Staying online longer than a ROH iPPV, it’s Botchamania 214: Borderlando Jordan!

Youtube Back-Up Link


Magnetman Stage by Yasuaki Fujita (Mega Man 3)

Pass Word by Yasuaki Fujita (Mega Man 3)

The Dudester (Dude Love) by James A. Johnston

Round 6, Part 2 (Jungle Base) by Yuzo Koshiro (Streets of Rage 2)

Boss 3 by Chip Harris (Bubsy II)

Viridian Forest by Junichi Masuda (Pokémon Gen. 1 BACK WHEN IT WAS GOOD)

Thanks to…

PWG Spy for The Young Bucks (and Joey Ryan)

Tri.Moon for the awesome Kane/Kurt clip

Ben Teeter for watching Raw for me.

FinalFlash101 for the ending

Botchamania gets made when I have time. I had time today, so you get Botchamania twice in two days. If I make one tomorrow, I’ll match Sunny’s current record.

  • Chomra

    Two in a row!
    So glad wife’s out working!

  • Yuval

    2 botchamanias in 2 days? don’t mind if I do…

  • Trey


    Oh God. I swear I almost shit my pants and fell out of my chair at the same time. Who was that swinging the stick?

    • Anon98

      That is Lori Fullington, the Sandman’s wife.

  • snark

    Joey Ryan finding another show to invade.

  • grievousgeorge

    Where did you get the Rayback movie clip? What do you mean by pancake and I don’t get the French Canada reference

    • Trey

      When you pancake you take a bump flat on your chest. Dude instead ducked his head and landed on it like a doofus.

      The French Canada reference I believe comes from the show being in Canada.

      • J.S.

        I thought it was the guy performing the move that screwed up? He places his hand on the opponents back as he drops him as if to keep him facing downwards. Either way, that was one ugly botch!

    • Matt.L.D

      Ryback clip is from Under Siege 2…a fine Seagal classic

  • HereTakeThis

    Maffew I was wondering how the wwe’s new, delete all videos containing reference to their more adult times and questionable story lines, policy will affect your videos ?

    • I’ll be fucked.

    • PalaceOfWisdom

       About that, is it known why they do that know?
      I read comments suggesting they want to hide theit past, but that ouldnt make sense since they name drop attitude era frequently on RAW. Maybe they are preparing a chronological re-run on their network?

      • Rafamills

        From what I understand, it’s so Linda McMahon’s political opponent(s) don’t dig up the old offensive videos and shove them in her face and use them against her.

  • So it was Sabu’s wife to blame all along

  • Rratt79

    Best ending ever.

  • Like a nice looking tit, botchamania comes in pairs!

  • the end with H’s was great. JEEEZUS!

  • Andy Carroll’s Ponytail

    Thank you Maffew.  You sir are a king among peasants.   Thank you for
    providing me [and hundreds of thousands of others] with enoyment through
    my [their] hard times. I have nothing but the utmost respect for you. 
    Again thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me smile during
    my hard times.   

  • 1 2

    Again, home from work, new botchamania. Thanks Maffew.
    Was that Sandman / Raven bit the blow-off to their fued? I remember it being epic, I surely can’t have forgotten such awful kendo shots…

  • lad

     Wow kaitlyn really sucks.

  • CleverTrousers

    The several missed swings at the Sandman’s head and the Blue Meanie moonsault botch summed up that ppv pretty nicely.

    • PlanBFromOuterSpace

      Was that superkick missed in the same match?  It didn’t connect and all, and I couldn’t tell if he was supposed to sell it or not, because he was already moving in that direction where he was going to eat a DDT.

      • CleverTrousers

         Oh yeah superkick missed which only added to the hilarity.

    • Adam Curry

      That wasn’t a PPV, but yeah.

  • trick_city

    Poor Gary Busey jobbing to Ryback…

  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    Yesterday, I got to work on a Nickelodeon show called “Supah Ninjas”, and Big Show was playing  the villain in this particular episode.  His hands are truly like skillets…in that they’re capable of holding massive amounts of food.  The man is an enormous human being in person, but I’m not sure I can buy him as a monster anymore after seeing him job to high school kids in black pajamas…

  • mrchopper


  • Another great Botchamania!

    I’d like to see another shoot special again, plenty of New Jack stuff and that one IWA south incident with the internet mark. 

  • wax

    poutine hummmm!!!

  • beaverbutt

    maffew, you ought to send this ending to Chris Shays’ campaign. I’m sure they’d love you for it.

  • awsome