. Luger and Bagwell being involved…doesn’t help.

  • Piper and The Giant vs. Hogan and Nash is as fun as it sounds. It’s a Bat On A Pole match too, which means somebody has to climb the pole to get it, so hilariously the man with multiple hip operations (Piper) does it as he’s the most agile man of the match. The rest of the match is filled with tedious nWo ‘drama’.

  • La Parka v. Psychosis is fine action-wise but the utter lack of reaction from the crowd make it almost uncomfortable to watch.

  • Chris Jericho in 1998? Should be an obvious ”Yes!” but he’s wrestling Prince Iaukea so it’s a miss. Long story short, Jericho retains his Cruiserweight Title,  takes Iaukea’s tropical shirt and wears it like a towel.


  • Sting vs. Savage No DQ follows the Raven’s Rules match. They brawl in the exact same areas as Raven/DDP did to a diminished reaction.

  • Sting hits Savage with a bale of hay, causing Tony Schiavone talk about how the hay is ”abrasive” and ”could potentially be swallowed.”

  • Savage would win the World Title in the main event and lose the belt the next night to Hogan. The exact same thing would happen the following year after Savage won the belt at Bash At The Beach 1999.

  • It’s WCW 1998 and the crowd will react to everything and everybody.  Prince Iaukea comes out and you could hear a fly fart.

  • Neidhart topless and handcuffed would reflect The Anvil’s later life.


It’s a B-Show with a lot of matches merely a backdrop for the next PPV. Want to find out my opinion on the show? STAY TUNED FOR MORE NITRO.

  • I don’t think I’ve ever seen ANYTHING as out of place as hair on Perry Saturn’s head. Wow. I didn’t watch WCW at the time and never saw him with hair.

  • IDrinkBatUrine

    I love watching the old WCW matches, particularly the 1996 to April (I believe) of 1998 period where they consistently topped Raw. Really enjoyed this recap, thank you. I am now going to scour the wilderness listening for a fly fart.

  • Shinydan

    I think we can safely blame the collapse of WCW on this single photo of Hairy Saturn. *shudder*

    • Hitmonchan

      Why the hair? I think the lazy eye was one reason NOT to watch Dub-Zee-Dub. That, and the repetitive nWo trauma.

  • MANnY

    Booker T vs STEVIE RICHARDS … i see what you did there, sneaky snake.

    • Uncle Cletus

      I wish to formally protest Maffew’s blatant attempt to erase HARDCORE HOLLY from pro-wrestling history

  • Joey R.

    Is this the PPV where Raven wins the US Title and loses it to Goldberg the next night?

  • Codster9

    So both the World AND US Title change hands at this PPV and then again the next night on Nitro?  Hm.  The tagline for this PPV was “The Biggest. The Baddest. No Bull”.  Should’ve posted a picture of the PPV poster.  It’s ridiculous, even by WCW standards.  Officer Vincent taking Anvil into custody, hilarious.