If you forget the show is in Nashville, don’t worry – the WWF will remind you every five minutes.


  • The 1-2-3 Kid vs. The Roadie opens up the show and it’s amazing to see how fast and smooth Road Dogg was at one point. The match ends via SECOND ROPE PILEDRIVER so you’d better watch it.

  • Shawn Michaels vs. Jeff Jarrett is the match people remember from this show. It’s been featured on numerous compilations and it’s considered to be Jarrett’s best ever match. Oh, and HBK wins the IC title. It’s not to everyone’s tastes because it’s more Southern than Michaels’ usual performances (re: it’s slow) but I think it’s a quality match that deserves at least one view.



  • Bam Bam Bigelow squashes the new Corporation member H.O.G. Shame they didn’t call him Heel O. Godwinn.  Bigelow was used for glue following his Wrestlemania main event, which was a shame. Then again nearly everybody was mis-used during this period so I don’t subscribe to the ‘Clique screwed him’ magazine. The company was just bereft of ideas and sensible direction.

  • King Mabel & Sir Mo vs. Razor Ramon & Savio Vega. Amazing they had all these heels on the roster and they picked Mabel to super-push. Mabel ”the fattest King since Henry VIII” (™ Powerslam Magazine) picks up the win on Ramon, who must have fucked Steph and not called her back.

  • Team Lost to Bret in ’94 (Yokozuna & Owen Hart) takes on Team Lost To Bret Every Year After This (Lex Luger & The British Bulldog) for the tag belts.  If you need to be told how a match featuring Yokozuna and Luger was, it’s probably best you don’t watch it. The backdrop suplex was impressive though and at least The Allied Powers had nice music. This would turn out to be Luger’s last PPV match for the WWF. He’d appear at Summerslam and then show up on Nitro eight days later.

  • Bret wasn’t on this PPV as he was taking time off to appear in Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years.

  • Diesel must have been loving his run as World Champion. He’d drawn with Bret, gone to a DQ with Sid and been upstaged by HBK and Bigelow/Taylor. Now he gets a Lumberjack rematch with Sid where the intrigue isn’t on the match (and why the fuck would it be?) but on the possibility of one of the Lumberjacks turning on Diesel and set up a match for Summerslam. It turned out to be King Mabel. Match ends via Big Boot.


  • Jeff Jarrett sings ‘With My Baby Tonight’ live. Except it wasn’t Jarrett, but The Roadie singing and Jarrett miming a la Milli Vanilli (a reference so dated even Family Guy wouldn’t touch it). Apparently if you were a heel with an occupational gimmick like a Dentist or Country Singer, you had to be bad at it. Makes sense, the people in charge of creative sucked at their jobs too. The angle gets sillier as Jarrett left WWF before they revealed The Roadie was behind the singing, so when Roadie returned they just had him sing the song as part of his entrance. To top it all off, The Roadie’s singing isn’t that bad.

  • This is The Jeff Jarrett show, alright: He gets interview time, he sings, his lackey has a match and he wrestles HBK. Although Jarrett was way better than he was in 1994 he was in no way a major part of WWF, so it’s bizarre to see him get a whole PPV based around him. Imagine if Over The Limit or Vengeance was dedicated to Jack Swagger. It also means we get these ridiculously hammy title designs:


  • A must for all Jarrett fans.

  • mrchopper

    Second rope.

  • Lazmancommeth

    I remember PowerSlam  magazine.

    I used to get it before I moved, even though it was approx 3 months behind the times due to the fact it was shipped by container from England to New Zealand.

    I haven’t seen it in a bookstore since, is it still being made?.

    • Yes, it’s bi-monthly now though. It’s very negative about everything that isn’t Japanese wrestling though.

      • johntcole

        Wonder what they think about the WWE/All Japan deal?

      • FacePuncher

         No, it’s still a monthly release. You are right about the negativity thing tho, although it seems to be mostly directed towards the lack of creativity in WWE right now

        • Lazmancommeth

          Yeah last time I read it they were very critical of WWE and TNA.

          And with good reason in my opinion.

          WWE had just replaced its ECW with NXT (yeah ECW was shit but NXT was so much worse!) and it was the Bischoff/Russo era in TNA, ’nuff said!.

      • At least there’s no more Randazzo!

      • Bearpaws

        I get Powerslam every month, they are often surprisingly optimistic and positive about TNA (which I will freely admit is my favourite promotion, for all its flaws). I just like that they don’t reject Impact out of hand. They have kind of a ‘smarky’ tone, I guess, they love Dolph Ziggler and the other Internet Favourites.

        They run some awesomely mental interviews, too. Last month they had one with New Jack where he confessed to attempted murder and in this month’s Davey Richards admits going completely stiff on Manchester talent Jack Gallagher, knocking him out. I saw that match live and getting the inside scoop on a very unclear shoot finish was pretty cool.

  • Every time I see Roadie’s hair in this era I can’t help but think, “No one is THAT into The Counting Crows!”

  • Anon

    “A must for all Jarrett fans.”

    All four of them.

  • I have no idea why, but I dig WWF 1995.  It’s so fucking stupid, and yet, I can’t get enough of it.  RANDOM THOUGHT: If Luger had stuck around, The Allied Powers could have carried the tag division with ease.

    • It has a lot of stupid charm, I agree. 

      Carried the tag division? Well there wasn’t one in 1995 and 1996’s wasn’t much better so yeah, you’re right.

  • A must for all Jarrett fans. So in other words, a must if you’re Jeff Jarrett.

  • grievousgeorge

    Milli Vanilli references are never outdated

  • Well, the Tennessee thing would be the excuse. So it would be like dedicating Great American Bash to Swagger, or Halloween Havok to Boogieman, etc …

  • Bobby D

    I don’t like Jeff Jarrett (SURPRISE!) but that match with HBK was pretty awesome. The whole “southern style being slow” is what I like about it; I love the slow starts where the heel just acts like a dick and gets heat off of whoever he’s working with, and I feel like it’s a lost art form within wrestling. Now WWE matches seem like there’s less character-building and heat-getting and the wrestlers just hit their signature spots, finish, and leave (with exceptions, obviously)

    • I agree completely and it’s a damn shame the art of actual story-telling is suffering in WWE when there’s a ton of wrestlers on the roster who are good at it.

  • Ah, 1995… this was right around the time I started watching…

  • That shot of Michaels and Jarrett makes me feel like I’m gonna barf up a VHS copy of Encino Man.

  • Gregory Miller

    This was the first PPV I ever ordered…saved up my $15 yo!